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I'm going to be in the Reading area mid march... Very much up for a breeding.. or breedings!

 Am vers bttm and open minded.... 

Let me know if u are up for it!

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On 3/2/2019 at 5:18 AM, Bwatch said:

I'm going to be in the Reading area mid march... Very much up for a breeding.. or breedings!

 Am vers bttm and open minded.... 

Let me know if u are up for it!

What dates? 

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    • By mjkuhl
      Ah, so Topher is becoming a regular with Treasure Island, filming in Britain a group action.  How long before the STUD bottoms?
    • By Bottomminded
      How it started
      It started innocently enough. Well, a recon date to meet for fisting may not be everyone's idea of innocence, but it was really a quite not-very-kinky date. I was 39, quite normal guy called Simon. Out of the closet at work, but not out as a guy that liked to get fist deep into his ass quite regularly. Anyway, the guy seemed very nice: A couple years older than me, recently out of a relationship and keen on trying out fisting. He had only tried it once before, but was determined to try it again. He was a safe sex guy only which I also insisted on. I hadn't really been bare backed since years and recently tested this was how I preferred it.

      After a quite lengthy period of chatting, we agreed to meet at my place. I cleaned out well and was ready when he entered. He introduced himself as David. He had a great smile and soon also introduced me to a nice 15 cm uncut cock. David urged me to suck him. He made me suck it deep and holding the back of my head ensuring I understood my task was to please him. I did my best and loved feeling his nice cock deep in my mouth. I was rock hard. After a while he seemed satisfied and withdrew. While I recovered he wrapped up and proceeded to fuck me. First he wanted me on my back, looking me deep in the eyes while adding just a bit of lube before entering me. It hurt but soon I enjoyed it. He increased the speed and turned me around. Twisting my nipples while fucking me, he ensured I was very horny and wanted him deeper. It wasn't a merciless fuck, but very determined. He was pounding me intense and hard and was clearly more focused on his own pleasure than mine. Well, suited me well, I took a sniff of my poppers and wanked slowly. He withdrew, grabbed a black glove and fist lube and I lay down on my back with poppers within reach. The first time with a new guy I am always anxious. How is he? Soon I felt his first finger in my hole, and he soon stretched open with two and three finger. I relaxed and knew I could take more with a little help of poppers. He added another finger, and soon tried to push he entire fist. It felt huge, but I loved the feeling and soon he was inside me. And my anxiousness was replaced by pleasure. I knew this one was a good fister. Sure, he was as determined as a fister as a fucker, but he had a certain way of doing it that I immediately loved. I got super horny and as always I my inner slut is released as soon as I got a fist inside me. I really only wanting to feel it deep, feel the fist fuck me and to cum. David didn't allow me to shoot, and after a while he took out his hand and kissed me. Suddenly he showed tenderness that I knew was sincere and from then one I not only liked, but also trusted him.

      The reason for withdrawing was that he wanted to fuck me again. David made sure I was kneeling doggy in front of him and fucked me again. Can you feel my dick he teased? I ensured him I could. He smacked my buttocks a couple of times and I felt him increase his phase. Hard and deep he fucked me and soon I knew he was close and he came with a small cry that soon changed to a big smile. He turned me around again, handed me the poppers and I felt his fist against my hole. Soon I was urging him to fist me harder as I wanked myself to a big and intense orgasm. We were both happy.

      Over the next weeks we chatted more, but never managed to meet up and one day his Recon profile was gone. I was disappointed, but what could I do? It was never less a nice memory.

      Two years later
      Two years later I suddenly got a message on Recon from David again. Back after another relationship and breakup, he was ready for new adventures. We started to chat regularly again. His profile was still safe sex only, but now noted that he was chems friendly. I had never tried chems and told him that I was not interested. He said he thought I would enjoy it, but that it as of course up to me. We discovered was that we both really liked cuddling. That surprised him. He had thought I was a just sex only guy, preferring only rather rough fist dates. 

      It proved difficult to find time to meet, but eventually we had a new date. Pretty much like the first one, I was once again enjoying sucking his nice cock before he fucked me just as rough as I like it and fisted me with determination and surprising skill. I teased him he was a natural talent as he claimed he hadn't fisted anyone since he first met me. After we had both shot our loads, we chatted, cuddled and had a nice time.

