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    • By hornybrownbottom
      I haven't written in a while but the other day, something happened which I just had to share with you all.
      My husband is a shopaholic and orders orders stuff online all the time.  Because of our work schedules are at odds, I often find his purchases are delivered when I am at home.  This past week, I was in the shower and I heard the doorbell ring.  He had mentioned a package would arrive that day, and it would require a signature, so I quickly pulled on a towel and ran downstairs.  The UPS delivery guy that stood there when I opened the door was a handsome 40 something year old Middle Eastern looking wolf.  Dark beard with extremely hairy arms and legs.  He was bout 6'2" and maybe about 300lbs.  Seemed muscular and was almost too big for his uniform.  He addressed me, asking me to confirm my name.  As it turned-out the package was for me.  He handed me a small box and asked me to sign his clipboard.  I fumbled with the box and clip board, particularly as my towel was working loose, and I had visions of it falling to the floor.  Still, I successfully juggled the package, the clipboard and my towel, and everything satisfactorily handled, we exchanged the proper niceties I stepped back into the house.
      I had barely gotten inside and placed the box on the kitchen counter when I received this text message:  "Hey, this is Sander.  I just delivered your package.  I was wondering if I could bother you for a glass of water?"
      I was slightly surprised, but still I replied by text "Of course, no problem."  Upon opening the front door I found Sander standing on my threshold.
      "Thank you so much.  You know how hot it is out there," he remarked.
      "No worries, come in," I said, motioning him inside.  As he entered the house and walked past me, I got a whiff of that distinct odor that was unmistakably man musk.  He was obviously sweating in the heat outside.  His arm air glistening in the sunlight that entered the house through the front door. I could see the pit stains over his UPS uniform.  My ass involuntarily twitched, but I checked myself, shut the door,  leading him into the kitchen where I pulled out a water bottle from the fridge and handed it to him. 
      He looked around the living room and kitchen and said, "Wow.  This place is really dark.  All the windows and blinds down."
      "Oh yeah.  We have neighbors and I don't want them to see me naked in the house," I honestly replied. 
      He took a big gulp of the water bottle I had handed him and downed it in one go.  He then turned to me and stared at me with his dark beady eyes.  I looked right back.  He moved closer to me until he was towering over my small 5'6" 135lb frame.  Neither of us said a word.  His face was tense, almost angry.  My heart started to race and I could feel it thumping loudly in my chest.  He was right in front of me, less than a foot from me.  I could smell his rank body odor.  His presence was overwhelming.  I realized that neither of us had spoken or looked away from each other for a good minute or so.  I took a deep breath in.  He moved his hand and placed it over my head pushing me down.  I knew what I was supposed to do.  In the next few seconds I was on my knees fumbling with his belt and shorts trying to get access to his baby maker. 
      I unbuckled him and opened his shorts to see his black Jockey briefs.  Now normally I would take my time but somehow I knew I had to be fast.  I pulled down his shorts and briefs to his size thirteen shoes and saw the most gorgeous thickest black bush of pubes with a nice thick 7" semi uncut cock.  His crotch smelled pungent and his cock was cheesy and leaking precum.  His hairy balls hung low and were wet with sweat.  I quickly lapped up some of the sweat on his balls before starting to suckle on his ripe dirty cheesy cock which was increasing in length and girth every second.  The smegma made his dick taste salty. I suckled on his cock as if it was my last moment on earth.
      By this point his dick was a full nine inches, and was as thick as a coke bottle.  I started to choke as I swallowed it whole my nose and lips buried deep into his sweaty pubes.  He started to moan.  I felt his hands on my head forcing my face to remain buried there with his whole member inside my mouth and deep in my throat.  As I started to gag he pulled my head back and said, "Its too big for your mouth."
