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This wraps Ch. 5... and pretty much ends THIS story. I think I'll do an epilogue, but I think that, as far as Daniel and Jeremy reuniting, that story is done. Not to say that we won't see them again (I'd be surprised if I never wrote anything more about Shane and Tony [and their orgies].) But I think after a short epilogue I'm going to move to a different bug chasing story called *drum roll*... GONO DADDY. It'll probably be a lot shorter than this one, but Gono is the only STD that I've had actual experience with and I wanted to explore it from a fetishized POV (rather than the terrified POV from when I had it at 19 and was still very much DL.)

Thank you all for your kind words and support and I'll try to have the epilogue posted within the next couple days. THANK YOU and HAPPY PRIDE MONTH!

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You have written an excellent story! It was well crafted! And, exciting!

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                Once Daniel got over his fuck flu, Jeremy took him to his local physician (a gay guy that Shane knew from one of Tony’s orgies) and got Daniel OFFICALLY officially tested. The test came back positive, as expected, and the two kissed. While this may have confused or even have frightened a normal doc, Gary, the physician, seemed more captivated by their love for each other than anything else. Jeremy pointed out that he was surprised at Gary’s lack of a reaction before Gary pulled down the side of his scrubs to reveal a biohazard tattoo on his right thigh indicating that he was POZ as well. Before he pulled the scrubs back up, he began to pull the scrubs further down his waist. Just as his cock was about to spring free from the white briefs below them he looked at both of them and asked, “Soooo, you two want a recharge? On the house.” Jeremy looked at Daniel to see what he wanted to do. Daniel looked to be eye humping Gary, who although wasn’t super cut was still pretty cute, but at the last second, he turned to Jeremy.

                “I wouldn’t mind if Jeremy wouldn’t mind, but I think, for right now at least, I want just him for today,” Daniel said as he looked up at Jeremy.

                “Raincheck, doc?” Jeremy asked him.

                “Hey, you know where to find me,” Gary said as he gestured to the office around him. They both shook his hand and left with the promise to come back in a week for more blood work.

                On the walk back to their apartment, Jeremy turned to Daniel, “Would you really want to have sex with him? Gary? I mean, we don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

                “The way I see it, Jeremy, is like this; I belong to you,” Daniel pointed to himself, “ and you,” he pointed to Jeremy, “belong to me. We could fuck a million different guys each, and that wouldn’t change that. As long as I’m able to wake up knowing that, I’m happy. As long as I have you to come home to, I’m happy.” Jeremy stopped, and Daniel did too. “Do you feel the same way?”

                “Yeah, it’s just,” Jeremy struggled to find the words, “what if, one day, I don’t have you to come home to?” Jeremy asked. Daniel walked up to him and kissed him.

                “You’re always going to be home to me, Jeremy. You always were. It took returning to you to figure that out.” Jeremy kissed Daniel deeply, right there on the Chicago sidewalk in broad daylight. A car honked, and people grumbled as they went around them, but they didn’t care. When they finally parted they started to walk again. “Soooooo, if you’re my POZ Daddy, when do I get to meet my POZ Grandad?”

                “FUCK! I haven’t told Shane and Tony yet!”

                “What? About me?”

                “Yeah, they love learning when their, umm, seed has spread.” Daniel laughed.

                “That’s weird to put it that way, but ok.”

                “It’s strange, but trust me. Remember when I told you “welcome to the brotherhood? Well, it actually feels like a brotherhood at times. This whole community opens up to you of these incredibly nice, talented-“

                “And kinky?”

                “Yes, and Kinky- people that, for the most part, have your back. When I met Tony after I converted he seemed really excited. I think it was mostly because I was Shane’s friend, and convertee, but I know he’s gonna go crazy over you. And when we do, don’t be surprised if they invite us to some orgies. I’ll leave it up to-“ At this Daniel got really excited and turned to Jeremy.

                “I’ve never been to one, but I’ve always wanted to. Have you?”

