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    I started sucking and getting fucked at 15. i love sucking and getting fucked by cock and I love fucking pussy as I am married!

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  1. Redman30


    I love cbt. I've had my balls twisted, punched, slapped, and kneed. I've also had the head of my dick slapped hard and fast till I had purple dots all over the head. All done by my mistress. At her request I've also done urethra play, burned my dick with a cigarette, pushed stick pins and needles into and through my dick and balls
  2. On occasion my prolapse decides it won't stay pushed in at all. When that happens I'm constantly seeping blood. Never had this checked. Any ideas? Also I was dry fucked at 20 which ripped me to shreds causing a prostate infection and wearing a catheter for a week. Could it just be scar tissue until I decide or have to get it fixed? Also I wipe blood with every BM
  3. I was 15 and so was he. We were experimenting. We used a glow in the dark condom and shampoo for lube. We were naive and it was also before I knew how enjoyable bare was.
  4. Very nice! Wish we could have visual of you two together!
  5. I hate face pics. All I want is the dick.
  6. I enjoy having my hands bound and laid down on my back on a bed or table with my head hanging over the edge
  7. I have self filmed a few times but would love to look into a camera and beg the guy to pump his load deep in my ass!
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