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Hot Chilean guy breeds my hole

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I was recently on holiday in Chile, and had woken up late one morning, and decided to check out Grindr while I was lying in bed. I had received a tap from a guy not too far from my hotel, and he was seriously hot! I thanked him for the tap, and sent back a couple of photos of me, expecting to hear nothing back, as this guy was way out of my league looks wise. However, to my surprise, he messaged back immediately with more photos of himself, and asked what I was looking for. I told him some NSA fun, and he asked if I was free now, as he could host, and sent a dick pic as well, showing a beautiful uncut cock that looked to be very ample in size. I immediately replied back that yes, I was free, then took probably the fastest shower of my life, got dressed and took a taxi to his place, where he met me outside.


We went into his apartment, started kissing, and he quickly pulled down his pants to reveal a massive 8 inch cock that I had to suck straight away. It just felt so good in my mouth, and I impressed myself by deep throating it without too much effort - probably because I was so fucking horny for this guy! After a while deep throating this monster, we went into his bedroom, as he wanted to fuck me. We’d already talked about it on Grindr, that he only had one condom left, but as I’m on PrEP he was happy to fuck me raw, and I much prefer it bare anyway. So he lubed up his cock, while I did the same to my ass, and he slowly started to work his massive cock into my hole in doggy position. Taking things gently to begin with, he pushed just the head in and slowly started to increase the length of his strokes, until he was balls deep. He kept going at a nice slow pace initially, long dicking my hole before building up to a faster pace, and really pounding me. His dick was driving me absolutely wild! He was hitting all the right spots, and getting through the second ring as well for a really deep fuck. I was loving it! And he seemed to really enjoy it too, complimenting my ass on how tight it was around his cock.


Eventually we changed positions after about 30 minutes, with him lying on his bed, and I sat on his cock reverse cowboy, getting him in me nice and deep. I found that in this position I could really control his strokes, and clench my ass muscles around his cock a bit better as well. So I rode him for about 5 minutes, until he told me that he was ready, and asked where I wanted him to cum. I obviously wanted it in my ass, so he held onto my hips, fucked me hard from his lying position and blew a huge load into my ass. It felt so good to take it!


The whole experience was so good we had to do the same thing again the next day! I was pretty sad to leave Chile later that night.

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Super hot story.  I find ppl outside of the USA to be less hung up on looks, as in looks aren't an automatic dealbreaker. I don't know why. 

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    • By Bottomhole
      Hey guys I've been away from the forum but come back every once in a while to lurk. It's been a fantasy to be fucked by someone off of this forum, someone who's into the same shit as me or someone who read my blog and liked what goes on. 
      Does anyone else have this fantasy? 
      The last guy I hoped up with dug his fingers into my asshole after he bred me and rubs the cum into my insides. I found it so hot. Other than that no great sex news. Just keeping in touch 😁
    • By pulcish
      While I've taken quite a few raw cocks, each occasion had occurred after I contacted a guy through Grindr (or, before it went down, Craigslist), and after we had a sense of each other.  My fantasy, however, was that I would cross paths with a guy, bend over, and take multiple random loads in my ass.  
      For some two years I have been chatting on and off on Kik with a top transwoman I met through Craigslist.  Our schedules never matched up but she wanted to slut me out so I kept in contact with her.  After a few missed opportunities our schedules finally aligned:  we would meet on Halloween at All Things Adult in Austin. 
      I was running a little late and, as I approached the ABS I asked her which booth.  She promptly replied, and I sought-out the booth she specified.  (As an aside, I should mention All Things Adult has really nice video booths.)  There is a privacy wall when you first enter and around the corner are two padded benches that are spaced close enough to be bent over on all fours comfortably straddling the gap.)  The door was unlatched and I entered the booth finding the transwoman, a cute short latina with a decent package, leaning against the wall.  Upon entering the booth I turned to close the door only to discover there was another in the booth.  A guy I didn't anticipate being present.  Still, that was the reason I had agreed to meet, so I reached over, and began feeling-up the transwoman's body, exploring her body as I pulled-out her cock.  The other guy just watched.
      Dropping a few tokens in the machine and she led me to the front bench.  I dropped my trousers and underwear, bent over, and angled my ass towards the entrance, initially sucking the transwoman, and, when within seconds the second guy offered his cock, I alternated between the two of them. 
