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Never met a guy that said  'spit it out pup.'   .... LOL.     On a serious note, I love the seduction that is starting to take place and allowing Lukas to experiment and start to consent to what is happening.    You just got to love a son that is a willing sex slave to his own father!    

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5 hours ago, Calamus13 said:

Beautiful just beautiful

I look forward to and anticipate a beautiful conversion for pup - 

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On 5/7/2018 at 6:25 AM, masctravelingpup said:

Thank you guys for your feedback.  I have ideas of where I see my story going (similar to your track) but thought it might be hot to imply a different level or darkness but I certainly welcome your feedback and realize something things are better off left as too taboo.  It is hard to know sometime on this site which is turning guys on and off... but I am sure folks run the gamut.   But I do greatly appreciate your time and thoughts in responding.  And thanks drscorpio for the times.  

 I love the way this is going very much - i would have been just as happy with a darker version - i agree with the one comment - you should go where it takes you - - - i know a story takes on a life a direction of its own and you have to follow it regardless of what's the "best" ending.  

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Hey there my sexy pup, I really love the Dad-son relationship direction you have taken your story. Really appeals to my sincere love of incest  Especially between a father and his son.  Then throwing the uncle in there as well is an especially nice touch. A family who fucks together stays together I always say LOL I must admit though, that no matter what direction you would have taken this story I'm sure I would have loved it. As a fan of you Pup, 😉You've had me hooked from the beginning 😘 so I'm on for the ride no matter what Dark Twisted road that beautiful deviant mind of yours might take us down. LOL. you keep my cock rigid with every word and  That's what I'm looking for. LOL.  It seems to me that  was the  reported reaction from  most all of your readers until, I believe it was chapter 15,  where  you presented a couple of potential storylines and then asked your readers for their thoughts and advice on which storyline 2 pursue. I see some of the guys got pretty liberal with their negative comments, And a couple even sounded a bit indignant that you would even entertain the idea the dad might sell his son into the underground world of sexual slavery. I honestly found it a bit amusing that in the fiction/fantasy section of a site of this nature, members are suggesting that you put a limit on just how far you allow your imagination to delve into the dark side haha. This is your story, your fantasy and you can take it any damn Direction you want to son. You got a knack for this style of writing for sure, and I'm just happy as fuck that you are putting it out there for all the rest of us pervy taboo loving Twisted horny fuckers to enjoy. Haha you will always be my number one favorite writer. 🙂 keep on writing just the way you want and I'll keep jerking to every word. 🙂 you're the best. Hugs Jay Anthony

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Good day sexy men of BZ, thanks for all the hearts and up votes and of course to pozpopperpig, bjbottom, cal,and my sweet daddy Jay.  Your guys comments are incredibly kind in otherwise a week from hell.  Lol.   Sincerely, thanks.   I am glad my story is making you guys hard, it’s hot to think of the men out there jacking their pox and neg cocks and thinking of dumping those loads.  Woof.  Have a great weekend, and part 18, coming soon I hope. 

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Hi Pup, just wanted to say I'm really enjoying this story! You have really created a very hot tale and I look very forward to reading future instalments! I hope we haven't seen the last of Mr. Ali and his brother Ahmed and their little enterprise! You really created an interesting, very hot scenario around them and I enjoyed the "danger" aspect that part of the story built up and offered. Of course, if Pup (the character) isn't going down that route with Mr. Ali, , maybe Mr. C. and Jax, through the pizza place, can bring other bright-eyed employees to meet Dr. Brad and Mr. Ali! Maybe that's a hot sequel story on it's own! :) Thanks again Pup for a great story!

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Before I start.... Thanks to all of you who emailed me with ideas of how to please the fans of Mr. Ali's export business (in a different story line.)  I will probably start a new story with an alternative to Lukas once I think the plot through a little more.  But, thank you for your kind words.  I am not much of a writer, but your kind words and supportive comments sure make me want to be better and write more.  ;o)

Part 18,... I had a dream

My head was still buried into the pillow as I woke to the smell of bacon filling my nostrils.  Bacon?  Bacon? really?  I love bacon.  Where am I?  My mom would be too hung over this early to be cooking.  Wait, my birthday is over she wouldn't cook for me if not a special day.  Particularly bacon, she can't afford that these days.  I realize I am totally naked and this bed is like a cloud, so soft, so warm.  I feel someone moving under the covers and they roll over behind me.  This big arm covered in fur wraps around my side to my chest and pulls me in tight to him.  WTF?  Oh shit.  There is a guy in bed with me.  I open my eyes and as they adjust to the light I realize I am in Mr. C's house.  Oh, that right, I slept over.  I smiled as I realized he must be making breakfast.  Well, wait.  Whose arm is this? 

Just then I feel warm breath on my neck and stubble from his beard and Uncle Terry whispers into my ear, 'Good morning pup, how did you sleep?'

