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  1. Bull, pt. 2

    please please do!
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  3. want this man bad

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  5. Executive Breeding

    terrific - can't wait for more
  6. welcome relatively new here to - it's great!
  7. I Helped Tag My Brother-in-law

    sweet revenge - great read
  8. Strangest place you were fucked?

    One of the more strange places i took a load was in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris. I was wandering around the cemetery site seeing - not thinking too much about breeding and had actually just visited ironically Oscar Wilde's tomb and was going over to see the Jim Morrison grave. I was going through a more woody and secluded part of the cemetery and I saw a man pop out of a bush and walk slowly for a while. My "radar" and Cock both instinctively reacted. Then i saw another man wandering, so i took a detour. Sure enough there were several men walking or leaning against tombs - My dick was dripping by this time. I saw an older man all in denim - We locked eyes and he started walking in a certain direction and I started following. it was a scruffy part of the cemetery - graves chock a block. I was following close behind as we went down a pathway. My heart was racing and my jeans could barely contain my now throbbing cock - he had stopped and was half sitting on a stone, staring me down. Almost across from him was a small mausoleum - a Gothic affair with wrought iron gates - one of which was ajar - he looked at me and then at the tomb - and i darted into the tiny little room with plaques of the dead on the wall. He followed me in and I turned and back against the wall we became locked in a deep tongue kiss - I was in total heat - I started undoing my shirt exposing my aching nips which he worked as we seemed to vie to see who could get our tongues the deepest down the other's throat - he unbuttoned his jeans. His hot uncut erect cut popped out - I quickly followed - we jacked each other - and soon i had to taste that French cock - neither of us could speak the other's language but we knew both were fluent in our common lust. I sucked his cock for a while - I was so lighted headed -He kept pushing my head into his pubs and his cock straight down my throat - I don't know what i was thinking but i stood up turned around - palms flat on a name plaque and pushed my ass out offering my cunt to him - He didn't refuse - He was spitting on his dick and my hole - He was a nice size but not huge - I was thankful later as it would have hurt like hell if it had been any bigger - it was a dry fuck - and i winced when he pushed forward - but remained silent - bit my lip as i was totally aware anyone could walk by - that was half the excitement - There was such a tense hot silent pounding - as i loosened up he rode me and i could tell he was getting close - my dick was still hard and dripping - I could tell by his breathing that he was shooting inside me - holy fuck - he pulled out - and i was down on him to clean him off - I started jacking hard and fast and he just stared at me while I jacked and his cum trickled out of my cunt. And very shortly I erupted spewing my seed all over the floor of the tomb - I licked my fingers smiling at him and he smiled back nodded and stepped out into the cemetery - i waited a minute or so - recovering and looking at the names of the people on the wall and seeing my DNA was soaking into the floor this sacred room. I visited a number of sex clubs while in Paris but this was the most memorable experiences. I always fantasized about being bred in a cemetery bent over a tombstone being rutted like a pig - but this took the cake. It was only about 11 am and i carried his seed around all day siteseeing - we never said a word to each other.
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  10. Limited Reactions?

    now if i could only get in the chatroom -grin
  11. Limited Reactions?

    yes happening to me too - can`t find out what thelimit is
  12. wonderful something to strive towards
  13. wonderful - something to strive for!
  14. My Master

    please - wanna know more

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