      After a little bit he moved behind me, lubed my hole and went balls-deep in my ass, cumming after only a few thrusts.  (Damn, I needed that feeling so badly.)  Withdrawing, he zipped-up and left.  My transwoman also wanted a piece of my ass, but pulled-on a condom, explaining a rubber would delay her orgasm.  She fucked me for a bit, and it felt really good.  Meanwhile the door opened a few times and finally we had a taker.  A man entered the booth, watched us for a bit, before pulling out his cock and offering it to me to suck.  As I sucked and deep-throated him, the transwoman withdrew from my ass, and stepped around, crouching down to suck the guy's balls.  In no time the man blew his delicious load in my mouth. 
      After he left I resumed sucking the transwoman.  Scarcely had I swallowed her cock full depth when another guy entered the booth and began fingering my ass.  In all honesty I was not a big fan of his attentions as, although I let him know I didn't like it, he kept fingering me quite roughly.  At one point he slid his cock into my ass, and, no sooner was he balls-deep than he also slid his index finger into my ass.   I was not happy.  Still I let him fuck me a bit, but my ass was very uncomfortable, so I made my excuses and stepped-out into the restroom to check the condition of my hole.  Fortunately while it was sore and cum-filled, it wasn't bleeding.  Returning to the booth, I told the guy I needed to take a short break.  I was thankful he took the hint and left. 
      I resumed sucking the transwoman, and after a few minutes let her know I really wanted her load in my ass.  She gave a knowing smile, stepped behind me and slid in, raw, full depth, fucking for several minutes, initially with a steady rhythm, but more raggedly at one point, at which time she came, her load lodged in my ass.  When she withdrew I heard the plop of a big dollop of cum hitting the floor.  Clearly there was an exceptional amount of cum in my ass. 
      I licked her cock clean, enjoying the taste of the cum, and afterwards we sat and chatted a bit before I decided to head out.  Once at my car I decided to check Grindr but none of the postings caught my attention.  Still, with a pocketful of tockens, I decided to return to All Things Adult, and play until I exhausted my stash of tokens.  Re-entering the ABS, I reclaimed the booth in which the transwoman and I had been playhing, and logging onto Grindr changed my location to All Things Adult, specifically providing my booth number.  I also placed a 'quick connect' on BBRTs.  Then I deposited all of the tokens into the video machine, adding a $20.00 bill.   I planned on being there for a while. 
      This time fully nude, I bent over on all fours in the booth, exposed to whoever entered.  Within a few moments a guy entered and felt-up my hole.  Apparently liking what he found, he unzipped, slid in, and fucked me.  He felt good and fucked for several minutes.  He didn't, however, cum, but instead withdrew , thanked me, and left.  In the ensuing hiatus I went onto Grindr and hit-up another transwoman fuck buddy, telling her what I was doing.  She responded saying she was on her way.  Almost simultaneously another guy hit me up, saying he was nearby.  As I waited for one or both of the two to arrive a few guys entered the booth and checked me out, but all left.  The guy from Grindr arrived, and I alternated between sucking and being fucked by his dock.  He came after several minutes, blowing a big load in my ass.  After a thank you, he split, only for my trans fuckbuddy to arrive. 
      We greeted each other, and she promptly had me on my knees as I deep-throating her cock.  Progressing to my ass, she explored my hole, and realizing the volume of cum that was sloshing around in my hole she asked how many load I had taken.
      I gave her my best estimate.  She asked for a condom and I obliged as she is a rough and dominant power top.  She wasted no time plowing into my ass, fucking me like her personal rag doll.  The pain was substantial, but I also loved the intensity and level of confident domination she exuded.  Several minutes into our session she ordered me to my knees, stripped-off the condom, and forced me to deep-throad her cock, holding my head still so she could control the depth.  I felt like I was going to throw up but she maintained control until finally she withdrew and blew her load on my lips and in my mouth.  After she dressed herself, we hugged and she left.  Whereupon I resumed my earlier position.  As before, several times the door would open, and several times a man would step-up to feel-up my hole, some giving me an approving slap, but no one actually wanted to fuck, so when my time was finally exhausted I dressed and went out to my car.  My hole, however, while sore, was also still horny for cock. 
      Going back onto Grindr I found a message from a guy who said he had seen my profile earlier but as he was committed to attending a sex party, he suggested I should meet him there.  I replied, and he promptly gave me the details, which included the sex party was receptive to bareback sex, but there was a prohibition to "partying."  That was all I needed to hear.
