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    North Dallas, Texas
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    Geeky sort that likes to be used as a hole.
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    Slut hole.
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    Top to use me

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  1. mancunthole

    Texas groups

  2. mancunthole

    Perv/taboo chat [but this site has rules]

    wickr: mancunthole Like to be used. Would like to hook up with a top to fuck and fist me.
  3. mancunthole

    Been a while.

    This year has been awful. My mother died and I was out of it with some health issues. However tonight I got hooked up with a big black stud on BBRT. Young dude with a fat dick. Met at his apartment. No bs'ing around. He pushed me to my knees and had me suck his fat as fuck dick till he was hard as hell. I stripped and sucked him some more. Once he was ready he pushed me flat on the bed greased my asshole well then went about fucking me like the slut I've always been. At firstit hurt until my asspussy got good and loose again. He worked my hole over from behind then rolled me to my back and pushed my feet behing my head and fucked the hell out of me. Once he came in my asspussy we laid together for a bit. Then he got horny again and really fucked mr hard. What a nice way to get back into the groove. My asspussy hurts a little but is ready for more. In Dallas? Wanna fuck a middle aged big-man whore? Look me up!
  4. mancunthole

    Pretty quiet in here.

    And here it is more than a year later.... No cocks to plow my asspussy?
  5. O.M.G.  ! Mancunthole - you - your profile - pictures and your style is Extremely HOT , Beautiful , Delicious and Exciting !   The Cunthole pictures are HOT - Jealous - knowing  it takes time developing such HOT / Delicious - wanting mine look that GOOD ! Instant erection wanting to Breed , Seed , and eating them out !  Gimme !    :)

  6. I'm usually wearing a jock strap. Sometimes a gag.
  7. Thanks for the comments ;)

  8. mancunthole

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    I must be missing something. I live in Dallas and cannot seem to hook up with the hot loads..... 😄
  9. mancunthole

    I can’t get Truvada through my insurance. Options?

    It's too bad. I'd be a total fuck hole if I could get truveda without the ridiculous expense.
  10. mancunthole

    Who likes drinking piss?

    Hey, knock yourself out with that. I'll take this with out piss thanks.
  11. mancunthole

    bottom looking now

    That's such a pretty hole. I want to be that cute some day.
  12. mancunthole

    Who likes drinking piss?

    I'll pass getting pissed on. Just seems too dirty for me.
  13. mancunthole

    Pretty quiet in here.

    Seriously, no cocks to plow my ass pussy?
  14. mancunthole

    Need sex

    Nice looking ass pussy. Wish I was next to you getting plowed.
  15. mancunthole

    Bareback bottom

    That's some pretty pussy. Too bad I'm a slutty bottom. I'd love to get plowed right next to you.

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