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Hello Gentlemen,

I am coming to London next Sunday (May 13) until the following Saturday (May 19). I'm staying in a hotel near Hyde Park, and will be looking for tops to come by my hotel room and dump their hot loads. I'm also looking for recommendations on which clubs I should hit.

I'm a good looking, stocky, hairy cub/bear type. I've got short hair and a beard; nice tight ass, and a nice cock. I'd love to get into a multiple top scene, where they all use me like a slutty whore, and fill me with cum.

Please feel free to reach me on here, or use my profile name, followed with "@gmail.com"

Cummy Ass Shot.jpg

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    • By bentover4u1972
      I had a little free time last night so I reached out to some of my regular tops to see what was going on.  The 'No CL thing' is BS but fortunately I had the email addresses from a few guys with whom I connected before the 'anonymous CL addresses expiration', so now whenever I'm in the mood I hit up those guys as well as posting on BBRT.  I had no luck on BBRT last night but three guys responded to my email.  One is very discreet - he's married and lives not too far from me - so we arranged for him to come over first, around 6:45.  Another couldn't make it until 7:30 so when the third guy emailed, I was thrilled when he said he could be at my place by 7:15.
      I got myself ready, unlocked my front door and got down on hands and knees with a blindfold on.  Right at 6:45 the door opened.  The first guy wasted no time and was in my mouth before I knew it.  His seven-incher got rock hard and then he positioned himself in a crouch behind me, and, lubed only with my saliva, he slid into my hole.  Hands digging into my back, he thrust hard and fast until I could feel his cock jerking as he blew his load deep inside me.  When he was done, I expected him to zip up and leave, but instead he positioned his still-hard cock at my lips and made me suck him clean.  The combination of my ass juices and his cum was sweet on my tongue.
      Exhausted, I lay on the towel I had placed on the floor.  I could feel his cum dribbling out of my ass and down my balls.  I had about 15 minutes to kill before the next guy showed so I surfed some porn for a bit.  When the door opened again I lowered the blindfold and resumed my position on all fours.  This guy, I knew, had a long black cock and loved to experience my deep throat skills before turning his attention to my ass.  No disappointment here - as his cock grew and hardened he grabbed both sides of my head and forced it down past my gag reflex until I could feel the head in my throat.  He pumped until I gagged up that thick, slippery saliva that makes entering a tight ass so easy.  Over and over he made me take his cock to the root so that my nose was pressed into his pubic mound and my tongue tickled his balls.
      Pushing me down until I lay flat, he straddled me and I felt the tip of his cock lightly touching my asshole.  I couldn't tell if he could see the first guy's cum oozing out, but if he did it only spurred him on.  In one quick motion he slid all nine and a half inches inside me until he bottomed out.  It felt amazing!
      I love this guy's big black cock, but after enjoying my throat he never lasts very long in my ass.  And he's quiet too!  I can only ever tell that he's cumming when he stops moving and I squeeze my sphincter around his shaft and feel it pulsing as he shoots.
      He slid out, cleaned up and left.  I remained prone on the floor.  Less than 30 seconds later the door opened again and in walked the third guy.  He undressed and slapped my ass before positioning his beautiful six and a half incher in front of my lips.  With one hand on the back of my head he guided my mouth onto his already-hard cock.  I felt both tired and energized from the first two fuckings, and sucked his cock with abandon.  I thought he might bust in my mouth but he stood up and straddled me as the second guy did.  Without a word his cock was in my ass.  I could feel his chest pressing into my back as he thrust in and out, unaware that my hole was lubed with the cum of two other men.  After a few minutes I felt his cock pulsing, too, and as he stood up I asked if he would let me clean him off with my mouth.  The taste of three loads on his cock, along with the taste of my ass, almost sent me over the edge!  He cleaned up and dressed quickly, and was out the door.
      Only when I heard the door close behind him did I slip off the blindfold.  I looked at the clock: 7:40.  Less than an hour since the first guy walked through the door.  I stood up and felt the cum run out of my ass and down my thighs.  It was a very good evening.
    • By sub4alphamale
      For fast replies - 5192123654tx only plz I live in Cambridge - you MUST host and drive. I dont do quickies and prefer long playtimes(more than 6hrs at a time) - overnighters(or longer even) are even better. Group play, creampies, gangbangs, glory holes, 1on1, bukakke, forced cum feeding, anal training, anal stretching training ect.
      I am Sane, NEG, Cute and Friendly. You host and drive. Safe Play is Fine So is BAREBACK (Lets Talk About It - HONESTY Is The Key) ....
    • By Wolviejz
      28yo professional bttm in town for the next two weeks. Would love to find some great cruising spots or gh’s to play at. Clean and negative on prep. Swallow friendly :).
    • By Bb4allloads
      3 loads shy of my last night record help me help U and beat my walls in coat them with ur seed knights inn 5116 ga Highway 85 forest park it’s still early cum get it and breed it 153 

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