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    Colorado Springs, Colorado
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    fucking, sucking, porn, and all things poz. interested in the impact of porn on changing moral rules, or eliminating them.
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    Been bottoming bareback since I was 9. I've had casual sex all over the world. I retired at 59 to focus fully on getting as much cock and cum as I can. Usually get 2 to 3 loads a day. I try to find as many poz tops as I can, but still waiting to convert.
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    Some homemade stuff on pornhub bj1069
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    casual raw sex. bdsm, watersports, and pretty much anything else, as long as I get loads in my as. Not looking for ltr, but repeats are welcme.

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  1. I have a bench with arm, leg, and torso restraints,and and adjustable horseshoe pillow for the face. You can't move, you can't see, but tops have full access to both holes. I keep a variety of floggers and paddles on a rack next to the bench. Heaven, pure heaven.
  2. I have several videos of me being bred. Nothing fake. Every week last year I hosted a porn party at a hotel. Can't mention the key themes outside the backroom. You can find them at www.pornhub.com/users/bj1069. They"re all free to watch or download. Feel free to share or repost.
  3. I don't take it. It has side effects I don't need. If I get the bug, I'll take the meds, likely the same thing they use for PreP. Once the meds reach their levels, I'll be just as undetectable as the negative guy who's consumed a toxic substance every day for a decade. My doc gets pissed every time I see him. It's not nearly as cut and dried as people let on.
  4. I never shave. I had whole body laser hair removal
  5. My proudest moment was spending 4 hours in the sling at cumunion Denver in September. According to a friend's count, I took 37 loads, all while blindfolded.
  6. I don't mind getting felched as long as the felcher is willing to snowball.
  7. If you think you have STDs, get tested and treated. I agree that you were naïve. If you're partying and barebacking, you should have expected to get infected. It's not on those "wrong" guys. Guys lie, but most simply don't know. If you took a load from anyone and didn't operate on the assumption that that load exposed you to all possible STIs, the wrong guy you hung out with is you.
  8. There is no telling when, or if, you will convert after stopping prep. I' ve been barebacking longer than most members here have been alive. I have random anonymous sex pretty much every day. At the monthly Cumunion party, I take all the loads I can--average about 10, but has been as many as 40. I've never caught anything. But one of my housemates started barebacking a few months ago. He tested positive for the whole sti panel as well as HIV last month. You never know. FWIW, I don't see PrEP as a great benefit for anyone except partners of those taking it and the manufacturer. For those taking it, you get the same side effects as someone using the same medication for treatment. But you get them sooner. I can get PrEP for free, but I choose not to. Barebacking without stress and being a cumdump is not difficult if you do the math. Which is worth more to you? Enjoying sex as often and as much as possible, or ingesting pharmaceuticals that may protect you from one of the nearly infinite possible causes of death by exposing you to at least 1 more, or abstinence. For me, it's simple. I'm a slut and not being so would bother me more than becoming a poz slut.
  9. Not really tricky for me. Whichever of the 3 could maintain control would decide. Nothing for me to have any input about. I don't decide if there are tops present.
  10. Sure. It's on pornhub. Username is bj1069. You can just google "bj1069 slut" and get lots of links to my videos.
  11. I think it's internal to many of us. I would feel extremely guilty at the thought of saying no to anyone who wanted to fuck me. Occasionally someone who has fucked me will give my address to a friend. If they show up, they fuck me, no questions asked. I recently got fucked in public by a top who recognized me from my profile pic. He simply took me to the side of a building, bent me over the steps, pulled down my pants and fucked me. By the time he came in me, two more guys had stopped. He told them for $25 apiece they could fuck me. He collected the money, they fucked me, and he pocketed the cash and left. IMO he was completely within his rights. I'm a set of holes. Holes that exist to be used. I don't choose. It's not in my nature.
  12. I've been making and posting vids for just over a year. I want to make some better quality stuff. all tops. are welcome. Will be doing creampies, ws, gangbang, bdsm, pnp, interracial, and themes I cat mention here cause I don't want to be suspended again. No pay, but lots of exposure.

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