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Is it at the congress hotel again?  It seemed that place was a real buzkill and the rooms were dumpy.

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I'll be there as well in the host hotel (Congress). I love Chicago and always make it a point to get out and see the city a bit while I'm there, as long as the weather is good. Fun bars, good restaurants, busy streets, sleazy bookstores and cruisy parks make for fun times!  Plus, I love good, midwestern, corn-fed cock!

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I think I'm going to go this year! I've been to Ft. Lauderdale the last 4 Memorial Days and, while I love it, it's time for a change. I have been to Chicago many times but I have never done IML   I can t remember the last time I used these words, but when it comes to IML..."I'm a virgin."

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Just reserved a room - haven't been in 15+ years.  I was just starting to bb the previous 2 times I went and kinda nervous.  This time will be totally different - I assume raw sex will be the norm and expected, and I will take at least as much cock and cum as I give!!  :)  Last time I went was with a friend - if I have anyone share my room this time it'll be a FWB or FB - already have a couple buddies in mind 

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    • By pozpuppy
      Part One
      I wanted to get away, away from everything and everyone.  Just me.  Some place tropical, isolated from the main land - some place where a man can be alone with his mind and his cock.  After an exhausting search, I found the perfect place, and island in the Pacific, just off Pitcairn Island - a UK territory.  It was a small private island, just a thirty minute boat ride from Pitcairn.  The accommodation offered a main house, which was stocked with all the essentials needed for one's stay.  Thankfully, the two week period I wanted was available, so I booked my stay, my cock hard in my shorts as I did so.
      My vacation arrived quickly and the travel there seemed like an eternity.  I had packed very light, practically nothing.  I intended to be naked the whole time.  With just my back pack over my shoulder, I walked from the air strip to the pier, a mere five minutes, and found the boat that was to take me to the island.  The boat was The Todger. 
      I called out and from below deck a God appeared.  He was at least six foot five and close to three hundred pounds.  My eyes went down his massive chest, down to his chiseled stomach to his waist, which was wrapped with a light blue fabric, which did not hide the mound of man meat hanging between his tree trunk legs. 
      “Morning!” he said, extending his huge hand.
      “Morning,” I croaked in reply.
      “David?” he asked.
      I responded with just a nod, trying not to stare at this hunk so obviously. 
      “Come aboard and we can be off” he said as he offered his hand, adding “I’m Jack.”
      I grabbed his hand and stepped aboard. I moved around to the front of the boat, to have a great view of where I was going.  After untying the boat, getting behind the controls we were off.  I tried to keep my eye on the beautiful surroundings, but they always came back to Jack.  He was standing behind the controls, slowly rubbing his chest and working his hand down his abs.  My cock was slowly growing in my shorts as I stared at him.
      The sun felt great on my body, so I pulled my shirt over my head and exposed my chiseled body to Jack.  I wasn’t built like him, but I worked hard to look like I did.  I felt the boat slow when we were about a ten minute ride from the pier.  I turned to look toward the island and could make out the house, just steps away from the little beach.  The boat slowly turned from our path to the house.
      “Going to take you around the island, let you see the sights and soak it in,” Jack said.
      I watched as the island grew closer.  Palm trees and colorful flowers were every where.  It was just as described on-line.  I couldn’t take my eyes off this paradise, which was my home for the next two weeks.  I glanced back at Jack and was surprised to see the blue fabric thrown across a box next to him.  He was still behind the boat’s control, which blocked my view.
      “You like, David?”
      “Very much so," I replied, not sure exactly what he was referring to, but aware my reply would work for a myriad of situations.
      “Want to see more?”
      “Yes, please.”
      We made our way around the opposite end of the island.  He stopped the motor of the boat once the pier and mainland island were out of view.  I watched as he stepped out from behind the controls.  He was naked.  I could feel my eyes get bigger, my cock get harder and my hole twitch.  His cock, at least six inches soft, was swinging between his legs, its head was covered by foreskin, hanging about an inch past the tip, tightening into a small opening.  A smile slowly grew on his face. 