                “Yeah, I went to one after I tested POZ. It was actually where and when I met Tony. They can be a bit overstimulating if you’re not used to them at first, but they can also be pretty fun and hot when you learn to chill and just go with the flow.”

                “That sounds awesome! I can’t wait to go.” He said before he grabbed Jeremy by the waist as they both continued to walk, “But first I can’t wait to get you back into bed.” He goosed Jeremy through his blue jeans, “Grandad and great grandad can wait.”



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That was a great way to really end it - now we can all be sad we don't get taking alone to the orgies. 

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      anyone is interessted in taking some sticky loads here? always free XD
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      so it might have happened...I did my oraquick test yesterday and it read positive! It was a shock to see two lines (positive) instead of just one(negative). I was wondering if anyone has ever experienced a “false positive” result on oraquick before?  According to oraquick’s own website the odds are very slim but it does state: 
      A false positive is when an HIV test shows that a person has HIV when they don't actually have it. 
      Conditions that can lead to a false positive HIV test are: 
      * Lyme disease, 
      * syphilis (SIF-uh-lus), 
      * lupus, and 
      * other conditions.
      A couple of months ago I did test positive for syphilis and was treated for it  but, oraquick’s own website says it could trigger a HIV false positive on their own test. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Heard of anything on false positives? 
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      The Restroom
      A delicate flower. Exquisite. Innocent. Ripe. He is looking at me, a gentle boy, soft as goose down, naïve. He shivers a little, eyes wide, deep, dark. I brush his black unkempt hair from his forehead.
      “Monsieur,” he whispers, a voice like honey.
      “Yes, boy,” I reply. He doesn’t understand my English. I touch my finger to his lips. He kisses it. Little playful kisses, a game. He grins, a beautiful smile, joyful. He giggles.
      “Monsieur,” he repeats, and I melt.
      I kiss his hair. A hint of grease, a tinge of shampoo. Flowers, soap, exotic fruit. He is a smoker, I can tell from his scent.
      “You’ve never kissed a man, have you?” I tease. He doesn’t understand. I laugh. He laughs too. I lean forward, hold his chin and kiss him. A soft kiss. Mint, beer. His mouth is eager. He groans. Shivers. I hug him, his denim jacket damp. He feels warm, and I kiss his head again.
      Outside, on the motorway that leads to Paris, the traffic rumbles. Cars and trucks crossing the country, transit, movement. In the restroom it is cold, water drips, scents of piss and disinfectant.
      My hands are on his back. They travel down. I squeeze his ass. “Oh, goodness,” I mutter. He whimpers. I cup his crotch. He’s big, I can tell. And rock hard.
      “Show me,” I whisper. “Show me your cock. Take it out and show me.” My tone is flat, firm. He shakes his head, confused. There is Gypsy in him, a darkness.
      I unzip his fly. He is nervous now. He glances at the door. His anxiety excites me. I am a hunter, and he is my prey. He stands still. Obedient. Frozen.
      I inch my finger into his fly. It is warm, a little damp. He hisses. I pull on the elastic. His pubic hair is thick and wiry, warm to touch.
      “Show me,” I repeat. I nod reassuringly. He squirms, a grimace of a nervous smile. His eyes plead, burning with lust, tormented with shame. He squints, then with a final groan he pulls out his cock. I grin. I am lucky.
      His cock is beautiful. Hard, too hard. So hard it is purple and vascular, uncut, dripping pearls of precum. His cock scents the air, making my mouth water.
      “Good boy,” I say softly.
      The Room
      He came with me. Followed me like a lost puppy. We are in my room now, in my room by the side of the motorway, a bland room. It is private, the door locked, no-one can see, no-one can hear. This is the room where his life will change, the room where our destinies will merge.
      He trusts me, adores me. I am older than him, a father figure. I want him, and I want to own him, to make him mine.
