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Best gay clothing optional resort?


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Pick a resort in the Warm Sands neighborhood. There are several gay resorts all clustered within a couple blocks. Some have a higher "sexual temperature" than others (E.g. All Worlds vs La Hacienda) but almost all of them are clothing-optional. Personally I'm a fan of InnDulge. It's big enough (25-30 rooms) that you'll never find yourself alone around the pool which can happen at smaller places with 6 or so room (Century). Friendly and easy to talk to other guests during the day, but can get frisky at night, especially around the hot tub.  Staff and owners are great and there's a happy hour every evening where you can very easily mingle and chat with all the other guests staying there. Some resorts offer day and night passes -- for sex, no matter where you stay, you can always go get a pass and have your fun. And if you turn on Scruff, BBRT, Grinder, etc. you'll see zillions of guys within a few hundred feet when you're in Warm Sands.

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Depends on what you want. Personally,  for frisky trips, I like CCBC best, followed by All Worlds and then Canyon Club. For relaxing trips where sex isn't my sole goal, then InnDulge, Santiago, Bearfoot Inn...   Also depends on who you want with you - young, pretty types, average joes, bears, daddies, granddaddies....

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20 hours ago, phukhole said:

for frisky trips, I like CCBC best, followed by All Worlds and then Canyon Club.

Although I've always wanted to go to these places, I've never been to any in Palm Springs.

For those of you who had been to CCBC, what's the situation for bottoms? There is usually lots of bottoms in these places. But maybe it's always possible to take loadsd from visitors with a day pass, who are more likely to want to top. Maybe not.

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I find there usually are a lot of bottom, but enough tops. I have rarely thought "there's no one to fuck me".  yes, there can be some competition i getting tops, but I assume it's the same for a top who wants a particular bottom.  I like CCBC because it's big enough that your chances of it being ALL bottoms is pretty low.  I also like  a lot of the themed events they put on - military, fisting, watersports, bears, pups, cumUnion, etc

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