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Trades Hotel Blackpool - room to roam policy

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Thinking about heading up north for a long dirty weekend. Anyone know if Trades Hotel Blackpool still has their room to roam policy?  I've got good memories of plenty of sleepless nights there - going from room to room trying doors and finding plenty of rooms filled with receptive blokes happy to take a load or two.  They also had a darkroom where non-residents could cum and get filled.

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Haha now that brings back memories! I have not been for a long tine, so hopefully someone can tell us both.

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Interesting establishment :D

Can anyone recommend similar (but clean) men only hotels like this that have a nude room to roam policy and facilities for non-guests to cum and go, whether in the UK, USA ,Germany etc?

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recently went left my door open n on last night got my hole geng fucked all raw all anon was so hot

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    • By secretcumslut
      There was a LGBT Pride festival this weekend, so my husband and I and  one of our friends went to the parade.  Naturally, these festivals usually have after parties,  so of course we ended up at the club.  At first it was very empty, but as there were two dollar drinks on sale so of course I had to have several.  The evening opened with a long island iced tea, but one turned into two, two turned into three, and three turned into four.  Oh, and four quickly turned into seven.  Needless to say I was drunk as fuck.
      The morning before we left the hotel my husband had fucked me. breeding my hole nice and deep, I knew that today was going to be fun so I didn’t mean that to cum slip out of my ass.  Before leaving for the parade I made sure to put on  A cock ring,  I wasn’t wearing any underwear Either. My cock printed through the front of my shorts, I knew it was visible but I wanted everyone to see it especially one of the hairy daddies who I’m in love with and I knew was going to be there. Being drunk at a gay bar made me feel extra slutty, well my friend and my husband was busy I decided it was time to walk around and look to see what action I can get into, I had a few glances if your stares, I walked by a room or two that actually had slings,  I looked in the rooms but no one was waiting to fuck, I figured I can just come back later. I looked for a few minutes don’t start a growing impatient because I knew I was horny I just want to fuck. I walked by this guy‘s room he was in his 50s, and instantly I knew that he wanted to play really really badly. I stop by  and started to speak to him making small talk even asked him if he was wanting to play. Hey said yes I asked if I could come into the room and he said yes. By the time the door was closed, I was in my knees, taking his cock into my hungry mouth, he moaned and pushed it deep down my throat. His cut 6.5 inches was just the right size, I noticed he had poppers and offered some to me. I took a couple deep hits and held them in for as long as I could. I could hear my heart beating faster and he became more aggressive pumping into my mouth. He bends over and I began rimming him while he takes some hits of poppers himself. His hole opens up and I push my tongue deep inside, tasting the cum from another man, I asked him and he said that he was fucked by two guys earlier and they each bred him. I continued liking, feeling so fucking hot under the spell of the poppers. I then get up and shoved my cock into his ass, he yelled out but I wanted his hole so badly, he began taking deeper huffs of the poppers to offset the pain,I was pinching his nipples while I fucked his used hole hard, his whimpers were driving me crazy. But I wanted to be fucked too, I pulled out and took some huffs and he just pushed up into me. He banged me like a two bit whore- I loved it. He said he was going to cum and then I felt the warmness and pulsation of his cock as he bred my hole. He pulled out and went to work on my cock as I fed him and myself poppers, I had him gagging on my cock when I shot into his mouth, tears were streaming down his face but I didn’t care. He used my ass and now I use his mouth. He stalled my sperm and then came to kiss me, I was not into kissing, I just pulled my pants up and left. Still high on poppers I meet my husband and friend and left the bar with them. 
      Upon getting back to the hotel, my husband smelling the cum, started to feel my hole, knowing that I was bred, he wanted to fuck. He made me bend over and drop my shorts, then ruggedly pushed Into my hole,  no more poppers for me he said- he wanted my hole  right a wrapped around his cock. Our friend was looking on and the brought his cock over for me to suck.
