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Tommy Tank

Stealthed In The Toilets At Marble Arch

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This happened quite a long time ago now and I've never told anyone about it.  First of all, I should say I don't really like stealthing and I've never done it - I don't want to take anyone's choices away from them - but that's just my view.  I've always known that it happens - and this is the story of the time it happened to me.

It was 1996 and I had not long turned 30.  After many years of carefully practising safe sex, I was starting to have sex without condoms.  At first it was only as a top, then I let a few guys fuck me without a condom and cum in my arse.  I knew I was enjoying unprotected sex - the feelling of shooting my load right up someone's arse with no condom was becoming addictive.  I was also starting to enjoy being fucked bare and had enjoyed taking a few load in my arse.  I knew that if I continued doing this there would be consequences and so, after thinking about it very seriously, I decided to go back to using condoms on every occasion.

One afternoon I was on a training course in central London and when it finished I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch.  The toilets were situated underground in the maze of passages that led to the various exits from the underground station and the park.  There was a load of urinals at one end and down at the other end two rows of cubicles down the side and a long row of cubicles along the back.  The toilet was very active and I had enjoyed some very horny fun in there.  Guys would cruise down at the cubicles where you couldn't be seen and a lot of sucking and even fucking went on in these cubicles.  A lot of people used to climb up on the toilets and watch the action in the next cubicle as you couldn't easily be seen from the main part of the toilet.   I was feeling horny and was hoping to get some action.  The toilet was always busy in the late afternoon and early evening with guys on their way home from work and students coming out of the nearby university.  I had lube and condoms with me so I was all ready.

The toilet was quite busy and I cruised around for a while and then I caught the eye of a dark haired guy in trackie bottoms and a T shirt.  He was just my type and he seemed to be interested in me.  He looked to be late 20s, early 30s, with hairy arms and slightly dark skin and from the bulge in his trackies I guessed that he had quite a big cock.  Whe a cubicle became vacant I went in and he followed me.  I sat down on the toilet and he stood in front of me.  I reached up and pulled his trackie bottoms and pants down and his cock sprang out.  I was not disappointed and wasted no time in taking his big thick cock into my mouth.  I sucked him for a while and he sighed and then pulled his cock out and indicted to me to lick his balls.  I licked his balls for a while and then he pushed his cock back into my mouth and I started sucking him again.  I thought he was going to let me suck him until he came in my mouth but after a while he pulled his cock out and indicated to me to stand up.   He moved in close and said "I want to fuck you,"  softly in my ear.  I was very turned on by the thought of this fit lad fucking me with his big thick cock and soon I was bent over the toilet with my arse lubed.  I had given him a condom which he had rolled on to his cock without comment and soon I felt the head of his big cock pushing into my arse. I spread my legs more and soon he was pushing his cock right up me.  I hadn't been fucked for a while and it hurt at first, but he gave me a moment to get used to his cock and then he began to fuck me.  He started off slowly and then began to fuck me a little harder.  His cock slipped out my arse and he pulled my cheeks apart and pushed his cock back up me.  I was really turned on now as he began to fuck me harder.  If anything, his cock seemed to feel even bigger in my arse as he took hold of my hips and began to fuck me really hard.  I knew he was getting close and soon his breathing got heavier and he thrust hard up my arse a few times and then pushed his cock right up me and held it there.

When he finished cumming he pulled out and as I got up and turned round he had pulled off the condom and was wiping his cock with a tissue.  I grinned at him and he grinned back, stuffed his cock back into his pants and left the cubicle.  

A short time later I was on the train back to west London.  The train was busy and I had to stand all the way but I didn't care.  I was feeling good and I had just enjoyed a really enjoyed a good hard fuck.  As the train sped out of London I became aware of a wet, squelchy feeling in my arse.  I knew I was still lubed from the fuck, but this felt like more than just lube.  In fact, it felt like I had a load of cum in my arse.....

I got off the train and walked round towards my flat, still feeling the wet sensation in my arse.  Near the station there was a patch of vacant land with a couple of billboards in front of it.  I went behind one of the billboards, pulled my pants down and squatted.  I  pushed and a big load of cum spurted out my arse, followed by some more and then some more. I didn't know what to think.  I knew the guy had used a condom and at first I thought it must have split.  Then I wondered if  he had removed it?   I was shocked and I was also annoyed with myself - I had promised myself I wouldn't take any more risks and I told myself I should have checked that he still had the condom on.  After a while I deciced to put the experience behind me and make sure I played  safe on every occasion in future.

