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    • By DirtyBruin
      This is a serial story I've been working on; it's finished through a good stopping point - but if there's enough interest, I can continue it further. There's also a side story already in the works. So - at least as far as THIS story goes, it will not be abandoned before a resolution.
      "I detest that little shit!"
      I looked at Rick, puzzled. "Who? Why?"
      "The little dude over there in the green shorts hitting on that big musclebear."
      "Why - were you planning to go after that guy yourself?"
      "Not my point. Do you remember an obnoxious condom nazi who got himself banned from the bathhouses and the sex clubs who insisted everyone call him Theo?"
      "Oh, right... wait... that's him?! I remember him being a twink that turned up his nose at anyone who wasn't shaved from nose to toes."
      "He was... then I guess he realized he was aging out of the Twink zone, dropped out of sight for a few months and reappeared with a surprisingly heavy pelt grown back, a neat little beard and telling everyone to call him "Teddy" now - and instead of other hairless "little boy" types, now he chases muscle bears - emphasis on the muscle. If you recall, my big problem with him was that he had a vicious little habit of focusing his condom-nazi bullshit on guys HE didn't think were attractive - most often chunky bears and older men - and try and get them thrown out, like he was trying to turn a bathhouse into a hall of his own personal fantasy men. Well, he's still as big a body fascist as ever - to guys like the one he's talking to he's sweet as pie; if one's a little too old, a little too pudgy or whatever ... he's one of the nastiest little queens around ... unless he's trying to impress a potential trick, of course. On top of that, he went from condom nazi to Truvada campaigner - telling everyone it was a great *backup* in case a condom broke - to quietly dropping that and turning into a major PrEP Pig. I can only guess that at some point, one of those musclebears - on being told Ted was on PrEP - just held him down, raw-fucked him cross-eyed and he realized what he'd been missing all these years."
      "Aaaah, right, all the gossip is coming back to me now... I never ran into the little fuck, he never seemed to infest the sex clubs I like."
      "That's because all the sex club owners pre-emptively banned him when the first bathhouse banned him for his condom nazi tricks. Apparently he thought those places were beneath him until he got himself banned from all the bathhouses - and by then he was unwelcome at the sex clubs too. I know the owner of the Pig Trough and apparently Ted threw quite a fit when they wouldn't let him in, and would only tell him that it was because he'd been banned from the bathhouses. It's a little strange if you're expecting them to be competitive - but the owners of all the tubs and sex pits know each other and they share info about troublemakers. Usually it's druggies, dealers or guys who don't have even a rough idea of what 'consent' is - but Ted there got under their skin. I mean, sure they want to know about some kinds of misbehavior - especially if it's someone making a mess, literal or figurative they'll have to clean up - but a tattle-tale about guys he didn't find attractive who were fucking raw wasn't anything they wanted to deal with."
      "You said he's on PrEP?" I asked, and Rick nodded back. I started to chuckle.
      "What's so funny, Max?"
      "My buddy Logan is going to be visiting in about two weeks; he recently found out his strain of the bug is extremely resistant to Truvada; since he knows I'm as big a gift-giving perv as he is, he asked if I wanted to be exposed and of course I said yes. Now, I'm not Ted's type - maybe 'muscle bear' enough, but too old for his tastes. But from what you've said and going by that dude he's been chatting up, I bet he'd be all over Logan trying to get into his pants. He's about 6'4, built, covered in silky black fur and has a shaved head and a thick black beard. Oh, and a nice thick 8" to plow his dirty seed into any hole he can."
      "And you're thinking of siccing him on Teddy to see if that nasty strain can punch through the PrEP and knock Teddy up? I love it!"
      "Yeah - Logan used to brag about 'one fuck and knocked up' because his strain was so infectious; I don't know if it still is after whatever brought in the PrEP resistance, but it's sure worth a try if we can make it happen. He hasn't got any poz ink to give it away - while he gets off on any kind of breeding, he LOVES to stealth."
      "Damn... I'm getting a chub just thinking about it. I know a few guys in Teddy's orbit who'll know about what apps he's on and stuff."
      I looked at Rick. "This sounds like it's personal for you."
      "It's not about me, if that's what you mean. I don't want to talk about it right now, though."
      I dropped the point and we went on to chat about other things, and Rick later dropped me an email with a list of Teddy's hookup app and website accounts. I read them over and then contacted Logan - who, as I predicted, LOVED the idea; not just the stealthing part, but as someone who'd fuck anyone with facial hair and could be friendly with anyone else he loved the idea of sticking it to a former condom nazi who'd targeted "unattractive" men, and who was rude to anyone he didn't want to fuck. We talked about making some judicious edits to his own profiles to optimize his appeal to Teddy - who, for example, said he wasn't into "mansmells". (I'd just have to thoroughly tongue-bathe Logan before he showered to go after the little shit.) So - a photo of his arm in a bicep pose with his hairy armpit dripping sweat got recaptioned from "Wallow in my musk" to "I work out hard!" and other similar tweaks. He set up his travel dates to show a later arrival than he really had, so he and I would have time for our fun and getting set up for his pursuit of Teddy.

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