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    Just a guy who likes taking loads. Would love to take toxic seed but all loads appreciated.
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  1. Have had Gono twice but that's it. The first time i had no symptoms so it was a bit of a shock. Second time was a couple years ago. Knew it was coming as a fuck buddy had tested positive for it and I got symptoms a few days later. I'm surprised that's all I've gotten after over a decade doing bareback.
  2. I understand the hatred for condoms and personally haven't used them in years. Despite that I still keep some handy, partially out of habit. Maybe I'm in the minority but I like having them as an option that's never used. I find it hot when a guy ignores/refuses a condom. My last long term ex used to always have a drawer full of them by the bed and would take one out before sex. Not once did we end up using them but it was always hot to go through the motions of going from "we should use a condom" to "take my load".
  3. I understand wanting to remain toxic. That said, if you decided to take meds for now there's nothing stopping you from going off them again once Covid is under control right? Might be worth going on meds until the vaccine goes out, then dumping them once Covid is not a huge risk for you. Best of luck whatever you decide.
  4. I've never turned someone down based on their appearance. If it's an anon/cruising situation then as long as I'm bred I'm happy. More often than not the less attractive tops have given me the most intense and satisfying fucks so there is no reason to be picky. Honestly the most attractive guy I had sex with was the worst fuck. He was completely silent the whole time and didn't even cum inside me. I ran into him again several months later and while he was flirty I had to turn him down
  5. It can be nice with the right person. Had an ex who liked to slap me whenever I stopped sucking him to take a breath. That said it was part of a negotiated scene I had consented to beforehand. If I don't know a slap could be coming I'm less of a fan. The pain isn't the issue but it really messes with my rhythm to be slapped across the face while a cock is in my mouth.
  6. Only been stealthed once by a Grindr hookup a couple years ago. Ironically the guy fucking me was the one who had insisted on condoms in the first place. Anyway, after a bit of mutual oral he turns me around and sticks his covered cock in me. It was alright but he was taking very slow, deep strokes. Eventually he stopped to “add more lube” and took the condom off. I could feel the difference but didn’t say anything as I was enjoying the increased sensations. That really got him going. “Yeah, you fucking pig. You like that don’t you”. He quickly shot his load and left. As he left I noticed
  7. A cock cage consists of 2 parts. The ring (which you push the testicles through) and the tube (which your cock goes in). Before you buy any chastity device make sure to measure your bits to see what sizes you need (too small can damage your genitals, too big makes the device useless). I used this guide and it worked fine: [think before following links] https://lockthecock.co.uk/blogs/chastity-fun/putting-on-and-wearing-cock-cage. In terms of material I find metal is the most secure/tight fit but is also the most expensive. Plastic/resin cages are good as they're not too uncomfortable and
  8. Lube up your cock before you put the condom on. That can help ease the sensation of the condom on your dick. It's also possible that he'll be more willing to go bare if you lose your erection while fucking him. Having a good fuck abruptly stop can be the push that convinces people to just ditch the condom (it's what got me to ditch condoms). Don't stealth him. As hot as that is in porn in practice it can get you in a lot of trouble and isn't worth the risk. Good luck
  9. For a long time i was of the opinion that any cock is fine as long as i get fucked. Over time I've grown to love the sensation of raw cock too much to give it up. It's not enough to fuck raw, i need cum dumped inside me. Hypothetically if someone tried to insist on condoms i wouldn't let them fuck me. Fortunately it hasn't been an issue so far as most guys either say nothing or insist on going raw.
  10. Hard to describe it as a lot depends on the skill of the guy doing the fucking. Some things are universal though. I love the feeling once the cock is all the way in and you feel your muscles struggling to adjust to the new fullness inside you. As he picks up speed, the sensation of your prostate being massaged is incredible. The best fucks i had i swear my whole body became hyper sensitive. Each thrust almost feels too much as the more he thrusts the more sensitive you become. Also love it if the top has me pinned down or restrained in some way. The restricted movement really forces
  11. Very nice pics. I can't comment on the PA but nipple piercings are painful when they're done, though it's a quick procedure. I have sensitive nipples and they were mildly sore the day i got them done but that passed relatively quickly. Bear in mind that your piercer will tell you how to care for your piercings and you should follow their instructions. With that said, here's some thoughts that come to mind Maintenance while they are healing is pretty simple. I just shower as normal, maybe give them a salt water soak and/or spray them with saline if they're irritated (only once every f
  12. Spot on. You're both young and even if he is open to a threeway/open relationship it can take a while to feel comfortable with exploring your sexual kinks and desires. For all i was curious it took me a little while to be comfortable exploring my own kinks. For now, it sounds like you're doing good. Keep having open conversations, remind him to speak up if he thinks you're moving too fast and focus on exploring kinks you're both comfortable with. Ask him if there's anything he wants to try. If he does agree to a threesome, make it clear to all parties that either of you can change yo
  13. Terrible plan. Did stupid shit as a teen and can promise you this will not go well. If you're that desperate just buy online. So many things can go wrong mixing poppers. Even if you stick with one brand any 2 bottles can have different ratios of their active ingredients. So what are the risks? For starters poppers are an irritant that cause burns if they stay on the skin too long so you run a serious risk of spilling them onto your skin and not noticing until you've given yourself a chemical peel. Worse, get some on your fingers, don't notice, rub your eyes and you're all set for an
  14. Good start. Looking forward to seeing how this one develops!
  15. Holy shit that was good. Thanks for sharing this!
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