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I love to get drunk, but I've never been a huge 'party girl'. If I do go party and I go home with someone, I'll at least play safe. I'm not even on birth control and I'd prefer to not have any STD's. I thought I should disclaim that so you all know what happened last weekend was quite out of my character.

As I'm in college, there are loads of frat parties all over the place. A friend of mine, Laura, had just been dumped so I figured I'd find someone to cheer her up.

We were both dressed to try and send out 'fuck me' vibes. I wore a black miniskirt with a tight green top that didn't leave much to the imagination. When we got to the party, I lined up 6 shots for us, 3 each. I called Laura over so we could get the party started quickly, but she already found some guy to hang out, and she wasn't even drinking yet! I took a couple while waiting for her, but within a few minutes she left with the guy. Not wanting to waste good alcohol, I downed the rest. A few guys had tried to make passes on me at this point, but I'd waved them off. After Laura left I started feeling jealous though. I'm normally the one that gets the guys, like if I wanted I could fuck pretty much anyone at any time. She shouldn't have found someone that fast when I was standing right there.

I was still in the kitchen with a strong resting bitch face when Larry, one of the frat boys that lived there, came over. "What's wrong sugar?" he asked, "Don't you know this is a party?"

I didn't know Larry, and I wasn't sure what kind of pick up line that was, but I wasn't in a mood to wait and I figured it might be nice to only have to go upstairs for a fuck rather than to some strangers house. I smiled and talked to him for a bit. As I was getting progressively more flirty, Larry started getting more handsy. I laughed at his jokes and he'd casually lean in a little, putting a hand on my thigh. I returned the lean and he slid his hand up my skirt and grabbed my bare ass. He handed me another drink which I graviously accepted.

"So I take it you want to fuck?" he said. I just giggled and moved my hand to his crotch. "Listen, I know you probably expect to go upstairs, and we can, but wanna do something a little more exciting instead?"

"What." I slurred out.

"Lets make it an exhibition. I want to fuck you in front of everyone here."

I was a little far gone, but I knew this was a bad idea. It wasn't a huge college and pretty much everyone would know. I tried to decline.

"What if I pay you? $200?" he said. I knew it was a bad idea, but I was also broke. Still, I knew sober me enough to know that I would regret it. Though it would be fun... I told him I couldn't because I wasn't sober enough and I didn't want to risk anything, especially since I wasn't on birth control.

"No birth control huh? Well how about $100 for a blowjob right here."

I love a good cock as much as the next girl, and there wasn't anyone else in the kitchen right now, so I acquiesced. He kissed me some more while unbuttoning his jeans. He pushed me down to my knees and slid out his long john. I was already fairly horny, so I went to work on his prick. While I was working, he reached down my shirt and unhooked my bra, then slid his hands around me shirt to play with my breasts. He started sliding up my shirt until it was around my neck. Eventually, he pushed me off my knees backwards so I was sitting on my ass with my back against a counter. He handed me another shot which I gladly downed.

"Hey so I'm a gentleman, so I can't just make this about me. Let me eat you out so it'll be fair?"

I was sopping wet at this point, but I didn't want to be naked in the middle of a frats kitchen. Anyone could walk in at any time. Before I could say no though, he was already kissing me. He reached down to my skirt and started sliding it down. I tried to protest but he was kissing me and I was too drunk to make any sensible words. Within a moment the skirt was gone and I was in my panties, with my shirt still hiked up to my neck. He started to yank at my panties, but I spread my legs so he couldn't get them off. This may not have been a great idea, as he used the new angle to quickly short his head between my legs. With a finger he pulled my panties to the side and started tonguing me. This tipped me over the edge as my pussy turned into fucking Niagara falls. I tried to hold in a moan as I spread my legs further, this time willingly. I was about to orgasm when I lost my balance on the counter and fell over.

"You've had a bit to much eh?" Larry said. "Let me help you."

Larry leaned over as if he helping my up, but then just grabbed my shirt and yanked it all the way off. Larry started kissing me and fingering my pussy. I tried to close my legs at first, but he used the opportunity to get my panties off. I was so fucking horny though. Larry leaned in and started kissing me again, while using one hand to finger me. I told him "I can't fuck like this, I can't get pregnant" but he ignored me and kept fingering. My legs involuntarily started to slide open. He was still pantsless from the blow job and put his body between my legs. "upstairs... condom..." was all I could get out between the alcohol and how horny I was. He ignored me again. Positioning his dick at the right angle, he pushed in. I was so wet it slid in easily. He started humping and I realized it was game over, I wanted this. I wanted this so fucking badly. I spread my legs as far as I could and let him hump me. As soon as he started, he shouted "free pussy in here!" loudly. I realized I made a mistake.