      From then on we started to chat online even more often. He called me his little slut and told me how much he loved to fuck and fist me. Like me he was very much the boy next door guy, but revealed his interest in leather. He was very happy then I told him that although not much into the leather scene I still owned leather boots and pants. Having sex with me in that outfit was definitely something he wanted.

      David told me he wanted to try out new things with me and again said we should try chems together. It made me horny to ask him to specify his fantasies. He told me he would love to try to pee in my ass or on my face, cum on my face and bareback me. I made me extremely horny to hear all of this. I said I would like to try most things, but no bare backing. Condoms only when fucking and no cum even in my mouth. However, I started to wonder how it would be to be fucked and fisted while on chems. I read some stories on breedingzone about guy being chemmed up and I realised it was a big turn on to imagine myself as slightly dizzy fucktoy.

      A chemmed up date
      I finally agreed to try e with him on our next date. He was very careful to underline this was up to me, and that he didn't want to force me. Anyway, I decided, I am more than 40 now and I should try it at least once.

      We agreed to meet on evening. As usual I cleaned out thoroughly and on his request I dressed up in my leather stuff and was ready when he knocked on my door. He kissed me passionately before handing me the e and some water and I swallow dutifully. He took one himself. Continuing to kiss me, he lifted my black t-shirt, found my nipples and pulled them just as I like it. I was instantly horny and soon I also felt a sudden rush. I understood the e was hitting. I loved the feeling immediately. We kissed while he was feeling my hard dick through the leather pants. My head was spinning for horniness and soon all I wanted was to suck him and make him happy. I urged him to give me his cock. He pushed me down on my knees, opened his jeans and pushed my head against his underwear. They had a slight smell of piss that made me even hornier. He continued to pull my nipples and I released his cock. I took his 15 cm in my mouth. I couldn't get it deep enough and he said I was a good slut.

      After a while he lead me to my bed, pushed me down with my ass pointing towards him and gave me some spanks. David opened my leather pants, and pushed them down and exposed my ass. He spanked it again and wanked himself back to a full erection. Putting on a condom and lubing my hole with an experienced move, he didn’t take the time to open me with a finger. He simply pushed in. Not extremely brutal, but not very concerned about me either. I cried out, more of surprise than pain although it was a bit painful. I was still a bit dizzy from the e and enjoyed the feeling of him entering me, fucking me and controlling me and using me. “I will take care of you” he said. “I love you. Just relax”. I did.

      After being satisfied by his initial fuck, he turned to fisting. He opened me quite gently while I added poppers to my chemmed-up state to ensure I could take his fist. David pushed in, I screamed in pain and pleasure and he said: just scream out, it turns me on. It wasn't a cruel statement, just an observation. He continued to fist me, kissing me, spanking me and then fucking me again. I was in heaven.

