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  1. This is brilliant. Hope we get more!
  2. College guy's Dad is going to be the other guy on the messenger? Get the Chinese cousins involved and there can be a nice Poz incest orgy!
  3. I hope Jace is begging for poz loads before long
  4. Damn. So close to me. He could have pozzed me any day. Hot looking stud
  5. Yes! Can't wait for more. Get that ball gag off and let's here little bro beg for it, before you and he tag team his friend. Maybe some toxic piss for dessert...
  6. More, more, more! Hope you update soon
  7. I really hope we get more!
  8. Fuck, this story makes me cum. I think Gary needs some toxic piss to drink
  9. Cannot wait for more. Gary seems like the type to get very verbal with what he wants
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