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Three Monday Morning Loads

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Today after working at a trade fair and getting zero trade, I got contacted by three guys, all who I have played with before, they came round one by one, thank god I am finally home!


1. Local black care worker with a tick 7" BCC, fucked me by pulling his cock out of his hospital uniform, eating my hole, pushing in and breeding me


2. Spanish guy, oral only, visiting London From Madrid, I gave him a full service deep throat blowjob, until he blew his load in my mouth, I then spat the load into a cup and syringed it into my ass


3. London based Spanish top with thick 8" fucked me using the last two loads of lube, sort a quick load, then fucked me really slowly and blew a second huge load into my ass.










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    • By bihairy
      Last night in DC at Glorious I went to "Hummer" to fuck and seed some ass.  In the glory hole I was pulled in to a booth with a hot dad type with leather and a jock strap.  He gets on his knees and starts to suck my cock which is nice and hard. He has it all slicked up as he is blowing me and it feels damn good. He asks if I like to fuck?  Hell yes. I'm at the sex party of course I like to fuck.  I tell him fuck yes and he groans.  He is hitting poppers and I turn him around. I am grinding around his ass with my slicked up cock. He sucks his finger a bit and lubes up his hole for my dick. I slide inside and start to fuck him. The booth is small and as we fuck the wooded door and side are making lots of noise. He is so verbal and so am I.  Sweat is pouring off of us in that little room.  He slides off my dick and sucks me more.  " come find me later I want your load" he says.  As we leave I hear other guys fucking and sucking.
      I take a break and watch some hot fucking and a young black guy stops and reaches down to squeeze my hard on.  I am sitting with my pants down letting my dick breathe.  I rub his ass as he is naked from the waist down. He sucks me. I play with his hole which is wet and open.  I get up and push him down. He spreads his legs and I play with his hole with my cock. Other guys are watching and jacking off. Still others are there sucking and fucking also.  We move to the xxx video room and we fuck there. Guys are watching as I plow his hot hole. He pushes back with every thrust. I shoot my load deep inside. When my cock is done shooting, he gets up and thanks me and moves on.  I get some comments from a few guys. "good job daddy"  "that was hot"  Thanks guys.
      I take another break and after awhile of watching others have sex I go to the back room near the theatre. I feel around and a nice bare ass is there. My dick is hard and I fuck him too.  I shoot another load shortly after inside the unknown hole.
      It is after midnight and I see my first fuck bud walking around. I go up to him and we kiss long and deep. I'm playing with his nipples and he is in heaven. He sucks mine too. He feels my dick harden and we go to a corner. We strip naked this time and kiss and rub our bodies together. He bends down and gives me the best bj. I'm rock hard and he turns around so I can plow his hole. I fuck for awhile but don't cum.  He is moaning loudly as my cock pounds his sweet hole.  We kiss again and he asks if I like getting my hole licked? Sure.  He does and it feels great.  He sucks me again but my cock doesn't really get too hard. I think my dick is tired finally.  We go in different directions and shortly after I leave. I am totally satisfied and relaxed. Until the next morning.
      My dick is stiff again. LOL
    • By Opensesame
      Any beefy tops around to fill my ass? 195/495 area. HMU 
    • By bbpoznow
      coming for holidays  and looking  I am BB BOTTOM ONLY
    • By shinelover
      Guys, I don't live in Toronto, but it is the closest major city, so that's where I will be visiting to play. I'm looking for suggestions where I can be a filthy pig. Already know of a couple of bathhouses, but I was curious if anyone had suggestions of alternative places -public bathrooms, parks, anywhere that's good for anonymous loads. The filthier the better!
      Really, any way I can get cocks and loads while I'm there, I need to know. Thanks!
    • By blkoraltm
      Atlanta is gonna be home to me sooner rather than later. The number of loads I took during  Atlanta Pride Weekend was amazing.  It's rare for a Black Bear Bottom to leave a sex party with a sore hole, more often or not I am expected to top; limp dick or not. Not Atlanta and not at Manifest.  I got 3 loads on Friday,  from the same guy. And Saturday I lost count; my only issue is the best stroke of the night insisted on a condom. With a cock as big as his and as rare as it is for me to get fucked; I had to allow him up my generally latex free hole. I enjoyed him as well as the 8 others that fucked me, some more than others. 
      But I will be back probably for a Cumunion event.  

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