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    travel weekly for work
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    I am new to the bb idea of getting converted...but so incredibly turned on by what I read on this site. I never thought I would want raw poz loads in me....but I really do. I love stealth, seduction and rape scenes in particular.
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    I am identical triplet, grew up in a nice family, well educated, great job that allows me weekly travel. But have this dark side, particularly when poppers or max impact are in me that makes me want to be a raw slut. My mind goes to such dark places, I just need a top to help me experiment and go there with him.
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    Nothing more than some x tube stuff
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    A poz top interested or willing to breed me senseless and leave his mark in me

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    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Hi Nclchub, thank you for the kind words and encouragement, have a great day
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    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks, I am glad you found my story worth your time checking out. Woof.
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    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks to two of my most generous guys for comments. I really appreciate them and as many others have said, your comments.... are sure inspritimg to write more. But glad you liked the last couple. Have a great day.
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    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 24, Mr. Big leaves his mark. As I knelt there, I could tell by the vibrations and little sounds most people were leaving the room. I think it was Daron was still behind me petting my hair and holding on to my leash. Everything seemed very still for a few minutes. The way Daron was holding me, I knew I was to stay still. 'Perfect', I heard through the ear buds, 'I am ready... come to me boy' I looked to the left and to the right not understanding exactly where the sound was coming from. But then I felt a yank on my chain and got up on all fours. I felt the leash being pulled toward where I think the door was. I again heard this sound in my head. 'Good girl, let your big brother bring you to me, come on, be a good girl and come to me' I kept walking on all fours. Feeling some dust and sand from the creaky wooden floors get stuck in my hands and knees. Then I heard. 'That's good Daron, bring the little bitch right in here to me. What a pretty girl she is. Are you a good girl princess? Wag for me.' Somehow, I knew to nod my head and I think my butt even moved left to right. 'Good girl, that's right, turn left a little through the door.' With the ear buds in, I could only hear half the conversation in my head, so I wasn't exactly sure what was happening, but I did hear.... 'Is she in heat? (pause) Nice, did she spot on her way down the hall? (pause) What color was it? (pause) Pure white? (pause) Good, I know how little muscle man likes to do his stretching exercises. She must have good strength. (pause) Ok, have her sit there and shut the door on you way out and deadbolt me in here with her, I will text when I need something. And keep an eye out for Tony and Jax. I had a very disturbing text from Jax that Tony was on the warpath so I got to hurry. Now, go.' I felt the leash be laid on my back down to my butt and I sat up like a had in the other room. I felt footsteps vibrate the floor near me as he got closer. I felt him pick the leash up and put his hand under my chin. He raised my head with one hand and ran his big, I mean huge hand over my head and down my shoulders, he just petted me for a minute and I could feel my cock getting harder than a rock. I dont know what it has been with my erections lately, but my cock was so hard it was hurting. It was a strange sensation to see darkness, hear nothing, but just sense movement and occasionally his very deep voice in my head. 'I will have to thank your daddy for letting you come over when I see him. You must be the new special load carrier he hired that I heard so much about last night? I would have love to come to the party but my invite got lost apparently due to an 'oversight' on Mr. Ali's part. So thank you for the special delivery. What limits did your daddy put on you? I didn't know what to do, I knew I couldn't speak or at least I didn't feel it was my place to speak, so I shrugged my shoulders. 'Oh of course, pups cant speak, can they?' and he laughed. His laughter seemed to be getting louder and darker in my head... almost sinister. 'Let me ask it this way, did your daddy give you any limits to make his customer's happy'? I shook my head no. 'Good, I don't do limits anyway, and fuck, I used my free pizza loyality card, so I feel entitled to help myself for a nice tip.' I could sense he was moving and felt a tug on the leash. I was jerked to the left and I began to crawl over toward the direction being pulled. I heard in my head 'jump up on the bed here, just kneel there in the wet spot pup.... (pause) Get the fuck off the bed and get into your chair you fucking whore.' I froze, I didn't know what to do. I felt some commotion on the bed. I felt his hand on my head after realizing he had scared me and said. 'Oh sorry princess, not you, there was another bitch on the bed, but he is worthless and is all sloppy now. But sorry, he fucking bleed all over the fucking nice sheets that I had. I will fucking rub his nose in it later. But yes, just lay there. On your back.' I could feel the wetness from the sheets on my butt and lower back. My shoulders and head were in a dry spot. I soon felt Mr. Big between my legs. He reached his arm under my thighs and pulled me toward the edge of the bed. My butt was in the warmer wet spot and my back and head were now in the colder slimy wet spot of the bed. 'Good girl, stay right there. I know your daddy and Uncle Terry have a big dick, but would you like to feel Mr. Big? I nodded. 'I am sure if does hurt, you worthless little faggit twink. Don't make me come over there and shut you up, you little whinning snivveling whore. I dont know how many times I need to tell idiots like you, you shouldn't fucking go online looking for BBC if you cant handle a real big black cock. Now Shut the fuck up and watch a real gift from heaven take dick.' I smiled and I my left hand found Mr. Big. Holy fuck, it was bigger around than my wrist, I couldn't even get my hand around the whole thing. and it was as long as my forearm. I smiled. 