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  1. bbasian

    I made a mistake

    It is common knowledge that the slag gets fucked many times after the porn shoot. Many of them do pregnant porn as well.
  2. bbasian

    Hookers I Have Known

    That was a long time ago, sadly now a days married women are difficult to find for a fuck.
  3. bbasian

    Hookers I Have Known

    I like the married women bare back parts. But, I have been looking for years, could not find a married women to fuck.
  4. Yes, being S Asian and working in mainly White areas, I used to get the same comment "get your cock out" from my female fellow workers. I responded "show me yours first". 99.9% I got nowhere, but the married ones would, then we fucked bare. I love fucking married women.
  5. bbasian

    Slutty Bitch gets what she deserved.

    Yum, married women.
  6. bbasian

    I made a mistake

    Reminds me of my fav, japanese porn slags getting fucked after the "official" filming of the video. Camera men, editor, audio tech, producer, "manager" (read her pimp), lights men... all fuck the slag.
  7. Yes, while I was at a summer job many years ago. I was asked by two female secretaries who said "get your cock out". I said show me what you have and I will show me mine. They never did. But my lab boos, a pps (pale pretty slim) - who still I compare other women to was a openly asking for sex. I ignored her as I was not sure if she was being serious. But she told me her husband works away from home for extended periods and she wants sex. Yes!! in my mind and we fucked on a regular basis bare, The thing is that she always wore a bra (didn't needed it as she was ultra firm) and those horrible "granny" knickers. She was so pale and delicious with a tiny waist that I was wanking before about fucking her and eventually I did.
  8. bbasian

    My Aunt My Love Incest

    chudidar , is a S Asian women clothing.
  9. bbasian

    Choose Your Own Bareback Adventure

    I want to fuck as many married women bare as I could, that is quite a lot.
  10. bbasian

    Claire becomes a bareback escort

    First post to a great forum.This is so hot a thread.

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