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    travel weekly for work
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    I am new to the bb idea of getting converted...but so incredibly turned on by what I read on this site. I never thought I would want raw poz loads in me....but I really do. I love stealth, seduction and rape scenes in particular.
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    I am identical triplet, grew up in a nice family, well educated, great job that allows me weekly travel. But have this dark side, particularly when poppers or max impact are in me that makes me want to be a raw slut. My mind goes to such dark places, I just need a top to help me experiment and go there with him.
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    I have met a couple cool guys at treasure island and asked to do a scene, but hasn't taken place yet.
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    A poz top interested or willing to breed me senseless and leave his mark in me

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  1. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 12 (to those of you who enjoy poppers and spray poppers (like max impact or Amsterdam spray), I hope you feel the magic with me) As I watched my daddy walk over and pick up his phone, he looked over and laughed. He said to Mr. Terry, ‘holy fuck, you are right, apparently we will be here a while, they are considering beating the door if I don’t give them an update. How long you think you need?’ Mr. Terry said, ‘Well I sure as fuck aint going to hurry if that’s what they want? Nevertheless, I appreciate the need they have. I am sure they all want some cherry before it goes bad. Tony, let me ask….I am hoping this isn’t my only chance or night to test drive this?’ ‘No, even once I wean him off of Dr. Brad’s magic bottle, I see a gleam in his eyes, its going to need a lot more of your own special juice. I wasn’t really understanding what they were talking about, but I was also fixed on Mr. Terry. He reached behind him and picked up a fresh cigar. The thing looked like it had to be 2 inches in diameter; I never knew they made cigars so big around. As he licked the uncut end of it, he stared at me. Stared at me really deeply, it was like he was looking into my soul and I felt warm. Not warm because of the fur that I was cradled in, but warm like he knew me for a long time. It was seductive how he licked it, slowly and wrapping his tongue around it. My cock flinched and I could feel a big glob of precum flow out. He must have saw my cock jump because it looked down at it and looked back at me and winked. He pulled the cigar from his lips and tongue and started circling it around the hood of my uncut cock. He was wrapping the precum that was trailing off the end of my cock like melted cheese on a piece of pizza and off my belly that had already broken off the stream. My eyes were going back and forth from watching him to looking up at his rugged face and dark features. He beard was perfectly groomed and oiled and the fur on this chest was that of a true stud daddy. He took his free hand, raised it up from between my legs, and grabbed ahold the shaft of my rock hard boy cock. He pulled my foreskin back to uncover the head of my thick 8.5 inch cock. It was glistening from the fresh warm reservoir of precum it exposed. He moved the end of the cigar that was wet with the precum off my belly and held it right to my piss slit. Is other hand pulled the lips of my cock head apart and exposed my piss slit, he took the pinky on that same hand and started rubbing his pinky over my piss slit and the cigar both. He was putting pressure on the tip of my cock head like he was burying his pinky into my slit. He got most of hisfingernail covered by the lips of my slit. He reached with the cigar hand and grabbed the little brown bottle. He handed it to me and said ‘can you help me for a minute?’ I nodded that I could. ‘He said both of my hands are busy and kind of sticky, I need you to self-medicate yourself. Can you be a good boy for me and take a deep and I mean deep hit into your left nostril and hold and wait for me to count to ten? I nodded again. ‘You sure?, I want you to do it right so we don’t have to take that medicine away from you, ok? I nodded, closed my right nostril and took a really really deep breath into my lungs. And I heard him count. ‘Good boy! 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, you are doing great. Keep holding, 4, 3, ……2,’ I thought why is he slowing down. Be a good boy and hold, that’s one. Ok exhale. I exhaled rather suddenly. ‘Oh no, I think you forgot, you exhale slowly Lukas, not so quickly. Lets do it again, ok? I nodded. This time I covered my left nostril and exhaled super deep, only to inhale and fill and see my chest expanding. Then I held. ‘Nice, very nice pup. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, you are a good boy, 5, 4, 3…… , very good, almost done. 2 you ready? 1, and now SLOWLY exhale.’ I slowly but surely exhaled my lungs free and I felt my head lift off. I was flying, I felt flush and felt so warm and my boy pussy was all tingly. I smiled as he said, ‘you are such a good and smart boy, one more just to make sure you feel it ok? You never know, sometimes you can get a bad bottle some reason. This time, pucker your lips and suck it in through your mouth. Hold if a few and then exhale through your nose. So I started to suck it in, wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I held and then slowly exhaled through my nose. I shut my eyes and felt waves of energy shoot through my body like an electrical current. As I opened my eyes, he was pulling the foreskin of my cock up over the base of the cigar. I couldn’t even see my cock head and the foreskin was up over the curvature of the cigar’s tip and up the long shaft of his cigar. The cigar was about the same diameter of my cock so it was like an extension of me. Mr. Terry said, ‘this is called docking, we are going to dock you to my shaft if a few minutes, do you like that pup?’ I nodded, but said that ‘it burns a little bit.’ ‘Oh good, that’s very good, it is supposed to, that is the nicotine in the cigar warming up your piss slit and cock head.’ He jacked my cock up and down a few times pulling the foreskin back off the cigar and then back up again to stretch my skin as much as it could. My daddy stepped over and said ‘they want a couple pics.’ He put his camera down by my testicles and snapped a picture of my cock straight up in the air docking fully with the cigar. I heard daddy say, ‘let’s show them some of my gift on it.’ Mr. Terry undocked my cock and put the cigar down between my legs, I wanted to see what they were doing, but my cock and nuts were blocking my view. I then realized there was a mirror above me. Was it a mirror? Or Just part of my dream? Fuck I thought, I am so high, maybe my mind is just playing tricks on me? Whatever it was I focused on the mirror and saw Mr. Terry start to insert the cigar into my hole. After it went in a couple inches, he pulled it out. Then pushed it in and out a few more times. It started to burn and I let out a whispering moan. I heard daddy speaking quietly to Terry ‘Ok, that’s good, that last move brought out a big glob. That’s perfect, hold it right there.’ CLICK. ‘Perfect, look at that pink cherry juice and all that cream clinging on that cigar stick.’ CLICK ‘Yeah, yeah push it in slowly’ CLICK. ‘Ease it back out. Oh Fuck, YES.’ CLICK. ‘Very nice Terry, a little’ CLICK ‘yes, more’ CLICK. CLICK. CLICK. ‘Can I see daddy?’ I whimpered as I was still floating with the medicine in my head. ‘Yeah? You want to see your pussy boy?’ ‘Yes please Sir, Thank you Sir.’ ‘Well since you asked nice, sure son.’ I felt the cigar slowly going deeper and deeper into my hole and burning more and more as Mr. Terry pushed deeper and then pulled it out and pushed back in, a couple times, he got more precum off my cock and belly and I could feel the coolness of my precum sort of cool off my stinging asshole. Daddy was showing me the pictures. ‘Look how beautiful your pussy is son. Here is the cigar going in, just a little see? Then he pulled it out’. ‘Why does it look so pink?’ I asked as I looked into his eyes. ‘Didn’t you learn in school that sometimes when the hymen breaks it can cause a little blood son?’ ‘Yeah I remember that’. ‘Well, my cock is pretty big’ ‘Yeah, I saw it earlier this morning when we were by the pool; it looked huge in your pants’ ‘Well the combination of your hymen breaking and because the size of my cock, you tore a little bit. And as it mixed with my sperm while I was breeding you, your blood and my sperm became one, so it is a little pink. Understand?’ ‘Do you think we need to tell the doctor or my mom that it was a little bloody’? ‘Oh heavens no son, the doctor would be more concerned if it were kind of red often. It is sort of like when a woman has her period, it just means she is more fertile. So when you boy pussy bleeds, it just means it has really enjoyed itself and ready for taking more seed. But with more and more sperm put into you, it will turn whiter as it dilutes with the blood. But no need to worry about your mom either, you wont remember to tell her. But I can send her a text if it continues too much. Ok baby?’ I nodded and looked at him, smiled and said, ‘thanks for being so patient with me and taking the time to explain these things. I miss so much without having my dad around.’ ‘Well, from now on, I will be around more and more and will guide you, you trust me right?’ With the biggest smile of my life, I looked back at him and nodded yes. I noticed then the burning had started to subside in my hole and Mr. Terry was holding onto the chains of the hammock. He was rocking back and forth. Each time he lunged toward me the chains rattled and I was pushed forward with him. I felt as he pulled back and my hole seemed so opened. My dad was looking down between my legs. I remembered the mirror so I looked up again and saw Mr. Terry was pushing his cock into my asshole next to the cigar. He stopped for a minute and my daddy pulled the cigar out of my hole and I felt my hole collapse around Mr. Terry’s big Canuck cock. Mr. Terry said, ‘can you light that up for me?’ My daddy said, ‘you don’t really think I am going to let you enjoy the first taste of his pussy before I do, do you?’ and my daddy sniffed the end of the cigar that had been in my boy pussy. He licked the bottom of it like Mr. Terry did at the start and rolled it into his mouth. He grabbed the lighter off of the table and this huge flame shot out of the lighter. I could hear him puffing and I saw the cherry glow start to form on the end when the flame would go out. He repeated this several times and all I could do was to stare at him and think of that cigar. There was something about it that turn me on so bad. Without really noticing Mr. Terry was reconnecting the leather piece that had been over my mouth with the hose connected to it. I felt pressure against my face as the snaps one by one were secured again. Again, I couldn’t take my eyes off of my daddy. I felt Mr. Terry picking up the rhythm of using my hole and felt him tug on the hose connected to my mouthpiece. Without having to think about it, I raised my hand still grasping the cold brown bottle and handed it in Mr. Terry’s direction. ‘Ready to go under pup?’ I nodded. ‘You going to give him max impact?’ my daddy said Hearing that, I braced myself expecting I was going to be slammed forward hard. ‘Fuck yes, let’s get this kid really flying’ and I heard a new noise, it was like an aerosol spray can hissing. I finally took my eyes off of my daddy and realized Mr. Terry had one of those spray cans I had brought from the rec room at Mr. C’s houses and was spraying it on a rag. Mr. Terry looked at me and said. ‘Lukas, we have a special treat, this is candy in a can. It will smell different and you might not like the smell at first, but similar to the medicine, you will get use to it. Now start breathing, slowly in through your mouth and slowly exhale through your nose. You don’t have to hold it like the medicine. Now enjoy your candy.’ Mr. Terry alternated between the medicine and the candy and I had never felt so awesome. I looked back over to my daddy. I had never seen him smoke before, but he looked so hot. I also looked up at the mirror and saw Mr. Terry fucking me really hard. The sound of him fucking me was intense, it was like wet and sloppy and I think the candy and medicine got to me as I felt a buzz in my head and closed my eyes it again was like I was drifting off to sleep. They sounded far away and I was in my own little private world. I could hear the chains clanking and the grunts getting louder and louder. I was brought back by a huge inhale of cigar smoke filling my lungs. I looked over and saw my daddy breathing into the tube. He took another puff off the cigar and felt another round of smoke invade my lungs. Just then, I heard Mr. Terry say….. ‘Oh my FUUUUCCCCKKKKKKIING GOD, take this load pup’. His whole body was shaking and convulsing as he looked down between my legs in the sling and watched his cock pulsing and empty several volleys of his load into me. I could tell each time more came out as his whole body shuttered and he screamed ‘Fuck yes’, or ‘take me into you’ or ‘you are mine’ or ‘sweet fucking boy pussy’. I exhaled the cigar smoke but I was still high as a kite on the poppers and the candy. I looked at saw my daddy come down and kiss me on the forehead and rub my head through the hood. He whispered in my ear. ‘I am so proud of you son, daddy loves you so much’. I murmured back into my tube, but I am not sure if it was loud enough to be heard, ‘I love you too daddy’.
  2. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Hi Anthony, you are always so kind. Woof and hopefully I will get a new chapter done on my flight tomorrow.
  3. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks TomY, that’s super flattering. Big Cheesy grin.
  4. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks everyone, your comments and ♥️ and up votes are really awesome and motivate me. Thanks and have a great day and jerk. Woof and lick
  5. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 11, I heard my daddy say to Mr. Terry, ‘Maybe should we bring him back out now from Dr. Brad’s spell?’ Mr. Terry replied, ‘fuck if you should, you have guys up there waiting for the word to come down, fuck you have me waiting.... and I need to hit that and tear it open wide as fuck’. I laid there in a heavenly bliss wondering but not really understanding what they were referring too. I was still flying on the magical brown bottle but more important to me, I wondered why my daddy stopped. It felt great with daddy laying on me and I it was hard to tell through my hood, but I felt him give me what I think were gentle kisses on my forehead and cheek and occasionally darting his big wet tongue deep down my throat. I felt his hand unsnap the leather cover over my eyes and when he pulled the leather piece back and over to the side, his eyes were staring right into me. The room was aglow with the candles flickering. I decided to ask ‘why did you stop daddy? That hurt a little but that felt amazing.’ He got a huge smile on face and brought his tender hand up to cup my cheek really gently through the hood and said, ‘you don’t know?’ I shook my head and looked deeply into his eyes seeking an answer. His smile got even wider and he said, ‘I am now even more part of you pup, my semen is sticking to the inside walls of your boy pussy. Soaking into the lining of your flesh and becoming part of you all over again. That seed that made you is now also reinvading your womb. You are mine now.’ I was puzzled by the response, was it the poppers or why is this not making sense to me? He bluntly said, ‘Lukas, I fucked my load deep into your guts. I shot my cum into you. I knocked you up. I breed you with my fucking sperm.’ With each comment he smiled brighter and gave me a kiss and rubbed his hand hood, trying to tossle my hair like he so often does. Understanding it a little better, I said, ‘Well what about a condom’? ‘Oh fuck no, there was no condom’ Mr. Terry replied. As I looked over at him, my daddy pulled my head back to look at him as he said, ‘there will be no condoms with you my sweet Lukas. Boys, well you in particular are meant to take sperm, raw, unfiltered, undiluted semen straight from a man bull nuts directly into your smooth perfect little snatch.’ ‘Oh daddy, they have these new things now that I learned about in health class called sexual transportation diseases or something like that and men are to use these rubbery things called condom and women are to use a pill. Then you won’t get pregnant or get kooties’. As he continued to lay on me, the poppers were wearing off and I could feel his fur on my smooth chest, his fur tickling my sore titties was making my cock leak like a faucet onto his furry belly and mine. I could feel the warmth of the puddle squishing between the two of us as he moved. He was still looking at me and had his finger gently tracing repeatedly down my nose and over my lips as said ‘Well Yes, I did hear about that on the news myself, but my sweet boy, do you remember me telling you about how warm and wet women’s pussies are and that they harbor diseases in their moist cunts?’ I felt my cock jump at that mental image and I nodded. He said, ‘well son, you have what we call a boy cunt and it was virgin until 30 minutes ago and their are no eggs in their getting fertilized so a condom isn’t needed now is it? I am trusting you are a virgin and don’t have any of those sexual diseases to give daddy right?’ ‘Oh gosh no daddy. I am not allowed to have sex with those women. My dad said, women and their pussies are the work of the devil and sent here to corrupt us.’ ’See you understand it, that medicine just made you confused probably, it can do that to boys sometimes. But I am glad we had this talk, but I know you trust me right?’ I nodded in agreement and a smile. ‘and I trust you realize that I am probably better at making the decisions for you, right?’ I nodded again. ‘And you said that although that hurt a little, it felt good too?’ I nodded. ‘Well then let’s get you some more medicine into you and maybe you could show Mr. Terry how your boy pussy can open up for his big Canadian cock?’ I nodded and saw Mr. Terry reach into the cooler bag and hand daddy a brand new magical brown bottle. Daddy stood up and started to undo the wrapper as he and Mr. Terry were starting to change places. Mr. Terry said to my daddy, ‘your phone has been vibrating like crazy over there on the table. Why don’t you go tend to that.....I got this over here just fine. Daddy put the freezing cold bottle on my chest between my nipples and said, ‘yeah I better send an update’. Mr. Terry picked up the bottle, opened it, and said.... ‘you ready pup for your medicine? Mr. Terry needs you to be a good boy for him and do exactly as told, ok?’ Looking at the pelt of dark fur on his broad massive chest I nodded and I reached up without thinking and ran my fingers through the carpet of fur, watching my fingers disappear as I raked my hand through the fur around his leather harness. I slipped both of my pinkies into the piercings in his nipples and knew to tug on them like he had mine. I was so preoccupied with his fur, I barely noticed as he pushed my left nostril shut and held the brown bottle to my right hostile, my nose knew what to do and I took a slow steady long inhale as my own chest expanded while I lay there on my furry blanket nestled into the sling. Over to my right I saw my daddy standing there, naked with his Dick still mostly hard. I smiled, felt a warm chill through me as the fur ticked my back and I closed my eyes and focused on taking my medicine from Mr. Terry. ‘
  6. hi, I posted a picture of my butt, as it relates to my story (popping the pizza boys cherry), but then i wanted to make sure, if it ok to post a picture? i have seen others do it, but wanted to make sure. if it is not, please delete but dont suspend me? please pretty please. ;o) wink wink. (that was an attempt at humor), have a great day and thanks for the site. L
  7. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 10, I think this is the part many have been waiting, As I was laying there in the fur lined sling, every inch of my body felt alive from feeling the softness of the fur and the magic the little brown bottle were providing. I felt a finger rubbing on my left nipple in little circles first clockwise and then counter clockwise. Then I felt a second finger on my right nipple doing the same thing in unison. I muffled through the hood to 'please be careful with those'. I heard Mr. Terry's voice in my ear saying 'what pup? We couldn’t hear you'? I said, 'please stop Mr. Terry, those are very sensitive and something embarrassing is going to happen if you don’t.' I felt the hose move and I prepared for another round of medicine through the tube, this time it was again a deep breath of air from my daddy, followed by hit one of medicine. He made me hold it for a long time before tugging on the leash to exhale. Just as I exhaled, I heard Mr. Terry in my voice saying 'oh, no worries boy, don’t be shy, we want your nipples to open up that pussy. We are going to use your perfect little boy tits to open that pink little fuck pussy wide.' I muttered to myself in the hood, he is so funny, I am a man, and I don’t have a pussy. With that, I inhaled the next deep breath of medicine. Then followed by a third. With each exhale, I felt my little pink boy nipples being played with a little harder and with a little more authority. I felt my daddy move between my splayed out legs and lean over my crotch and then it felt like a bolt of lightning hit me as his tongue gently licked on my belly and I heard my daddy say 'his precum tastes like candy, it will make great lube'. I felt him licking my belly and then felt his hands on my upper thighs pushing on my legs in the stirrups. Within a second, I felt something so incredible I started to ride up in the sling. His tongue slowly, incredibly slowly started to lick from my ass crack up toward my cock. His tongue was wet and slimy, traveling up my crack and over my hole as slow as a snail, and leaving a slime trail behind as the precum came of his tongue and was applied to my tender virgin hole. He continued moving his tongue up over my smooth hairless taint and up to my nuts. I felt my nuts being lifted by his nose as he licked all the way up to the base of my big heavy nut sack. He stayed in place but I felt him squeeze the head of my cock to get more precum from under my uncut cock's hood. I heard Mr. Terry again whispering in my ear, 'what do you think boy? Have you ever had such an amazing dream?’ I was still flying on the poppers and incredibly confused by the sensations on my nipples, on my cock, on my hole and on my hole body as I lay there in the mink lined sling. I felt so alive I thought I would come out of my skin. I said, 'oh this is a dream? God I am so confused? What is happening to me?' It was a little hard to hear through the hood, but I heard my daddy say with authority. 'Son, I am going to give you a magical night you never dreamt of, but that I have laid awake and jacked off to this night for years. Do you trust me son?' 'Yes daddy', I said with an additional nod in case he couldn’t hear me through the mask. 'Do you love me son'? Just then I felt my nipples being twisted hard and I felt his finger rubbing my precum onto my hole. He started making little circles around my hole with quite a bit of tension. The mental image I had reminded me of stories my buddies told me about sex. I said, 'oh god daddy, yes. Please daddy'. 'Please what?' Mr. Terry said to me. 'Please, please don’t, please don’t stop, please, that feels amazing. I never knew I could feel so good, please daddy don’t stop.' He said, my question was, 'do you love me son?' I grabbed the fur lined blanket with my fists and moaned as he licked and said, 'Oh god, yes daddy, I love you'. I heard some snaps coming undone as his finger just kept rubbing in tight circles around my boy clitty, slow and fast, and then slow and soft and fast and a little harder. I was moaning and again feeling that fur under my skin was making ever nerve ending in my body fire. I felt so alive, so warm, like I was floating in a dream. I felt the tube being pulled over toward where Mr. Terry was standing. I was hooked; I wanted more medicine so I started to breath deep. I heard Mr. Terry say, look at you pup, you are huffing before I am even ready. You horny and greedy little pup. I just nodded instinctively, knowing I needed more poppers in me. I didn’t want to come down from these feelings. I didn’t want this feeling to end. I never understood there was pleasure possible like this. I didn’t have to wait long and I felt the first breath of medicine. And a second with a really long hold, fuck I was loving this tingly warmth that rushed over my face and chest and shot tingles down from my left nipple that he was still rolling like a radio dial right to my asshole. My daddy was still rubbing my hole but it wasn’t his finger any more, it was bigger. Maybe it was his thumb? Gosh it felt huge. The poppers were making me so confused. The next inhale caught me off guard, but it was more cigar smoke. I was a good boy and so fucking high on poppers I didn’t flinch this time, but took it. I felt Mr. Terry rubbing my head through the hood and said.....'Fucking good boy, you are a very good boy' and he tugged the leash for me to exhale. One more really big deep hit of poppers and I felt daddy rubbing his finger, or thumb? Or something up and down my crack. Again, from the base up and over my hole where he put a little pressure and up my taint to the underside of my nuts where he pushed them up toward my cock. My cock was pulsing along with my heart beat. I could tell it was harder than steel. I felt my daddy grab it again, I had never been touched by another person before, and it felt so strange having someone touch my cock. It felt amazing and again made me push up in sling with a wave of pleasure; the chains clanking were loud even in my hood. He slowly was moving this 'thing' up and down my ass channel, every time on the up push he grazed slowly at my hole and pressed a little harder until it slipped past and went over my taint. I heard a click and felt an amazing wetness being poured onto my nuts, taint and down my ass crack. It felt like cups and cups of if, warm, thick wet. I felt the blunt end of his thing? His thumb? Against my hole again and this time it didn’t slip past it slipped in a little bit. I heard daddy say. 'Take me inside of you son, take my shaft. The next hit of poppers I went super deep, I could feel my lungs fill and felt like my chest was expanding more than ever. Mr. Terry even noticed how big it had inflated and said that I was a good pig. Hearing his words triggered something in me. I felt different, I felt alive, and I felt like an animal. I lunged forward in the sling and I reached up and grabbed onto the chain with my left hand. I started to extend my right hand down to my ass when I heard daddy say 'go ahead boy, feel me inside you'. My hand went to my hole and it dawned on me that is his cock trying to get into my hole. Daddy said, go ahead boy, touch my big veiny horse cock. I wished I could see it, but I wrapped my hand around it and it was like steel wrapped in a tight skin lining. I ran my finger over the huge veins, tracing them with my finger up and down his cock. I felt my wet hole and he said, 'see how hard your boy clit is, rub it son'. I said, 'I have a clit?' I had my finger at the entrance to hole. He said 'of course you do, every good pup has one, that why you feel so horny right now. I love that your clit is so hot and throbbing.' Mr. Terry unsnapped a piece on my hood and my ears were exposed. He also undid a couple other snaps and my mouth became free to the open air. I could clearly hear my daddy now; say 'touch your boy pussy, son. Feel how alive it is? Feel how hungry it is? Feel how it needs to be opened like a good pussy should be opened, wide and deep.' I said, 'oh daddy, there is no way that is going to fit inside my hole'. He said, 'oh son I will make it fit because I am going to pop that cherry in less than a minute.' Mr. Terry encouraged me to take the last feel, my hand was wet with