'Hey fag, bring my pup over a fresh bottle of Amsterdam poppers from that fridge over there. Now, faggit....., damn, hurry the fuck up....' A few seconds later, I felt someone getting back on the bed and felt my nose being pinched shut and the vapors filled my head. There was music now playing in my head, dance party music like they would play at those bars were lust and sin fester. In addition to the music I could hear Mr Big saying... 'deeper boy, hold, hold, keep holding, ok exhale. Now repeat that you fucking twink until he goes limp.' I felt pressure at my hole. A lot of pressure. Oh fuck, I hope daddy was right when he said I would be amazed at how much it can stretch. With searing pain, I grabbed ahold of the wet sheets, my hand was covered in slime, it smelt like iron and piss and cum and lube. 'Be a good princess, I know you can do it.... come on baby, make your daddy proud, you are so close, come on baby, let Mr. Big in.' And with his encouragement and the 4th hit of deep poppers I felt my hole give way. If felt like it was tearing from the based to my belly button, but I could feel his huge cock snaking his way into my pussy. Stretching and stretching, tearing and tearing its way in. 'Good job little prince. You are doing great, you are sucking my cock in now, you feel that?' And he was right, like a vacuum trying to suck up and eggplant, I felt his cock pushing deeper into me. Within a couple minutes, I heard, 'You did it, you are only the second person to let me bottom out in them. You are fucking amazing.' And I smiled big and had an image of my daddy's face in my head. But then he started to pull out, again, like the suction of a plunger stuck in a toilet, it came back out. And went back in, and came back out and slowly, he picked up speed. 'Ok twink, but the bottle down and play with his nipples, rub them and roll them like I did on yours. Good faggit, you can at least do that right'. 'Oh pup, guess what?' I shrugged my shoulders. 'Your hole is magic, do you know what just happened?' I shrugged again. 'The first couple times I pulled out there was white sperm on my cock from the other guys, but thanks to the magic of your pussy, it turned it a little pink.' I felt his strokes picking up speed. 'Keep going baby, you are doing great, keep working that magic, it is pretty bright pink now and getting frothy like cherry cool whip.' He put his hands on my ankles and pushed my legs into the air and wide apart, I was laying there spread eagle taking the biggest cock I can imagine there being. I was so happy that he was pleased and would be glad my daddy had me come over. I smiled knowing my hole even did a magic trick for him, daddy is right I am so lucky to have this gift. I just wish daddy could see me now. 'Oh jesus, oh fuck, oh fuck, you fucking sweet pussy, look the fuck at that hole sucking my bloody cock into it. You ready boy? you ready for the biggest darkest gift you ever had?' I felt like I was already getting it, but I shouted out 'fuck yes, give it to me.' I heard Mr. Big moaning, groaning, laughing all at once and he collapsed onto me. I felt him bite my neck really hard, I tried to push away, but he bit harder. 'I just need to leave my external mark as well, so your daddy knows I was here, tell him it is a message from me and that i told you that you will be back for more. Once a boy like you goes big, there aint no going back to pin dicks. If you ever get tired of working for him, you would be amazing on my team. But, I should tell you, I wont always be so gentle, Mr Big can get pretty rough.' I smiled and my dick flexed against his belly. 'He bit my neck on the other side and said, you are a fucking slut that is going to need a lot of Mr. Big. Remember that boy, when you think it is a dream, your cock will tell you it is real and that pussy will twitch for more of the gift of Mr. Big, remember that?' I nodded And with that the whole room shook with several loud Incredibly loud bangs. Even with my head phones on, I could hear noise. It sounded like someone was trying to tear the house down. Even with the ear phones on I heard daddy yelling. 'Let me the fuck in there now or I am going to bust this fucking door down and have every cop in the city over here.'
  5. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 23, The tall one and the muscled one. As Daron pulled out of my now dripping cunt, he started to make a move toward the door. I commented to him that my daddy said I am to always clean the cock off after it comes out of my mouth. The shorter muscle one held my legs high in the air while the long haired tall one shucked off his clothing. Once his baggy pants were dropped I could see a really long slender cock poking out of the piss opening in his boxers. Daron climbed on the bed and knelt by my head and slowly entered his cock into my mouth and grabbed a hold of my nipples. This is my go to way to shoot my load. So I grabbed onto my cock to start yanking it. The tall one slipped under the arm of the short muscled one and slapped my hand and said, 'who the fuck said you could touch that princess?' 'Oh, sorry, I guess I wasn't thinking.' 'Fucking right you aren't. Get the bitch fucked up again and concentrate on cleaning off Daron's cock. Fuck, he was nice enough to load your fuck hole up with his gift wasn't he? 'Yes, Sir, sorry Sir. Of course.' And with that, I turned and pivoted my head so that Daron could get his hole cock deep down my throat and I soon felt his hairy heavy nut sack being sniffed into my nostrils. While I was focused on Daron, I couldn't down below, but I could feel the tall one slipping his narrow but super lengthy cock into my hole. I felt the muscle one moving my legs onto the shoulders of the tall one and I clenched my legs around his neck for stability. The tall one put his hands on my hips and just started to piston fuck me like cutler x would. Long and furious strokes. Deep up into my cunt. Daron was having a hard time focusing on my nipples because my chest was flailing around so much. Instead, he put his fists onto the bed and just slowly started to throat fuck me in a kneeling doggy position. I could feel his cock get hard and I could see him looking back at me from down by my chest. The short muscled one climbed on the right side of the bed and took his left hand and put it on my neck and put his right hand on my right pec. I felt his hand start to tightening around my neck as Daron picked up speed and the tall one just kept power fucking me. I grabbed onto the cock of the muscled one and just like his body, it was incredibly thick. I could hardly get my