      “Do you still feel the e?” he asked. I realized it had subdued and I said "not so much". “Take some water and I will give you one more” he said. He did, and after a while I felt the intense feeling returning. He sensed I was ready for more and he fisted me again, soon punching me. Alternating between his left and right arm, my hole was punched again and again. It was so intense and so good. I didn't have the usual urge to shoot a load, it was more that I just wanted it to continue. He took some breaks and we cuddled, before he fisted me more. My as was more open than ever before and it felt amazing. We cuddled and I was in a very dreamy state. We were spooning up and I felt his hardening cock against my back. I played with it until it was again fully erect. The condom had fallen off when he had been soft so he was not wrapped up. Suddenly I felt him pushing himself against my open hole. I was still dizzy and not able to resist. He pushed in and said "can you feel my cock? I am barebacking you baby. Doesn’t it feel great? Don't you love it slut?" And I realised I really enjoyed it. Not only did it feel much closer and intimate but it was also the feeling of doing something very naughty. He started to fuck me more intensely and soon I knew he would shoot. I didn't try to avoid it. I just enjoyed feeling him shooting his load in my ass. It was so great and we kissed and cuddled as his cock softened. Still being very horny, I felt his cock slip out and suddenly I just knew I had to suck him. I took his beautiful cock in my mouth again, it tasted lube, assjuice and cum and I sucked it while wanking myself. I shot a big load and was totally exhausted, but very happy. I felt his cum dribble out of my ass and I smiled at him while fingering myself and licking his cum of my fingers.
      I knew I would be willing to far with this guy.
    • By BeardChaser
      I had moved to a new city about 6 months ago and moved into an apartment with a guy who advertised his spare room on roommates.com. Like me, he was gay, single and had a busy work schedule, so we didn’t see too much of each other around the apartment. His name was Eddie, he was 28 years old, and he was about 5”11, Latino and muscled from a combination of his job as a tradesman and working out at the gym. Both his arms were covered in some of the most beautiful, intricate tattoo sleeves I had ever seen. Also, I was pretty sure he was poz, as I saw some of his medications lying around in the shared bathroom a few times. However, I didn’t give this much thought, as shortly after arriving in my new city I got a boyfriend, and we entered into an intense relationship.
      I had really loved my boyfriend, Rob, but after about 6 months of dating and practically living together at my place, Rob suddenly broke up with me. With no other explanation other than that “things weren’t fun any more” he packed up his belongings that were at my place, and left.
      I was devastated, as even though we had only been together a short time, I had genuinely thought that Rob and I would be together for ever.
      Late the next morning after Rob had left, I finally left my room. Wearing just the jockstrap (which is all I usually sleep in), I walked to the kitchen, where Eddie was standing at the sink, washing some dishes, and I headed straight to the freezer, took out a tub of ice cream, grabbed a clean spoon and started eating.
      ”Hey man! What the fuck do you think you’re doing? That’s my ice cream!” Eddie cried
      ”Look, I’m sorry man, I’ve had a bad day...” I started to reply
      ”You always do this, dude! You take my food without asking, you don’t help with the washing up, and you’re practically naked!”
      I found this a bit rich, as Eddie wasn’t wearing much more than me - he had on very tight briefs and a singlet.
      “And I’ll work on that...” I started, but Eddie was on a roll.
      ”And to top it all off, Rob is over here ALL the time, I should charge him rent too”
      ”Well, about that, Rob broke up with me last night, so that’s one problem sorted”
      ”Oh shit, I’m so sorry Joe! I didn’t realise,” Eddie’s tone of voice changed to sympathy, and he grabbed me in a hug.
      ”I honestly thought we were going to be together forever,” I said dejectedly, as his arms gave me a squeeze, my head on his shoulders and my arms reciprocating his hug. “And he hasn’t given any reason, other than that ‘things weren’t fun anymore’!”
      ”The guy was a cunt anyway,” Eddie said. “He hit on me a few times when he was over here and you were out, but I didn’t want to say anything”
      ”Oh man!” I cried out. Eddie’s hug intensified, and as it did, I felt his hands slowly work their way down my back, until they were over my ass cheeks, where he gave a little grab.
      ”Dude! I JUST broke up with my boyfriend!” I said, though I didn’t break the hug.
      ”The best way to get over a guy, is to get under another...” he said, looking at me intensely.
      I returned his look. Eddie was so handsome, I couldn’t help myself, and if I was honest, I had always had a bit of a crush on him. I leaned in to kiss him at the same time as he leaned in. Our lips found each other’s, and we started to explore each other’s mouths. With increasing intensity, we probed each other’s mouths with our tongues, barely coming up for air between each long, deep kiss. We became more and more animated, until I was pushed back into the fridge, which we used to steady ourselves as we made out more. After a few minutes, we broke apart, and I ripped his singlet off him, pulling it over his head, fully revealing his barely covered torso, and only just now noticed that his left nipple had a barbell sticking through it. My mouth immediately went for it, and I latched on to his nipple, sucking it and licking it, while he moaned in pleasure. My left hand moved to his other nipple and started playing with it, my attention to them making them become erect.