      He is undressed now, down to his underpants. Vulnerable and shaking, his skin white, his body a little soft, like a cherub. He hugs himself nervously, his large teen cock tenting in his red briefs. He tries to hide it with both hands.
      “It’s OK,” I murmur.
      He shakes his head, and suddenly hugs me. Now it is my turn to gasp and tremble. I almost feel bad, I almost relent. I almost want to extinguish my anger. I toy with making him leave now, leave before I change his life.
      “It’s ok,” I repeat.
      I take off my shirt. I am muscular and strong, an older man who works out. He looks at me, he is hungry. I can see it in his eyes.
      “Tattoo,” he says. I guess the word is the same in French. He runs his fingers over my chest. “Scorpion,” he grins. I laugh.
      “Yes, a scorpion,” I say nodding. He makes a grimace of approval.
      “Good,” he says in thickly accented English.
      “Yes, good,” I say. “Maybe. But they bite.”
      He shakes his head, confused.
      My Cock, Harbinger
      “Look,” I tell him. I drop my trousers, I unhook my massive cock from my briefs. I am conscious I haven’t showered. Yet the thought of the boy’s virgin lips on my ripe cock head excites me. It will be part of his defilement, part of the fall.
      His eyes widen. My cock is so hard. I flex it, I want to impress him.
      “Your first taste of cock,” I say, more to myself.
      He is looking at me like a kitten. I press down on his shoulders, and he collapses to his knees, my cock pressed to his sweet nose. He breathes in, intoxicated, drunk on my scent.
      I motion for him to stick out his tongue. He shakes his head, his mouth slack. I rub my uncut cock head on his lips. He makes a low growl. A little trail of precum glistens like lip balm.
      I cry out in sweet joy as his mouth opens and he takes most of my cock. He splutters and gurgles. My toxic seed awakens in my balls. Soon, my beauties. Soon.
      The Bed
      He is lying face down on the hotel bed, an offering, a sacrificial lamb. My French, Gypsy boy. His ass is soft, plump, hairless, white. I caress it, it’s beautiful, warm. I encourage him to hold open his cheeks, exposing the prettiest hole, forcing him to co-operate in his own degradation. He is exposed, his most private place on view, his balls hanging. I lower myself to lick him, man tongue on teen-hole, a heavenly tang, a taste of heaven. He is groaning, arching, a young virgin bitch in heat. He gasps into the pillow. I dare to introduce my finger, marvelling at the warm, tight sensation. I need to be inside him.
      “I don’t want to hurt you,” I murmur, my cockhead pressed to his pink hole. Purple flesh on white skin. He is squirming, trying to reach behind him. I take his hand in mine. “Relax,” I hiss. I hold a bottle of poppers to his nose. “Breathe.”
      He cries out, but my cock slides inside without mercy, gripped by velvet. I cannot hide my cruelty, my mask falls. I laugh, mockery in my tone. He cannot tell, he is in a trance, the trance of an 18-year-old with a big cock up his ass for the first time. I force more poppers into his sweet nose. He is open now, loose and damp.
      I am close, my cock raw, swollen and dangerous. I fuck so hard that the bed is creaking. He sweats and writhes, his boy’s face screwed up, contorted in sweet agony. He laughs and groans.
      “It’s time,” I hiss, I feel my cum swirling, an ache that delights. I cannot hold it. “Fuck!!!” I scream, my seed shooting out of me, deep inside him. Potent seed. Bad seed.
      He turns round to kiss me, the face of an angel, eyes sparkling with life and bliss.
      It is done. I pull out, and my seed drips out, milky and alive. I lean forward and lick the foam. It is done.
    • By Bottomhole
      Hey guys I've been away from the forum but come back every once in a while to lurk. It's been a fantasy to be fucked by someone off of this forum, someone who's into the same shit as me or someone who read my blog and liked what goes on. 
      Does anyone else have this fantasy? 
      The last guy I hoped up with dug his fingers into my asshole after he bred me and rubs the cum into my insides. I found it so hot. Other than that no great sex news. Just keeping in touch 😁
    • By dirtycumlover
