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This is my first try at writing a story.   I have been so blessed and turned on by the gifts others have given us in their stories, their time and imagination, I thought I would try and do the same. 


Part one, the background... 

I grew up the youngest child of a conversative preacher.  There was quite a difference in age between my age and that of my siblings.  My siblings were also different from me as they also were quite smart and outgoing, and were, like my parents, darkly complected.  In contrast I was different as I was shy, naive, trusting, polite, tall, blond, blue.  Occasionally someone would tell me I was very handsome and well built, but I knew I was clearly not the brightest kid around, particularly as more than once I was teased about my lack of brain power.  I was, however, great in sports and was confident my athletic abilities would get me a scholarship to get away so I could make something of myself.     

After my Dad took off with a woman from his church, things turned rough for us.  My Mom was the talk of the town, utterly devastated by my Father's duplicity.  Not surprisingly she retreated into herself.  The familial turmoil didn't affect my siblings to the degree it hit me as they were all older, done with college and moved away and had families of their own., so I found myself looking outside of my family for a sense of balance, and I found it in a neighbor who lived just down the street.  

Mr. C. was a single man, and, aside from having the nicest house, nicest cars, owning several pizza stores, and seemingly having and endless stream of sexy women visitors, the guy was my idol.  He even looked like me I always thought, so I fantasized about me having his life.   My Dad always talked badly about him, but Mr C was always super nice to me when I would ride by on my bike or stop and talk to him.  Mr. C had told me a few times that once I turned 18, I could work at one of his pizza places making deliveries and helping out with clients.     

Things started to look up.  I had been held back one year so I was just starting my senior year in high school and it was my 18th birthday and then I got the letter I had hoped for:  a full athletic scholarship to the state university and a cherished full ride scholarship to play hockey and track and field for them.  While in high school I had been a really good left defense man, and, after running high hurdles and pole vaulting to new heights, I held the state record, so when one quite warm Saturday afternoon in early summer shortly after graduation I received the letter from the state university offering me an athletic scholarship, I was on top of the world - only for my Mom to announce she was broke.  Immediately realizing I would need to find a job to make some money to spend while at school, I recalled Mr. C’s offer to work for him, so I quickly biked down to his house, panting heavily from the exertion of biking in the heat, and, having dropped the bike, I did a dog trot to his back yard where I found him shirtless, cleaning his pool.  I had never seen him without a shirt so I was startled to realize his well-developed chest was covered with a thick coating of fur, and his nipples - well can I say?  They were absolutely huge.  

I was so startled, in fact, I found myself involuntarily staring at his chest for several seconds, long enough, in any event, Mr. C. snapped his fingers and said “Pup, Pup, what’s going on?  Why are you staring?”

A slight digression.  My nickname growing up was 'pup' because although I was shy and kind of awkward, I was always so eager and happy to see my friends, which led someone to announce I acted like an excited puppy.... so the nickname 'Pup' stuck.   

Back to my story, I apologized and said “I am sorry Mr C., I don’t mean to stare, but I always thought you would be smooth and your nipples are huge.”

He laughed and asked “Why would you think that, Pup?”

Turning beet red I replied "Well, I always thought of myself as a junior version of you, but I'm as smooth as a melon."  

Chuckling he responded "Yes, well, sorry to disappoint, and yes, I'm sure your nipples are not like mine." 

I blushed more but responded "Well, your fur is awesome actually and for the nipples, mine are certainly bigger than anyone else’s in gym class, but no, they are not like yours, but I do play with them a lot.”

His eyes wide Mr. C. asked "You what, Pup?"

My face downcast in embarrassment, and my cheeks flushed a bright shade of red, I managed to reply "Oh, sorry, I sometimes just blurt things out.  I shouldn’t have said that.  I am sorry Mr. C., but since Dad took off, and all my brothers have moved out of the house, I don't generally have anyone to talk to about things so I tend to forget my filter.  Again, sorry.  That was definitely TMI."  

