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Ass to Mouth?

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Guest thejustin
8 minutes ago, gangbangsuperstar said:

i was trained that its a cumdumps duty to clean cocks off with my mouth after theyre finished fucking their load into me

You would be correct about that. 

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ATM is every faggots dream , I love cleannningvany top that fucks me l can't wait to get him clean so he goes back in me or has another top use me . Then I will if he wishes clean his cock too. I'm such a faggot whore.

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Guest nastypozhole

I love to suck a cock that's been fucking my hole, especially since there is almost always cum up inside there already!  The cum whips up like butter from the cock pistoning in and out and is wonderful to taste...and since it is also poz cum it is ab even better thrill

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Guest SEPaBBGuy

I would always like to be clean before fucking. But, I have wondered what it be like to be caught off guard, fucked, and made to clean his cock, during or after he finished fucking me.

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I only top for fucking, but I love sharing a bottom with another top. As part of that, I love to push another guy's cock into a bottom we're sharing and I will always do a2m with him cock - take his cock out, suck the cock, lick the bottom's hole then push his cock back in - and repeat! Love doing this in cruising clubs with multiple other tops. After doing this, my favourite thing is to then tongue kiss the other top(s) before fucking the bottom myself.

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