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    Colorado Springs, Colorado
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    fucking, sucking, porn, and all things poz. interested in the impact of porn on changing moral rules, or eliminating them.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Been bottoming bareback since I was 9. I've had casual sex all over the world. I retired at 59 to focus fully on getting as much cock and cum as I can. Usually get 2 to 3 loads a day. I try to find as many poz tops as I can, but still waiting to convert.
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    Some homemade stuff on pornhub bj1069
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    casual raw sex. bdsm, watersports, and pretty much anything else, as long as I get loads in my as. Not looking for ltr, but repeats are welcme.

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  1. I don't associate with people who dont bareback
  2. I take all loads without regard to status. I usually solicit tricks that I know are poz. After that, I accept any load at all. I try to get at least 3 loads a day. In addition, I try to fuck a couple bottoms a day.
  3. There are lots of poz tops in porn. In my videos on Pornhub, all tops are poz.
  4. I always do ass to mouth, regardless of which ass the cock was in. Both of my holes belong to any top who chooses to use them. I have no right to say no. I only exist to serve cocks in any way they choose.
  5. If I didn't get fucked by younger guys, I wouldn't get fucked much at all. Luckily, I'm able to get a couple of loads most days, and more on the weekend.
  6. Both. I want FBs but I also want the random guys from the park, the men's room, the bathhouse or the bar. More cum is always better.
  7. I have a bench with arm, leg, and torso restraints,and and adjustable horseshoe pillow for the face. You can't move, you can't see, but tops have full access to both holes. I keep a variety of floggers and paddles on a rack next to the bench. Heaven, pure heaven.
  8. I have several videos of me being bred. Nothing fake. Every week last year I hosted a porn party at a hotel. Can't mention the key themes outside the backroom. You can find them at www.pornhub.com/users/bj1069. They"re all free to watch or download. Feel free to share or repost.
  9. As is the subway station by Citi Field.
  10. I don't take it. It has side effects I don't need. If I get the bug, I'll take the meds, likely the same thing they use for PreP. Once the meds reach their levels, I'll be just as undetectable as the negative guy who's consumed a toxic substance every day for a decade. My doc gets pissed every time I see him. It's not nearly as cut and dried as people let on.
  11. I never shave. I had whole body laser hair removal

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