hand around it. I was moaning semi in pain from the lack of air from his hand and the big cock down my gullet, but also from the assault that my hole was being subjected too. He was pushing up the fuck chute deep. He took his hands off my hips and held onto the front of my quads and pulled me into his fuck tool as he pushed deep deep into me. Daron raised up on his knees and was now doing push ups into my throat with his thick hard raw cock. Raw cock? Oh Fuck, I forgot to see if the tall one put one of those rubbers on that I saw. I should remind him in case he forgot. But I couldn't really speak. I was getting light headed, not from poppers but I think just from the lack of oxygen? I heard a buzzing sound in my head and my eyes closed. Oh I feel dizzy. Oh, things are going dark, whats happening to me? I few moments later, I felt a slap on my face and I opened my eyes. The muscle one had taken his hand off my throat and my face was covered in nostrils were heavy with warm sticky cum being inhaled into them. Daron was unloading the rest of his load into my throat and the tall one was still between my legs. WOW, I thought, that was strange, everything seemed to stop for a minute or fast forward. I will have to ask Mr C about that later. But as the tall one was pulling out the muscle one very quickly jumped off the bed. The tall one let one of my legs drop and he withdrew his softening cock from my hole. Oh, I bet he is done? I guess he must be? The short one moved into position and slapped my ass and told me to get on all fours. I rolled over and the tall one climbed onto the bed and presented his cock to me. It was still almost 10 inches long, but was quickly shriveling back up like a dark worm. Oh wow, I realized by the taste, he did cum. His sperm was very sweet and thick as it clung in globs to his withering dick. Daron moved off the bed and commented he would go check on Mr. Big and see if the twink was still doing ok. The muscle one was grinding his fingers into me. I heard him comment, 'come on boy, you are going to have to get wider than that. I am happy to just tear that shit open, but Mr. Big usually like to be the one to break the skin to allow the sperm to set into place.' I wasnt really following what he was saying as I was trying to make sure I got the tall one all cleaned up nice. But all of a sudden, I felt pain. It was like he was clawing inside me like a mouse. What the heck? I pulled my head off the now clean cock of the tall one and looked down from all fours between my chest and the bed and saw muscle guys cock. He appeared to be trying to stab it into me while his 3 or 5 fingers were still in my hole. I heard him tell the tall one to get me medicated and then I felt the cold glass of the brown bottle on my nostril and the familiar vapors started to help me relax. I stopped looking back and just laid my head down. The tall one was kind enough to put a pillow under my head and kept the bottle right at my nostril that was not muffled into the pillow. The poppers helped me melt. I felt a slap on my ass and heard. 'let me in', 'arch your back', 'no, arch it', 'yeah good boy', 'yeah, very good boy', 'let me in', 'oh fuckkkkkk yes bitch'. I zoned in and out with the poppers but could tell muscle man was getting a little more depth with each rhythmic rocking motion he was making. After a couple minutes, I felt his fingers back around my hole, he was alternating on each side and seemed to be pulling my ass cheeks apart as he pummeled deeper and deeper into my soft warm boy hole. My ass started to make these little farting noises. I should have been embarrassed, but the poppers were making me horny as fuck and he seemed to know how to move his cock to make the sounds louder and louder. Soon he picked up speed, each thrust in made more air and suction come out. He was working my hole good. I felt him go faster and faster and soon, the poppers were back under my nose by the tall one. The tall one put his head down by my ear and said, 'hang in their boy, you are doing great, you are about to get the most gifted load you can imagine. Well, until Mr. Big, but that is another story.' Hearing that, I knew I loved getting a gift so I started to push back against him. 'Oh, your fucking whore, you want that sperm in you down you babe?' 'Yes', I muttered, 'YES', 'Yes please, let me have that'. I felt him pull his fingers further apart on my ass walls and piston fuck his big fat head into me. His speed was picking up and Daron hopped back on the bed. I heard the floor creaking and felt the presences of another. I was in bliss and soon I felt muscle guy remove his fingers and collapse on my back. He was panting hard and I knew, oh no wait, I am now feeling his thick clumps of cum spew into my fuck hole. Holy cow, how much blasts were there. Seven? Eight? God I felt wet. God I felt full. God I felt like I had purpose. WTF, I was pulled from my silence and harmony when I then heard a very deep loud voice say, 'boys present her to me'. With that, I felt the muscled one pulled out and quickly scurried to get his cock cleaned off. I felt a collar go around my neck. It was super tight and was choking me a little bit. Daron then grabbed one arm and the tall one grabbed the other arm. The muscled ones cock dropped out of my mouth as I was being pulled off the bed from behind. A blindfold went over my eyes and I was spun around and put on the my knees on the floor. I felt one of them put a knee in my back and had me straighten my back. I felt a hand come under my chin and raise my chin up to parallel with the floor. 'Down a hair', I heard. I felt someone take my chin and lower it just a slight amount. 'Put the ear buds in', I heard the deep voice saying. 'Yes Mr. Big' I felt my left ear go silent as something was pushed in, the right ear went silent as something pushed in. My head felt full and a slight ringing in my ear took the place of all sound. Then some very soft music was starting, it has a lot of bass and made me feel warm. As I knelt there, I could tell by the vibrations and little sounds most people were leaving the room. I think it was Daron was still behind me petting my hair and holding on the rope connected to my leash. Everything seemed very still for a few minutes. The way Daron was holding me, I knew I was to stay still. 'Perfect', I heard through the ear buds, 'I am ready... come to me boy'
  6. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks guys, new chapter coming tomorrow morning, 😉. Oink,
  7. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks pozpopperpig... I can always count on your smile and comments to brighten my day. ;-) Have a great day sexy.
