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Is it at the congress hotel again?  It seemed that place was a real buzkill and the rooms were dumpy.

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I'll be there as well in the host hotel (Congress). I love Chicago and always make it a point to get out and see the city a bit while I'm there, as long as the weather is good. Fun bars, good restaurants, busy streets, sleazy bookstores and cruisy parks make for fun times!  Plus, I love good, midwestern, corn-fed cock!

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I think I'm going to go this year! I've been to Ft. Lauderdale the last 4 Memorial Days and, while I love it, it's time for a change. I have been to Chicago many times but I have never done IML   I can t remember the last time I used these words, but when it comes to IML..."I'm a virgin."

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Just reserved a room - haven't been in 15+ years.  I was just starting to bb the previous 2 times I went and kinda nervous.  This time will be totally different - I assume raw sex will be the norm and expected, and I will take at least as much cock and cum as I give!!  :)  Last time I went was with a friend - if I have anyone share my room this time it'll be a FWB or FB - already have a couple buddies in mind 

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    • By breedingaddict
      Some backstory about me: I'm a slutty late 20s guy who's played it safe sexually for most of his life, but started taking loads and breeding guys about a year ago and can't stop
      This happened on Thursday night.
      I was in one of those moods where the only thing you can think about is cock, and you know you won't be able to function normally until you get your fix of cum in your ass. I hit up one of my more recent fuck buddies and luckily, he's in town and eager to oblige my need. His name is D, and he's this sexy Latino guy in his late 30s, 5'10", stocky frame, jet-black hair and tan skin, with a thick 7.5" cock that can cum multiple times in a session. He has a smoldering intensity that  really brings out my sub side -- I always surprise myself by how desperately I beg for his load. We meet up at a park near our places and end up on some of the benches in the middle of some trees that provide the perfect amount of cover. I waste no time getting on my knees and doing my best to swallow his cock whole. It's been hot in LA this past week, and his crotch is a bit sweaty and kind of musky -- but the smell and taste turns me on and he knows it because he pulls me off his cock and rubs my face all over his hairy crotch and balls.  He bends over me and starts playing with my ass, and before I know it I have my nose buried in his pubes and two of his fingers in my hole. He pulls me off again, turns me around, and makes me straddle the bench. We both still have all our clothes on at this point -- just our shorts pulled down far enough to allow us to fuck.  He spits twice on my hole and starts shoving his fat cockhead into me. It hurts, but I like a little pain when I bottom and as he bottoms out in me it turns into that amazing feeling of fullness you get when a thick cock is stretching your hole wide open. He wraps his arms round my chest and starts pumping my ass with long, deep strokes. I have to support most of our weight with my arms on the bench, but it forces me to arch my back and gives him the leverage to really fuck the hell out of me. The entire time he has his face in my neck, and I can hear and feel his breath on me and it. The contrast between his hot, wet breath and the cool night air around us does something to me, and I begin pushing back on his cock to meet his thrusts, trying to get every inch of his cock buried deep inside me. After a few minutes of deep fucking he starts to get close, but we see a light bobbing up and down about 300 feet or so away, as if someone's walking with a flashlight or a cellphone light. I can tell he's freaking out because he stops fucking me and starts pulling out, but I clench on his cock and start begging him to give me his load, and he gives in because he starts fucking me again. After a dozen more pumps he slams his cock into my ass one last time and lowers his entire weight on me. I can't handle the weight anymore so I'm pinned between the bench and his cock, and I can feel his cock throbbing as he shoots his load in my ass. He lays on top of me unloading for a good 30 seconds, and I push my ass back as much as I can, trying to get every drop. We can't see the light anymore, but we still think it's a good idea to book it so he pulls out, slaps my ass, and we walk back to our cars.
      The street we both parked on is really dark, and my car has tints, so I decide to try to get a second load out of him. I lead him into my backseat and we start making out. He has his fingers in my hole again, but this time my ass is filled with his cum so they go in easier and deeper, and I think fingering my now-loose and sloppy hole turns him on because his dick is rock-hard again. I turn around and pull down my shorts again, laying across the backseat of my car. He mounts my ass and starts pounding away, same as before except this time my entire body is pressed into the seat and I can feel every inch of his body on top of mine.  It's cramped and we kept the engine off, so no AC --  the windows start fogging up and we both start sweating buckets. It all just adds to the hotness of the encounter, though -- literally and figuratively. We both have our shirts off at this point and the feel of his smooth sweaty chest on my back feels fucking amazing. He begins moaning and picking up the pace, and he goes over the edge when I start begging him to breed me, telling him to own my ass and make me his bitch. He unloads in me again, but this time is verbal about it, cussing at me and letting me know he's cumming inside me. We lay there for about a minute catching our breath, but by then it starts getting unbearably hot in the car so he pulls out and puts his clothes back on and gets out of the car. I follow him out, and he pulls me into his arms and kisses me deep, and then we say our goodbyes after we make plans to see each other in a few weeks. 