      “Don’t be shy, strip down,” Jack suggested.
      I didn’t wait for him to tell me again.  Jumping up I pulled my shorts down, my cock bounced out and slapped against my stomach.  I kicked off my sandals and stepped out of my shorts.  I quickly grabbed them and stuffed them in my bag. 
      “You like what you see, don’t you,” Jack asked.
      “Fuck yeah.” 
      He reached out his long arm and pulled me closer. I  was now face to chest, his hands roamed my back, then shot down to my ass, kneeling my bubble butt cheeks in his massive hands.  I could feel his finger tips sliding into my crack, gently moving across my hole.  I pushed back into his hands as his his cock poked my stomach.  I looked I was astounded by the sight of a thick ten inch cock jetting from his crotch, foreskin pulled back exposing just half of his massive head. 
      “Let me welcome you to the island.”
      He quickly turned me around, lifted my right leg onto the side of the boat and dropped down behind me.  Before I could move or say anything, his hands pulled my ass cheeks open and his tongue invaded my crack.  As his wet tongue licked around my hole slowly, I sucked in the warm sea air.  I tilted my head back, feeling the sun warm my face as this muscle God ate my hole.  He slowly ran his tongue around the edge of my hole, then moved it into the middle, gently pushing it inside.  His hot breath moved across my wet hole.  Renewing his grip of my ass, he positioned a finger on each side of my hole, stretching it open.  As he did his tongue invaded my hole deeper and deeper as it slid in and out. 
      I moaned very loudly. My cock was hard and dripping pre-cum.  I knew if I touched it I would shoot my load all over his boat.  My hole was getting wetter and wetter with his spit.  I could see his massive horse cock bouncing between his legs as he tongue fucked my hole.  He was also leaking fuck juice, put it hung off his cock in a long string, getting closer and closer to the boat deck.
      He stood, gripping his cock in his hand, rubbing his massive hand across the head, coating it with the drool of fuck juice.  He guided it to my crack and began to rub the tip against my hole, mixing his pre-cum with his spit, making my hole even more slippery.  His free hand and arm wrapped around my chest as he held his cock at the base and pushed against my hole.  I breathed in deep and pushed my hole back onto his cock head.  I could feel the head slowly moving into my hole, stretching it open around it.  His foreskin was pulled back completely.  I felt the ridges of his cock head pass into my hole, then slowly inch by inch of his shaft entered me.  My hole stretched more and more as he inched into my more and more.  I could feel his hand pressing against my ass cheeks. 
      He released his grip on his cock and slammed the remaining inches into me.  I jumped only to be kept in place by his thick arm.  I could feel pain coming from my stretched hole.  I tried not to squeeze my hole, but I did, over and over adding to the pain  "I'm gonna give you a proper welcome, something to remember me by,” Jack explained.
      Shifting his hands to my waist, he took a firm grasp, pulling his hips back until only his head was in my hole, only to suddenly, slam his horse cock deep into my hole.  His grip on my waist kept me from flying forward as he pulled out and slammed in again.  I grunted both in pain and pleasure.
      “Damn your hole is tight,” he commented with a growl, adding “Going to open you up.”  He pulled completely out, then slammed all the way in.  I let out a yelp which earned me his admonition “Scream you fucker, no one can hear you and if they did they would only come to fuck you too,” he said as he pulled out again, but before I could hold my hole open, he rammed it back in.  This time I screamed loudly.  My scream only made his cock harder and his thrusts even rougher.  I continued to scream as he fucked me harder and faster, opening my hole more and more.
      “You’re going to be popular once I get the word out,” he said.
      “Fuck me,” I begged.
      “You’re going to get fucked, more than you know,” he said.
      He was pumping his cock in and out of my hole faster and faster, his balls swinging back and forth between his legs, grunting more and more often as his uncut cock slid in and out of my hole.