  8. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 22, Princess and the pigs. His bicep vice grip around my neck was making me choke a little bit at first, but as he started to pull me through this bedroom, he squeezed even more. I was able to choke and gasp the words out.....'Please dont hurt me'. He slowly started to relax his arm once he realized I wasn't resisting. Being happy to breath again, I put my hands on his forearms which were still around my neck. I commented 'what amazing ink', his skin was as pale as mine as I slowly traced my fingers across the beautiful orange, white and red coy going up his arm. 'Do you remember me?' he asked? I was confused and said, 'I don't remember, I am sorry. Should I? I love your art, I would think I would have remembered.' 'Well, I had a long white sleeve shirt on. I was one of the servers last night.' 'Servers?' 'Yes, at Mr. Ali's house. ..... Last night....., I was the one who got you the celebration drink, and later handed you the pie and the brown bottles to take down to our visitors in the woodshed?'. 'Oh wow, sweet, I guess.... last night was kind of a blur to me,' I said. 'Oh man, as soon as I saw you, I wanted you. But I knew I was just there to work, but man, you had all the pigs oinking. Too bad your daddy ended your fuckfest so early, you disappointed a lot guys.' He kind of brought me slowly over to the bed, realizing I wasn't fighting back against him. My hands stayed on his ink. He started to pull his t-shirt off over his head. His whole body was covered with tats. It was like a canvas telling a story. He reached over to the nightstand and pulled out a brown bottle. When seeing it, my eyes got wide. My eyes followed the bottle like in a trance. He was moving it up and down, left to right, like an optometrist would during an exam. He laughed and said, 'Oh shit, I thought they were kidding' 'Kidding about what?' As my eyes followed his hand. It then triggered in his head... that's why I wasn't scared, I had seen the twink in the other room huffing the bottle and I was already under this control. He pulled his shoe off and threw it at the door in an attempt to close the door. As doing so, he said, 'I need you before my house mates find you here. I told them about you when I got back. They were pissed they didn't get to work the party, but Mr. Ali doesn't like black ex cons that much. He thinks they are not safe. My buds are cool, but they LOVE LOVE LOVE white boys.' 'That's awful about the party, I am sorry, I hate people who are racists. But, on the good new side..... well they are in luck, my daddy told me I am a special boy.' 'Special? How so? My name is Daron by the way.' 'Yes, daddy said I am a special boy, that was born with a pussy and she was put here in me to give other men a place to play so they didn't have to worry about those dirty gross women's pussies.' 'Oh really, is that what he told you?' Daron said. 'Yep, and all the guys last night said she was amazing.' 'Well sport, what if I drop a big gift in her now and then my homies can take a crack at her as well.' 'Gosh, that would be great. Maybe I should call the store and let them know I might be a little while. I am sure it will be ok, Mr. C said whatever I need to do, to make the customer happy.' 'Oh, Mr. C said that did he? Not sure he meant us, but....yeah, hand me your phone. You have way to many clothes on. I will call while you get that boy hole of yours naked for me.' I started to strip and took the phone out of my pocket and handed it to him. I heard him say, 'yeah, your princess is safe with me' It sounded like Jax on the phone and I could hear him starting to get angry and yelling something about don't you dare, there is going to be trouble. I heard Daron say, 'yes of course I showed him the magic bottle, but he already had watched Mr. Big in the other room working over some bitch who had one too.' I could hear Jax yelling more but then went quite. I heard my phone power off and Daron tossed it on the pile of clothing on the floor. 'Is everything ok?' Jax sounded upset. 'Oh yeah, he is cool, we go way back, we got our first ink together when we were up state' 'I heard him yell something about dont you dare' I said 'Oh that, no.... he was talking to someone there at the store they were taking the wrong pizza or something.' 'Gosh, maybe I should call back and see if I can help, they count on me to give ideas'. As he looked at me laying there naked, he started to remove the rest of his clothing and said. 'Hey, I got an idea, get that bottle open and start sucking the magic out of it' My eyes got big and I smiled and opened the bottle and started taking deep hits. 'How many should I do? All three like Uncle Terry said?'. 'Oh? Uncle Terry it is now? Well, no, the house rule here is 5, deep, and each side. Holding as long as you can. Now get sucking on that vapor.' As I laid on my back on the bed practicing my deep breathing exercises, Daron came over and grabbed my legs, with one big pull he pulled me over to the side of the bed. He stood there next to the bed, covered in tats from his neck down. They were so beautiful, my eyes were lost in looking at the whole scene. Fish and flowers in vibrant colors on the top and then leading down his chest and belly to more sinister images of black and red devils and snakes with fangs and scorpions near his pubes. My ass was hanging right at the side of the bed and I could feel his hard cock slowly wetting my ass crack with his precum. His cock was getting harder and harder as it slowly moved from south of my butt hole to up and over my pucker up higher and higher to my nuts. I could feel him slap my asshole with it by the time I was on the third hit into my left nostril. As I exhaled and moved over to the right nostril, he went hands free on his cock and started to use my tits like radio dials. He could tell how my pussy reacted. He looked down at my fuck hole and said, 'fuck, would you look at that, the more I dial your tits, the more she opens... like a beautiful flower. His cock was leaking like crazy and I saw him hock a big spit ball down onto my taint. I could feel the warmth of his spit slowly drip toward my hole. As I started inhale number 4, left side, I could feel the warmth of his spit and the head of his cock at my fuck hole. A twist on my nipples and he got a huge smile. 