      The party was being held in downtown Austin, which was a very short drive.  Arriving at the house I entered using the specified side door, which was where we were expected to undress.  Stepping into the play space I found a bedroom in which a group of college-age men are standing about, wacking themselves.  In the corner a guy was gagging on some cock, so I stepped into the center of the room, surveyed my options, and, spotting a Latino with a nice long, curved cock and a sweet swimmer's build, I knelt in front and deep-throated him, gagging a bit given his length.  I worked his tool for some time, but as there no suggestion he wanted to fuck, I got to my feet to move on, only to feel some guy giving my ass a little squeeze, remarking I had a big ass.
      "It's open to any one who wants to play," I replied.
      Instructing he to lay on the bed, he moved behind me, ready to plunge into my hole.
      I let him know my hole had been power-fucked, and that I couldn't handle rough action.  Although he attempted to accommodate my limitations, my hole was very unhappy, and kept pushing him out.  Oh, and it really, really hurt when he was in my ass, so after a little bit I excused myself and checked-out myself in the bathroom.  Fortunately there was no evidence of anything other than lube and cum, so I re-entered the bedroom and promptly another guy wanted to fuck, so I lay back on the bed.  He fucked for several minutes, but again my pain threshold was crossed, so I apologizedm explaining I couldn't take any more cock.  Thankfully he understood and wasn't annoyed. 
      After I clean-up my ass, I dressed, and called it a night.  I was a little bummed my ass was too swollen and sore to take the last two guys, but overall it was a good night, particularly given it was the first time I had been a true cumdump.
    • By se1bttm
      Jeff and I have been friends since high school. You could not find two guys who are more different than we are. Jeff is 5’9”, 250 pounds, pudgy, bearded, quiet, a big fan of pornography, but with little dating or sexual experience. I on the other hand am 5’11”, 170 pounds, with spiked blonde hair, a motor mouth, with little interest in porn but big interests in dating and sex. For the past ten years, Jeff has been content to listen to all of my stories about the numerous female conquests I’ve gathered up from college and work. Jeff would then usually comment that most of his evenings were spent jerking off while watching Ashlyn Gere or Christy Canyon films. With my wit, it’s easy to mock Jeff about his lack of pussy. He’s usually a pretty good sport about it. Once or twice a month Jeff will come and visit me for the weekend. Most of our time is spent watching hockey, going to the movies, or dueling at video games. This past January, Jeff was over and we decided to spend most of the day playing video games. Now, aside from his lack of sex, Jeff is also pathetic when it comes to video games. I had managed to thrash him in basically every game we had played. Trust me, they weren’t even close! He’s also not a very good loser. And, being a typical guy, I had to send quite a bit of verbal mocking his way. “Ok wise guy,” Jeff finally said, “Let’s make a bet on who wins the next game.” “Sure thing,” I said. Jeff continued, “Fine. The winner gets to name their prize.” We shook on it. My mind was already thinking money. “Good,” I said. “If I win I want $50”. “No problem,” Jeff said. He took a long pause and added, “But if I win, you have to give me a blow job.” “What!” I was shocked. A few times in my life the thought of sucking a guy’s dick had crossed my mind, but it was the furthest thing away today. “That seems a bit extreme.” Jeff played it cool. “Hey, you shook on it…but if you’re afraid you’ll lose…” Now, I never back down from a challenge so I added, “Not on your life. Let’s get this bet going.” After all, I was riding a terrific unbeaten streak. The fates must have suddenly aligned against me though, because fifteen minutes later…I LOST!