Oh, right of course, Uncle Terry slept over too.  He tightened his arm around me and pulled me closer as he pulled up behind me at the same time.  I could feel his hairy stomach and chest on my back, I could feel his hairy legs entwine with mine, I could feel his groin press up to my smooth boy butt.  He was totally naked.... and I froze. 

Oh shit, I jacked off with them last night.  What was I thinking?  My mind was racing.  What am I doing?  I felt Uncle Terry plant a bunch of kisses on my neck and shoulder and just held me tight. 

Oh man, there my cock goes again, it is getting hard.  Are you fricken kidding me?  Why am I getting hard.  I know I  must have to pee.?  No, not really, I don't have to pee.

Sensing my tenseness he said...'Can you just relax and cuddle with me a minute.  It's just a cuddle'. 

'Oh, I am sorry Mr. Terry, I mean Uncle Terry.  My mind is still trying to catch up with me.'  As I laid there and calmed down and melted back into the amazing bed I felt how sniff my legs were and how sore my butt was.  Then, I started to have these memories.  Oh, I had very intense dream last night.  I remember being in a dark room with candles.  More of it started to come into my head.  I was so relaxed and focused, I was in my own little world quietly spoke out loud, 'wow, that was so bizarre'.

The sound of Uncle Terry saying, 'What was bizarre', shocked me back to reality.  I opened my eyes again as I heard Mr. C coming down the hallway humming and singing.  I said, 'I had this really bizarre dream last night and I am just remembering it.  Oh man, that was so strange really.  You were in it Uncle Terry.'

Just then Mr. C sat on the side of the bed he slept on.  I was facing him and cuddled in right behind me was Uncle Terry.   Mr. C said, 'well look at you two cuddle buddies.  I am making breakfast for us, it is almost done.  Uncle Terry was in what Lukas'.   He raised his hand and ran it through my hair and seemed to be calming down my bedhead look I had going on.

'Actually, you know, now that I think of it.  You were both in it,' I said.

Uncle Terry said, 'apparently Lukas had a very strange dream last night and we were both in it,' Uncle Terry commented.

Mr. C said, 'Oh do tell, I love the creativity of dreams.'

'Oh, it was very strange.  I was in this really dark room with just candles.  You two were there standing next to this hammock thing I was in.  It is like the hammock you have down in the rec room Mr. C.  Oh, no, I better not talk about it.'

I saw Mr. C look at Uncle Terry with wide eyes and then looked at me and said 'why not pup'.

'Well, it is very embarrassing and kind of confusing.'

Uncle Terry nuzzled up even closer behind me.  I could feel his sniffing penis against my lower back and butt.  He commented, 'Aww, Lukas, remember we are buddies and buddies can talk about anything'.

Mr. C looked concerned and rustled my hair back up after he just put it into place and said....'lets go eat, Lukas doesn't like his bacon too crispy'

I was starving and started to sit up and said, 'how did you know that Mr. C'?

He started to laugh and said, 'don't you remember telling me?'

'I told you I don't like crisp bacon?'

'Yes, probably 10 or 11 years ago, some of the other kids were having a lemonade sale in their yard.  Your parents were gone and your siblings weren't watching you well.  So you cooked up about 10 pounds of bacon and picked lettuce and tomatoes from your moms prized garden and were selling BLT sandwiches out by the street for a quarter each if the bacon was crispy and $.30 if it was done correctly.   I thought it was so cute that I ended up buying like 15 of them.'

'Wow, I do remember that now that you say it.  You were my hero and I wrote you a card.'  

'Yes and it is still hanging on my fridge, come see'.

As he pulled the blanket back, I couldn't hide my boner.

'Um Lukas, look how hard your cock is, what's going on down there?' Mr. C asked.

'Well Uncle Terry was hugging me and, well and, well I am not sure, it just felt really nice the way he was holding me.  I felt safe and secure and I don't know, kind of felt loved and wanted in a way.'

As Uncle Terry started to get out of bed, I could see his hard on in the light of day.  It was huge and beautiful.  I must have stared too long because I then heard him clear his throat and say, 'hey Lukas, eyes up here' and he laughed.

I must have turned bright red because he quickly said, 'I am just joshing you, it liked the way yours looks too.'

Just then Mr. C came up from behind and put my arms through a beautiful white robe.

He then went over to Uncle Terry and put one on him and leaned in, kissed him on the cheek and said 'good morning babe'.

What an interesting thing to say I thought as Mr. C took my hand and lead me down the hall to the kitchen.

'Wow, all of my favorite's cinnamon french toast, watermelon, bacon and juice', I said with a big smile.

'Not just bacon, but look, it is thick and limp not crispy....just the way you like it and I pressed the juice myself.'

Uncle Terry patted Mr. C on the ass and said 'nice work, this looks amazing and that bacon is the only thick and yet limp thing in the room' as he looked down at Mr. C's robe that was tented out.  'Now, Lukas, lets hear more about this dream.'

'Are you sure I should say?  It is really pretty freaky, I might just need to keep this to myself?  I did some pretty awful and sinful things.'