      i took his cock into my mouth and he must have been really horny, he said he was gonna cum soon after only about 2 mins of sucking him, I directed him to my ass and he fucked me and quickly cum—while my husband was feeling me his cock. They then switched places and  my husband dumps his load into my hole. 
      This was the best pride ever. 
    • By DetroitBred
      I love how Devin Franco takes dick.  In every single porn he’s in, he seems genuinely into every top who fucks him.  He is passionate and not robotic.   I absolutely love his 3some with Max Konnor, and Andre Donovan.  Love the looks Andre gives when fucking.    Far and away my favorite porn.  While Devin is my favorite bottom, Andre is my favorite top in porn today.  Would love to be fucked and bred by Andre.   And would love to eat and felch Devin’s cum loaded ass for hours.  
    • By Willsuck4cum
      Will be staying at Sheraton on 17th (the 201) 10/27 through 10/30 and looking for tops. Also open to other bottoms to help me service tops in my hotel room. 
      Bukkake? Always wanted to get covered and flooded in cum.
      Dark room cumdump? Walk in, dump, go. 
      Group? 1:1? Pretty open to ideas. Also thinking of trying one of the gym/sauna in Philadelphia. Any suggestions? 
    • By DetroitBred
      I recently was fucked 25 times by 20 different guys and took about 15 loads after a 12 hour stay at a bathhouse.   I left feeling unsatisfied.  Got me curious for all my fellow bottoms and cumdump out there.  If you stayed 48 consecutive hours at a bathhouse and could wish for any number of guys you want to breed you, how many loads would you want to take?   I personally would love 100 loads by 100 men (yes, a load inside my ass from every single guy who fucks me).  That’s just over 2 per hour.    I really hope 100 loads would satisfy me.  And I’m telling the truth 100% that I craved more dick and loads after getting fucked 25 times than when I started.   I didn’t want to stop.  
      I’d love even more but this number is also realistic in allowing some rest in between, allowing guys to fuck me as long as they want, shower breaks, etc.   
    • By CatWithoutAGrin
      I get cold sores once in a while. (Oral herpes, type 1). I've had it since childhood. I am otherwise disease and drug free, and I don't want to give what I have to anyone, or catch anything else.
      If you're the man I'm looking for, you have genital herpes (ideally type 1) and are otherwise df. Like me, you don't want to hurt anyone else or make things worse for yourself, so you're already abstaining or practicing safe sex.
      BUT, if you found someone who already has the same thing you have, and you could trust that person, then maybe you wouldn't have to feel ashamed or guilty or alone anymore. Because if that person's mouth was just as dirty as your cock, and in the same way, maybe it'd be okay to leave that condom off and just slowly sink your bare cock deep into a nice hot wet mouth and be able to feel it for once.
      Maybe you're an oral top who would love to feel soft wet lips wrapped around your naked cock, and a slick tickly tongue running over your balls and up your shaft and swirling over your cockhead to lap up your precum, and you'd really love to feed your load to a hungry bottom. Maybe you'd like to be edged for a while as your precum drools continuously into his mouth and mingles with his spit, or maybe you'd just like to fuck his face until you spurt your load right into his open mouth, watching as he looks you in the eye and smiles with cum-frosted lips and swallows your seed all down...
      And I, as an oral bottom, would love to lick and kiss and suck a nice hard naked cock, and  enjoy the smooth texture of its veiny skin as it slides back and forth between my lips, and tease it as it drools slippery precum all over my tongue, and please it until thick hot spurts of sweet creamy jizz coat my tongue and flood my mouth... And of course, the BJ won't be done until I swallow all your cum.
      So, if we can't get it from each other, why don't we give it to each other...? Just prove that you're for real, and if we hit it off...
      ...You can be joyfully fucking my soft wet loving mouth and shooting every drop of your hot gooey load right onto my tongue and down my throat...
      ...And I can be joyfully suckling your beautiful hard cock and swallowing all of your spunk with a big happy smile...
      All guilt free, on a regular basis.
      Your dirty cock, deep in my dirty mouth, and each of us getting just what he wants. How about it?

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