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  1. mancunthole

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Holy shit that's hot. I'd crawl into your sling and be your bitch.
  2. mancunthole

    Quiet in here.

    If you want me to plan I'll screw it up. I'd rather just get screwed.
  3. mancunthole

    XTube link collection - breeding videos

    Oh jeebus fuck that's hot. I want my ass plowed like that!
  4. mancunthole

    Where did you get (or give) your last load?

    Been in a dry spell. Got hooked up with a young guy who likes older me like me. He pounded me like I was his whore. Came all over my asshole. We fucked later and he shot all over my face. Fucking hot boy.
  5. mancunthole

    TBRU 2018

    well hell. I'm off that week and would love to have my holes filled And I'm most certainly a bear. But I have not made any reservations. Please tell me hoe. where to cum to get laid.
  6. mancunthole

    Always Ready For Breeding

    Some nice ass. Wish I was there to clean up .
  7. mancunthole

    bottom pig looking now

    That's some nice ass.
  8. mancunthole

    Disappointed in CL

    Before CL closed the personals all I ever got hooked up with were kooks. BBRT and Squirt were much better.
  9. mancunthole

    Poz / Fisting Tops Wanted :)

    I know this is old, but, I'm interested in meeting up with someone in Dallas who would fist me. This has been a fantasy for some time.
  10. mancunthole

    TBRU 2018

    Well crap. I've been on the fence about cumming to TBRU. I guess I'm (not) fucked.
  11. mancunthole

    Any hosting bottoms?

    Somehow I think that's a tease. In spite of that my ass pussy still awaits so plowing. 🙂
  12. Dayum. Would love to clean your hole between cocks.
  13. mancunthole

    Any hosting bottoms?

    Big assed man pussy ready to take your rod... North Dallas. HMU.
  14. mancunthole

    Anyone Live Downtown?

    I love my asspussy to be wrecked hit me up
  15. mancunthole

    Best hotel for anon breeding?

    Especially Cumunion.

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