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    Sucking, getting sucked, rimming, getting rimmed, smoking, getting smoked, big long fat cigars, boots, leather, grunge, raunch…..
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    pig in central arizona, uncut meat, lots of tattoos, looking for raw dirty pigsex------
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    i like it rough & sometimes i like it dirty..... proud old redneck...

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  1. ...been strokin/milkin/edgin for the last 10 hours... fuckin godDAM need to cum so bad!

    1. steve-tmq


      DO NOT CUM goto bed try and sleep and start again in the morning.  DO NOT CUM.

  2. Bring that fat beast up to Payson & throatfuck me all day long.....
  3. dirty nasty fucker 100 miles north of Phoenix.....f9578432.thumb.jpg.738fa2b1c56438e62d2beef947f8af06.jpg

  4. Definitely a guy I could WORK WITH!!
  5. I've been hooked on the taste of cum since I was 17. Always much preferred taking loads in my mouth as opposed to taking loads in my cunt. I'm 90-100 miles north of Phoenix (Payson AZ). If any men are going to be passing through & need their balls unloaded, please get in touch... I really really really need to drink some cum!
  6. ---me & my partner (nastybiker) live about 6 hours west of albuquerque & about 6 hours east of las vegas (& 2 hours north of phoenix) if anybody feels like stopping in for a smoke either coming from or going to smokeout….. got room in the mancave for a man or 2 to crash for a night, too---
  7. I'm in Payson (100 miles north of the valley) & I really like sucking dicks & draining nuts but I am also way more than happy to kick back (usually with a nice fat cigar) & get a nice slow suckjob. Let's get it on!
  8. For 4+years, I was part of the medical staff at a 400-inmate detention facility. We had federal, state, county, & city inmates. There were usually at least 350 males, plus 20-30 females & 15-20 juveniles. It was one of the best, most interesting & most intense jobs I had. Many times I got "flirted with" by the detention officers & the inmates, & many times I actually got "cruised" by the inmates. I heard so much "gay sex" banter it was unreal. Many times I would get called over to Booking, to assess whether an arrestee could be "medically-cleared" to be booked into the facility. There was one street officer in particular who made the most intense eye-contact with me that I've probably ever had. It was like -- he would lock eyes with me & it was simply impossible to look away. He was a motorcycle cop with thick straight dirty-blonde hair & an enormous handlebar moustache, & he had a very nicely muscled body. He was 6'1" or 6''2". Earlier, like maybe almost 10 years earlier, he had worked undercover, & I saw him on the street 4 or 5 times. When he was working undercover he looked like a true street rat with dirty jeans, cowboy boots, a baseball cap, & real scraggly beard & ratty shaggy hair. One night I was leaving a bar which was sort of 50/50 mixed, gay & straight, & Officer R. saw me exiting the place & he engaged me with the same intense eye-contact. I was a fool not to at least try to get it on with him, but he was so intense & intimidating that I just didn't know how to proceed. Think of the most macho, best-looking COLT model you can remember... that was him! So yeah, I DO understand your attraction to men in Law Enforcement. And I do take issue with the respondent who complained about the EGO involved in men who Serve & Protect. As far as I'm concerned, & as far as my experience goes, to complain about the "ego" of someone in law enforcement is both a stereotype & a groundless generalization.
  9. Dirty old man in central Arizona looking for trouble.....


    1. Chargedup


      Damn. Now that’s  man 

  10. On another site that I am a member of, I was contacted by a guy who was very interested in my foreskin. I have a couple pics of my uncut dick on that site. He wanted to come over & check it out. When he got here, I was pleasantly surprised --- he was goodlooking, 50, & pretty smart. He told me he was straight; he was fascinated by foreskins & uncut cocks, & he was very very angry with his parents (specifically his mother) for having him circumcised as a newborn. He said it was nearly impossible for him to cum, since the surgery had removed almost all of the nerve cells that need to be stimulated to bring about ejaculation. He has come over 3 times; he will masturbate me but nothing more. I really do believe he's straight, & I feel happy that I can help him know more about uncut dicks.
  11. Smoking is without a doubt my Number One fetish. If a guy don't smoke I ain't interested. Period. 99% of the time I'll fire up a smoke before getting a suckjob. I like to offer the cocksucker my cig for him too take a hit before he goes back to sucking me.
  12. I like it best when they don't say a single solitary thing to me --- just use me & ignore me.....
  13. Any fuckers need a place to crash on the way to SmokeOut?  I'm 6 hours west of Albuquerque, 5 hours east of Las Vegas, 2 hours north of Phoenix.... Got plenty of room in the mancave.... 

  14. I was with this guy at least 10 times, probably closer to 20. He was always very stern & serious-looking. He never smiled. He was all-business, no-nonsense. He was 5 or 10 years older than me, & probably 20 pounds heavier & 2 or 3 inches taller than me. He had a big cock, about 7.5 inches & quite a bit thicker than average. He was a married man & he was obviously somewhat sadistic. He was domineering, dominating, & dominant. Every time I ran into him at the dirtybookstore he fucked me in one of the little video booths. He would tell me to take my clothes off & face away from him. Then he would say, "Make yourself cum," while he had me pull my ass cheek away from my hole. He would slick his finger up with some of his spit then he would fingerfuck my hole. He would say "Masturbate. Masturbate it. Masturbate yourself," while fingerfucking my hole with only a little bit of spit. Then he would say, "Tell me when you are going to cum, tell me exactly when you are cumming." And as soon as I told him I was cumming, he would pull his finger(s) out of my hole & replace them with his big dick. He never once fucked me until after I had shot my load. For some reason he had an incredible amount of power over me, & I just did what he ordered, knowing that before I was even done cumming, He would be fucking me hard & deep.

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