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Poz adventures in pro wrestling

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I grew up as a fan of pro wrestling. Maybe it was the theatrics of it all that appealed to me, or maybe the fact that it featured oiled-up muscle guys in skimpy lycra that helped me figure out at a young age I was gay. Whatever the reason, after years of watching it, I decided to get into the business side of it.

For the past few years, I’ve owned and operated a pro wrestling company -- we scout and hire talent, rent the venues, sell the tickets, find sponsors, and hold events. I do this monthly, have a few friends and staff (all straight, as best I can tell) who help behind the scenes, and we make decent money from it in the process. Most of our events draw about 500 screaming, rabid, loyal fans.

Yes, it’s all staged, but it’s a good time, the participants are genuine athletes, and they take it seriously. A lot of the younger ones – usually the ones in their late teens or early 20s – aspire to make wrestling a full-time job, reach the big-time (i.e. WWE), and wrestle in places like Madison Square Garden with millions of people watching them on TV. For these younger guys, they’re willing to sacrifice a lot to get a shot. They train hard, and they’re in the gym every day – and their bodies show it.

Some of them really will do anything to get their shot, which is good for me and for them.

Quickly, a little about me: I’m 51, white, 6-2, 190 lbs., graying hair, decent shape with decent looks and a thick, meaty cock. I came out about 15 years ago, and a poz leather daddy acquaintance of mine converted me about 5 years ago. I wasn’t chasing, and I hadn’t planned for it to happen, but once Daddy had me on my back with my legs over his shoulders, I felt powerless to stop him from breeding me. I came down with the fuck flu, and after briefly going on meds, I gave them up within a few months. I assume my viral load at this point is sky-high, which is how I intend to keep it for a while.

After going off meds, I felt a transformation sexually: I went from being a vers guy with an average sex drive to being a power-hungry bareback top who stops at nothing to breed cute young guys (my weakness is the jock, college-boy type with a daddy fetish). The power of infecting a young, healthy jock is more of a rush than any drug out there. They usually either assume I’m neg and/or insist on a condom, which magically either breaks, slips off, or never even leaves the wrapper. Oops.

I figure I’ve pozzed several of these naïve boys so far, and it fuels my need to find more. It turns out that the business of pro wrestling is the perfect place for it.

When booking the wrestling talent for my events, I try to feature a good mix that will please the crowd and sell tickets: usually a couple of bigger, brawler types; maybe a couple of females; one or two silly, quirky types; and a few of the young, fit, boy-next-door gym bunny 20-somethings to appeal to the gays and the girls. Variety is good for ticket sales.

Some of the wrestlers know I’m gay, but most probably don’t. I just don’t talk about it, and I don’t do much to make it obvious. I’ve also steered clear of being overtly flirtatious at my events, although I’m sure some of the wrestlers have caught my eyes lingering a little too long when they’re changing clothes, and I’ve been known to occasionally give away a free ticket to the particularly hot guys standing in the ticket line. But most definitely, none of them know I’m poz and carrying a potent, toxic virus ready to be shared at any moment.

One of my favorites on the roster is Cody. He’s a naïve country boy who lives about an hour away, and he loves working with our company and often comes to me for advice on how to improve himself and make it to the big-time. I’ve earned his trust by working together for a while, and I’ve felt almost like a father figure to this kid since I’ve started working with him. He’s 19, single, straight, and clearly proud of his tanned, athletic body. Probably half of his pics on social media are either shirtless or gym selfies. At 5-9 and roughly 180 pounds, he looks god-like in his tight wrestling trunks, and even better post-match when he’s dripping sweat. His brown hair, amazing green eyes, and smooth, tanned, toned body make the girls and gays swoon. He’s the rare type who makes clingy spandex look good.

Cody is desperate to work full-time as a wrestler and get his face in front of WWE scouts. The fact that I actually have connections to a couple of those scouts is a big, big plus for my exploits, and I made it clear to Cody that if he plays his cards right, I could put in a very good word for him and get  him a tryout in front of some big-time names. I could make his dream of being on TV come true.