      I broke away from his nipple to kiss him again, and he moved down to my neck, kissing it and biting it a little - I knew I would have hickies to explain when I went back to work on Monday. Fuck! This was hot! I wondered why we had never done this before, and then my new hatred of Rob intensified as I realised that the time I’d spent with him had potentially stopped me from having fun with Eddie.
      After a few more minutes of exploring each other’s bodies I knew I had to have Eddie’s cock in my mouth. I reached down to his briefs and pulled them down, revealing a beautiful, hard cock that was 8” long and nicely thick, so that I could just get may hand fully around it. At the same time, I pulled down my jockstrap, releasing my own straining cock. Both our cocks were liberally leaking precum. I couldn’t waste any more time, and got on my knees and started to suck his dick. Starting by licking around the big head, and sucking up all of the delicious precum, I started taking his cock into my mouth. Taking my time, I worked his cock into my mouth, gagging a little, but determined to take it all the way so that his pubes and my goatee met.
      ”Fuuuuuuuuck...!” He moaned. “That’s fucking hot, man! I can’t believe you managed to get all the way down in one go - not many guys can do that”
      i just moaned in response, my mouth being full of his juicy, thick cock.
      I started to move his cock in and out of my mouth, taking in air through my nose every time just his cockhead was in my mouth, before going back to deepthroat him. I was (justifiably) proud of my blowjob skills, and I wanted to give Eddie the full benefit of them.
      It wasn’t long before he started matching the rhythm of my moving in and out, until he was just straight up face fucking me as he held his hands behind my head to keep me in place. I loved every second of it, and reached down to my own cock, to feel the enormous erection I was sporting, and feeling the constant stream of precum that was leaking from my slit. I started to slowly jerk myself as he face fucked me, until he abruptly pulled out.
      ”Fuck man, I’m going to cum if we keep this up, but I really want to fuck you properly”
      ”Let’s go to your room then, and do this properly,” I said, standing up, and playing with his nipples as I did so.
      I playfully grabbed the nipple with the piercing in it and started to lead him to his room. He had no choice but to follow me! When we reached his room, I turned around to face him, started kissing him and fell backwards onto his bed, bringing him with me, so that he fell on top of me. I drew my legs up to encircle him.
      ”I want you inside of me” I whispered into his ear. “I want you to fuck me, and I want you to cum inside of me. I’ve never been fucked raw, and I want to feel it. I want you to be the first”
      ”Joe, you know I’m poz though, don’t you?”
      ”Yeah, but you’re on meds, though, right? You can’t pass it on if you’re undetectable”
      ”You don’t understand, I’m on a medication break at the moment. The meds were interfering with my liver function a bit, so the doctor took me off them about two months ago, so I’m going to be toxic right now”
      This gave me pause for thought, but only for a second.
      ”I don’t care. If I poz, I poz, and I can’t think of a better person to gift it to me than you. All I know is that right now I need you to fuck me, and I need you to cum inside of me”
      ”You sure?”
      ”I’ve never been more sure of anything in my life”
      ”Then let’s do this properly”
      With that, Eddie went down on me, licking and probing my ass hole with his tongue. He got it wet, and gave me sensations I had never felt from someone eating my ass before. I could feel it puckering up in pleasure with each lick and slight nibble, and then he started pushing his tongue into my hole which sent me wild!
      ”Oh fuck! Don’t stop! That  feels so good!” I screamed.
      He kept going, getting deeper and deeper with each probe of his tongue. I was in heaven! But suddenly he pulled out, leaving me feel empty. However, I wasn’t empty for long as he started to replace his tongue with his middle finger, gently getting further and further in. One finger became two, as he added his index finger, and two became three as his ring finger went into my hole. He worked his fingers in and out, before finally adding in his pinkie, to make sure that my hole was loose enough to take his thick cock.
      ”All you’re getting for lube is my spit and precum,” he said as he pulled his fingers out, spat on his cock, and slowly started to push his raw cock into my hole.
      ”Oh fuck, that feels so good! Give me your poz cock!”
      ”Yeah? You want my toxic seed filling you up?” He asked, as he slowly pushed further into me.
      ””Fuck yeah, fucking poz me up! Make me your poz whore!”
      ”Oh hell yeah!” He said as with one final push, he entered me all the way, and I could feel his cockhead pushing on my second ring. “I’m going to fill you with so much fucking poz seed it’s going to be leaking down your legs for a week!”
      Now he was all the way in, he started to draw back and pound me, fucking me with all abandon, so that my head was hitting up against the wall. It was like he turned into an animal, lost in the lust of the moment, and the pleasure of pozzing up a neg hole. Holding onto my legs, so they were up in the air, he fucked and pounded me, slapping me every now and then and other times reaching down to kiss me. The sheer animal fury of it took over me as well, as I kept begging for his toxic cum, telling him to poz me up and share his gift with me. This went on for half an hour, and i don’t know where we got the stamina for it, but it was the most passionate fuck of my life.
