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  1. Any other tops up for loading a slutty bottom this Thursday 28th at the heath? Send me a message if you’re interested.
  2. Yes, Thursday 28th. I'll be loading him - can send me a message or contact him direct
  3. Group fuck at the heath next Thursday. Cumdump slut wants to beat his record of 9 loads. Anyone wanna join me - he'll take any load. Contact him direct if you're a top and serious to join. His number is 07712473906
  4. I love to watch others playing and fucking. I’m top only for fucking and love sliding my cock in a freshly cummed in hole. At sex parties I’ll get friendly with a bottom, maybe in a sling, and watch him get fucked by multiple guys. I’ll fuck him in between each one hoping they deposited their load. The cummier and sloppier his hole gets the more I get turned on. I also encourage other guys to fuck him. I’d love to meet a partner where this could happen between us - maybe full partner is too much to hope for, but at least a fuckbuddy on the same wavelength. I remember the first time I fucked a guy and during the session pulled out my cock from his hole and saw some other guy’s congealed cum on my dick. I asked him if he’d been fucked earlier and he said he’d had 3 guys cum up him during the night before our meet in the morning. I was the most turned on I’d ever felt and knew this was a major turn on for me forever more!
  5. Thanks for the follow Mr Oink

  6. Let me know your wickr and I'll try and create a group
  7. What are your wickr names and I'll get it started
  8. I have a regular fit bottom guy who I would like to start inviting other tops round to use him with me. Anyone interested?
  9. One of my favourite things if sharing a bottom with one or more tops. However, whenever I chat online, I usually end up chatting to bottoms as I'm looking for somewhere to put my cock. This means not only do I not get the horny sharing experience, but if it's a genuinely slutty bottom, he doesn't get multiple cocks and loads either. Any other tops up for joining a Wickr group to arrange shared breedings?
  10. Definitely prefer bottoms to take it up their arse - my favourite thing is finding a bottom already loaded with cum which I can use as lube. I always then want to leave my load in the bottom's hole and hope another top finds it as horny as I do. Finding cum in a bottom's hole makes me know he lets anyone fuck him and I know he's the bottom for me.
  11. I only top for fucking, but I love sharing a bottom with another top. As part of that, I love to push another guy's cock into a bottom we're sharing and I will always do a2m with him cock - take his cock out, suck the cock, lick the bottom's hole then push his cock back in - and repeat! Love doing this in cruising clubs with multiple other tops. After doing this, my favourite thing is to then tongue kiss the other top(s) before fucking the bottom myself.
  12. I have many experiences of piss-fucking, but two stick in my mind... First one was in a now-closed cottage through a gloryhole. I put my cock through and the guy started sucking me off. He then grabbed my cock tightly and swiflty turned himself around and put it up his arse bare - as if he was trying to trick me into fucking him raw (no need for that - I'd do it gladly!). Started fucking him, but felt the urge to piss and started filling him up. He took a bit, but then took my cock out - clearly he didn't want it! Carried on pissing through the hole. Second memory was in a cruise club in Amsterdam. One guy was bent over with a few guys gathered around, including myself, taking it in turns to fuck him. One guy seemed to pause and I realised he was pissing inside the bottom. When he pulled out, I could hear and see some piss coming out and quickly moved into position to plug the hole and proceeded to have one of the sloppiest fucks of my life - I told him to keep pushing it out and I got covered in the piss as I was fucking his loose hole. Both of those memories still turn me on, but have done it many times and if I've had enough water, can piss during fucking (don't need to wait until after cumming) - so if you want me to load you, get in touch.
  13. I'll be at SOP on Sunday afternoon too... see you there

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