'Yeah baby, suck that spit into your cunt. Swallow that spit with your cunt lips, oh FUCK yes, make it blossom for sucking in that fluid.' I could feel his cock pressing a little harder and working my nipples with a little more aggression as I exhaled popper hit number four from the right nostril. I was sooooo fucking flying, I wanted to stop. But sensing my slow down, he looked up and said, I heard you aint too bright, but I would think you could count to 5 at least, one more princess..... deep and both sides. Sensing he was about to make penetration, I pulled a condom off the pillow and started to try and open it. But my hands were full with the bottle and the cap and I was trying to bite and tear the condom open. I knew it was a matter of timing because he was pushing in with more pressure. As I exhaled with the fifth left nostril, I finally got the condom open and as I inhaled on the final hit, I put the lid on the poppers and handed him the rubber. 'Oh thanks princess, but you were so slow, I already got one on, I will just lay that on your belly in case this one slips off later or for the next dude.' On my final exhale, I laid my head back and he went in full tilt. I felt him bottom out as the hair on his nuts tickled my baby smooth nut sack. My mind was floating and my eyes were closed. I could feel his withdrawal and then reenter. It was like hard but velvet stretching my hole open. In the darkness in my head, I could see a light appear. It was amazing, like some far away star turning into itself. Inside the light circle it was white and yellow and looked like boiling fluid. It made me think it was the cum churning in his nuts trying to get out. He really started to pick up speed and I opened my eyes and realized he wrapped had his arms around my legs to keep my ass locked onto his cock. He was like an animal swelling up inside his bitch, locking his cock into place inside me for my loading. Sweat was starting to form on his pale white skin and I was in awe of his muscles and the coloring of his tats and how they glistened with the sweat. He took each of his hands and grabbed an ankle and pushed my ankles far apart. He was looking down at my cunt and smiling like the cat that ate the mouse. He was slowly long dicking my hole with his shaft. I realized I hadn't really seen his cock, but I could tell it was quite thick and meaty. He closed my legs again and started to bite and kiss the back of my calves. He was really picking up tempo and starting to make the bed creak. I laid my head back and he told me to take a couple more hits and let my flower bloom as it was about to get fertilized. I was half way through my second and I heard the door bust open. Startled, I looked up and over at the door and it was the two black dudes from the other room. They still had their game consoles in their hands and said, 'what the fuck Daron, where did this come from'. C's Pizza sent her over for the afternoon BOGO special. The longer haired taller one said, BOGO? Daron replied, 'hey, buy one, gift one, and she is about to get her first gift.' With that, he was holding my legs so tight and was power fucking me like he was holding onto the life raft for dear life. His thrusts were pushing me across the bed and his friends each grabbed a leg and forcefully pulled me by the legs, back toward him. They were both holding onto a leg trying to pull me off the bed, but Daron's body and cock were between my legs to prevent me from moving further. 'Hold her right there, bros, hold ...... hold...... her ..... right...... fucking........ oh shit...... there.......' And with that he shook and shuddered and collapsed into a big sweaty mess onto me. He was screaming like he was in pain so I put my hands on his head and pet his hair. I could feel his heart beating onto my belly. His heart was racing and he was gasping for breath. His buddies each took the leg that they were hold onto and put it up on his shoulders. His breathing slowly came back to normal and he started to laugh against my belly. 'What is so funny? I asked, 'Is everything ok?' He looked up and said, 'I thought they were making shit up about your pussy, but holy fucking god, they were right, it was sent here from heaven. You are a lucky princess. Your pussy is going to save this city from the debauchery of those female skanks.' As my eyes moved from him over to his buddies they were shucking their clothes off as fast as they can. I wasnt really paying attention as I was coming down off the poppers, but I did hear Daron say.....'If you guys want a piece of this, you better hurry the fuck up. Once Mr. Big smells her over here, you aint going to be getting a chance....and I think her owner will be coming to collect her and we are going to have hell to pay.' Then Daron looked down at me and said. 'Lukas right?' I nodded yes. 'My friends here are a little more rough than me, that dont really deserve a pussy as fine as yours, but would it be ok if they had a chance to blow a load in the best cunt of their life?' 'Sure, according to my daddy, that is what I am here for' 'Ok guys, I will go see what Mr. Big has done with his twink, but just keep him sniffing the bottle and dont take all fucking day, be careful you dont tear that open until Mr. Big can have the pleasure himself. You know how he gets when he smells red.