After seeing him wrestle and lusting after him at one of my recent events, and seeing how his ass gloriously filled out his tight black trunks (with a white jock strap peeking out the sides at times), I decided to see exactly how badly he wanted that tryout and my recommendation. I asked him to come to the venue early for the next event so we could discuss his future. He accepted eagerly.

As some of the crew was setting up the ring and getting things in place, Cody arrived at the venue with his gym bag in hand and found me near a set of bleachers. Wide-eyed and freshly pumped from a gym session, he was eager to hear my advice on furthering his career. We walked to the locker room (still empty for another hour or so) and stepped into an adjacent storage room, where we found two chairs. I arranged them so that we’d be facing each other, and we began to chat. His gold, mesh gym shorts and white t-shirt showed off his tan muscled legs, broad shoulders, and athletic chest, and I tried to not stare.

Besides, I’d be seeing him naked within minutes.

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I asked Cody about his career, his “real” job outside of wrestling, his dating life. His answers: He wanted to be a full-time wrestler since he was a kid; his real job sucked, and he did it only to pay the bills; and his girlfriend broke up with him about a month earlier, partly because of his wrestling schedule. She hated it.

All these answers were just about perfect to me as he sat there leaning back in the metal folding chair, legs partly spread open, arms behind his head, likely unaware that my own cock was hard, leaking, and eager to pump highly charged seed into his tight butt.

“Cody, I’ll be honest with you,” I said. “Seems like we both need something, but I think we can help each other. I can get you that tryout you want, and I can put in a good word for you and give you a strong recommendation, but I need something in return.”

“Yes sir, of course,” he said. “I’ll do anything.”

Cody had always shown proper respect to his elders, always with the “sir,” “ma’am,” “thank you,” and all that. I could tell it was the result of a strict Southern upbringing. I couldn’t imagine what his family would think right now. If they were smart, they’d tell him to run.

“Take off your shirt,” I said.

He looked confused, but he didn’t say a word as he stood up and lifted off his shirt. Jokingly, he flexed his biceps and nervously laughed. His chest and stomach were tanned, smooth, and more muscular than I’d remembered. Damn, this kid really had been hitting the gym.

“Which gear did you bring tonight?” I asked, glancing toward his gym bag on the floor. Wrestlers typically bring a variety of wrestling gear, wrist tape, boots, and shower supplies. Cody walked to his gym bag, unzipped it, and sat it down on the chair in front of me. I began going through to see exactly what I wanted him wearing when I fucked him.

Two pair of boots. A variety of wrist tape. Several knee pads and kick pads. Two jock straps, one white and one black. And several pair of spandex wrestling trunks in a variety of colors. And a pair of small, white, thin cotton underwear – most wrestlers wear this extra layer under their gear during a match, because it helps minimize the outline of their cock and balls and adds another layer in cast of a “wardrobe malfunction.”

I took the pair of small white underwear and handed to Cody.

“Put these on,” I said.

He hesitated but didn’t say anything.

“You do the favor for me, and I do the favor for you that could make you a star,” I reminded.

Without a word, and without even looking me in the eyes, Cody took the white underwear, turned away from me, and slid off his gym shorts and the gray jockstrap he wore underneath. For the first time, I saw his bare ass – tanned from hours in the tanning bed, tight from hours in the gym, and showing the slightest dusting of fuzz.

He pulled the thin white material over his ass and fidgeted to adjust his cock and balls in the tight material. A couple of seconds later, he turned around to face me.

My dick shot to full attention inside my jeans.

Cody was perfection and wearing just about as little as possible: The white material was skin-tight and a little more flimsy and see-through than I’d imagined, and it showed the length of his slight treasure trail that went from his naval to the top of his cock. His pubes, slightly visible through the thinness of the material, were clearly trimmed short, but not shaved. His cock leaned to the left. It looked surprisingly thick and obviously was cut, based on the clear outline of the bulging mushroom head. His balls perfectly accented the overall package for a jock his size and age.

“So, you’re just going to take some pics I guess?” he finally asked after several seconds of my gawking.