      But after half an hour, I could feel his strokes change, and he slowed down, as he growled “I hope you’re ready to become poz because you’re fucking getting my load man!”
      Then I felt his cock spasm inside of me as he unleashed torrent after torrent of poz cum into my gut. I could feel it warming up my inside, for spurt after spurt. This had to be the biggest load of cum ever!
      ”Fuck man, give it to me! Give me your poz load!”
      At the same time, I started my own orgasm, without touching myself. My ass clamped down on Eddie’s cock, milking him for all it was worth, while my dick spewed what was possibly the last neg load I would ever produce all over my chest and face.
      When he was done, Eddie collapsed on top of me, panting and lazily kissing me on the lips. He slowly pulled out of me, his cock still, incredibly, hard. I could feel some of his cum leak out of my abused hole and onto the bed spread, despite my trying to keep it in.
      Eddie offered his cock to me, and I noticed a slight pink tinge to the cum before I took it into my mouth to clean off.
      ”Fuck, that was incredible!” I said once I had licked off the last of the cum from his dick.
      ”I’m glad you enjoyed it, but we aren’t done yet” Eddie said with a smirk. “I need to make sure my gift takes hold...”
      And for the rest of the weekend we fucked like rabbits. I must have taken at least 10 loads from him that weekend, and we must have fucked on every surface in the apartment. After that, I never bothered sleeping in my room again, as Eddie and I started dating properly. And six weeks after that initial fuck, I came down with a pretty bad ‘flu. Looks like I got what I wanted...
    • By seriusuk
      I was at a bit of a loose end towards the end of last week so I messaged a guy on fabguys and asked if i wanted to come over and fuck me.
      He was keen so 45mins later he arrived at my door. He came in and we chatted briefly, then stripped off. We kissed and caressed each other for a while then i knelt on the bed and passed him some lube. He didn't ask about condoms and I didn't bring up the subject. He lubed his cock and my ass and I soon felt him against my hole. I love the feel as a cock head slowly stretches your ass then suddenly slides in. He was a good size and began fucking me with long slow thrusts. I was moaning softly each time he filled me with the whole length of his cock. He carried on slowly for about 5 mins then started to speed up. He said "where do you want me to cum", i replied " wherever you want." He started to fuck me much harder, holding my hands behind my back with my face buried in my pillow. He build up the pace and suddenly I felt him ejaculating deep inside me, he gave a few more deep thrusts then lay on me, his cock twitching deep in my ass.
      We lay together for a while, then he quietly got up, dressed and thanked me and left. I kept his load in me for the rest of the day.
    • By BBWhoreUK
      A few weeks ago, a guy I got chatting to on KIK was telling me about his experience with dogging, I'd had no real experience with it and as I'd hit a slight dry patch (lol), I decided to take him up on his offer. I asked him about bareback only sex to which he was fine with, he told me he was unaware of his status and I explained that this was also the same for myself. At first, I was a little unsure about outdoor sex, not that I don't like the idea of it, more I just couldn't be arsed with getting caught by people who don't wish to indulge in the fun.
      We chatted for a few days and he then picked me up late on a Friday evening and we drove around 40 minutes away. Luckily for me, he was very chatty and a nice guy, made the journey much quicker! Although we pretty much just chatted about sex, it was good that the journey to getting some raw dick wasn't too dull. He told me the place was always 50/50 for whether there were many other men there.
      As we arrived and parked up, I slid my jeans off and climbed into the back of his car, lubing my tight little hole up ready for him. He didn't waste any time, spitting on his dick and teasing my pussy straight away. I pulled him in closer and felt him push deep inside me. As he picked up speed and began to get more forceful whilst pounding me, I was a little more conscious of the car moving. Somebody tapped on the window and asked I he could have next, this filled me with such lust for cum, I begged the my current man to fill me deep with his seed, which he obliged with and shot deep into me.
      As he pulled out, he got into the driver seat and unlocked the car as the other man got into the back, undone his trousers and very roughly rammed his dick into me. He was very rough, with some light choking, slapping and really squeezing my dick and balls. It felt like he'd been starved of sex for years and was now using me as his personal sex toy. He didn't last long and came inside me within minutes. He got out the car and wandered off. I lay there, waiting for my next guy, but unfortunately there were no more offers, despite the 2 of us waiting some time.
      Before we left, the guy who brought me to this lovely little secluded area climbed into the back seat, I rode him like I was his wife, milking his cock dry of every last drop to get his babies inside me. We drove back and chatted a little more. It was at this point he told me about his girlfriend, how she was dull in bed and didn't do anal etc. I hope she enjoyed sucking his cock after it had been in my arse 😈

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