  9. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 21, Do I help or no? Mr C was climbing into the shower and said, 'hey pup, can you go downstairs, the room across from the play, I mean the rec room is the laundry room, can you get our work clothes out of the drier and bring them up?' Knowing we were running late, I bolted down stairs in just my underwear. I was walking through the lower level where the huge screen TV and wet bar were and saw the hallway where the laundry room was. It was darker heading down the hallway, but there was a red glow coming out of the rec room. I could hear the dryer buzzing so I knew which door it was in. However, right before entering the laundry room i looked to my right and saw the red light. It was just a small red light on the ceiling in the center of the room. I turned and entered the room. This is the room that I was in yesterday when Mr. C had me get him some things from the fridge. The light was directly over the hammock in the middle of the room. My eyes got accustom to the light a little bit and I entered the room. I realized there were mirrors all over and cabinets. I put my left hand on the chain holding the hammock up and ran my right hand on the leather straps of the cradle of it. It reminded me of something. But what? I heard Uncle Terry holler down the steps 'did you find it ok'? Startled, I turned back toward the door and entered the laundry and said 'yes Sir, getting the things now'. As I turned off the light of the laundry room and my eyes again focused on the red light above the hammock, I remembered.... oh it is like from my dream I had. I was in a hammock like that in a dark room with candles. I felt my cock harden as i turned to the left and headed back through the lower level to the stairway up. Mr. C was standing looking out of the window over the kitchen sink finishing a cup of coffee. He continued to look outside as he was rinsing the mug before putting it in the dishwashers. He was standing there just in his underwear, tall and confident. I could see the sun pouring in the window and illuminating the fur on his broad chest and my cock continued to thicken. What the fuck is wrong with me? I just shot my load a few minutes ago and it was already getting hard. I put the clothes on the kitchen island and separated my stuff from his. As I pulled my jeans on, I winced at the tenderness in my butt and upper thighs. Hopefully tomorrow at school the trainer is in and can stretch me out a little before hockey practice. As Mr. C approached the island to start putting his clothes on, he noticed me smiling and said, 'whats so funny?' 'Funny? Nothing, just really happy Sir. This last day has been amazing. I am so happy you gave me a job and let me sleep over and well. Well, and.' 'And what?' he said 'Well, you guys taught me more about growing up and the circle jerk and how to shave and all kinds of stuff. I just really appreciate it and I just wanted you to know how happy I am.' And with that, I went over to him and gave him a hug bear hug. I stood on my toes to be taller and my neck fit perfectly in the crook of this neck and shoulder. He held me for a long time, I could feel his warm breath on my neck. I just was taking in his freshly showered smell. I broke away from the hug quickly once I realized my cock was now rock hard against this thigh. He kind of shook his head quick, like ....what? why? whats wrong? He saw me adjusting myself and turning red. He came over and lifted my chin so he could look into my eyes and said, 'Lukas, dont ever be embarrassed for having a hard on around me. I am flattered.' And with that, he opened a drawer in the island and took out 3 of the blue diamond shaped vitamins and gave me two and he took one. We finished getting dressed and I smiled back again and let him know that I heard and appreciated his not teasing me about my erection. He let me drive and on the way to the restaurant, I just sat there with a grin. My hard cock had escaped the leg band of my boxer briefs and was snaking down the leg of my jeans. Mr. C looked over at me and said, 'can I ask you something pup'? I glanced over and nodded and raised my eyebrows. 'Did you enjoy spending the night with me?' I quickly said, 'oh my heavens, yes Sir' 'And what about with Uncle Terry?' 'Oh yes Sir, I think he is great, you guys seem like the best of friends' 'Yeah, we are very close for sure' He then asked, 'did you like him helping you shave?' 'Yeah, it was super cool that he helped me. I am sorry I got so turned on by it.' 'Stop right there Lukas. Please don't ever apologize for being turned on. Being turned on is a gift. A gift to you and to the person who is making you turned on. It is a beautiful way to show appreciation to a man who is making you happy. Please dont ever conceal that, ok? Well, you have to be careful, but for me you know and want to know more, it is a beautiful thing. ok?' With a huge smile, I said, 'sweet, thanks for explaining that to me.' 'I mean dont be a slut like women are, but it is ok to appreciate being turned on, you will learn how to regulate that excitement with time. I wondered, if you like the shaving, Uncle Terry only did your face. Maybe we could show you how to shave the rest of you later on?' 'The rest of me?' I asked? 'Oh yes, there are so many other parts men can trim or shave, maybe if you want, we can do some more when we get home', he said. 'Get home? 'Yes, well if you like hanging out at our house, I want you to think of it as yours as well.' 'Gosh Sir, I feel so safe and happy and loved there. I would love to spend more time with you. Well, or you and Uncle Terry when he is there.' As we pulled into the lot, he rustled my hair and said, 'good boy, now lets get you some tips. Do you remember everything from yesterday?' 'Yes Sir, I think so, oh, wait, my help cards, what did I do with my help cards?' He opened the glove box and pulled them out and handed them to me as we exited the truck and said, 'Here they are, I got you covered pup.' As we entered the restaurant and things were crazy busy. Mr C yelled out, 'what is going on?' Jax hollered back, 'we just got slammed with a huge order and we were already busy because of all the games on.' Mr. C said to 'go up front and help with the deliveries' while he joined Jax and the rest of the guys in the kitchen. There were 2 others ready to head out and they were each looking over the routes. Both saw this one order for two pizzas and the guy looked at the woman and said 'I aint going to that one, lets give it to the new kid'. 'Sure, I can do it, what is it?' I asked. The one guy said, 'it is bad area, lots of dealers and skanks. Here is what you do, you just go in the front door, dont ring the bell, they dont like that. There is a table as soon as you enter the house, they always leave a big stash of cash there. Just put the pizza down and take the money and get the fuck out of there. They are friends of Jax's but dont tell him I said so, but it is a bunch of his ex-cons. They have usually been partying and drinking so DON'T bother them! Do you hear me kid? Do NOT bother them. Just go in, drop off the pie, get your money and get the fuck out.' 