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  1. Stocky cubby good looking cum dump coming to Tampa this weekend on Saturday until Monday afternoon. Looking for tops to come by and dump their hot loads in my hole - I want cum running out of me! kik: bottomcub4loads2
  2. Your first name (or a name you'll respond to): bottomcub4loads2 Your cell number (for texts and voice calls): 3177358650 (TEXT ONLY) A location (be at least as specific as a zip code): Indianapolis, IN Times you're generally not available: Most weekends Age: 35 Height: 5'9 Weight: 230 Ethnicity: White It would help a lot if you attach a picture, but that's optional. If you don't want to give your cell number, you should get a throwaway cell or a Google Voice Number for the purposes of scheduling hookups. Before posting numbers we'll send a text to verify that the person behind that number wants to be part of the cumdump network. For location - a major intersection near you is best. Otherwise your zip code or the zip code near you. Outside the US, give the equivalent level of detail. Basically I need enough information to drop a pin in Google Maps near your location without all the pins for you and other cumdumps near you being at the center of your town. I'll create a Google Map which I'll post on CumdumpNetwork.com Do not respond to this thread except to give the information above. All discussion should go in the original thread. Tops, if you have problems with any of the cumdumps on the list, please let us know and we'll delist them if we feel it's warranted. Remember - the cumdumps should not be asking many questions - they should take your load without hesitation. That said, if a cumdump had an unpleasant time with you, they're allowed to say 'no' to future hookups.
  3. Hello Gentlemen, I am coming to London next Sunday (May 13) until the following Saturday (May 19). I'm staying in a hotel near Hyde Park, and will be looking for tops to come by my hotel room and dump their hot loads. I'm also looking for recommendations on which clubs I should hit. I'm a good looking, stocky, hairy cub/bear type. I've got short hair and a beard; nice tight ass, and a nice cock. I'd love to get into a multiple top scene, where they all use me like a slutty whore, and fill me with cum. Please feel free to reach me on here, or use my profile name, followed with "@gmail.com"
  4. Will be in DC this week Thursday morning - Saturday morning. Looking to have my ass whored out to as many tops as possible. Hit me up if interested in using this ass, or hosting me for you and your buddies!
  5. Will be in ATL this week from Wed (09/13) until Sat (09/16), and looking for tops to seed my hungry hole. I've checked out the websites for Flex and the Den. I'm a masculine, good looking, stocky, hairy, white guy that LOVES taking bbc in my whore ass, so I'm thinking the Den would be most appealing to me. However, I've read a lot about people being turned away, or even having issues once they are inside. Can anyone share any information about their experience there? Also, I'm fine with going to Flex - I've been there before, but that was several years ago. I'm just looking for helpful advice so I don't waste time and money. I've attached a couple of pics - let me know if you think I'd be ok at the Den. Thanks!
  6. Coming to NYC Monday, June 12 - Thursday, June 15. Will be in a hotel in the 300 block of W. 40th Street. Looking for tops to come by and fill my hungry hole. Hotel room door will be ajar, and I'll be face down, ass up. Like all types of guys, ages 18 - 55, so don't be shy. Don't mind a tag-team or group as well. I'm also looking for other places that I should hit while I'm there. Love outdoor play, nasty book stores, back rooms, and bath houses. Let me know if you have any suggestions!
  7. A hot college top is whoring my ass out tonight (10/11/16) after 10:00 pm on the SW side of Indianapolis. For information, please contact me by using my profile name, followed by "@gmail.com" My door will be ajar and I'll be face down, ass up... waiting to be used. He wants to come in and find me being used like a slutty whore.
