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Definitely more to come. There have been quite a few adventures the past couple of years.

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We had another event about a month later, and Cody was on the card again. This time, I kept my distance and let him enjoy his evening by mingling with other fans and wrestlers – I noticed a lot more gay men were buying his t-shirts and taking photos with him before the show, no doubt the result of his last match’s immediate popularity on YouTube.

I also let Cody wear his regular spandex trunks for his match this time, which meant less of a risqué show for the crowd. But just for my own sadistic enjoyment, I secretly instructed his older, beefy “heel” opponent – Joe, a 6-foot-4, 40-something, burly, hairy, muscle god -- to pull out all the stops with real-life low blows and punches to young Cody’s dick and balls. Watching the match from a distance, I could tell that several of Joe’s low blows actually connected and hurt like hell, much to Cody’s surprise, and at times Cody really was struggling to stand upright and continue. The match finally ended after about 15 minutes with his opponent rolling young Cody up on the mat, illegally grabbing a hand full of the kid’s trunks from the back and exposing most of the boy’s tanned, athletic ass for a 1-2-3 count.

I hadn’t planned on fucking the kid that night, but after seeing him completely used and abused by Joe in his match, I motioned the 19-year-old to follow me into the same side room where I’d first pumped my poison jizz into the boy. I closed and locked the door and repeated the process from just a month earlier, and Cody obliged sheepishly and very begrudgingly. Giving up his straight ass to a man old enough to be his father had mentally defeated and humiliated him. I almost felt sorry for him until I slid his gear down to reveal his sweaty, musky, bubble ass, and I knew I needed it again. Fucking tease, what did he expect me to do?

I spit on my cock -- the spit, my poz precum, and his sweat made for a surprisingly good lube. Still, I could feel immense friction as my thick cock grinded into his small hole.

"That jock ass is gonna look good carrying my AIDS next time I see you, son," I muttered as I quickly built up to my climax. Cody grunted quietly. If he heard me, I doubt he understood anything about my desire to give him HIV. I tried to imagine the thoughts running through this straight kid's mind as his trusted elder used his hole again.

Seconds later, I was pumping another toxic load into the boy’s jock body. If the first time didn’t knock up Cody, this time would.

I never did make the phone call to my scout friends as I’d promised. I got what I needed, so I didn't care as much now, frankly. Cody texted me a couple of weeks later and asked, and I lied when I told him I was waiting to hear back about his potential tryout. In the same text, he said he’d come down with a bad flu and was stuck at home with fever, chills, aches, all the same symptoms I’d felt years earlier when Daddy pozzed me.

I had no doubt that Cody had finally come down with the fuck flu, his young, healthy, teen body finally giving itself to the virus that I’d injected into him twice. To this day, I don't think he's been tested, so the kid has no idea. He probably won't for years. Even though he was now part of the brotherhood, it was then I realized that I had no physical use for him anymore, and any desire to fuck him again was gone. I still booked him for my events, because his tanned body, tight ass, and big smile sold tickets and put money in my pocket.

But the 19-year-old jock boy had helped unleash a new power within me in this whole process. I now realized exactly how much influence I have over these naïve kids and their big dreams. I began to explore every possibility of booking vulnerable boys who would do anything in exchange for my promise of help getting them on a national stage. These dumb kids needed something, and so did I. 

Ashton was next on my list.

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I had found Ashton on social media through a mutual friend, Jimmy, because the two of them often worked the same events. Jimmy -- whose role usually was either behind the scenes or sometimes as the event emcee -- knew I was gay, but he knew nothing of my virus and my eager­ness to share it. I asked Jimmy if the two of them would be up for a 300-mile trip to one of my events and, after agreeing on a price, they were in. We set a date for the following month.

As part of the deal, I offered to let them stay at my house and share a king-sized bed in my guest bedroom. They eagerly embraced the idea of free lodging, complete with a full fridge and a well-stocked home bar.