      “Here it comes,” he said, slamming into my ass balls-deep.
      I could feel his cock pulsing and jumping inside me, shooting his load deep into me.  It was then that I realized that he wasn’t wearing a condom.  I tried to pull off of him, I needed to push out his load. 
      “Where do you think you are going?” he asked pulling me back onto his cock.
      “You fucked me without a condom,” I replied, adding “I only play safe.”
      “Not while you are here you don’t.”  I watched him reach over and pull some thing out of a cubby near the controls for the boat.  He flexed his cock, making it pulse more in my  hole.  My mind was panicking.  “Squeeze my cock” he ordered.
      I tightened my hole around his cock as he slowly pulled it out.  I was going to be sneaky and push out his load, but once his cock head was out, he pushed something into my hole deep.  My hole stretched open around it then quickly tightened up.  He  pulled me up straight, holding me tightly against him.
      “It stays in until your next visitor,” he commended.  "I will know if  you took it out and there will be hell to pay if you don’t do as instructed.”  I nodded wondering what I had gotten into.  Only to have Jack mysteriously add "Need it to take.”
      “I don’t understand,” I replied.
      “You will” he said, “you will.”   He released me and I moved to where I was seated before.  He was still naked and started the motor again and we moved quickly to the dock near the house.  I jumped off the boat and stood on the dock.  “Guess you didn’t read the fine print of the site” he said laughing, “and it’s too late now - no access on the island.” 
      He wrapped the fabric around his waist again, hiding his massive cock from view commenting “Don’t worry, I will shove it up your hole again,” as he clutched his soft cock through the fabric.
      I just nodded, standing naked, my bag over my shoulder.
      “Sun is good today.  A good soak in it will help you relax,” Jack remarked.  I watched as he moved to boat back out towards the main land, yelling “Won’t be long.”
      Entering the house, tossed my back pack on a chair, grabbed a towel from the bathroom and headed to the beach.  I could feel my hole gripping the plug in my ass as I walked. 
      I spread out the towel and laid face down in the sun.
    • By Mak38
      This is my first story, so please be kind. Story is 100% true and happened just at the end of last year. 
      I only recently started going to my local bathhouse.  In the past I had avoided the place as I was concerned I would meet someone I knew, but turns out, when you’re drunk, you don’t care about that...lol. 
      Anyway, on this occasion had a particularly difficult night out, was completely drunk and can't remember much about the evening, in fact, I don’t remember actually getting to the bathhouse.  I seem to remember being topped by a hot young jock guy who couldn’t stay particularly hard, but my memory of him is very fuzzy.
      My next memory is when I was laying in a room, dozing, when a hot, skinny, Indian guy entered the room, lay next to me, kissing me and licking my body all over.  Eventually he gave me a really nice blow job as I lay on my side.  After several minutes of working my cock, he cuddled next to me, backing his ass onto my cock.  My cock popped right in, and felt really good, raw and wet, feeling just fine. 
      The bottom repeatedly turned round and french kissing me as I pumped his ass, sliding in and out.  The sensation was excellent.  Sensing I was about to cum I whispered in his ear, letting him know.
      "Do it," he commanded, so I did, blowing a huge load into his hole.  
      We lay together for a while, but eventually my cock slid out his ass.  Still cuddling, we drifted off to sleep.  
      A bit later, I awoke to find he was still in my arms, and still asleep.  Thinking about my cum in his ass, I got hard again, so I gently rubbed my cock over his ass.  When my cock head slipped over his hole, I began sliding in, which was enough for him to surface to the point he was clearly stirring, and in fact was pushing back. 
      The tip started to slide in, but he immediately slid off of my cock, grabbed the lube, and prepared his ass.  Then, my cock in hand, he slid my rod back inside his ass, which was wonderfully hot and wet.  It was absolutely amazing.  This time I gave him a proper hard fuck.
