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  1. PozCubBtm

    Tony's New Life

    Yes it did.....love the pozzing
  2. PozCubBtm

    Tony's New Life

    Damn another good chapter...keep it up....
  3. PozCubBtm


    Instead of a star is born...A Cumwhore is born.....great story...liked that you mentioned he came down with the fuck flu and tested poz....a new member of the community 🙂
  4. Now that is what I call a great benefit package.....how do I sign up to work there????
  5. PozCubBtm

    When I Shower lately?

    Hey what did the Dr say? usually if you feel this type of feeling its your nerve endings......you should check out a neurologist if your Dr cant help.. I had the same feelings but in my lower part of my body they would come and go....turns out i had a spinal cord tumor..
  6. For you the feeling of leaving a part of yourself inside the bottom...For me I love having a part of the top's DNA inside of me....I would never squirt it out...I love to have it absorb into my body.....In fact the best breeding is in the morning so I can go throughout the dqy knowing that I have the top's DNA inside of me and i am his. I tried the condom thing and it's doesnt do anything for me.....might as well have the top jackoff ito a grocery bag....
  7. PozCubBtm

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    Sounds like Tim has found the perfect btm boy...One that will eagerly take his poz loads......soon he will be his poz son..
  8. PozCubBtm

    First Breeding

    Raw is the only way to go......condoms are like jacking off in a plastic bag......nothing like the raw cock and cum inside your manpussy.
  9. I have a 26yr old twink fb that loves to come over and fuck daddy....he has the most beautiful cock and ass....ive always wanted to dive into his ass and eat it out and this time he let me explore his hole with my tongue.....i had to be careful because he was almost ready to cum....i wanted his young neg seed in my manhole....he loves to fuck hard but he cums pretty easy filling up my hole..
  10. PozCubBtm

    A general thank you.

    if you go to Gilead's website you can get a co-pay card that could pay for your prep..
  11. PozCubBtm

    The All-Natural Massage

    Best type of massage having a hard poz cock deep inside filling you up with his DNA....Love it.
  12. Nice keep up the writing....I like where this is going...
  13. PozCubBtm

    Bareback bottom

    love to knock you up with my strain but im back on meds and undetectable at the moment..
  14. PozCubBtm

    PAP Smear

    Thanks Rawfuckr for the info.....he hasnt brought it up again but if he does I will take him up on it..
  15. PozCubBtm

    PAP Smear

    Recently i went to a new Dr. who specializes in LGBT clientele....During the conversation he asked my sexual preference, told him I am Gay, he asked do i bottom or top..I told him im a bottom...he then recommended that I get a PAP Smear...has anyone else experienced this? I thought PAP Smear's were for women...

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