Jimmy, who was 28, had confided in me some time earlier that he ha­d a crush on Ashton, even though Ashton claimed to be straight and had a girlfriend. But Ashton, being 21, was also a partier, and he’d been known to pass out on road trips with Jimmy and wake up cuddled up together with fuzzy memories of the drunken night before.

Ashton, whom I only knew through his social media, was a 5-10, athletically built dream boy – he worked part-time in a coffee shop, and part-time at his local Hollister, and seemed to spend the rest either at the gym or with his girlfriend. He was a beautiful combination of a boy-band superstar and a SoCal surfer and had the tanned, toned body perfect for either role. And based on the matches I saw on YouTube, the girls loved him, as evidenced by the squeals when his name was announced.

Ashton and Jimmy had never been to my city before, and with this being a hot tourist destination, they decided to come in two days early to enjoy the bar scene and see the sights. They’d arrive Thursday, party that night; see the sights Friday, party Friday night; then go to our event Saturday, party Saturday night; and drive home Sunday. Ahh, the joy of being 21 again.

Over the next month, I somewhat jokingly told Jimmy over text messages (more than once) that I wanted to get Ashton drunk and fuck him. I usually followed with an “LOL,” but Jimmy never completely objected to the notion. The wheels in my head were spinning.

The day finally arrived, and Jimmy and Ashton arrived later in the afternoon than planned. Jimmy and I hugged at the door, our first time seeing each in person in about 2 years since first meeting at an out-of-state wrestling event. Ashton followed behind him, smelling exactly like a Hollister model and looking the same way – teasingly ripped jeans showing peeks of tanned, muscled leg; a black hoodie; red Adidas sneakers; and a pearly white smile that nearly reflected the light. I reached out my hand, but Ashton took a step forward and gave me a hearty hug while thanking me for the free place to stay and saying how excited he was to be here.

Because it was late, we all retired to bed early that night. The next day consisted of site-seeing with me as their guide. Ashton mentioned his girlfriend a few times, but I noticed his eyes linger over any hot female that walked anywhere within about 50 feet of him. This boy really was straight. Occasionally he tugged at his crotch, unaware of the show he was putting on for Jimmy and me.

By Friday night, we were all eager for a drink. We made our way around to several bars, and Ashton was the star of the show at each one. The girls and gays all undressed him with their eyes, envious of the two gay guys (Jimmy and me) palling around and touching and joking with Ashton as though we were all best friends.

By the time we got back to my house, Ashton was hammered to the point of slurring his words and needing help to get up the walkway to the house (Jimmy and I had wisely nursed our drinks all night). As we guided Ashton to his room, he was jabbering on about one of the girls he saw earlier and how horny she had made him. “Damn she made my dick hard,” he slurred. “I think I still am.”

With that, he reached down and grabbed his crotch through his jeans. “I shoulda banged her right then,” he said, obviously forgetting he had a girlfriend 300 miles away.

As Ashton fell backward onto the bed, Jimmy and I gave each other a knowing wink and began to help Ashton out of his clothes. Within a minute, this 21-year-old blond Adonis was in just his Hollister boxer briefs and socks, on the verge of passing out in my guest room. Now was the time. I looked at Jimmy sitting in a chair beside the bed. He nodded in agreement. I reached into the nightstand for a bottle of lube.

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Ashton lay there silently on his back -- drunk from a night out on the town -- as I slid his tight boxer briefs down his tanned thighs and pulled them off his feet. Sure enough, the kid had gotten a hard-on, probably still thinking about the random girl he saw hours earlier. Facing no resistance, I leaned down and began licking his young dick from the tip to his balls and back again, finally engulfing the entire 7 inches in my mouth. Ashton moaned and lifted one hand over his face but said nothing.

Within a few seconds, Ashton was bucking his hips against my mouth. Clearly he wanted this, but I wanted more.

I lifted myself off the bed and slid Ashton closer to the foot of the bed. I motioned Jimmy to take my place on the kid's dick, which he did immediately and began expertly sucking Ashton’s 21-year-old rod. I lifted Ashton’s toned legs over my shoulders and licked my finger – the same one with the pointed nail that just a few weeks ago had ripped up Cody’s hole and prepared him for my deadly virus. Ashton made no sound at all when I slid my wet finger into his hole and went deep. Jimmy continued sucking him, being careful to not bring him to completion just yet.