      Positioning him flat on the bed, I began pounding his hole, only to realise the door had swung open and a few guys stood in the doorway watching.  Someone started to play with my ass, but I batted him away.  I was enjoying fucking my hot Indian guy too much and didn't want anything to interrupt the action.
      As I pounded him I asked "You poz?"
      "Yes," he replied.  I fucked him even harder.  As before, he repeated turned as hard as he could to kiss me, going so far as to slide his tongue into my mouth.  And as before, the over all action was so hot I came again, shooting deep inside him. 
      After falling asleep again and fucking and cumming in his ass one more time I rose and headed out.  We crossed paths again in the shower at which time we exchanged another hot farewell kiss. 
      He really was very hot, skinny, horny, Indian cumdump.  I really loved playing with him.
    • By MuscleAss
      Recently I have been messaging with another member here, and he asked when I accepted I was a total sub.  Here is my answer:
      Realization and acceptance came over time, but especially after after two incidents.  One was a hookup via an online chat, where I went to the top's house and found there was another guy there, too.  He was hot, hung, muscular and black.  The host shot his load in me pretty quickly, the black guy took his place and did not let up for an hour.  Verbal, a bit rough, and totally into my ass.  When I left my entire butt felt used, inside and out, and I had very distinct tingling sensation that I had never had before.  Both cheeks felt warm, somehow.  The other time was the first time at an outdoor cruising area.  Five guys fucked me, with three giving me loads.  They were lined up, one after another, with another one holding me up the entire time.  He didn't fuck me, even though I asked several times.  Just kept whispering in my ear how much I wanted it, making me admit I did, say how good it felt, and especially when the guys came, got me to acknowledge that.  Also talked and encouraged the tops, commenting on "the slut" and "his cummy hole."  Walking down the street after, I had the same used-ass feeling, but this time with the loads dripping down my balls and leg.  It was a bit of a walk home, I was shirtless and my pants hanging low, all rumpled and stained some.  I got a few looks from others as I walked by, and one group had a laugh that was obviously at my expense.  I felt shame, a bit of humiliation, but also was quite aroused.  I knew I would do it again.  My dick got hard, and I jerked off once I was home.  It was an incredibly intense orgasm.  Still one of my hottest experiences ever.
    • By shanepig
      I awoke horny as hell with a stiff one.  I needed to fuck.  I went to the gym to work out, but the eye candy left me all the hornier, which led me to finish my work quicker then normal.  Once in the parking lot, I logged on to BBRTs in search of a hole, deciding on a guy who was only a few miles away who was looking for loads.  I didn't bother showering but instead went directly to his place. 
      As he had requested, I didn't knock, but walked into his room where I found him face down, ass up. After rimming his hole, and in the process having gotten a test of the load his boyfriend had deposited in the guy's hoe, we shifted around so he could blow me while I munched on his hole and tongue fucked him.
      After I got his hole wetter and my cock was also soaked with spit, I shifted pushed him flat on his stomach and drove deep.  He loved my long cock pumping deep.  After pumping his ass hard for a few minutes, I shot several rounds deep in his hole.  I was a sweaty mess and I loved it.  Withdrawing, he clean-off off my cock, I dressed and left.  Damn, I needed that.
      As I left I saw another guy pulling into the driveway.  I assume he had another top lined up.  Love that.
    • By Londonbear
      Today after working at a trade fair and getting zero trade, I got contacted by three guys, all who I have played with before, they came round one by one, thank god I am finally home!
      1. Local black care worker with a tick 7" BCC, fucked me by pulling his cock out of his hospital uniform, eating my hole, pushing in and breeding me
      2. Spanish guy, oral only, visiting London From Madrid, I gave him a full service deep throat blowjob, until he blew his load in my mouth, I then spat the load into a cup and syringed it into my ass
      3. London based Spanish top with thick 8" fucked me using the last two loads of lube, sort a quick load, then fucked me really slowly and blew a second huge load into my ass.





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