      So, there we were sitting in my living room. For the first time all-day I was silent. Jeff, however, had a smug grin on his face as he got up and closed the blinds to my windows and patio door. As I sat on the floor, I was so stunned that I paid little attention as Jeff pulled off his shirt and began removing his shoes and socks. It was the sound of his zipper that snapped me out of my trance. Shocked I looked over to see Jeff slowly dropping his blue jeans around his ankles. He had a very hairy body with a fairly large beer belly hanging over his tight white jockey shorts. My eyes were caught somewhere between the large bulge in his shorts and that permanent smile that was plastered across his lips. “Ok,” Jeff said. “I’m ready to collect on our bet.” As he said this, Jeff stepped out of his jeans and pointed to the ever-growing bulge in his drawers. Staying low to the floor, I crawled over in front of Jeff. It was a slow crawl because I hoped that any second Jeff was going to say, “Gotcha! I was just kidding.” The actual words that came out of his mouth were, “You’ll need to remove those on your own.” Pointing to his only remaining piece of clothing. There were butterflies in my stomach as I kneeled in front of Jeff. I shakily reached up and began sliding his underwear off. I only got them a few inches down before his hard cock managed to get hooked on the strap. I adjusted the tension on the band and managed to get them down to his feet, thankfully without actually having to touch his cock. The thought of his dick being in my mouth was a little more than I could fathom. I spent a long time looking down at the carpet and Jeff’s feet. Unfortunately, Jeff didn’t feel like backing out. When I looked forward, I was only inches from a thick bushel of dark pubic hair that was surrounding Jeff’s enormous cock. It was rock solid and pointing due north about 8 inches. Like Jeff, it was fat! The head was pink and growing larger with each passing second. Underneath his cock were two monster balls hanging low. Long moments of silence passed. “Well,” Jeff said. “You’re not going to back out are you?” “No,” I said quietly. “Good.” Jeff’s cock gave a couple eager twitches as he purposely tensed his muscles. "Because I need to blow my load." His eagerness was really starting to scare me. “But I’ve never given a blow job before," I nervously got out. “I know,” Jeff said. “I’ve had to listen to you brag about all the girls who’ve sucked your dick all these years. Over and over, that’s all I’d hear. It pissed me off because the only action I was getting was when I jacked off. Well, this is my chance to shut you up, because my cock’s going to be crammed in your mouth.” He reached down with one hand and pointed his dick towards my mouth. “You’re probably nervous so I’ll help you out.” With that, Jeff placed his other hand on the back of my head and moved my head towards the tip of his fat cock. As I closed in I decided to simply accept my fate and open my mouth. I was amazed at how hot his rod was as it slid into my mouth. I slowly began moving my head forward and back. It slid a little deeper with each motion. With my eyes closed I could picture the tip of Jeff’s dick sliding further and further down my throat. Jeff let go of the back of my head and instructed me to continue bobbing with the same rhythm. A few minutes passed and I could feel his rigid shaft slick with my spit.
      The tension was leaving me. I heard a moan and realized for the first time that Jeff was enjoying my work. I decided to open my eyes. I looked up and met his eyes. As Jeff stared down into my eyes he told me, “This is the first blow job I’ve ever gotten. I love the look of my cock in your mouth!” This really made me feel good. I suddenly decided to put a little more effort into my work. Our eyes remained locked as I began slurping on what I began to think of as a luscious tool. I pulled his shaft from my mouth and began licking furiously at his huge nuts. I loved the feel of his balls as they rolled around on my tongue. His smell was deep and musky. I tried to breathe in as much of it as I could. Meanwhile, my hand continued pumping on his long hard length. “Oh god!” Jeff moaned. “Feel like you’re going to cum?” I asked. “Yes,” Jeff managed as sweat began dripping from his forehead. “And I haven’t jerked off in weeks, so if you don’t put my cock back in your mouth I may shoot out an eye!” That was all I needed. I released his cock and immediately jammed it deep into my throat. I began sucking furiously as my hands massaged his wonderful sack. A few seconds later his balls tightened and Jeff’s hips gave a shudder forward. The next thing I knew a blast of hot juice squirted from the tip of his dick. A second and third shot followed and my mouth was filling up fast. Reflexively I moved to pull back but Jeff thrust both hands on the back of my head and moved his pole deeper into my mouth. “I want you to swallow it!” He groaned. “And keep on sucking every last drop right out of my cock!” I did as I was told. My face was buried against his hefty belly. As I continued to feel his tool shoot into me, I moved my hands to his ass and began squeezing tight. “Oh yeah!” Jeff shouted. “Keep sucking! Suck it all!” He has breathing like a marathon runner! His fingers tightening in my hair. I sucked on his cock pulling drops of cum from deep inside of him. The feeling was incredible!