He put his pool cleaning equipment down, walked over to me, and, placing two fingers under my chin, raised my head up, saying "Lukas, look me in the eyes."

Complying, his beautiful blue eyes locked onto mine when, with quiet intensity he said “I'm always here to talk to.... about anything,” giving me a smile that reached his eyes. 

Still locked by his beautiful eyes, a wide cheesy grin blossomed on my face.  Approving, Mr. C. ran his fingers through my hair murmuring "You're a good pup.  I'm glad to see you smile."

Now feeling a bit less awkward, I asked if I could help him and maybe chat with him for a few minutes.  

"I can always use a helper, Lukas.  This pool demands a lot of work."

Following his example, I peeled my shirt off and couldn't help but notice he was taking in my chest, so I wasn't not particularly embarrassed when he commented "You know, Lukas, you are right.  Your pecs are impressive.  It looks all that time in the gym over the summer has done well by you.” 

"Thanks, Mr. C., I've been working out a lot, and while initially thought the effort would be pointless, after a few weeks even I could see what was happening."  Then, taking a deep breath and after a moment of silence to collect my thoughts, I continued asking “Mr. C, do you remember saying that.... well saying maybe.... well maybe I could work at one of your stores when I turn 18?”

"Yes, I do, Lukas," Mr C. replied with a noc. 

"Well today is my 18th birthday and I got accepted to the State University next fall with a hockey and track and field scholarship and really will need some money."

Stepping over to my location, Mr. C. gave me a high 5 and then surprised me by lifted me off the ground, which was no small feat as I was 6’2”, but I guess as he had two or three inches on me, and his build was impressive, he had little trouble lifting me.  Afterwards he put me back on my feet, and, placing his hands on either side of my face, he pulled me in for a hug and, possibly, a fatherly kiss on my forehead.  

“I knew you could do it Lukas.  I am so proud of you.”  It says volumes that Mr. C. was the first person to congratulate me on the scholarship.  My Mom hadn't even given much of a response, so it's understandable I found myself grinning ear to ear, basking in the pride Mr. C. emanated.  

"Pup, did you know I played defense on the hockey team at the State University when I was in undergrad?”   

“Awesome, I had no idea,” I responded.  

“Yeah, actually I saw my old Coach Tony in town a few weeks ago.   He mentioned he was in town to interview you,” Mr C said.   

“Wow, really? What a small world it is,” I said.   

“Yep.  I told him, you are a great kid and you work really hard to really please him, the donors and the school."

”Holy cow Mr. C.  Thank you so much.  I am not sure how I could ever repay you."   

Mr C. smiled as he assured me "Pup, I know you will not disappoint me.  And about the job, hey, what would think of coming to work for me now that you are 18?”

It was now my turn to hug him, saying “Gosh Mr C, this is the best day of my life.  Thank you so much."

"The day is just getting started.  I had someone quit last night.  It might not seem like much of a gift, but if you could work tonight, it would really help me out."

A huge smile on my face I replied "Are you kidding Mr. C?  This is the best gift I could ever have received.  Of course I will.” 

Giving me a warm but brief hug, Mr. C. responded "Oh, Pup, we will see if there isn’t another special and wonderful gift waiting for you later.”

Hearing that, I hugged him even tighter and then broke the hug and helped him finish cleaning the pool.  

When we were done and putting the tools away Mr. C. commented "Show up at the store on Front Street at 5:00 PM.  I'll meet you there and have a uniform for you."

Hearing his message, however, I was somewhat dismayed and answered, "Oh, crap, Mr. C.  I don’t have a car."  

“No worries, son.  We'll take my car, and you can use it until you get one.  Meet me here at 4:30."

I got on my bike, and before riding off replied "Yes Sir.  See you at 4:30, Mr C.”


Next, part 2.  My first night on the job and learning the ropes.  