      As he drives off, I realize that even though I got two loads in my ass, I didn't feel like I'd had enough. I'm still craving cock, and I need to get more. Luckily, it's still early, and Slammer isn't too far away. I get in my car and start to drive. 
      I ended up getting one more load in me that night at Slammer, from this hot, lanky white guy in his 40s with a massive cock and the biggest bush of pubes I've ever seen, but that'll be a story for another time. 
    • By behindonestep
      Live in northeast PA, but visit philly often. Seeking top friends to cruise with, hang out at bars and bathhouses, and ofcourse fill my hole with cum regularly. Usually down weekends. Always happy to meet a group
    • By Cumdump9876
      What are the best motels in Chicago for a visiting cumdump to rent a room and get a record number of loads? I love taking loads in sleazy cheap motel rooms all night from all sorts of Tops. Any tips? Best places for this? Looking at doing this over a weekend. 
    • By desiguy4u
      I am back with another real incident that happened 2 weeks back. Since I cheated my boyfriend (we are 10+ years in relationship and were monogamous) in Vegas, that incident kind of made me so slutty, just thinking of it makes me so horny. 
      My boyfriend had a conference 2 weeks back and he was out for 4 days left on Tuesday and coming back  on Friday. I was so horny thinking of vegas incident (read cheating boyfriend) and wanted to fuck around more. I never being to any sex club and after researching online I found out blow buddies sf and got courage to try that. They have naked Wednesdays. I decided let me try that.
      So I went there at around 9PM it was kind of empty when I arrived and at the door they let me know that its naked Wednesday so need to be all stripped down and only with shoes. This was first time I was in any sex club and being naked in any gathering. I am nervous and at the same time super excited. I stripped down and put my stuffs in locker. Then with hesitant I went inside the play area where u have maze, glory holes and some kind of booths. I walked for sometime and couple of mid aged guys were following me and in some turns will be touching me. It was 1st for me I was exited and so much nervous.
      After sometime one guy grabbed my cock while I was walking and I stopped then he started shagging my cock. I didn’t stop him so he started sucking me and man he was so good. Then he took me to one of the booth and again sucked me for sometime and then he turned around and was trying to put my dick in his hole. I said condom and then he went out and got a condom and I fucked him good and he took my cum in his mouth.
      I went for a smoke in the outdoor area and I was still horny I walked around for sometime then I saw this hot guy may be early 40s, toned body, hairy chest and with good dick like 7.5” and thick. He looked at me and I looked at him. He went to a booth and blinked. I didn’t understand and walked passed. After sometime we crossed again and this time he put his hand on my ass and dragged me to a booth. We kissed and then he forced my head towards his dick. I started sucking him bending forward. After sometime time he put one finger in my ass and I was super turned on. I positioned myself better so that he can finger bette. He kept fingering 1st one finger and then 2. After sucking him some more time he turned me around and started to rim me. I was in cloud 9, so super horny and since I didn’t get fucked for a long time (sex in that matter as my bf and I stopped having sex for a long time) I was super horny. Then he started to rub his cock and I wanted to get fucked badly. He started pushing his cock inside me then I said condom and he grabbed one (there was condom in the booth and lubes too) he took one and I turned around to get fucked. There are holes in the booth and one guy was watching from the hole and grabbed my cock and then started pulling my cock to suck. I obliged and through hole he started sucking me and this guy slowly started inserting his cock in me. I was having best time and closed my eyes in pleasure. This guy then started fucking me hard and deep. He was deep inside me and I can feel and hear his balls throbbing my ass and I started moaning a bit (usually I don’t moan but I did). He was fucking me hard and holding my shoulders and hair sometime. After sometime he released and I also came in the guy’s mouth sucking me from the hole. Then I turned around and he said sorry the condom fell somewhere down when he was pulling out. I said that’s ok (I didn’t at all thought what has happened and thought that can definitely happen when u pull out after an instense fucking though my ass felt little wet).
      At this point I was feeling something like 1st time in sex club, got fucked by a total stranger and cheating my boyfriend. I left and came home. I went to toilet and found cum out of my ass and then I realized what has happened in blow buddies. I have been stealth (thanks to this site I have read many experiences and stories). I was super scared and freaked out. But at the same time I was super super horny thinking about what just happened (blow buddies reviews said it was more of safe sex club which definitely didn’t happen with me).
      Next day I went to clinic and got PEP (I don’t want to get hiv). I am becoming a super slut now (or have become already). I have my appointment for PrEP next week. Now I think I want to go to more such sex clubs (cheating my bf which adds to my excitement). Reading this site i think i am not weird and many of u do this and make us more horny and sex active. Cant even imagine how i became from a committed person to such slut in couple of weeks after my vegas encounter. Any suggestion where I can go and get fucked and fuck some hole? I just want to have more that slutty and get fucked by strangers or fuck a stranger. Where in sf u would prefer to go? 

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