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Pride Week Hosting in Parked RV

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 Friday and Saturday July 13, 14. I will have my RV parked in Hillcrest and taking on all loads. Message me for details and my phone number. Bug gifters are preferred. Hole punishers too. Slam/twirl friendly



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Sounds fucking hot, stud!  Hope you get your hole flooded!

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    • By blkoraltm
      Atlanta is gonna be home to me sooner rather than later. The number of loads I took during  Atlanta Pride Weekend was amazing.  It's rare for a Black Bear Bottom to leave a sex party with a sore hole, more often or not I am expected to top; limp dick or not. Not Atlanta and not at Manifest.  I got 3 loads on Friday,  from the same guy. And Saturday I lost count; my only issue is the best stroke of the night insisted on a condom. With a cock as big as his and as rare as it is for me to get fucked; I had to allow him up my generally latex free hole. I enjoyed him as well as the 8 others that fucked me, some more than others. 
      But I will be back probably for a Cumunion event.  
    • By LthrCubCumPig
      DC Pride is this weekend June 8th through 10th. Wondering who else is going and which bars/clubs/baths you plan to visit. I'm gonna hit the Eagle Friday night for Fetish night. The jockstrap party at Green Lantern on Saturday night and around 11 or 12 I'm heading to Crew Club (bathhouse). Gonna take as much cock and cum as I can get. If any of you see me there you don't have to ask first, just feel free to slide into my hole and unload. Staying in a hotel in Arlington. 

    • By Pigtronic
      Anyone for pride in GC This year... Taking a sun who I want to be left flooded with spunk inside him... Also.plays well with others. 
    • By blkoraltm
      Black Bear Bottom looking to plan a trip to Amsterdam for Pride. Any ideas of the best parties to take a few loads? 

    • Guest BS97
      By Guest BS97
      The CU Pride and Parade will happen this year September 15-17. September 15th will feature a kick off party at C-Street and other activities in Downtown Champaign. The Family Area & Vendor Zone with pop up performances will happen on September 16th from 12PM-6PM with CU's Pride Parade at 4PM.  Come play!

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