  8. I attempted to post about this two weeks ago, but I don't think it went through, and I didn't save it, so here it is again... One night I was extremely horny, and decided to look for a top or two on craigslist, adam4adam, bbrt and Grindr. I replied to a top's ad on craigslist and he was interested in meeting up. But, he had some very specific instructions about what to wear, and where to go when I arrived. It was a very warm night, so I was told to wear loose fitting basketball shorts, a tank top, a jock strap, and a ball cap. I put on my black mesh b-ball shorts, and dark grey tank, my well-used jock strap, and a ball cap. He he gave me the address to his hotel which was about 20 minutes away, and told me to be sure to tell him when I was close, as I was to go to a certain place when I got there. When I was about 3 minutes away, I let him know, that I was close, and asked for his instructions on how to get in and for his room number. He told me where to park at the hotel, but didn't give me the room number. He said that nearby where I was to park, I would see an enclosed area that held the dumpsters; I was immediately worried, but also very curious. He went further, saying that right behind that area, I would notice lot of trees, and I could clearly see walking paths worn on the ground on either side, where people had walked in and out from behind there. I was instructed to go back there behind the dumpsters, where it actually opened up to a yard, but I was to keep moving straight ahead to the trees on the other side of that yard. Once I got there, I was to go into this area of trees, where I found that ground was clear and flat. I was instructed to remove all of my clothes except my shoes, jock, and ball cap, and to get on all fours, facing away from where I had entered this clearing. I did as instructed, and once I was on all fours, I took a big hit of my poppers, and waited... About two minutes later, I heard something or someone behind me and then, I felt it... I wasn't sure at first but, I was getting wet... the guy was pissing on my ass, and all over my back - it was incredibly hot! As he was pissing on me, I could feel it running down the crack of my ass and all around my hole and down my legs - I was immediately ROCK HARD. After he pissed on me, he lubed up his cock and began working it into my hungry hole. I took another hit of poppers, and then was able to take his big cock. He worked my ass over in a very methodical way, but then picked up his pace and I could tell he was close to shooting his load. He asked me where I wanted his load, and I begged him to breed my slutty whore cum-dump ass. He was glad to do it, and filled my ass up with a huge load of cum. Just as he was about to pull out, he said something, but I immediately realized that he wasn't talking to me - someone else was there... He said: "As soon as I pull my cock out of this slutty whore boy's hole, you need to get right in there and slide your fuckin' cock in!" I was again, immediately ROCK HARD, and I felt the two of them shift their positions, and then I felt an even thicker cock begin to enter my wet, cummy hole. As Top #2 began to fuck me, Top #1 came around in front of me, and stuck his cock in my face, and said: "Open up your mouth, slut." I gladly did so, thinking he was going to make me clean off his cummy cock with my mouth. Much to my surprise, when I attempted to take his cock into my mouth, he said: "oh no, boy... not yet... this comes first..." then he pissed in my mouth. Once he had finished emptying his piss, he then made me suck his cock. While I sucked him off, I could tell that Top #2 was getting close to cumming, and Top #1 said: "Be sure to breed this bitch whore with your hot load, man." Top #2 said: "Fuck yeah, dude... I'm cummin'!" Top #1 said: "Good, because I'm about to blow another load and I want to dump this one in his ass too!" So, as soon as Top #2 pulled out, Top #1 came around behind me and slide right into my cummy ass and shot his second load. While Top #1 was dumping again, Top #2 pissed all over my back, which ran down to me ass, and Top #1 fucked his hot piss into my hole too; that makes three cum loads and three piss load in less than 15 minutes! Once the two guys were done using me as their personal fuck slut and cum dump, Top #1 said to Top #2 that he was ready to go inside, and for him to come on - I guess they were actually together, which made me even more turned