      A few minutes passed and Jeff still held my head fast on his cock. I could feel his slick tool slowly softening on my tongue. I couldn’t tell him, but I didn’t want him to pull that wonderful dick from my mouth. Sadly, after another minute, Jeff let me go and slid his cock from me. He took a few steps backwards and collapsed onto my couch. His breathing was finally calming down and I could see sweat glistening all over his body. As I got up and moved over to a chair, Jeff reached over to the coffee table and lit up one of his cigars. “Hey not in here,” I said. “You know I hate the smell of those in my apartment.” “I know, but things are going to be a little different around here now,” Jeff said taking a few healthy puffs. “What’s that mean?” Jeff smiled. “Well for starters. Any time you get the urge to brag about getting laid or feel the desire to put me down in front of the guys, just remember that you sucked my cock. It was a fair bet and I can tell anyone I want.” I was shocked! This was not what I needed the other guys to know. But before I could voice my concerns he continued. “Don’t worry though, I won’t.” He leaned back and blew out a long breath of smoke. “But any time I want, you’re going to be sucking on my cock.” His free hand reached down and adjusted his spent tool. Surprisingly this didn’t offend me as much as it would have merely an hour earlier. “I thought this was a one time bet?” Jeff smiled. “Well it was. But damn, Mitch. You suck a great dick! I’d be stupid not to keep this going. Besides, I don’t have to worry about going out and getting a girlfriend anytime soon. Plus, I won’t feel like a loser the next time you brag to me. You can go and get all the pussy you want, go have your dick sucked by as many girls as you can. But when we hang out I’ll always know that you’re the one who’s on his knees worshipping my cock!” Jeff looked triumphantly towards the ceiling and rolled the cigar around in his mouth savoring the taste. "As a matter of fact," he said as he adjusted his cock, "I think I'm ready for another one...right now." Yes, I thought, it sure looked like things were going to be different. I moved forward, opened my mouth, and took Jeff's spent but growing hard dick into me. I could still taste his last load covering the shaft but as I looked his balls were already tightening up, preparing the next delivery. Our bet was over...but things were going to be moving along faster than I could have prepared myself. TO BE CONTINUED...

    • By hotdarwinguy
      Hi guys
      I am thinking of coming to Sydney to celebrate my 50th birthday, Neg n willing to give anything a go. U only live once,
      Any ideas?

    • By Hotload84
      It was a Tuesday at Clubhouse II.  They call it leather night, although I didn't see very many men wearing leather.  This time my room was in the back hall corner.  I started by popping a couple Xanax and having a stiff drink, just to loosen up.  The first guy came over from the room next to mine.  He sucked my cock and licked my asshole a bit.  Then I sucked him, finding his cock to be somewhat small.  Now, my cock is only about six and one-half inches, but I need my tops to be seven inches or more.  If a cock is six and one-half inches and REEEAAAAL thick I might the top fuck me, but this guy didn’t measure-up, so I gave him the 'just got here' routine.  Yeah, I know it was bad form.  Guess I need to be punished.
      I opened my door and lay on my stomach on the bed, with my ass facing the door, a pillow under my crotch.  I have been successful with this position in earlier visits to the bathhouse, and hoped I would again.  Bingo - it worked again.
      The first guy was kinda chubby, but I didn't care if a top was a bit overweight - if only 'cause I'm not perfect, but this guy was more than a couple pounds.  Still, I was so horny by this time I let him try to pry open my tight hole.  After he got his cock in I realized that his cock didn't look as big because his belly was hiding a little bit of his cock.  He felt about seven inches and THICK!  He fucked me on my knees for ten minutes or so, all the time making virtually no noise, while I spurred him on saying "C,mon, fill my asshole with your hot cum...fuck my hole and seed me."
      Thinking he was not gonna seed me, I was getting ready to boot him out, but as I tried to pull off his cock he grabbed my hips exclaiming "Fuck no!" He started to fuck me fast and I could feel his cock get thicker...slam!  He blew a huge fuckin’ load in my hole.  As he slipped his cock out, I felt my now-loosened hole with my fingers and felt gobs of cum oozing out.  Now I was getting warmed up.
      After a good fuck I usually have a drink, so, having brought a bottle of rum and a bottle of coke, I made myself a drink and down it.  I've found a drink or two keep me flying since I don't use narcotics.  Part of me wouldn't mind if a sneaky top slid me something to make me a total whore, but with my job I cannot do drugs.  Anyway, I opened the door again and as soon as I put my asshole in the air, two big fingers began feeling me up.  Damn, it was hot.  The guy climbed up on the bed and inserted his thick eight-inch cock in my ass, fucking me as if he hadn't had a piece in months.
      A few minutes into the fuck, a beautiful thick six-inch or so cock appeared in front of my face.  Of course I obliged by swallowing his pole.  After few minutes or so, all the while being pounded, the guy I was blowing asked "Where do you want it?"