Uncle Terry quickly poured some coffee for himself, Mr. C and handed me a mug. 

'Oh, I cant drink coffee, that is the devil's water and will stunt my growth.' I said.  'I am good with juice.  I love all kinds of juice'.

'Well by all means, we don't want your growth stunted big boy,' Uncle Terry said with a smirk.

Mr. C then said, 'it is ok Lukas if you dont want to tell us about your dream, but sometimes I have learned by talking it out makes it better.'

'Well.  ok.... here goes....  I was in this dark room and there were candles burning.  You were both there, but you were dressed in these leather costumes.  Like you had a hat on, a vest, these cool arm bands, some type of like harness or chest protector, boots, the whole thing.  Oh and you were both smoking a huge fat cigar.'

'Oh, you remember all this from your dream you had'?  Uncle Terry said.  'Oh and out of curiosity, how did we look in those leather costumes (in air quotes) as you say'.

'Oh yes, that was all in the dream.  You guys looked super cool.  Like something out of a magazine or on a poster, totally bad ass.  And then there was a guy, I think he was probably middle eastern, he had dark skin and was covered in fur.'

'Fur?  That's an interesting term for it' Mr. C said.

'Well, that's where it gets really strange.  I was like no longer in the hammock but floating over it and I was looking down at myself.  But the guy kept calling me princess and she and her and girl and baby.  And, well.  He.... He was doing stuff to me, I mean her.'

'Stuff?' they both asked in unison.

'Yeah he was having, well, he was putting his penis inside her.'

'He fucked you?  I mean his princess? I mean the person in the hammock'?  Uncle Terry said while playing with himself through the robe.

'Yeah and he kept telling her that he was going to give his princess his special gift.  And I moaned, I mean she moaned and moaned and Mr. C was playing with my tits.  I mean her tits.  With the person in the hammock's tits.  It was all very confusing.  There were times when it was me for sure, but then there were times when it looked like me, but I was a she.  I dont know.  It is stupid and doesnt make sense.'

'Well lets not worry about, did you like it?  Did you like what was happening, I mean was it a good dream?'

'Oh yes, near the end my penis erupted and shot all over the place like old faithful in Yellowstone,' I said.

'Oh, you had a wet dream Lukas, those are very common, Mr. C said.

'I just remembered something, Mr. C, you kept calling me son and I kept calling you daddy.  Isn't that a hoot?'.

'Yeah, that is something' Mr. C said.  'Well, what did you think about me calling you my son?  My sweet sweet son.'?

I got a big smile and said.  'oh yes Mr. C, it was great.  I was very proud to be  your son.'

As we finished up our breakfast, Uncle Terry said.  'Ok, I have heard enough for now.... Tony, is there some of your special 'Jungle Juice' in the fridge Lukas might like?'

'Terry, I think we are on to something here, maybe Lukas is happy with his orange juice, maybe he doesn't want more juice.'

'The boy said he loves ALL KINDS of JUICE, I am SURE he would love our special Jungle Juice.'

They went back and forth about this juice for a minute and debating whether or not I should have more juice.  The juice Mr. C had made was delicious but this new juice sounded great, but why are they arguing over it?

So, I just said, 'If it wouldn't be too much trouble, Mr. C, I would love some more juice and I never heard of the safari juice, oh, wait, I mean jungle juice, but it sounds really good.' and I winked at him.

'Ok, ok, ok, you two win, I think we were doing great, but sure, why not make this easier' as he reached down and adjusted himself....'you can have the juice.' 

'I tell you what Tony, I really need some help NOW, not in a hour, or not in a day or two if that works out like you want it too.... but now..... or I am going to explode.  Just a little juice now but you can say enough is enough whenever you want.'

'Oh, I understand, I am sorry Mr. C for pushing it, I got really good tips last night, I am happy to pay for the jungle juice well and the bacon, it must be very expensive juice.'

'No, it's not that Lukas, but yes, I agree, I am suddenly in need of some juice too.  Tell you what, Uncle Terry and I will go back to my bedroom, could you be a big sport and put these dishes in the sink and then get the bottle of Jungle Juice out of the door in the fridge, it is in a small brown bottle.  Once you have it, come down to the bedroom ok?'

They walked down the hall whispering to themselves and I quickly rinsed the dishes and put them into the dishwasher and went to get the safari juice, no, I mean the Jungle Juice.  As I grabbed the handle and open the refrigerator door I saw the handmade Thank you note I made to Mr. C when I was just a young lad.  The card had my bacon stand on it and me giving Mr. C a big hug.  I smiled and opened the refrigerator door...


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I had this dream, and you were in it, and you were in it ........Toto, I don't think we are in Kansas anymore .....  But I would love to start the day with a little jungle juice and two daddy top cuddle buddies and a couple thick slabs of "bacon"!      Another great chapter.    Glad you will write about Mr Ali's export business in the future .... I would love for you to explore your dark side in your writing.    However, this is coming from a son who seduced his own father and started taking his cock, cum and piss.   

Edited by bjbottom
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