      It was the winter after I turned 18 when, right before Christmas, I came down with the flu.  I dreaded going to the doctor, but my Mom insisted, getting me an appointment on a late Friday afternoon. She was supposed to drive me there, but she telephoned, saying she couldn't get off of work.  So somehow I drove myself.  A little bit about me.  I'm 5' 6" and weigh maybe 145 pounds.  Blonde hair that's just about shoulder length.  And hazel eyes.  Being small older men loved me but none had fucked me yet because they didn't believe I was 18.  So off I go to the doctor.
      I had scarcely walked through the door of the doctor's office when a wave of something hit me - leaving me feeling like shit.   Even so there was paperwork to complete, so by the time the nurse came to lead me back to the examination room to get my vitals, the waiting room was empty.
      After the nurse had taken my blood pressure, temperature, and other routine tests, she remarked "The doctor will be with you shortly."
      Perhaps five minutes later HE walked in.  Dr. William Bell.  Six feet, seven inches and perfectly lean, salt and pepper hair.  In his mid 50's.  My type of man.  I was hard instantly.  Dr. Bell told the nurse she could go ahead, that he would lock-up, Dr. Bell and I chatted for several minutes until the nurse left and Dr. Bell asked me to undress to check for any abnormalities.  I was slightly embarrassed because my cock was hard and I was leaking precum.  Dr. Bell didn't pay any attention as his hands poked and prodded at my body.  Dr. Bell then had me lay back on the bed and put my feet in the stirrups so he could check my prostrate.  I thought that was kind of strange considering anybody could tell I had the flu.  But he was a doctor so - well, whatever. 
      I felt somewhat vulnerable given my ass was exposed, but at the same time I was still turned-on.
      Dr. Bell then startled me, asking if I had ever had anything in my ass.
      "No," I replied. 
      He responded with a big smile as he murmurred "Just relax," inserting his index finger into my ass.  I was so excited and nervous that I didn't notice Dr. Bell hadn't pulled-on a glove on to check my prostrate.  As his finger entered my ass my load exploded.  I was beyond embarrased, but to my surprise Dr. Bell didn't remove his finger, but rather inserted a second finger.  He then scooped up my cum and fed it to me.  Before long I was hard again and moaning like a bitch in heat.  I noticed a couple of times what felt like him scratching inside my ass.  It hurt slightly but the pleasure was far greater than the pain.  After a few minutes Dr. Bell inserted a third finger in my ass really opening me up.  After Dr. Bell had my ass where he wanted he lowered his pants.  I nearly fainted at the size of his cock.   It was a full nine inches long and as thick as a coke bottle.  I also noticed a scorpion tattoo but I didn't know what it meant.  He told me he was going to really destroy my immune system. 
      Positioning himself at the foot of the bed, his cock aligned with my ass, and for better or worse before I could object to the prospects of that monster entering my ass, Dr. Bell shoved his cock all the way into my hole.  I all but fainted from the pain.  When I came to  Dr. Bell was fucking my ass with a steady, powerful rhythm.  It started feeling really good and I didn't think about asking about a condom, reasoning to myself "After all he is a doctor so what  could happen?"
      My own cock was now hard again and I was on the edge of having another orgasm.  After a few more minutes Dr. Bell really picked up the pace and was fucking me like a man possessed, so it wasn't surprising when Dr Bell let out a growl and unloaded what felt like a gallon of cum in my ass.  This sent me over the edge and I exploded all over my chest. 
      Kissing me hard, Dr Bell said "In two weeks I want to see you again." 
      He also inserted a butt plug in my ass saying he said he would call me when it was time to remove it.  Oh, by the way, Dr. Bell did indeed write me out a prescription to combat the flu.  He also said "Welcome to the club," but didn't elaborate.
      Nearly two weeks have passed since I saw Dr. Bell, and I am still down with the flu.  I  can't wait to see Dr. Bell again and find out why. 

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