on. As they were leaving, Top #1 instructed me to stay there on all fours until he messaged me to tell me I could leave. I did as I was told, and stayed there, on all fours, with my cock still rock hard, even after I was sure they were gone. It's a good thing that I stayed in position because about 5 minutes later, I heard someone come up behind me and then start working a hard cock into my ass; another cock in my hole... I was in heaven! Without a word, he bred my still-hungry ass, and when he pulled out, pissed all over my gaping hole, and then slid his cock back in and pounded his piss into me. That was cum and piss load #4! Shortly after he left, Top #1 messaged me and told me that now that Top #3 had used my slutty cum dump ass, I was free to leave. Well, by now I was EXTREMELY horned up, so I quickly picked up my phone and posted an ad on craigslist with this title: "Cum Dump taking anon loads outside right now," and made sure to include a couple of pics. I then opened Grinder and looked to see who was nearby. I found a hot masculine daddy who needed to seed, and he agreed to come to find me. I gave him the instructions, and within about 8 minutes, he was sliding his hard cock into my wet, cummy, but still very hungry hole. He said he could smell the piss all over me, and that it was a total turn-on and wanted to piss on me after he came - I begged him to do so, and he did... four loads of cum and piss! As soon as Top #4 left, I checked my email... 8 responses to my ad! While I am not opposed to playing with older guys, three of them were not really my type and totally out of the range of ages that I am interested in, so I didn't answer them at all. The other five however were HOT, and I replied to them all, knowing that most likely only two would even think about showing up. Two were hot married white guys who were up late after their wives went to bed and really horny and needed to blow a hot load. I gave them both directions on where to find me, and they both said that they would be there soon. Shortly, I heard someone come up behind me, and a hand on my wet ass. He said: "Oh dude, this is fuckin' hot! I am going to fuck that ass and fill it up with my load. You want me load, you fuckin' slutty whore?" I said: "Yes, Sir; breed my fuckin' hole!" It was hardly two minutes and he was exploding inside me, and then pulling out. I could hear that he was starting to pull up his pants, but then said: "Oh, you like piss too, don't you?" I said: "Please give me your hot piss, Sir - anywhere you want to put it." He said: "okay slut, open that mouth..." and then he pissed in my mouth and all over my face. When he was finished, I was soaked and he was very satisfied. Five cum and piss loads! Almost immediately after Top #5 left, Top #6 arrived; he only wanted to fuck me, which he did, but he pulled out and shot his load all over my hole, which I also really like - it feels amazing as it hits my sensitive hole. After he finished shooting, I reached back to my ass and pushed his load into my ass with my finger... 6 cum loads & 5 piss loads. After Top #6 left, I checked my email again, and two of the other guys that had replied to my ad were on their way to me. These guys were both black and had really big cocks - I was still rock hard with anticipation of having these two use my slutty ass for their pleasure. They arrived at almost the same time, which was fine with both of them, and equally as fine with me! They both took turns sliding their hard cock in my hole or in my mouth, and both eventually bred my ass with very large loads. By this time, cum was literally running out of my hole and down my legs! As they were finishing up, Top#8 said he had to get going because he had to go to the bathroom so he could piss. When he said this, I reminded them both that I was also a total piss pig and that I would gladly take his piss where ever he wanted to put it. He acted a little shocked, and didn't seem to think that I was serious, and said: "Man, I don't know about that..." with that, Top #7 whipped out his cock and began pissing all over me, and told Top #8 he should do the same. I encouraged him to do it, and with a little coaxing, he happily pissed on me. He enjoyed it some much and was so turned on by it that he got rock hard and again, and while pissing, slid his hard cock into my hole and filled me up with the rest of it. FUCK - I got 8 loads of cum and 7 loads of piss! More to come...