A few weeks later I was in central London again on the Saturday afternoon meeting some friends for a birthday lunch in a pizza restaurant.  The restaurant was busy and at the next table to us there was a group of young lads who looked about 18 or 19.   It was late afternoon when we finished and, feeling hormy again,  I decided to check out the toilets at Marble Arch.  It was not so busy this time, but when I went down to the cubicles the first person  I saw was the guy who had fucked me a few weeks before.  He was just entering a cubicle and I was fairly sure I had seen someone entering it just in front of him.

I waited and after a short time, someone came out of the cubicle next to the one the guy had gone into.  I went in to the cubicle, shut the door, climbed quietly up on to the toilet and looked over.  The dark haired guy was in there with someone - and I realised it was one of the young lads from the pizza restaurant - a small blond haired lad.   The lad was sitting on the toilet sucking on the dark haired guy's cock.  I unzipped my jeans and began to play with myself as I watched the young lad sucking the guy's cock.  He sucked him for a while and then the dark haired guy pulled his cock out of the lad's mouth and motioned to him to stand up.  The lad stood up and the dark haired guy whispered something in his ear.  A short time later, the lad was bent over the toilet, his jeans and his white underpants down at his ankles and I had a perfect view from above as the dark haired guy pushed his condom clad cock slowly up his slim arse.    I noticed that, as he did so, he pushed the condom half way down his cock....

He began to fuck the young lad, slowly at first, and then he began to fuck him a bit harder.  He fucked him for a while and then his cock slipped out the young lad's arse.  In just a few seconds, the dark haired guy had removed the condom and pushed his cock back up the young lad's arse.  He began to really fuck the young lad now and I had a perfect view from above of this big, thick, hairy cock thrusting up the young lad's pale, slim arse - now without a condom.

I knew this should't turn me on but somehow it did and I was wanking now as I watched him take hold of the lad's hips and begin to fuck him harder.  I could see the dark haired guy was getting close and I looked at the young lad.  His eyes were closed and he had a look of sheer pleaseure on his face as he pushed his arse back against the dark haired guy's thrusts.  Just then the dark haired guy thrust hard up the lad's arse a few times and then pushed his cock right up him and held it there.  I knew we was cumming in the young lad's unprotected arse and as he did I shot my load down the cubicle wall.  The dark haired guy left the cubicle and I watched as the young lad pulled up his pants,  totally unaware that he had just been bred.

I found it hard to stop thinking about the scene I had witnessed and I was shocked by how much it had turned me on.  I thought back to the load I had taken a few weeks before and how good it had felt in my arse.  That night I drove up to Hampstead Heath and before long I was bent over being fucked - without a condom.  I let two more guys fuck and breed me before fucking a young black lad without a condom and shooting my load right up his arse.  As I drove home I could feel the cum sliding out into my pants and I knew I wanted more.

The guy who stealthed me had unleashed something inside me - and I was now on a different path.



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When I was trying to be safe I should have realized that my pleasure in discovering a condom had broken or come off inside of me, or even when I was stealthed meant that I should just let them all load me up.  I missed half the pleasure of sex using condoms.  I love squatting over a hand mirror and watching it squirt out of me, then licking he mirror clean.

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Yeah agreed, when this happened to me, when I started to take loads little by little, I never thought much about it, if a guy used a condom fine, if he didn't even better. But I never considered myself a bug-chaser since that was never my idea.  But I do remember the thrill I got every time I was bred.  It was like something totally forbidden [banned word] dangerous, and it was like I was HIV negative just thumbing my nose at the danger so to speak. Like many have said, once I started doing that, that was all I wanted to do, it was how I got off, regular sex was insufficient, I needed my thrill.  So eventually I was converted. I vaguely remember chit chat around me that I later recognized as guys trying to convert me:  guys asking me if I wanted their babies, if they could use a tooth brush on my ass, all that stuff, so that's how it happened.  I thought I was unique, so I'm glad to know I wasn't, that others had the same experience I did.

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