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Guest Pyroboy74

Poz undetectable bottom here, living just behind Oak Lawn. If you are looking for a quick pump and dump, stay and play, want to try a new kink or fetish. Anything at any time, it will gladly host if it is at home. So feel free to drop a message and come be the first to use this hole


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    • By Ozpig
      I wonder if tops in private parties prefer a smaller number of tops rather than the more the merrier. On Sunday I had arranged for seven tops to come to my apartment to fuck and breed me. They knew it was a gangbang and they knew I was the only bottom. One turned up dropped his load and left before the others arrived. As a total cumdump I was in heaven but one particular top, an Asian guy, who was the only one that did not have seconds or taken part in DP'ing me told me quietly he would love to fuck and breed me again but it is much better with just three tops max as he said he had to wait too long to fuck me. Do other tops hate hanging for too long to take their turn?
    • By Cumjunky215
      I'm a visiting bottom, end of March, 2019,  like uncut but not required, taking loads from any size dick.  Show me around, share me with your roommate or mates, or strangers in a safe public place, or use me alone.  59, 5'9", gwm, masculine a little hairy, don't care about your looks just fuck me give me your spunk and use me again or split.  
    • By Bbpigsterxxx
      So I just wanted to ask all of you for your opinions and experiences - partly out of curiosity, partly out of hornyness. Give your reasons why and you can get as dirty and go into as many details as you like! Thanks Pigs!🐷☣😈🍆
    • By Danpigboi
      Bottom pig will be at sydney sauna on the 25th january 2019 from 11am-7pm. Fuck me raw and breed my ass. No cock refused. Will be mostly in dark room or glory hole. Kik:danifti

    • By TexRanchKing
      Part 1
      Whenever my parents fought, I’d always go over to my neighbor’s house. Jim was close with my dad, so it wasn’t too odd the first time I went over to play basketball or see if he’d want to go fishing at the nearby lake. He was the first person I ever told that I was gay. It was pretty easy since I knew that not only was he gay too but that he had a partner, Henry. Their home became my home away from home, and he practically became my second dad. My actual dad knew that I was going over there and, knowing that Jim and Henry were good guys, was fine with it. When the summer of my 17th birthday came around Jim asked if I wanted to go camping with him and Henry at my birthday party. My parents were fine with it, and since they were fighting now more than ever, I was eager to get the fuck out of that house, even it was just for a few days.
      Jim, Henry, and I headed up to Jim’s favorite campsite the weekend after my birthday. That night we all talked around the fire about the previous year, and I told them that I had come out to my mom and dad. They were both excited and happy for me. Henry told us about how his father was furious when he found out about Jim and that he didn’t speak to him for a month. Now they’re fine, and Jim even goes over to watch hockey with them sometimes.
      The night moved on and as we talked Henry told me that he had just been diagnosed with HIV. In all honesty, I didn’t know how to feel; I knew that HIV wasn’t a death sentence anymore, but it still had to be a downer. To my surprise, Henry seemed fine with the diagnosis, if not a bit excited.
      “When I got the results back, I was stunned at first, and then I noticed that I was rock hard in front of the doc,” Henry said.
      “You got turned on by having HIV?”
      “Yeah, it’s weird to say, but knowing that your jizz is potent, adds a sense of danger to any sex you have. Not to mention, I’m not really afraid of catching anything anymore. At least STI related. I’m a terrible influence, I know.”
      “You can say that again.” My uncle said before groping Henry’s cock through his shorts.
      “But, aren’t you afraid that you’ll give it to Jim?”
      “I was at first, but when he heard I was POZ he threw his pants off and ordered me to POZ his hole right there on the kitchen table. Honestly, it was one of the hottest fucks of my life.” I was dumbfounded by this concept yet even I found it kinda hot.
      That night we had all gone to bed at roughly about the same time, tucked into our sleeping bags. Jim and Henry snuggled together. Sometime during the night, I woke up and found Henry and Jim gone. I went outside, only wearing the boxers I slept in, and looked around for them. I didn’t see them at first, but once I got closer to the campground’s showers, I started to hear the sound of flesh slapping flesh. I looked inside and saw Henry fucking Jim who was holding onto a showerhead for dear life. I watched as Henry’s cock pounded Jim’s ass. I had seen Jim’s sizable cock last year when we used these very showers after a hike, but now he was fully hard and begging for Henry to breed his neg ass. Henry pushed all the way inside him and unleashed a torrent of POZ cum deep inside of him. I imagined the cum soaking into the walls of his rectum, becoming part of Jim, incurably forever. I understood the attraction now, even though I didn’t yet agree with it.
