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Will you vote for Donald Trump in 2020 ?

Will you vote for Donald Trump in 2020 ?  

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7 hours ago, HungOtter89 said:

May or may not. I sure as hell won’t vote for a deranged lunatic like Joe Biden. I wouldn’t trust him with anything.

You live in a state where one of your two senators, in the 21st century, tried to have a highway renamed after traitor Jefferson Davis and who posed for a photo a few years ago wearing parts of a Confederate Civil War uniform, in front of the home of said traitor, captioned "Mississippi History at its Best". Said senator publicly stated she thought it would be "a great idea" to make it harder for liberals to vote, and not only did she herself attend a "segregation academy" but she sent her daughter to one as well.

You live in a state where officials had to keep replacing a historical marker designating the spot where Emmett Till was lynched because white supremacists kept vandalizing the sign. You live in a state where it took until 2020 to get the state to remove the flag of the treasonous Confederate States of America from its state flag.

I don't think anyone from Mississippi is in any position to describe Biden as a deranged lunatic. 

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One of the things Trumpanzees always trot out when they're defending the president is noting that he doesn't even take his salary - that he "donates" it back to the government. I've always responded that he far more than makes up for the "loss" of $400K a year through all the business that the government is forced to give his businesses (like his golf clubs, his Mar-a-Lago resort, his hotels). Every time the president sets foot on one of his properties, even for a few hours, the tab starts running: his secret service teams have to pay for rooms, golf cart rentals to follow the president around the course, and so forth. Going rate on water, by the way, at a Trump property: $3 a serving. 

There's no choice but to pay because in order to "protect" the president, the secret service has to be where he is - as do his aides and other government officials. And many of Trump's properties charge far more than normal federal travel reimbursement rules allow - rules that the White House (ie Trump) simply waived when it was one of his properties.

For instance, the maximum per night hotel charge allowed for the south Florida area where Mar-a-Lago is would normally be $182/night - certainly steep enough to cover a Marriott or a Hilton or a Hyatt. Mar-a-Lago, however, charged as much as $546  per night for single rooms, and a cottage shared by three officials went for $2,600/night, or almost five times the legal maximum. When Trump hosts an event - like his dinner with Japanese prime minister Abe - every dime spent, even on things like flowers that the club would have put up anyway, was charged to the federal government and went straight into Trump's pockets.

The Secret Service rents a cottage at Trump's golf course in Bedminster (his favorite course), that sets them back a cool $17,000 per month, whether they're using it or not. How many of you would like to own a 3-bedroom cottage - not some huge, fancy mansion - and be able to rent it out to the government for $17,000 a month? At other properties, the per-night room rental charged to the secret service is as high as $650. 

Additionally, the Republican Party has felt obligated to host scores of events - perhaps hundreds - at Trump properties, with all those revenues going to Trump as well. A significant chunk of the $25 and $30 donations red-state Americans are sending to the GOP to elect Republicans is actually just going straight to the Trump companies.

The Washington Post has identified a small fraction of the spending thus far (because most government agencies are simply refusing to release the numbers, despite it being public spending), and even so, it's documented over $8 million in such payments - most of which are from the early part of 2017. Imagine how much more there is for the full four-year term.

Trump's supporters, like all of Trump's investors in every project he's ever done, have been fleeced. It's really sad to think how many old people on social security, etc. sent in money to elect this con artist and all they got was a crashed economy and coronavirus.

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Oh - a couple of other examples of grift I forgot (there's so many....)

Donald Trump's campaign headquarters is in the suburbs of DC, as one would expect (the RNC is in DC, the president lives in DC when he's not at one of his clubs, the bulk of our political establishment lives in the region, etc.). But for some reason, the Trump Campaign also maintains a NY office, where it's been paying $40,000 per month (almost half a million per year) since before Trump was elected in 2016. No major campaign officials work there, of course; the day-to-day work is done from the headquarters office, or from the RNC. And since COVID, of course, a lot of that work has been remote. But for some strange reason, the campaign has continued to lease this office space in NYC, no matter how unneeded it really is. Where is this office?

725 Fifth Avenue, of course - Trump Tower. The money forked over by the Trumpanzee faithful is sticking half a million bucks in Trump's pocket every year just for an office that isn't needed by anyone.

Secondly - it's common practice for media consultants, etc. to pay for certain campaign expenses up front, and then get paid from the campaign. For instance, the media people might book $100,000 worth of ads in a market, then develop the ad itself, and finally bill the campaign, say, $250,000, which includes the $100K fee to the television/cable system for the ad time. It hides how much the consultants are actually making vs. the expenses they're incurring on the campaign's behalf. 

Brad Parscale, former campaign manager, elevated that to an art form. He created companies to handle almost everything for the campaign, so that all the campaign itself had to report was a big check to the manager's company. The management company, unlike the campaign itself, doesn't have a lot of disclosure requirements. So Parscale could (and did) hire Lara Trump - Eric the Dumb Son's wife - and Kimberly Guilfoyle - Junior's shack-mate - as "consultants" to his "management" company, at a cost of $15,000 per month each. So Dumbo's wife and the bimbo Junior dumped his wife/mother of his 5 kids for are, or were at least, making $180,000 a year to go around to Trump rallies - expenses covered separately, of course - and praise Trump.

When all is said and done, I wouldn't be surprised if the Trumps and their assorted entities have grifted more than $50 million dollars out of the government and the GOP, and that's before the millions spent by foreign governments and US companies and the megarich, ponying up for events at the Trump DC Hotel and memberships at Mar-a-Lago (at $250K a pop).

And even with all that, the man is staring at over $400 million in debt due during the next presidential term (whoever is president), with no real prospects of how to pay it off and no bank in the US willing to lend him a buck for subway fare. And another half billion or so in debt due not long after.

But yeah, let's vote for the "businessman" for president. ROFLOL. 

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On 10/5/2020 at 4:42 AM, Hairypiglet said:

Thank you for pointing out all the ignorant fuck wits I will most certainly not ever have sex with.

I had a date that was going very well. Went back to my place and were watching a movie in bed. I would have totally taken his dick. However, he passively mentioned that he voted for Trump.

I fucking told that stupid cunt to get the fuck out of my house immediately.

Fuck off with ignorant xenophobic nonsense. I don't care how hot you are if you're a racist, ignorant, cunt you can just fuck right off and die.



Yup hairypiglet, I was contacted by a local bottom in the summer who wanted me to raw fuck and breed him...during our initial texting exchange to set up the hook-up he began to rant against progressives...when I asked him if he was a Trumper...and found out that he was...I immediately told him to never contact me again and blocked him...!! Like you, I will not play with a fascist that supports a racist into caging children!! 


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Reading some of these post are amazing on both sides. Do you really think most of these politicians that have been around for decades care about anyone. They don't even know how much a half gallon of milk cost. They line there pockets  with cash. We know what the media drums into our heads. We are in a terrible state , our government is out of control. We let it happen. It's deeper than Trump or Biden, look at the leadership in both houses. Why are 80 year Olds controlling what happens in our country?  They think it's the 60s yet. We need to getb these people out. Primaries folks if you want change and want to stay with your party. Get rid of the old guard.


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