I promise.... the gifts of the job offer and other goodies will soon be unveiled.


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2 hours ago, cockhoney said:

great start! looking forward to the more....


4 hours ago, masctravelingpup said:


next, part 2, my first night on the job and learning the ropes.  

I promise.... the gifts of the job offer and other goodies are soon unveiled 



#masctravelingpup - GOOD START !!!

2 hours ago, cockhoney said:

great start! looking forward to the more....


like #cockhoney said ...and shows in his profile pic (Great Pic) ... we await your part 2 with dripping anticipation! :)


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Great start to what is gonna already be a great story. I didn't expect any less from ya stud!

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Part 2.   

At 4:29 I was standing outside Mr. C’s House and pushed the door bell.   He answered the door in a robe and was toweling off his hair, gesturing for me to enter, as he commented "I'm running a little late 'cause I had to get you set-up for your first day on the job."

Entering the house, it occurred to me I had never before actually been in his place.  It was beautiful and immaculate, somewhat reminding me of the sort of house that would be featured on HGTV during the final reveal.

"Make yourself at home, I've gotta get dressed," Mr C. remarked as he entered the hallway, removing the robe off his shoulders about half way down the hallway.   I was stunned by the sight of his back, and remember hoping that, when I reached his age, I would look half as good as did he. 

"Hey, Pup, come on in here so we can chat."

Complying, I entered his bedroom to find him pulling his jeans up over his black jock.

"Would you grab me a t-shirt from the closet?" he asked.

Entering his walk-in closet, which was, I thought, bigger than my bedroom, I easily found a impeccably folded stack of C’s Pizza t-shirts.  Handing it to Mr. C., I stood mesmerized by the sight of him pulling it over his massive frame, in the process slowly covering his furry chest and his acorn-sized nipples.  Then Mr. C. dressed in a fresh-from-the-cleaner baby blue button down shirt, wearing it over the t-shirt.  

"You ready for your big night?" Mr. C. asked as we walked back into the living room.

"Gosh, Mr C., this has been the best day ever.  I sure am.  I'm probably a little nervous and also a little excited.  This is gonna be great." 

He tousled my hair as, with a casual smile he commented "I'll try and make sure it’s a great night too." 

"Oh, Pup, do me a favor - across from my room is a door to the downstairs rec room.  Would you please go down there for me.  Ignore the mess, but go the walk-in closet in the back left corner.  In the closet you'll find a refrigerator.  Open the freezer door to the fridge and there are several rows of little brown glass bottles.  Grab two from the top shelf, not one of the lower shelves, but top shelf.  The correct bottles will still be sealed.  Got it?"

"Yes Sir.  Two sealed little brown bottles from the top shelf of the freezer.  Got it."

"Oh wait, Pup.  It might be super busy tonight, so bring three.  And also in the fridge there are some big blue diamond shaped pills.  Grab three, no, wait - grab five of them.  Oh, and lastly there are some cylinder shaped spray cans labeled 'Jungle Juice'.  Grab five of those."  

"You got it Mr C." I responded as I opened the door, flicked on the light, and descended the staircase.

The room was pretty dark as the curtains were pulled shut.  Several cabinets lined the walls and several mirrors and TVs were mounted to the walls, and one mirror was even anchored to the ceiling.  The closet Mr. C. had mentioned was in the back of the room, so, heading in that direction, but before my eyes could acclimate to the darkness, I bumped into a large black leather hammock hanging from the ceiling by thick black rubber coated chains.  'Oh, now I get it, he must lay in here and watch tv', I thought.  

Opening the closet door, I flicked-on the light, which oddly enough was red in color.  I made a mental note to mention the bad light bulb to Mr. C.   The fridge was just where he had said it would be, and, opening the freezer I was a little confused because the top shelf actually had several plastic containers filled with something frozen but looked like frozen milk or mashed potatoes through the plastic container.  Some, a few were labeled ’Grade A’, one labeled 'Very Viral', another, 'Jax Juice', and yet another '55 loads from the G hole'.   All manner of strange notations.  'Those aren’t what I need', I whispered to myself.