      He guided me back up to my feet.  My towel by this time was on the kitchen floor.  He looked at my body and smiled.  He then quickly turned me over and bent me over the counter.  I spread my feet apart as I took a deep breath preparing for what I knew was going to be painful.  He spit on his fingers and roughly manhandled my ass.  I hadn't been fucked in weeks and I was tight.  And then just like that, he placed one hand on my mouth and in one forceful and excruciating stroke pushed his thick donkey dick inside of my tight ass.  I let out a loud squeal and tried to move away from him, but he knew what would happen and was prepared for it.  With his large hand on my mouth and his other one wrapped tightly around my waist, there was no escaping.  As tears of pain rolled down my eyes I knew he was inside me and he had full control over my body.  He owned me in that moment.  He started to thrust deep into me.  With every stroke I gasped.  He was rearranging my insides with his huge cock.  As he kept going I waited for the pain to get better but it didn't.  It seemed like this beast was going to get rougher and rougher with every stroke.  Suddenly I felt his pace quicken.  His thrusts became more forceful.  More painful.  Deeper.  I knew what was happening.  He started to grunt in the most animalistic, feral snorts I could imagine and, with stroke after stroke, volley after volley, the thick seed from his sweaty balls emptied into my ass.
      I looked at our reflection in the stainless steel refrigerator.  Here was a giant BULL over twice my size towering over me with his donkey dick inside my small ass pumping me full of his superior seed.  After about fourteen volleys, he was finished breeding me.  He had emptied all the DNA in his balls completely into me.  I was his sow. 
      Just like that he pulled out of my hole leaving it gaping and full of his sperm.  I turned around and turned my attention to his dick.  It was damp and sticky with a mixture of his seed and blood from when he ruined my asshole.  I cleaned him up with my mouth and he quickly pulled up his shorts and said, "Thanks. I really needed a slut to empty into.  I'm so glad you opened the door." 
      I smiled back.  My ass still hurting from the assault it had undergone, but I was proud of myself. 
      He returned my smile, gave me a light swat on the ass, and quickly left to get back to his route. 
      As I gathered my towel up from the kitchen floor I saw the box on the counter.  It was a gift to me from my husband.  The package an exquisitely beautiful watch.  The card which accompanied the watch read "To my beautiful husband.  This watch is to celebrate the last five years of love, loyalty and commitment to each other.  I love you more every day."
      I smiled, not feeling the least bit guilty I had cheated on him yet again....
    • By DetroitBred
      I love how Devin Franco takes dick.  In every single porn he’s in, he seems genuinely into every top who fucks him.  He is passionate and not robotic.   I absolutely love his 3some with Max Konnor, and Andre Donovan.  Love the looks Andre gives when fucking.    Far and away my favorite porn.  While Devin is my favorite bottom, Andre is my favorite top in porn today.  Would love to be fucked and bred by Andre.   And would love to eat and felch Devin’s cum loaded ass for hours.  
    • By DetroitBred
      I recently was fucked 25 times by 20 different guys and took about 15 loads after a 12 hour stay at a bathhouse.   I left feeling unsatisfied.  Got me curious for all my fellow bottoms and cumdump out there.  If you stayed 48 consecutive hours at a bathhouse and could wish for any number of guys you want to breed you, how many loads would you want to take?   I personally would love 100 loads by 100 men (yes, a load inside my ass from every single guy who fucks me).  That’s just over 2 per hour.    I really hope 100 loads would satisfy me.  And I’m telling the truth 100% that I craved more dick and loads after getting fucked 25 times than when I started.   I didn’t want to stop.  
      I’d love even more but this number is also realistic in allowing some rest in between, allowing guys to fuck me as long as they want, shower breaks, etc.   
    • By shinelover
      Guys, I don't live in Toronto, but it is the closest major city, so that's where I will be visiting to play. I'm looking for suggestions where I can be a filthy pig. Already know of a couple of bathhouses, but I was curious if anyone had suggestions of alternative places -public bathrooms, parks, anywhere that's good for anonymous loads. The filthier the better!
      Really, any way I can get cocks and loads while I'm there, I need to know. Thanks!
    • By Asier-bottom
      Traveling to Atlanta on Nov 3rd. Looking for dominant tops as young as possible. Groups more than welcome. I can host in my hotel room Downtown Atlanta. If interested h.m.u.

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