      We hiked and talked throughout the rest of the trip until it was time to head home. Another year passed, and by the time my 18th birthday came around, Jim had planned another camping trip for just us. Henry couldn’t go this year because of his job, so we’d be all alone this time. I really wanted to go camping with both of them again since we had so much fun the previous year, though. Not to mention I couldn’t get the image of Henry fucking Jim out of my mind all year. The few times I saw them my eyes couldn’t help but wander down to their crotches. Since it was my senior year, I was pretty busy with school work and college application, not to mention Henry was working a lot and Jim got sick near the start of the school year.
      We got to the campgrounds earlier this time, so once we were done setting up the tent, we went on a hike down one of the shorter trails. By the time we got back to the tent, it was already getting dark, but we were both pretty sweaty since the trail we took had a lot of hills that we had to climb. When we got to the showers and started to undress, I noticed a tattoo around Jim’s right nipple; it was a biohazard tattoo. Even though we were able to play basketball a few time throughout the year, we typically kept our shirts on so this was the first time I had seen his chest since last summer.
      “That new tattoo mean what think it means?” I asked.
      “Yep, looks like Henry POZZED me last summer. Could’ve been when you were spying on us.” I blushed. I hadn’t known that I had been spotted. I looked down, embarrassed. “Hey, no need to feel bad. I thought it was hot that you were watching us. Did you like what you saw?” He was completely undressed now, with his 7” cock dangling between his legs. I wanted to slap myself for not putting two and two together with Jim being sick near the start of the school year.
      “Actually, yeah. I jacked off thinking about it a few times during the year. Hot to think that it took.”
      “You kinky little boy.” He playfully slapped my ass and went for the nearest shower nozzle. “Let’s get cleaned up before it gets any later.” I followed him and turned on the nozzle next to his. As we washed the sweat off of our bodies, I’d bend down and spend a bit of extra time washing my ankles, exposing my hole to Jim. “If you keep doing that, I can’t be held responsible for what happens to you.” He said, slyly.
      “Oh, really? What would happen to me, Jim?” I playfully asked as I stood back up. When I looked over at Jim, he was rock hard, and his 7” cock was now easily 9”. He stepped closer to me to the point where I had to look up into his face.
      “Seems to be that you want me to fuck you, boy. Is that it?”
      “It might be,” I said, looking up into his eyes, getting lost in them.
      “And you know you can get POZZED by me fucking you?”
      “Yeah,” I said as I brought my hand up and placed it over his nipple that was encircled in his biohazard tattoo.
      “You want me to POZ you, boy?”
      “Yeah, I do, Jim. If it hadn’t been for you and Henry these past few years, I don’t know what I would have done. I was so alone and unsure of so many things until you two helped me realize that there’s nothing to fear from the future. You two are lucky to have each other, true, but I’m lucky to have both of you too. And I want to always have a piece of you with me, Jim.” I said right before I brought my mouth down and began to kiss and suck on his nipple. His hands went to the back of my head and began running through my hair as I sucked on his erect nipple and felt his erect cock press against my stomach.
      “Fuck, Aaron. I’m the lucky one to have YOU in MY life. Henry and I have both been lucky to have known a man like you. Not to mention, we’ve both been counting the days until you turned 18.”
      “You could’ve had me any time you wanted,” I said, momentarily taking my mouth away from his nipple. Without saying anything, he grabbed me by my chin and kissed me. His tongue invaded my mouth and began to lap at mine, massaging it. I moaned at the sensation into his mouth and began to massage his tongue right back. As we kissed, he brought his hand down and wrapped it around my cock.
      “Fuck, you’re thick.” He said as he slowly began to pump my dick with his fist. My dick wasn’t as long as his, but it was slightly thicker. I leaned into his neck and moaned. No one besides me or a doctor had ever touched my cock before. “Lick and suck on my neck, just like you did to my nipple, Aaron.” I did as I continued to moan. I first licked the soft spot on the side of his neck. “Suck it harder, Aaron! Fuck yes! Leave a mark on me!” Hearing my neighbor beg for me to give him a hickey made my cock twitch in his hand. I sucked harder at his neck, and he moaned into my ear. Just as I began to put more pressure on the skin right above the artery on the right side of his neck, he pulled me off of him. “Fuck! I can’t take it anymore.” He turned us around and pressed me against the wall. As I stood there, I felt his huge cock between my cheeks. “Bend over for me.” I did as he said and bent over, exposing my virgin hole. Without saying anything, he got on his knees and dug his face into my cheeks. He licked my hole and even began to lick the inside of it. In some ways, it felt uncomfortable, but at the same time it felt amazing, and I didn’t want him to stop. I moaned with my face smashed against the wall. He took his tongue out of my ass and stood up behind me again. He slowly began to rock his hips, pressing his sex against my entrance. “I’m not going to lie, Aaron. If this is your first time, it’s going to hurt… like, a lot. I’m not exactly small, and we’re going to have to make do with our spit. I’ll go slow, though.”
      “I trust you. Please fuck me!”