Under that shelf, however, were the rows and rows of little brown bottles Mr. C mentioned.  I took three and then opened the refrigerator side and saw the bowl filled with blue diamond shaped pills.  I counted out five, or was it six?   Man, I wished I were better at remembering math.  I took six - just to be sure.  The spray cans Mr. C. wanted were also there:  Bolt, Max Impact, Amsterdam, Jungle Juice.  So I grabbed the five he wanted.  In a final glance before extinguishing the light I gave a cursory look about the closet, finding it to be filled with an awesome collection of leather coats and pants, with a dozen pair of black boots, all expertly polished, in all heights and various sizes, standing in a perfect line at the back of the closet.  As I turned out the light and closed the door it crossed my mind that it was funny Mr. C. should own so many boots as I didn't remember that I had ever seeing him riding a motorcycle, let alone that there was a motorcycle in the garage.

I came back to the kitchen just as I heard Mr. C. Finish up a phone conversation in which he said "Yes, absolutely sure.  100% - no 200%.  Pure cherry.  Yes, yes, it will be very.... well....delicious and tasty."

He quickly hung up and asked if I got the order right.   I handed him the three frozen bottles and six pills, commenting I couldn't quite remember if he had asked for five or six. 

"Good call, Pup.  That’s an excellent customer service lesson.  If you can’t remember, always give your customer a little more ....rather than short him.  Another vitamin or two will never hurt a boy," Mr. C. commented as he packed the frozen bottles and six pills into a small cooler.  Then handing him the six spray cans, he gave me a smile and said "Okay, let's go.  We don’t want you late on the first day."

As we got into his truck and backed out of the garage, I turned to him and asked "Do you have a motorcycle?’"

‘‘No, I used to, but those are too dangerous around here, so I got rid of it.  Why do you ask?"

"Well, I noticed all your leather outfits and boots and figured you must really like 'cycles, but then I didn’t remember ever seeing you riding one."

"Oh those.  You saw and wondered about those... huh,....  Well, no, I don’t ride a cycle anymore, but I do really REALLY enjoy riding and working on some some really amazing mares when I have time." 

"Oh sweet!  Do you think I join you sometime?"

He got very serious, looked at me, and answered "Pup, I have been waiting for you to be old enough for many years, so yes, you will join me.   I have wanted to take you for a ride for a very long time. There are so many things we can do now."  Rustling my blond head again and very gently rubbing his hand behind my ear and looking deeply into my eyes he asked "Did you tell your mother about you having a job?"

’No, she didn’t seem to care and had already started her daily visit into the whiskey bottle.  Plus you said we were going to your location on Front street?  My dad and she always said that is a bad part of town where all the whores and homos play with the devil's hand.  I didn’t want her to do anything to try and screw this up for me, Mr C."

"That’s totally fine, Pup.  You are your own boss and man now."

‘"Well I guess I am my own man I guess, but you are now my boss, huh Mr. C?"

"Don’t forget that, Pup.  Amazing things are in your future, son."

I smiled as he put the truck into park when we pulled in behind the pizza place and looked at him.   It was nice to hear someone think of me as his son. 

"Let’s go get you punched in and ready for work."


Coming soon:  trying to get into my uniform and making some deliveries


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Thanks everyone... your kind words are helpful and appreciated.    They help my juices get flowing.   Creative juices those are of course.  ;-). ?


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      He bent forward and took my spurting penis back into his mouth. “Mmmm!”

      After he had drained me and lapped up the spilled seed, he gazed at me and said, “You know…lots of my clients have gotten turned on by thoughts like that…just like you did. Hell…I’ve had clients get SO HOT they actually BEGGED me to fuck them…fuck them right here on the table…despite knowing I would probably knock them up. I mean, I hardly ever go ahead and actually do it, but once in a while…you know…a guy like me has needs too! I wanna get laid…just like the next guy!”

