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    Bottom guy here who loves getting fucked and bred.
    Talented holes for your pleasure. Love verbal sex, quick sex, long-lasting sex but in the end loads go IN me, not on me. 1:1, 3ways, groups are all fun. Mild is good, wild is better (but I don't PnP).

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  1. Jockstrap when I'm getting fucked, unless my top wants me to take it off. Bulldog harness or other leather/athletic gear if the guy's into it too. Chastity cage when in sub mode. It serves as tangible reminder to both of us that the Top/Dom's cock is the only one that matters. Or chastity cage inside a jockstrap, my ass nicely framed by the straps. And a harness to give the top a "handle" to better control me.
  2. tallbtm

    Best gay clothing optional resort?

    Pick a resort in the Warm Sands neighborhood. There are several gay resorts all clustered within a couple blocks. Some have a higher "sexual temperature" than others (E.g. All Worlds vs La Hacienda) but almost all of them are clothing-optional. Personally I'm a fan of InnDulge. It's big enough (25-30 rooms) that you'll never find yourself alone around the pool which can happen at smaller places with 6 or so room (Century). Friendly and easy to talk to other guests during the day, but can get frisky at night, especially around the hot tub. Staff and owners are great and there's a happy hour every evening where you can very easily mingle and chat with all the other guests staying there. Some resorts offer day and night passes -- for sex, no matter where you stay, you can always go get a pass and have your fun. And if you turn on Scruff, BBRT, Grinder, etc. you'll see zillions of guys within a few hundred feet when you're in Warm Sands.
  3. From the CDC website https://www.cdc.gov/hpv/parents/vaccine.html: All kids who are 11 or 12 years old should get two shots of HPV vaccine six to twelve months apart. [...] HPV vaccine is recommended for young women through age 26, and young men through age 21. HPV vaccine is also recommended for the following people, if they did not get vaccinated when they were younger: * young men who have sex with men, including young men who identify as gay or bisexual or who intend to have sex with men through age 26; * young adults who are transgender through age 26; and * young adults with certain immunocompromising conditions (including HIV) through age 26.
  4. tallbtm

    Colin Smith.....

    Check here on the Internet Adult Film Database: http://www.iafd.com/person.rme/perfid=britainwestbury/gender=m/britain-westbury.htm
  5. tallbtm

    Anyone likes father son incest?

    Love dad-son scenes too. Both at sub-Daddy taking my boy's cock, and as sub-Son taking Daddy's load and cock. Works for me either way! Hey, does that make me versatile?
  6. tallbtm

    Strangest place you were fucked?

    Choir loft of a church and middle of a crowded dancefloor
  7. tallbtm

    How to identify?

    These shirts in NLbear's post are from http://ajaxx63.com. Well made, fit great, speedy shipping.
  8. tallbtm

    What is it like to be DPd

    It's awesome! I fucking love the stretch when I've got two cocks in my hole at the same time. And for the tops, the feeling of your wet, slick dick sliding past another cock in a nice hole feels great too.
  9. tallbtm

    Tiger Milner

    Ditto to all your wrote. Been wondering this myself.
  10. tallbtm

    Chastity lock

    There's a ton of information about male chastity online that you can easily Google. You might want to do some reading. I second that on the Holy Trainer device -- most comfortable cage for wearing more than a few days that I've ever had on. The LockedM4M.net website is a forum for gay men into chastity devices. Lots of information there.
  11. tallbtm

    Does anyone Keep a FUCK Diary?

    I've kept a personal sex log for the past few years. It's just a word processing file on my computer. My log includes names, contact info, screen name if we met on an app, a small picture from his profile if I have one, and some comments about what we did, how we met, who came, and what I thought of the encounter. It's fun to go back and find guys I had a great time with but later forgot about. Maybe even reach out to them again for a repeat. It's also been useful when I've had the occasional STI to figure out who I need to contact and tell them they should get tested.
  12. PrEP dramatically improved my sex life. I can imagine going back to condoms ever.
  13. tallbtm

    Sucked Anon cock in my hotel room

    Sounds like a hot encounter. At least the message the next morning lets you remember it as something that actually happened and not just an Ambien dream!
  14. tallbtm

    Calling the hole a "boy-pussy"

    I used to find the terms pussy, cunt, etc. off-putting but have come around now to enjoy their use, especially in Dom/sub scene of some sort. Like tallslenderguy said, it's more the guy's attitude of power and control behind it than the actual words themselves. What that works, it's a total mind-fuck turn on.
  15. tallbtm

    Paying for Prep

    Small correction: The gileadcopay.com site has been updated. They now provide up to $3,600/year for Truvada with no monthly maximum. Good news: the yearly total has gone up and eliminating the monthly maximum helps people with high-deductible insurance plans who pay most of their medical costs out of pocket at the start of the year.

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