“Oh duuuude, that’s intense. Shit,” Ashton slurred, still showing no objection but not entirely understanding what was happening to him. “Pfffff. What kind of toy is that?”

“It’s the best kind, Ashton,” I said quietly. “Just enjoy it. I want you to feel good. You’re the star here, so this is all about making you feel good.”

“Mmmmm,” he responded, still with his hand covering his eyes – maybe to block out the light, or maybe so he could imagine two hot, busty co-eds enjoying his body rather than two average-looking gay men using him.

After a minute, I pulled my finger out and, even in the dim light, could see Ashton’s negative blood caked under the long, jagged fingernail I’d prepared for this night. Without a pause, I lubed my cock and pulled his body closer until my bare mushroom head rubbed against his vulnerable, exposed hole.

Jimmy never pulled his mouth off Ashton’s cock, but I could see his eyes widen as he twisted his head to watch me lean further into Ashton, popping my raw cock slowly into his damaged neg chute.

That got Ashton’s attention, even in his drunken state. “Ahhh. That toy’s too thick dude, I don’t think I can,” he said, never looking down to see that it was, in fact, a dripping poz cock that was entering his gorgeous 21-year-old body.

“Shhh, give it a sec, you’re gonna love it, son,” I said. I nodded to Jimmy to pick up the pace, because Ashton wasn’t going to give us much time.

As Jimmy began sucking faster to bring Ashton to climax, the boy moaned – maybe in response to the expert blowjob he was getting, or maybe because I was gradually building up speed myself as I felt my load began to make its move.

Within 30 seconds of entering his gorgeous, tight ass, Ashton began bucking his hips into Jimmy’s mouth, shooting his own young seed into my friend. At the same time, my cock began to jerk inside the boy as a 6-day load of dirty, toxic HVL seed unloaded into his healthy young jock body.

“Ahhhhh, damn,” Ashton mumbled, barely coherent. Within seconds, he started to snore quietly, still with my cock in him.

I considered leaving my cock in him to go for another round, but I decided it was late, and I was exhausted. With Jimmy sitting back in the chair again and providing an audience, he watched as I pumped my stiff dick in the kid a few more times to (and this is the part he didn’t know) try and drive my virus deeper into his wounded ass, then slid out.

“Oh damn, you didn’t even use a condom?” Jimmy whispered to me as he saw my bare, cum-covered cock slide out of his young stud friend. “How do you know Ashton doesn’t have gono? I’m pretty sure he cheats on his girlfriend.”

“Oh well, that’s the chance we take” I replied. We both chuckled a little as we pulled Ashton up the bed and got him settled in under the covers. Jimmy got a shower and took his place on the other side of the huge bed with Ashton. I could swear I heard Jimmy grunting later. My hunch was that he also got his cock inside Ashton and pounded my dirty load in a little deeper, but I never knew for sure. I went to my room and slept like a baby.

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If Ashton remembered anything from his breeding Friday night, he didn’t mention it Saturday, although Jimmy and I exchanged a few knowing glances and winks at times. We all slept until about 10 a.m. and woke up refreshed as if we never had a drink the night before. Ashton was his same outgoing, fun, young self. I truly think he didn’t remember being sucked off or having a potent load of HIV pumped into his jock hole just a few hours earlier.

I treated Jimmy and Ashton to lunch at one of my favorite bistros in town, and from there we headed to the arena to begin a busy day and evening of entertaining about 600 fans. Ashton was a hit with the crowd, and later he told me he sold about $250 worth of t-shirts and 8-by-10 photos.

His match would be first on the card that night, and I was so busy that I didn’t even have a chance to talk with him to plan. I finally saw him about 10 minutes before bell time, and he approached me and asked if I had any requests.