  9. Several weeks ago, I met an extremely hot black guy at work. I teach at a college, and we are in the same area. He is a Phd student, but the two of us are not academically associated. After we first met, I saw him on Grindr, and immediately got rock hard. His profile indicated that he is interested in "power bottoms." My lucky day! I hit him up and we started a normal conversation. After a short while, I threw caution to the wind and made a couple of suggestive comments, and he seemed interested. I explained to him that I was a bottom that enjoyed being used, and that I could take what ever he had to offer me. He said that he would be interested in testing that out sometime. We exchanged various pics and talked some more, but we both had to move on to other things, so we left things kind of up in the air. He did agree that I should call him "Sir" and he would refer to me as his "boy," but when working, it would be strictly professional. After that, I didn't come across him on Grindr that often - in fact he seemed to have always have been on many hours before I had. He's a busy Phd student, so I know he doesn't have much time for playing around. I always see him at our weekly meeting, but I keep my distance and remain professional. Even though he isn't my student, we are in the same department, and I don't want to make him uncomfortable, or alert my colleagues to any inappropriate behavior. But, he is extremely good looking... he's rather short, and has a very well-defined chest. Frankly, just looking at him he makes me rather hard. This past week-end, our department had a number of activities that kept us all extremely busy, and all of us in close proximity to one another, and close proximity to this hot young man got the best of me. In our first Grindr conversation, we exchanged email addresses, so as the weekend was coming to a close, I emailed him and asked him when he would be free to use my hungry hole for his pleasure. He said that he was free most weekday evenings. Well, I couldn't wait for that, so I asked him if he was free that very night, to which he said he was free after 11:00. My response was that I became instantly hard, and had to walk from my car to my office with an obvious hard-on. After all of the activities for the day had concluded, and no one else was around, I took time to go to the private restroom and clean my hole out as I wanted to be sure to be totally clean and ready for his hard cock. After I was cleaned out well enough, I put on my cock ring and a jock strap. Then I took a dry-erase marker and wrote "CUM DUMP" on my ass - which is quite a challenge when trying to write backwards in the mirror! When he finally emailed me to let me know he was on his way, I jarred the door to the office suite where my office is located, and also jarred the door to my office. I knew it would take him at least 10 minutes to get there, so imagine my surprise when I heard the outer office door creak as someone else opened it. I jumped up off the floor (I was in position on all fours facing away from the door), and made sure whomever it was coming didn't see me. I threw on my running short and threw the door open - it was the janitor! He was as surprised to see me as I was to see him. While I covered well, and had a short conversation with him, I could tell that he was curious as to what was going on. At the same time, I got an email from my hot Phd top saying he'd be another 20-30 minutes. I then thought that I should take advantage of the situation... The janitor is kind of hot, stocky ginger-headed guy who obviously played foot ball or wrestled in high school. He was obviously curious and wanted to see what was going on in my office. He also may well have seen my hard cock through my shorts and jock. In any event, he said he'd be right back, as he needed to grab something off of his cart out in the hallway. "Okay," I replied, adding "I'm just in here working. You should just come on in and help yourself." While he was out in the hallway, I left my office door open and got back into position, so when he came back in, he saw my ass in the air with 'CUM DUMP' on it. His reaction was an 'Oh Fuck'! He entered the office, closed the door and immediately started playing with my hungry hole, asking if I sucked cock. "Sure," I replied, "on two conditions: first, you must order me to do so, and second, you must agree to slide your fully erect cock in my hole and shoot your hot load inside my ass." He readily agreed to both! I sucked his cock (it was already ROCK HARD), and then after a while asked him to breed my slutty whore ass. He got behind me, I took a big hit of poppers, and then he lubed up his cock and my hole and slid right in. I knew that once he was balls deep in my ass that it wouldn't take him long before he was exploding in my hungry ass, and I was right. Within a minute or so he gave me a huge load, pulled out and started to try to wipe off his cock, I protested and insisted that he let me clean him off with my mouth. MMMM he was hot and had a great cock. After he get fully dressed, he thanked me and said he hoped that we could do it again sometime. I told him that I'd be working late two other nights this coming week, and I'd be sure to be on all fours, waiting for his load. In the meantime, my hot Phd top was on his way. With one load already in my hole, I was totally primed and ready to be used like the slutty cum whore that I am. He came in and found me in position, and immediately got down behind me and slid his tongue into my hole. He was totally surprised that I had cum in my hole, but was totally into it. I told him that I'd tell him about how that came to be after he was finished making me his whore. He ate my ass for quite some time, and then began to finger fuck me. Normally, I can't take a guy sliding his rough digits into my hole, but he was gentle and really knew how to work an ass. He was teasing me, and then finally decided to give me his thick, hard, black cock. He pounded my ass for at least 45 minutes, and twice came in my hole. For the second load, he flipped me over on my back and asked that I play with his nipples. With only took a few seconds of my playing with his nipples he shot a second huge load in my hungry hole. As we were cleaning up, we made small talk and then parted ways. He emailed me a short time afterward and said that he hoped I enjoyed it, and he would love to breed my ass again sometime. I informed him that I was at his disposal, ready and willing to serve him and his amazing big black cock whenever he needed me.

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