“Cody,” I said as he stood there, nearly nude and vulnerable. “Think about all the sacrifices you’ve made the past few years to try and get where you want to be. All those hours of training, hours in the gym, hours driving to events. This is going to be one of the easiest sacrifices you’ve ever made, and it might be the one that finally gets you on that national stage.

“Now bend over for me, boy.”

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Thank you very much.

arouses his interest in becoming stiff in combat so the girls can see how big his cock is and take pictures of his pants with bulges

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Posted (edited)

As Cody leaned over a metal folding chair, I imagined how many dirty, gay daddies like me would pay money to be in this position. Maybe others will get a turn at this kid another time. Right now, it’s my time to own this kid, destroy his innocence, and remind him that I hold his dreams and his career in my hands.

With Cody leaned over and staring at the floor, I slid one hand inside the back of his tiny white briefs and slid them down to the bottom of his muscular ass. He said nothing, but I thought I heard a slight grunt.

I couldn’t help but to snap a couple of photos of this nearly naked country-boy hunk with my phone, using an angle that was sure to show the side of his face with his bare ass on display. That could be valuable down the road.

With Cody’s face still faced toward the floor, I pulled a small container of lube from my pocket and greased up my right middle finger – the one with the jagged nail filed into a sharp point for occasions like this.

“This might sting a little at first, but you’re going to feel better soon, I promise,” I said.

With my left arm across the boy’s muscular back to hold him in place, I wasted no time sliding my finger and its jagged nail against Cody’s virgin neg hole and gently pushed inward.

“Holy shit,” Cody mumbled. “Jesus, fuck. What the fuck, man?”

Despite his meager vocal protests, he mostly didn’t move, aside from the flinch when my rough fingernail began to scrape the inside of his young, unprotected hole. I reached into my other pocket and brought out a tiny bottle of poppers I had bought just for this occasion. I reached around to Cody’s face with my free hand and ordered him to take a few sniffs from the bottle – he didn’t question me as he inhaled about four whiffs.

“Fuck. Fuck. Goddam. Uhhh,” Cody said, his voice trailing off. I could tell that he was flying and under the spell of the poppers. Now was the time to get what I needed.

I pulled my finger out of his virgin butt and briefly admired the bright red negative blood that had gathered under my pointed fingernail. Not wasting time, I slid my jeans and underwear down and lubed up my hard poison cock and aimed it toward Cody’s scraped and bloodied hole. My poz precum was already adding a layer of extra lube as I pressed my thick mushroom head into his virgin ass.

“Oh my god, fuck, oh my god,” Cody mumbled. “Man, I can’t do this. I’m not gay, no way. Fuck.” Still, he didn’t resist, and aside from another slight flinch, he took my raw cock like the young alpha jock that he is. I don’t think he fully realized what was happening.

Within seconds, my toxic dick was all the way inside this 19-year-old country boy god and spurting poison precum into his young unprotected hole with each thrust.

“Cody, this is just another level of your training. I know you can handle this. You knew you’d have to make sacrifices,” I said, not sure if he even knew who I was or where he was under the influence of the poppers.

“Fuck. But you … you’ll … help me, right?” he said between his low grunts.

“I will, Cody. I’m here for you,” I said. “I want what’s best for you. We’re about to change your life.”

Under my breath, I whispered, “I’m about to destroy you and give you AIDS, jock boy, but I can’t stop now.” I don’t think he heard me. Maybe he did. As I steadily pumped my dirty cock inside him, I really didn’t care.

As he continued to moan quietly with every thrust inside his tight, tanned ass, I leaned down and bit into his smooth neck, determined to leave a mark that would further remind us both of my power and influence over this naïve country bumpkin. After a few seconds of hearing Cody’s heightened moans while I bit into his taut, sweaty flesh, I leaned back and saw that I’d broken the skin and drawn blood.

I’m not one to waste an opportunity, so I pulled my cock all the way out of his hole and scooped up the mix of my poison poz precum and the blood from his hole. As I eased my dick back into his muscled body, I smeared my virus into the open wound on his neck, determined that he will leave this locker room with my disease one way or another.