      “You ready to take your first cock in your ass? And your first POZ load? There’s no turning back once I’m in. I’m already leaking like crazy here.” He said. I looked behind me at his cock and saw that he was leaking precum as if he had left a faucet on.
      “Yeah, Jim. POZ my virgin hole! Fill me with your jizz!” I said as I ground my ass against his twitching cock.
      “Fuck yes! That’s my boy!” He said before slapping my ass. He spit on his cock a few times before leaning back down and spitting directly onto my eager entrance. “Here we go. Once you feel me pushing into you, don’t forget to breathe.” I felt the tip of his cock press against my sphincter. He began to push, and the second I felt the head of his cock pop into my hole I nearly screamed. The pain racked through my body, and it felt like he was plunging a kitchen knife up my ass instead of his cock. “Breathe, Aaron. Relax. The pain will fade pretty quickly.” He held still for a while, letting me get used to the pain and breathe to relax. After about a minute, I felt the sharp sensation go away. “Better?” He asked when he noticed my breathing was returning to something like normal. I was too preoccupied to talk, so I just looked over my shoulder and nodded. I felt his dick slide further and further into me. It felt amazing; it was as if I didn’t know I had this much emptiness to fill inside of me. Eventually, he bottomed out, and his balls were against my taint. “I’m all the way inside you. How are you doing?”
      “I’m alright now. Your cock feels amazing. I feel so full, Jim.”
      “Oh, you might think you’re full now, but just wait until I pump a toxic load into you.” He wrapped his hand around me and began to rub my belly, just over my pubes. “I can almost feel your womb where my virus is going to take hold. You ready for that, Aaron?”
      “Fuck yeah! Knock me up! Make me yours!” He began to pump his cock in and out of my ass, and I couldn’t help but moan. The feeling of his cock stretching my virgin hole felt so good I didn’t think that anything could top it. Then he changed the angle of his cock and started to hit my prostate. It felt like my insides were being electrified in the best way possible. I nearly screamed with pleasure until Jim put his big, meaty hands over my mouth.
      “Quiet, now. Remember, we’re pretty much alone out here, but we don’t know that for sure.”
      “Sorry, just it feels amazing. I didn’t know my ass could feel so good.”
      “Really? I always knew your ass could feel so good.” He said. I playfully pushed him, and he resumed fucking me. With his precum already soaking into my insides, I knew that the virus could already be seeping into my system, changing my DNA forever. The strangest thing, though, was that I didn’t fear it. I knew that I’d always have Jim and Henry there to help me through anything that would come my way.
      “Yeah?” He said, puffing as he rammed my hole as hard as he could.
      “Can I face you?”
      “Sure.” He said. He slowly pulled his cock out of my ass, and I felt an incredible, aching emptiness. “Would you mind being on the floor?”
      “Well, it’s not like I’m afraid of catching anything from IT.” I sarcastically said. He playfully slapped my ass, and I giggled. I laid on my back against the cold, concrete ground as Jim loomed over me with his erect cock. He spit more onto his cock and then laid down on top of me. He began to kiss me and caress my body as our tongues lapped at each other. As he was kissing me, he positioned his cock at my entrance and pushed in. I moaned with the feeling of being filled by him again. He pulled his mouth back from mine and looked down at me as he began to pump in and out of my juicy hole with his thick cock.  “Fuck me, Jim!” I moaned.
      “Yeah? You like my big cock filling your hole, Aaron?”
      “Oh yeah! Fill me, Jim! Take my virgin hole!”
      “Yeah! I’m gonna POZ your virgin hole. Give you Me and Henry’s DNA!”
      “Fuck yeah! POZ my fucking virgin hole, Jim! Fill me with your jizz.” I felt Jim pump his cock quicker and quicker in and out of my ass and a loud, low, guttural moan begun to resonate from his throat.
      “Fuck! I’m gonna cum, Aaron! I’m gonna cum inside your ass! POZ you with my seed!”
      “Please! Please cum inside me, Jim! Cum inside me!!!” I nearly screamed. He let out a loud grunt before slamming his throbbing cock all the way inside my ass. I felt his warm, toxic cum flood my guts and his cock twitch inside me with every spirt. He pumped his cock into me a few more times before pushing all the way in and staying there. We kissed on the floor of the shower embracing in the afterglow of our carnal act. It was then that I noticed that the shower was still on from earlier and the water was pooling around us. I didn’t care, though.
      “How does that POZ load feel in your hole, boy?”
      “Amazing! I want more of your cum in me, Jim!”
      “I can guarantee that that’s going to happen. We still have a few more days out here, and I know that Henry’s going to want a piece of that ass.”
      “Fuck! That sounds amazing! I want to be a cumdump for both of you this summer!”
      “I’m sure we can work something out.” I felt his cock twitch in my hole one last time before he pulled out. He helped me up, and we rinsed off, for real this time. When we were cleaned up, we headed back to the tent.
      To Be Continued….

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