      Well, I had made up my mind that night I was going all out and getting as much come as I could. Shit, I had driven two hours from Ft. Myers to Ft. Lauderdale, a trip I hated to make, so I had to make the most of the effort.  I looked up at the guy and answered "Shoot in my mouth, man.”
      He stuck the head back in my open mouth and unloaded a huge wad of cum, which I savored for a minute with my tongue, but I had to swallow or risk losing some, as my mouth was full of his salty spunk. About the same time, the guy in my ass shot his load in my hole.  He kept pumping, but I wiggled-out, saying I needed to hit the john.  He looked disappointed, so I told him I'd be back shortly.
      I returned to my room, took my usual ass-in-the-air position, and, within a few I felt a hand on my ass.  I reached back to do my usual sneak-preview, only to realize he had already removed his towel, and was standing there stark naked with a nice big, eight and one-half inch hard on.  He moved around, and offered me the opportunity to blow him.  It was beautiful, uncut and Latino, and he was very receptive to my efforts - the precum was flowing and his balls beginning their ascent. Fortunately, he wanted more than a blow job, because, without the necessity that I take the lead, he quickly enough moved to the foot of the bed, and eased his thick cock in my ass until it was filled my guts. That's it.  That's when I know that I am giving myself to my top.  I will NEVER say pull out.  My ass is yours to fuck and fill.  Give me that white hot salty sperm...that is reason for being.  That is why I am here...in this sleazy bathhouse getting fucked bareback by whoever wants to seed and breed me.  I am not going to look at your face.  I don't want to. I am a slave to your cock.
      So the Latino guy fucked me, pulling out to ask "Where do you want my load?"
      “Wherever you want to put it baby.”
      He walked up next to me and beat his cock off in front of my mouth, teasing me.  Damn I wanted his load. I extended my tongue and let him rest his swollen purple cock head there while he stroked his thick shaft.  About this time I felt another cock entering my ass.  I was in pig-slut- bottom-heaven.  The Latino, meanwhile, grunted and shot his load.  He didn't shove his cock in my mouth, but rather held it an inch or so away.  He must have had a couple of days’ worth built-up in his balls, because the cum shot right into my mouth.  The thought also flashed-through my mind that he was probably poz, and did not want to blow a toxic load up an anonymous ass.  Whatever the case, I grabbed his ass and pulled that big, uncut, spasming cock into my mouth and swallowed all of his cum.
      Meanwhile the guy in my ass was so turned on he in turn, blew his load, filling my asshole with his cum.  He must have gotten his load on the far side of my sphincter because when he pulled out, it felt like there was still a cock real deep in there.  That was hot.  He kissed my ass cheek and walked out, to be followed by the Latino.
      I kept hitting the poppers and figured somebody would want to use my cummy asshole.  To attract visitors, I did one of my ass-tricks.  While kneeling, I bent over and peaked between my thighs, looking for guys checking-out my ass.  Then I can pucker my hole, moan or generally signal my interest.  Whatever it takes to get that cock in my room and in my asshole.
      Sure enough the next guy who entered my room stepped through the doorway by way of introduction saying simply "Nice ass," as he rubbed and probed my hole.  He smelled of cologne and booze.  I got the impression he had just left a bar and came by the bathhouse because he was horny.   I got off the bed and, kneeling on the floor, took his cock in my mouth.  It was about seven inches or so, average thickness, but a big round head.  I guess he was probably 25 or so.  I think he was tweaked a little because when I got back on the mattress on my knees, he sunk his cock into my hole and started moaning.  A little bit weird, but hey, he was hard, and that was all that I was concerned about. T hen another guy came in, somewhat older from the looks of it, dropped his towel, and presented a beautiful eight inch cock for me to suck.  That's the best part of sex: the first sight of a nice thick piece of meat, the first salty taste of precum, and the knowledge he may well end-up blowing his load in your hole.  Damn!  I started to suck the eight-inch cock, while the younger guy kept moaning and fucking my hole; soon enough, the younger guy asked if I wanted his load, to which I replied “yeah.”
      He promptly flooded my intestines with his big load of sperm.  Commenting I was a great fuck, he pulled out only to have the eight-inch cock take his place and begin the process all over.  About then, another cock presented itself for my attention.  As I began to blow it, I saw in the mirror two shadowy guys standing in the doorway, rubbing of the men massaging his cock through his towel. The thought 'fresh meat' crossed my mind as I turned my attentions to the task-at- hand.

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