Within a few moments the room was filled with frat dudes. I knew sober me wouldn't want everyone on campus to know I'm a slut, but I didn't care. This was hot as fuck. Everyone watching. I almost lost control completely, but I managed to remember one last thing.

"Please pull out! I can't get pregnant."

The frat boys around us laughed and cheered at that. the cheers worried me but I was gone now. I had lost all inhibition and started moaning like there was no tomorrow. I wrapped my legs around Larry as he picked up the pace. I felt him starting to expand. I was thinking 'no not yet, I haven't orgasm'd!' but it was too late. Larry grunted as I felt hot liquid fly into my pussy.

'Fuck' I thought, now I had some strangers cum inside me, and lady blue balls, and there were at least 30 frat guys standing around me cheering. I closed my eyes and tried to pretend it wasn't happening. I wasn't even sure if I could walk yet so I really didn't want to try and walk out. Unfortunately, I wasn't even given the opportunity. Within a few moment I felt another guy climb between my legs. I tried to close them when I saw that he was also not wearing a condom, but he was already there. I was so close and I had already had guy cum inside... what's one more? I spread my legs again as he inserted his prick.

This guy wasted no time as he started jackhammering my pussy. I didn't mind as I was already revved up to max. The guys around me were cheering and some of them came to grope my breasts as the guy fucked me. Their intrusion and total lack of respect only made me wetter. I was being fucked by a second stranger, without a condom, while more strangers groped everywhere. As this guy got faster I was getting close too. I felt him expand and I was almost there, but no luck. This dude also exploded too early and I wasn't quite there.

I closed my eyes in disappointment once again. This time I was SOOOO close. I reached my hand down to see if I could do the rest myself, but my hand instead met another penis. This huge guy was climbing on top of me. I realized I was about to have 3 dicks in me in one night. The pregnancy might be unavoidable, but all the STD's these frat guys must have... I asked "are you clean?" and the guy just smiled. I tried to stand up, but he shoved my back down. "Okay one more guy" I said, determined to orgasm. This guy was bigger than the last two and wasn't as fast, but his cock was fucking massive. I could feel it bottoming out my vagina. The big dude put his hands around my throat and said "You like that? You being a cum dumpster?"

Fuck, I didn't want to be a cum dumpster, and I didn't want a random guys kid in me. At the same time... it was the fucking hot. This guy was in total control and I was powerless. I was moaning again. He asked "want this cum? You want this cum bitch?" I replied "just don't end soon..." desperately seeking this orgasm. The big guy started to get faster, slamming me into the ground with every hump. I felt his prick expand, I knew another guys semen was about to enter me. The thought sent me over the edge as I started screaming in total ecstasy. The guy howled as he came, shooting jets of his cum inside. After he got off I knew I had to get up fast if I didn't want another guy to climb on. I sat up and looked at my pussy. It was covered with semen. I didn't have time to look though as I needed to get out soon. I spun around to my knees and tried to stand, but another guy pushed me back down. 'Fuck' I thought, I forgot how much I loved to be taken from behind. The guy nuzzled his dick up to my hole. Without entering, he leaned down and whispered "this isn't a rape... want me to fuck you?" I wasn't sure I wanted it, but as his prick pushed further I realized I was still horny as fuck. I moaned, he understood the reply. I realized it was too late now, if I was going to get something I was going to get it. I'd at least fuck to my hearts content until then.

Over the next hour or so I must've taken every load in the house. After a point I couldn't even orgasm anymore, I was just satisfied to take another load. After the house had there fill, I just stayed there. I was too tired to move and they just left me on the kitchen floor.

The next morning I woke up in the same spot. I put my clothes back on and started to move to the door. Before I got out though. Larry found me. I started walking faster to get out, but he grabbed me and started kissing my neck. I bent over against the wall for him and he lifted up my skirt to pull down my panties. I had taken so many loads, another from the same guy wouldn't matter, and I was somehow horny again. He lasted a few minutes this time before cumming.

"Thanks for the hole, cum dumpster."

I guess that's all I am now. Since then, it's proven true. Everyone I know heard what happened and treats me differently. Guys invite me back to their room, or just take me wherever they find me. I can't say no anymore. It's not that I want to say no, because I don't, I LOVE sex. I know it's a bad idea, but I've fucked so many guys now that I can't control myself. I'm just a hole to be used.

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I love this! You looked irresistible to those guys like you're irresistible to a guy taking you and pumping his load in your pussy!

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Reminds me of my fav, japanese porn slags getting fucked after the "official" filming of the video. Camera men, editor, audio tech, producer, "manager" (read her pimp), lights men... all fuck the slag.

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On 3/29/2018 at 4:27 PM, bbasian said:

Reminds me of my fav, japanese porn slags getting fucked after the "official" filming of the video. Camera men, editor, audio tech, producer, "manager" (read her pimp), lights men... all fuck the slag.

You have links that you can PM me?

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