lube and the whole sensation of touching my ass in such a pleasurably way, the head of his monster cock and the lust I felt in my soul was like nothing I felt possible. He then took my left hand off the chain and encouraged me to rest back into the fur blanket. He brought the poppers to my nose and said, breathe slowly and very deeply. As I was inhaling I felt daddy sink his shaft into me. Mr. Terry had one nipple and my daddy had the other, and had slowly worked my pink little nipples into a hard little knots. Daddy slowly, ever so slowly pushed in, then withdrew a tiny little bit and then pushed more. I heard him say, 'son, I have waited for this day for years, and it is just as perfect as I knew it was. Even better actually, your pussy is opening nicely. You were made for this. This is your glory; this is your destiny, open up for daddy and make me proud.' I exhaled just as he said proud and I pushed up toward him and I felt my hole gape open and soon I felt the tickle of the hair on his nuts poke my ass crack and his pubes caressing my nut sack. As he slowly pulled out, I heard Mr. Terry say. 'Well?' Daddy said, 'The cherry popped and there are some red streaks of his cherries juice.' I nestled back into the fur and thought, what a strange time to be trying the pie. But soon my mind was back to the present daddy pressed in again. He started to pick up his tempo and said, 'fuck I thought after feeding him that load earlier I would be good to go for a while, but the troops are getting anxious to release'. With that he started to pick up the pace. I raised my hands over my head to the chains as they were rattling really loudly now. Mr. Terry gave me another hit of medicine and started really working on my tits. I was wiggling and moaning and squirming around on that fur and taking the full pressure of daddy slamming his big fucking veiny dick deep into my boy pussy. I heard him making comments like, ‘fuck boy this pussy is made for breeding. And look how those pussy lips swell. And my sperm is going to be painting the walls of your cunt very soon. And how hot it looked as my peach fuzz clung to his shaft as he withdrew from my boy cunt'. His words were so hot to me, I felt like I had been loved and wanted for the first time. At that time he lunged forward and laid his chest on mine. His hips were convulsing and resting, then convulsing repeatedly. I could feel a few drops of sweat come off of his chest and land on mine. Mr. Terry was playing with both of my tits as I felt my daddies tongue enter my mouth. I was being kissed by a man; actually I had never been kissed so I smiled wide as his tongue slid into me. 'What a great first round' Mr. Terry said. Daddy said, 'Oh, yes, we are going to love sharing this.'
  8. Hi Sir, I am in London in a week, I would love to meet you.  Your Steve video is amazing. I love big dicks and have been waiting for the perfect one to share his gift with me.   Lukas here,  

  9. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks, you guys are very kind. I will keep going if you will keep reading and hopefully jacking .... ;-). Cheesy grin.
  10. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 9, There was a flicker of light and a candle was lit, then another and another. I was starting to see around the room, strangely, there were no stacks of wood, but instead there were cabinets with locks on them, a whole wall of pegs with strange looking things hanging on them. On the other side of me there were several strange looking wooden benches with padding, in the corner was black cross with handles on it way at the top and at the bottom. Behind me was another matching leather hammock, a bed, a big table, and several TV’s all of the place. On another table I saw the pie and wondered why they weren’t eating it yet, but then I saw the cooler I packed at Mr. C’s house with the bottles and cans and the paper bag that Mr. Ali had given me to bring to Mr. Terry. When I turned back around quickly I lost my balance a little bit again, I was so light headed but, I saw Mr. C holding some strange mask that looked like it would be used for going scuba diving. It was soft black leather with a long hose coming out of it. The eyes were covered with a black leather patch and it laces up the backside of it. It had two pointed ears on the top of it, almost like what a German Shepard dog would have. The inside was covered with black fur. As he started to raise it up and over my head he looked into my eyes and said, ‘are you ready for the best night of your life pup?’ I said, ‘yes daddy I am. This has already been the best day of my life, I don’t ever want this day to end’. ‘This is a new life you started today son, we will make all your days filled with as much love as you want to be filled with. There is no end to the loads of fun you will enjoy’. I got a big cheesy grin on my face and he said, ‘Son, do you trust your daddy?’ As I nodded yes, he slipped the hood over my head. I couldn’t hear very well and things went very dark again. He was pulling on the cords to tighten it. I muffled through the leather, ‘daddy that is getting really tight.’ He said, ‘Son, you need to relax, just take normal deep breaths and trust me.’ ‘Thank you Sir’ He said, ‘Son, when you call me Sir, it is to be said. Sir, thank you Sir or thank you daddy is fine too. Ok pup?’ I nodded and felt both of his hands cover my ears and rub my head, if felt so strange through the leather and he sounded far away because of the muffled sounds of the hood. I then felt myself being pulled by the leash a few feet and then felt a hand on my chest, to symbolize I was to stop. I had gotten use to breathing deeply into the tube when I felt the tube bend and this very strange smell started to occur. I felt someone put their hand on my head and pull me toward them, I heard my daddy’s voice say, ‘do you smell the medicine son?’ I nodded affirmative. ‘When you smell the medicine, you are to take a deep breath and hold it until I tug on the hose. When you feel me tug, you exhale slowly. I will repeat and give you more medicine when I feel you need it, you are to do the same with each one. Breath in very deep, fill every square inch of your lungs, you are to hold until you feel the tug, and then release very slowly but completely, exhale every little bit of air out, and I will repeat as needed. Now, I know you cant talk, but nod if you understand me, ok son?’ I nodded to the affirmative. I felt the tug so I exhaled completely and as I breathed in, I could tell I was getting more medicine so I breathed in very deep. It was several seconds this time until I felt the tug, I exhaled slowly and completely. Oh man, I thought I felt funny from the drink, that was nothing, I had never felt more light, like I was floating, and I got all tingly inside and felt warm in my face and chest. Wow, it was an amazing feeling, I felt like superman with great powers. As I started to inhale again, I could smell more medicine, so I repeated another deep breath inward. I was so confused, my head was flying, I wasn’t sure if I was standing or laying or floating over the room, it was like I was having an out of body experience, but I felt electric, I felt so alive, every part of me tingled and I felt not only my cock harden, but my butt was tingly and almost felt like it was on fire. I felt this strange feeling that I just wanted to be touched, touched all over me. A tug on the hose brought me back to reality a little bit and I exhaled slowly. I felt a cold metal thing against my skin and I felt a draft on my chest and then my back, I realized my shirt had been cut off. Then I felt like I was floating, oh wait, no I was being picked up and carried, wait my shoes and socks were being removed and now my pants were being pulled off of me while I was being carried. I felt a draft all over me, I think I was naked now? Wow, what a crazy feeling, I was still flying. This must just all be a dream or my mind playing tricks on me. Then I heard the chains of the hammock being rattled, similar to when I bumped into it in daddies rec room and the one by the pool. I was being lowered into it…. I think. But instead of cold leather, I felt a warm pelt of fur. It rocked like it was the hammock but they must have lined it with a fur blanket. It felt amazing touching my naked flesh, so warm. I was still so warm and the medicine was still giving me this rush of sensations that made every nerve ending of mine tingle. I felt the blanket being wrapped around my naked body like a cocoon. I thought to myself, that must be quite a site, my perfectly smooth hairless pale body against the black fur of a mink blanket. God I felt amazing. I just sort of burrowed into it until I felt my left leg being lifted up in the air. I then felt a super soft fur band being tightened around my ankle. My leg was lifted up and spread out wider as I heard a bucket snap it into place. I felt him pick up my right leg and felt it also being wrapped tight in fur and secured up and out of the way with a snap. I felt like I was just flying, but dangling there, but still wrapped in my cocoon. Things were still for a minute and then I felt the hose being moved again. Instinctively I exhaled completely and started to take a deep breath, sure enough, my hunch was right, the medicine was flowing again through the hose, I realized I remember that smell, it was from the brown bottle at Dr. Brad’s house. I didn’t realize it was medicine until now, but of course, he is a doctor, that must be why it had to be keep cold, I know my grandpas insulin was like that. I few second later I felt the tug and I slowly exhaled. The next breath was more medicine and he waited quite a while before I felt the tug. Man, I was out of my mind again with excitement, laying on the fur and feeling every nerve ending in my body firing was intense. I could feel my cock dripping precum onto my belly button. I felt my cock getting harder and bigger than it ever had. The feeling was intensified by the feeling of the fur blanket on the underside of my cock’s shaft as my dick lay on my stomach. Expecting a third round of medicine I breathed in deep. But it wasn’t medicine, it was cigar smoke, wait, I don’t smoke. I immediately start to cough and gag. I was so confused, and tried to utter to stop, but I had to breath. On my next breath in, it was more medicine and it helped me relax. It was a long time before the tug came. I exhaled and started to breath, there was a four dose of medicine but a pretty quick tug so I exhaled. As I exhaled, I heard daddy say ‘Be a good boy and take my breath into you son’. There was suddenly warm moist air that came into my lungs, he must be blowing his air into the tube and into my lungs from his lungs. Instead of a tug on the hose I felt a tug on my leash and I slowly exhaled. Then I heard daddy say, ‘you make me proud, now take my cigar’ and I felt my lungs fill with cigar smoke. I fought coughing like crazy and he quickly tugged on my leash and I exhaled. I heard him say, ‘Terry, did you see that, my boy is so fucked up he just took my smoke. It is time we have that pie.’ He is right, I was flying high as a kite and I again felt the tickle of the fur on my cock. I smiled inside my hood knowing I made my daddy proud. I then felt cooler on my chest and then stomach and then crotch as the fur blanket was slowly being pulled off my chest and off my cock. I felt very exposed and tingly.
