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  1. None. I'm an ass slut who has never cum in a pussy.
  2. Like others here I am a cumpig and cockslut but have no desire to get pozzed. But dayum I've been known to take some huge poz BBC without objection.
  3. XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Fucking hot. My asspussy wishes it was there to get fucked too.
  4. TBRU 2018

    I'd like to make it this year. Missed the last two due to work schedule.
  5. TBRU 2018

    I'm ready to have some hoses pumped into my holes!
  6. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Met a dude on BBRT and took his cock. Bred me like a bitch. Cum oozing from my asshole. Hopefully he'll cum abuse me again.
  7. big black cocks

    If you were closer. My hole would be yours.
  8. 2 women. After that it was clear I am a total bottom slut and pussy hole. Once I came to realize this I've been fucked more than I've fucked women.
  9. Here in Dallas on BBRT I have no trouble finding a top to plow the fuck out of me. But then Dallas has a ton of guys.
  10. Very hot ass. 

    1. SexyBoy4You
    2. mancunthole


      Your pussy looks grand all filled up. Wish I was there beside you getting my hole wrecked too.

    3. SexyBoy4You


      I love when someone likes the way my pussy looks. 

  11. thanks for the follow . oink 


    1. mancunthole


      :-) I wish I could do more than follow.

  12. Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I got my first load in my ass from a dude on CL. He fucked my hole good and shot deep into my ass. Never felt anything like that before. Now I'm a cum in my ass slut.
  13. My second bareback

    BBC is the best. Got my first breeding by BBC.
  14. Dallas roll call

    Fuck that's some hot hole. I wish I had that cum dripping out of me.
  15. Club Dallas

    Might have o drop in and get my ass-pussy opened

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