      I wanted to protest but his lips sealed over mine, his tongue snaking into my mouth, dueling with mine…distracting me…confusing me.

      Ken returned to my cock, kissing and licking at it. Amazingly, I got hard again almost instantly!

      “Ready for more, I see,” he said, smirking. “Mmmm! Just the way I like it.” His head descended on my rigid shaft. For the next 20 minutes or so, he kept me right on the edge, several times backing off when he felt my body tighten in anticipation of cumming again. I felt lost in a haze of sexual stimulation!

      At some point, something shifted in the mood. Somehow, I could tell that the focus was shifting away from my needs over to Ken’s.

      I looked at him as his mouth came off my cock, ropes of his saliva dripping down onto me. His face took on an odd expression. “I think you’re ready, Baby! It’s time to have some fun!”

       He went to the foot of the table and, grasping my ankles, he started to raise my legs. “I’m gonna get up on the table with you! That’ll make things a lot easier.” As he climbed up, his shoulders naturally began pushing my legs back, forcing my knees down against my chest.

      He kept looking into my eyes, telling me it was going to be OK. “This is what you want, Baby…and I’m going to give it to you!”

      I wanted to resist but he kept kissing away my protests. I could feel his cock bobbing against my hole, his dickhead leaving a slippery trail of goo. I knew that he was trying push into me, but, stiff as he was, his cock kept slipping, owing to the copious amounts of pre-cum that was leaking all over.

      Here I was, on the verge of letting a total stranger fuck me, knowing that he would end up filling me with his toxic ejaculate. Panicking, I started to struggle.

      “Hey!” he barked! “You want me to have to get a little rough? Is that it? You want it rough?”

      “No!” I whimpered! And with that, my resistance vanished. I was ready to submit.

      “Please!” I implored. Again and again I said the word, not sure exactly what I was begging for. “PLEASE!”

      My body surrendered as well as my spirit. My hole, which had been clamped tight as a last defense, now opened, giving him full permission to enter me. I could feel his girth as he slid in, stopping only when he could penetrate no further.

      He sighed in satisfaction. “I can’t last as long as I used to, but I can still get the job done. You might not convert, but if you do, you’re gonna love having a part of me growing inside you.”

      “Please!” There was that word again!

       Ken started up a nice and easy pistoning motion. “Fuck, yeah! Skin on skin! All-natural…just the way it’s supposed to be…just the way I like it!  Fuck! You being NEGATIVE…me being POSITIVE…that makes it SO HOT, don’t you think?”

      He lowered his mouth and pressed his lips tightly to mine, cutting off any possibility of my answering that question.

      He settled into the slow steady rocking motion with his hips. He breathed into my ear, “I’m in no hurry, Baby!”  Occasionally, he’d rotate or grind his hips so I was always aware of his large cock as it moved within me. The constant repetition mesmerized me to the point where my thoughts and worries ebbed away. As the repetitive power of the fuck took hold of my senses, I lost track of time.

      Ken’s voice drifted in from somewhere. “Is this what you want, Baby? I need you to tell me!”

      I moaned in response.

      He said, “Say ‘Yes!’ I want to hear you say ‘yes!’”

      I moaned again! Louder this time!

      “SAY IT!”

      I opened my eyes and looked up at him, felt him deep inside me. “Yes!” I said. “Please…YES!”

    • By ThisGuy
      Hey, guys, I'd like to get an idea of if there are some gifters in the Toronto area. I'd really like to make contact and set up some piggy times so I can get my ass knocked up with as much poz cum as possible. Especially love the idea of taking full-blown loads, too. AIDS.  Even if this isn't you but you know someone, I'd really love to hear from them, too. I've been desperate for this for too long now and would really love to make it happen. 
      I was meant to be a cum-hungry, poz cumdump for all loads.

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