  11. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    thanks guys! ;p)
  12. Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 8, As I walked down the path toward the woodshed, I thought back on my day. It was the best day of my life. It was my 18th birthday, I was finally starting my senior year in high school. I had never thought I would get this far after being held back a couple years ago, but I was finally a senior. Then, Wow, I can’t believe it, I had received that unbelievable letter from the State University telling me that they were giving me a scholarship to play hockey and be on their track and field team. And if that wasn’t enough, to top it all off, the man down the street I always looked up to, Mr. C, gave me a job at one of his pizza places to make sure I had some spending money when I went away at school next fall. I had a huge smile on my face as I realized, this was the best day ever. As I got to the swimming pool, it looked like something out of a magazine. I thought man, this is the life. Because I was gawking at the pool and grounds and I think those celebration drinks were making me feel funny, I was not paying much attention to where I was going and ran into a hammock hanging by the pool. The sounds of the chains rattling made a loud noise so I grabbed them to quiet it down. I realized it was very similar to the one Mr. C had in his rec room back at his house. But focus Lukas, don’t screw this up.... prove your dad wrong, you are not stupid and dumb. I could see a red light back further back, so I continued on my way. The trail snaked between these beautiful gardens, as I got closer and closer to the light on the woodshed. Finally, I was on the porch of the woodshed, I was feeling really funny by then, but I remembered what Mr. Ali had said, so I knocked once firmly, I opened the door and walked in. The room was pitch black inside and had a pretty strong scent of cigar in the air so although I couldn’t really see anything I gathered that I was in the right place. With confidence, I knew what to do so I said, ‘Sir, I have your present here and please take my cherry pie’. I heard the deep voice of Mr. Terry say, ‘you look great with that red halo of light coming in from the doorway, you are a very good pup, now close the door and take two steps forward’. I wondered how he knew my nickname was pup? I didn’t remember telling him that earlier, but I guess I was distracted when he noticed my hard on. I then saw a strange reddish glow. It looked like a glowing cherry a few feet in front of me. It would get sort of brighter and then got dim again. I heard him say, ‘set the brown paper bag and the pie on the table right there’. I felt in front of me and sure enough, there was a table. There was a noise from a chair sliding a little and the glow of the cherry colored light got brighter again and raised up. It was then, I realized Mr. Terry stood up and I heard his boots clomp on the floor, as he got closer to me. Soon I heard him exhale and a strong blast of cigar smoke blew into my face. My parents were totally opposed to smoking so not being used to being around smoke, and I coughed a couple times. It really smelled, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I didn’t say anything. The glow got closer and closer and It dawned on me it was the glow from his cigar. Similar to before, my cock twitched a little bit and again and I thought, that is so strange. The room was so quiet, that I again heard him exhale and smelled another blast of cigar smoke. I was more prepared this time and I didn’t cough. I then heard him say, ‘good pup, that’s progress’. By the way, he said pro-gress, I could tell he was Canadian. I got the courage and said ‘Sir, how did you know my nickname was pup’? His eyes must have been more accustom to the darkness but with the glow of his cigar I could see him reach down and pick up the brown paper bag off the table. I could hear the crinkle of the bag as he opened it and he reached inside and he said, ‘perfect they are still very cold’. I suddenly heard a noise over in the corner of the room and Mr. Terry set the bag back down on the table. I heard more footsteps and realized a second person was in the woodshed. The other person startled me and thought, oh I probably better get back up to the house and see if Mr. Ali was done with me, oh shit, Mr. C. Is still in his pickup truck. I gotta get moving. I felt Mr. Terry reach out and put his hand on my hand and he started to guide me around the table. Wait, this is away from the door. I could see the outline of his face as he puffed in on the cigar and cherry glow showed his rugged features. He stopped, turned toward me and exhaled directly into my face. I didn’t cough and actually breathed a little of it in. Fuck, my cock got hard and I could tell by the coldness of my wet spot on my thigh that my cock expanded and was fully erect again. I heard the person behind me moving again and I heard the deadbolt lock turn on the door that I entered. Suddenly the other person was right behind me, I got the sense that he was also really tall and I just sensed he was also a big dude. Mr. Terry held me firm, turned me around. I think I was facing back toward the door I entered and just then....there was a bright flash of light and only about two feet in front of my face I clearly saw a little brown bottle. All of a sudden, it came rushing back to me. I saw Dr. Brad and a flash back, my mind went blank, and I just stood there. I heard a familiar voice, and it said, ‘Boy, who are you?’ Without thinking I said, ‘I am yours. I belong to the man with the bottle. Dr. Brad told me you would come and take me and make me his. Are you here for me Sir? Am I yours, Sir?’ ‘Yes son, I am here for you, you are finally mine’. ‘Wait, I know that voice, Mr. C?’ ‘Yes son, it is, but now you will call me daddy or Sir, do you understand son?’ I felt him gently take my hand and I said, ‘Yes Daddy, I do, thank you Sir.’ I then felt Mr. Terry behind me. I felt his chest pressing against my back and he something tight around my neck. It smelled like leather and I felt him fasten it tight around my neck. I heard Mr. Terry whisper, ‘nice and tight Tony, the collar fits perfectly, do you want the leash on your pup too?’ Maybe it was the drink, maybe it was the hypnosis, but it is like I was dreaming. They were talking about me like I wasn’t really there. But, I heard my daddy say ‘yes’. With that, the leash clicked onto the collar and the two started to guide me by the leash and the hand back further into the darkness of the woodshed.

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