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Hey Im planning on going to the sauna 52 in Newcastle and I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice before visiting.


Ive been wanting to see if I can handle getting fucked and filled by a group of guys. Im not on prep and know that im more than likely going to catch something but that turns me on even more haha. 


So if anyone has any advice for me about visiting the sauna 52, let me know. Thanks 

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Not sure if you already went but here goes:

Sauna is generally busiest Friday-Sunday or whenever they have an event on. Crowd varies but generally skew older. Before you do anything sexy i suggest having a quick wander to see where everything is. 

If you're just looking to be a cumdump and can't stand talking to people one option is to just pick a room, leave the door open and lie down until you get some interest. Alternatively you can lie down in the playroom (big dark room good for group sex) and wait for the dicks to come to you. This isn't always reliable if the place isn't busy though.

However, i have more success if I just ask someone I'm into if they wanna grab a room. Everyone is there for sex so there's no shame in being forward with what you want.

If you're approached by someone you're not into, just say you're not interested. Don't be rude, a simple no thanks is enough. 


Good luck!



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      I didn't know it was 1/2 price day and was happy to get in for less $ than I thought.  The guy checking us in asked if this was our first time since we were talking about it to one another. Yes we both answered. He explained the club lay out and said today is a good day as there are a couple dozen guys here already.
      We got our lockers and undressed. I wandered around the club. Watching some guys at the slurp ramp getting sucked. I wandered upstairs and checked out the rooms. Several guys were naked with the doors open. Once guy had his face buried in the bed and his ass up and ready.  There was lube next to him. I dropped my towel and let my hard on breathe.  I was so horny I wanted to plug that hot hole. I lubed my cock a bit and rubbed around his hole. He moaned in anticipation. I slide inside. Warm wet (he had a couple loads inside) and ready for me. I fucked and fucked. He kept moaning and begging for my load. At one point another guy wandered over to us and rubbed his body against my back. I took some long strokes and a final thrust and my load jumped out into his hole. We both groaned and I was moaning loudly as I came.  I pulled slowly out thanked him and wondered off.
      I wasn't done. I was still horny and found the sling room. A guy was laying on it stroking his dick playing with his hole. I walked up and slide inside. I fucked awhile but wasn't ready to cum.
      A minute later I was in this dark room with xxx videos playing. A older guy came over and started to suck my cock. He turned around and spread his ass cheeks. He had seen me fucking and wanted to get some dick and cum. I gently pushed him near a table where he leaned over and I slid inside. My vers/bottom bud was on the table getting really plowed by this big bear guy with a huge dick.
      We smiled at each other and I stuffed my new buddy with cock. I fucked his ass and pounded to the rythm of my buddy getting fucked. I shot another load. My buddy shot a load as his partner unloaded in him.
      I ended up fucking 4 holes and dropping 3 loads. My bud came down and said he was tired and I agreed. We left very satisfied. Now I know why they call Philadelphia the "city of brotherly love" it is so friendly.  LOL

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