'Sure I can do that, no worries' I said. I got this easy. I could see Sarah's name tag and she grabbed my arm and then she looked at the other guy and said, 'Wait, Noah, you realllllly should do this, you shouldn't let him go, he is new'. 'Fuck that.' Noah said, 'he is a big kid, he is 18, he can handle himself, right dude?' 'Yeah of course, I got this' I said and I loaded up the delivery box and headed out the back door. I found the house easy enough and parked in the driveway. There were several other cars in the driveway and sort of parked all over the place. The house was big but not well maintained. As I walked up the sidewalk, I could hear some house music getting louder. As Noah said, the front door was part way open and I entered. I had smelled pot a couple times before and when I was nearing the house it smelled like someone was smoking some of the marijuana. Sure enough, just inside the door was a table with a wad of cash on it. I set the pizza down and took the wad of cash. As I was turning to leave and stuffing the money into my pocket, I heard something that sounded like a cry for help. I stopped in my tracks and listened. The music was kind of loud but I heard it again. I moved closer to the rickety wooden steps leading to upstairs and bent my ear toward the steps. Then I heard it again, 'stop' 'please stop' 'stop it hurts' 'I cant' 'please'. It sounded like a woman, her voice was soft but scared. Maybe it was the TV? Maybe she was being hurt? Fuck, what do I do. I got out my cards and asked myself. 'Should I defy Noah's instructions to get the heck out and go upstairs and see if she needs help?' i turned over the card and it read... 'Yes, absolutely'. I slowly started to sneak up the old wooden staircase. The smell of marijuana was getting stronger and the music was getting louder. I made it to the top of the steps and hear two voices coming out of one of the rooms. I carefully crept down the hallway and peaked into the room. It was two black dudes with their backs to me sitting on some old gross dirty furniture, smoking some weed and playing a video game. The noise of the music seemed to drown out my footsteps. Then I heard more cries for help. 'please don't' 'oh god' 'no' 'no' 'oh please' they weren't loud screams of pain, more like whimpers and mini screams mixed together. I snuck further down the dark hall and noticed the door was cracked open at the end of the hall. I got close enough to peak in and saw a dark haired guy blindfolded on the bed. It wasnt a woman at all, it was a dude. A small tiny dude having sex. He was tied around his arms and legs to the bed posts. There was this huge black dude covered in tats with a giant cock fucking him. There was a second black dude kneeling over his head feeding his big black cock deep into the guys mouth. I then noticed the guy getting used, reach over and picked up something over to this other side. It was a little brown bottle. My eyes instantly zeroed in on it. It was all I could see. My eyes got huge and I knew it was the bottle of magic. Just then, I felt a guy lunge at me from behind. I felt his arm come up from behind and get me in a head lock. He had to be 6 foot 6 inches and super strong. He other hand went up to my mouth and firmly clamped my mouth closed. My eyes stayed glued on the brown bottle from the room and my heart raced. The guy behind me held me very firm and whispered into my ear. Well well well, what do we have here, but a beautiful blond princess. If you know what is good for you just stay very calm and very still and he shook me a little and said 'understood'? I nodded my head yes and he started pulling me toward another room across the hallway.
  10. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks you guys. You are kind and sweet. ?
  11. masctravelingpup

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Fuckkkk, so hot.
  12. masctravelingpup

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Sooooooooo hot, Thank you for sharing your gift. (Of writing)
  13. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Part 20, You ready to deliver? I woke up a little while later to hear Mr. C whisper in my ear..... 'come back to me'. I was startled by his voice and my eyes flew open. I was laying on Uncle Terry's bare chest and I was totally naked. 'What the heck, oh gosh, I am sorry Sir, I must have rolled over in my nap.' I quickly was processing this data, why am I naked on Mr. C's bed with them both naked. How very strange. It was like my dream again. Uncle Terry said, 'hey boy, it is perfectly natural and I actually liked watching you sleep, you were so peaceful and you make the funniest little moans and whimpers. It is all good.' Mr. C pulled on my leg and I rolled over to see him trying to strip the sheets off the bed that Uncle Terry and I were laying in. As he pulled harder, he said 'I need to get the bloo..... a stain out of these. Lukas, you better get ready for work, we have to get in soon, with the Sunday games on, it will be a busy day.' 'I work today?' 'Well of course if you can? I know you have school tomorrow so I thought I could have you work the afternoon shift if you would? Don't you want to?' I got a huge grin on my face and started to spring from the bed.... 'DO I? Oh man, I have been so foggy, I forgot you hired me, of course I do. I would love to work today.' When I got off the bed I was stretching and trying to loosen up a bit. I grabbed my thighs and my butt to kneed them a little. Uncle Terry said, 'you stiff there this morning Lukas'? With a puzzled look on my face, I continued to stretch and bend over and said. 'Yeah, my legs and my butt are so tight'. 'Oh yeah, you got in a lot of deliveries last night, you better get in the shower. You can use mine' Mr. C said. I walked into his bathroom and it reminded me where I was. I am in the amazing home of the coolest dude in town. My boss, my friend, oh (as I blushed) and now my circle jerk friend. As I stood at the sink brushing my teeth, Uncle Terry entered totally naked and completely natural acting and came over and got out some shaving stuff and put on the counter. Boy, he sure knows his way around Mr. C's bathroom. He then went over to turn on the shower. I started to lather up my face and heard Mr. C say he was going to the laundry room downstairs. Uncle Terry came up behind me. So tall, so dark, so sexy, so hairy and took the tube of shaving cream and said, 'that's not how a man shaves. Didn't your father show you how to do this?' I shook my head no and said, 'my dad never had time for me and my brothers were older and too busy.' He moved in closer behind me, I could feel his hairy naked body touching my back. He said, 'turn on the hot water and bend over and get your face all wet with hot water. As hot as you can stand.' I did and as I bent over my butt moved back and I could feel his cock pressing against the cheek of my ass. Startled, I stood back up, but noticed my cock was starting to get a little stiff. Uncle Terry took the tube of shaving cream and put a dab of cream in his hand. He then came up under each of my arms with his arms and stood with his big furry daddy chest against my smooth boy back. I felt so comfortable, I just instinctively relaxed a little and pressed back against the safety of his big pecs. His chin came right up to the nape of my neck and he slowly worked the cream onto my warm wet face. I couldn't stop my cock, it was getting bigger and bigger and started to crawl its way between the edge of the counter and the sink bowl. I hoped he didnt notice. But he was slowly and softly whispering into my ear what he was doing. 