For the first time, I saw his attire for his match: White wrestling boots, no shirt (thankfully), and a pair of skintight, faded jeans with holes carefully ripped to reveal just the right amount of skin while barely keeping a PG image. Tonight, he was playing the “good guy” in his match. Damn, the girls and gays will eat this up, I thought.

I wished him good luck and went to chat with his opponent for the night -- Joe, that 6-4, mature, burly, hairy, muscle god I’d booked to abuse my previous toy Cody weeks earlier. I gave Joe clear instructions: “Don’t go easy on this kid. Find a way to grab the holes in those jeans and rip ‘em to shreds. Give him a few minutes to look good and come back late but destroy him in the end. Whatever’s left of his jeans, bring them back to me. I’ve got an extra $100 for you.”

Joe winked and laughed heartily as his thick hairy chest heaved. He said, “That’s twisted, but I’m not even gonna ask why. But you got it, boss.” His eyes lingered a little more than usual with mine as he answered, and something in my mind told me that he and I just might think more alike than I realized. In his eyes I saw a twinkle, yet there was a hint of evil understanding.

And he wasn’t kidding about carrying out my wishes. Sexy Ashton got in a few good moves early, but Joe turned up the heat quickly and began a vicious beatdown of the jock kid. I counted at least 6 times when Joe grabbed Ashton by the holes in his jeans to either lift him up or toss him across the ring. Each time, Ashton’s jeans ripped further, and large chunks of denim eventually came loose and littered the ring. Joe allowed Ashton a brief comeback near the end of the 15-minute encounter, as planned, before once again grabbing a piece of loose denim and lifting the stud over his head.

As Ashton came crashing down, his entire left denim pant leg stayed in Joe’s hand. Ashton crashed to the mat on his back, his left leg thoroughly exposed so much that the bottom of his white jock strap was on full display. A rip had developed all the way to his crotch enough to show his cock bulging through the white jock strap to anybody who chose to look.

Joe sneered as the ref counted 1-2-3 and declared the big man as the winner. He grimaced to the crowd as they booed the brute’s vicious attack. As Joe stood, he took one final souvenir off the jock’s body – with one swoop, he grabbed the rip at the boy’s denim crotch and pulled, tearing another huge chunk of jeans off the kid and leaving him wearing just a few shreds of demin covering a well-filled white jock strap. Joe stomped back to the locker room, gathering up all the pieces of Ashton’s ripped jeans as he went.

Ashton slowly lifted his sweaty body off the mat, revealing his scantily clad young, sweaty physique as catcalls echoed off the walls and flashes from camera phones lit up the ring. But Ashton clearly enjoyed the attention, and even in his legitimate pain, I could see his cock swell slightly in his jock, exposed from the lack of denim.

The boy slowly walked to the back, where Joe and I were waiting and enjoying a laugh. “Damn, you didn’t hold back,” Ashton said as he walked toward Joe. He looked down and saw that I was holding all the remnants of the tight jeans that just moments ago had hugged Ashton’s sweaty body. They would be great reminders of the weekend – but for me, not Ashton.

“Yeah, Joe plays kinda rough,” I said. Joe and I chuckled as Ashton rubbed the back of his neck and headed for the shower.

Ashton and Jimmy went out for drinks that night, but I went home and straight to bed. The next morning, Ashton was limping, obviously in pain. Turns out that when Joe had gone in to rip the last shreds of denim (and dignity) off the kid, he discretely grabbed a handful of Ashton’s dick and balls (either intentionally or by mistake) briefly before tearing away the denim.

I guess Joe has a sadistic side, too. Maybe he and I really do think alike more than I’d realized.

Ashton and Jimmy were back on the road by noon. I tossed in another $200 to Ashton’s payout to buy new jeans, and he was more than appreciative. We all vowed to work together again when our schedules would allow.

Two weeks later, I saw a post on Ashton’s social media that caught my attention:

“Hi folks, I’m really sorry to share this but I’ve been fighting what feels like the flu, so I have to cancel my two events this weekend. Thank you for everybody’s support and I will see you soon!”

Looks like we both had a souvenir from that weekend. I got the remnants of his sweaty wrestling gear, and he got my virus.

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