'There, see that pup, just a little and push it out, then move some over here, see how that spreads out wider with each movement? You might think you need a lot, but it is all about control and using what you have'. He kept looking into my eyes and at my face as he slowly spread the cream on my face. I relaxed more and let my muscles go looser, I could feel he was hard as well and leaking on my lower back. My cock just kept getting bigger and bigger, and the precum and cock head started to push out of my foreskin and onto the counter. I saw him every once in a while looking into the mirror and down at the counter. Oh god, he knew I was hard. He kept focusing on my face and as his fingers moved circles around my face. It seemed his cock was making little circles around my butt. I thought, what is wrong with me, is this part of a circle jerk? Or is this something else? What do I do? Or do I just enjoy how nice it feels? He then took his hands down to the sink, they were inches above my hard cock now splayed across the counter. He finished washing his hands and picked up the razor. He used his finger to push my chin up a little bit and held it with his left hand while he brought the razor to my face with his right hand. He said, 'it is important to go with the grain of your face and whiskers. I do the bottom half first and then the top half. So you start here at the jaw or chin line and go all the way down your neck. He slowly moved his eyes back and forth in the mirror between the razor, my eyes and every once in a while looking down at my shaft. He repeated this several times and used his left hand to move my head from side to side. He commented, 'there you go boy, see how I am working that across your face. Just relax and let me do the work, I got you pup'. This god of a man has me so turned on, I was leaking like crazy and all I could do was nod and let out a little whimpered, 'yeah'. He reached down with his right hand to rinse off the blade and his left hand had a little shaving cream on it and very gently traced down my neck to my chest and went to each nipple. As he touched my nipple my cock jumped and I let out another but slightly louder whimper and moan. He just looked at me in the mirror and tweaked my other nipple. 'Boy likes that', he whispered in my ear. He kept his left hand circling my nipples, so very slowly, so sensually, occasionally twisting them ever so lightly. His right hand with the razor moved up by my ear. I melted back into his chest, putting significant pressure on his chest and stomach as I leaned against him. He slowly moved the razor down from my ear to my chin where he had ended before. He slowly worked over the rest of my left side of my face and did under my nose and lips. His left hand went up to my face and collected the little bits of cream still on the completed side. He rinsed the razor again and pushed harder against my butt with his cock. He cock was leaking down my ass cheek and ass crack. I could feel the warmth of his precum. I should have been disgusted that his body fluids were on me, but instead, my cock leaked harder. The mirror was getting steamy from the shower still being on. His left hand went back to touching my tits and his right hand finished my face. Oh my god, what is happening to me? I knew I loved this attention, but my hormones were totally out of control. What do I do? Well, I didnt have to think long. As he finished shaving he brought his right hand down to my pecs. His left arm was under my left arm and his hand twisted my tits. I felt my cock leaping up and down off the counter. His right arm was also under my right arm and his hand was also on my right tit. he was still holding onto the razor at the same time. His hips and cock were still making little circles on my ass. My cock kept jumping. His stubble was on my neck and he whispered in my ear. 'It's ok boy, set it free.... It wants to get out' I felt like I was going to cum, but how would that be possible, I wasn't even touching myself? My cock seemed like it was slapping itself up and down on the counter. He then bit my ear a little bit, twisted just a little on both nipples and my cock erupted all over the sink. It shot volleys across the sink, over the faucets and onto the mirror. It hit the mirror with such force I heard the splat after splat onto the mirror and counter. He continued to give me little kisses and said, 'good boy. Very few people have the ability to let go and let others let them cum.... and look, we didn't even have to touch your boy cock for it to climax. There are so SO SO many other parts of you that can do that same thing.' Just then Mr. C came back in and came up to us. Uncle Terry said, 'look babe, I taught him to shave'. 'Well that is incredibly impressive Lukas. Did you enjoy Uncle Terry teaching you that?'. For the first time, I had this lust still in me after I shot. Normally after I shoot my load I am done and embarrassed that my immoral thoughts corrupted my mind and allowed the devil to live within me for a few minutes. But this time,..... I felt amazing. I felt powerful, I felt strong. I felt incredible.' Uncle Terry said, 'and Tony, you wont believe this... but he was able to cum without his cock ever being touched?' Mr. C got a huge grin on his face and said, 'Lukas is that right?' It seemed like he was ok that I did and I said, 'yeah, something tripped inside me Mr. C, I felt like I was about to cum and the next thing I knew, it was blasting all over the mirror.' 'Wow, that is amazing, you are a special one, I knew it all along' 'Special?' I asked? Oh fuck yes pup, when you can do that, it means your mind controls your orgasms and there are many things that can now made cum' He slapped my butt in a playful way and with a big cheesy grin on his face. I walked over and got in the shower and I heard Mr C say. I am proud of you for getting over your fears, there is so much to learn about pleasure and the depths of it that you can reach. I watched from the shower as he used my underwear to clean off the mirror and said.... 'But that was an impressive start for sure, but lets get you to work boy.'
  14. masctravelingpup

    Popping the Pizza Boy’s Cherry

    Thanks guys for the kind words. They are much appreciated
  15. masctravelingpup

    Cuban Cigar Intoxification

    Perfect, simply perfect. Thank you

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