(This was a little trick I learned when Daddy pozzed me. When he fucked me, he pulled out a needle and jabbed two of my fingers with it, opening wounds that he immediately covered with his poz precum. Whether that was what got me, we’ll never know.)

I knew my time with Cody was limited, and I feared he would come to his senses soon, so I worked quickly to seed his unprotected hole. I built up speed and felt my load brewing fast as I held onto his sweaty, muscled shoulders.

“Here you go Cody, this is part of your sacrifice on your way to the big-time,” I said as I felt my thick, dirty jizz begin to shoot into the jock boy’s negative hole. My fingers dug into his firm shoulders as my poison erupted into his bare ass, pumping my killer virus (and Daddy’s) into this young, hunky, healthy straight kid. I’ve seeded a lot of young asses in my poz journey, but the feeling of shooting my deadly toxin into Cody was on a whole new level. It was intense.

He moaned a bit but was mostly quiet. “Holy fuck, oh shit. Oh shit. Did you use a condom?” I think Cody was finally realizing what happened.

“You have nothing to worry about,” I assured him. “I told you I’ll take care of you.”

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This is so fucking HOT! I've always had a thing for wrestlers. All sexy in their little trunks, showing off all kinds of bulges, and covered in sweat . . . 😝

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As I felt the seeding come to an end, I slowly slid out of the kid. I kept waiting for him to say more, but he never did. I wondered how long before he’d experience the flu. Then I wondered how long before he realized he was poz – probably a long, long time, I guessed. It’s not as if straight country boys are getting tested often.

I’m not sure how much dirty cum I’d shot in him, but it was a lot. Some of it dripped down his his tanned leg. It looked to have the slightest red hue to it.

“Cody, this was the first step toward getting you exactly where we both want you to be,” I said.

“Yes sir,” Cody said. His voice sounded sheepish compared to his usual alpha-male tone. Almost defeated, actually. “Thank you.”

As Cody stood and pulled up the flimsy white briefs to cover his exposed ass, he turned and reached for his gym bag. I decided then and there that he wasn’t quite done surrendering himself to me today.

“Cody, what you’re wearing right now, that’s what you’re wearing for your match tonight,” I said.

Cody looked more shocked now than he did throughout our pozzing session moments earlier.

“You want paid tonight, and you want what we discussed, so that’s your gear for tonight,” I said.

He looked toward the floor again.

“Shit,” Cody said. “Yessir.”

Cody slipped his gym shorts and t-shirt on to cover his near-naked body for the next couple of hours. As more wrestlers began to arrive, Cody chatted with them as if nothing had happened. Later, he watched the first couple of matches and mingled with his fans – mostly female and gay men -- while he signed autographs and sold t-shirts emblazoned with “Cody’s Crew” across the front. Considering his hole was abused a short while ago, and poison was seeping into his guts, he acted as if it was just another day.

Cody’s match was the fourth of the night. Back in the locker room, he was minutes away from being introduced. I walked up beside him and reminded him of his obligation.

This wasn’t about embarrassing Cody. It was about maintaining my power over him and making sure he knew our roles going forward. From this day forward, he was one of my boys, whether he knew it today or not.

“Do I have to?” he said.

“You know the deal,” I said.

Fully geared up with his white boots and black knee pads, he slowly slid down his gym shorts and removed his t-shirt. At some point he had put on his white spandex wrestling trunks that he had worn many times before, probably thinking that would appease my dirty request. When he looked at me, I nodded my head no. That was one layer too many – even though he looked amazing.

Without saying a word, Cody peeled the spandex trunks down from his waist, down his tanned thighs and over his feet, revealing the overly tight, thin white briefs that he wore earlier when I filled his young gut with my viral seed. A couple of the other wrestlers nearby gawked in disbelief – why would anybody with an ounce of pride walk under the lights wearing that? One them laughed at the sight.

Cody did a couple of stretches to warm up. When his name was announced, the crowd erupted into cheers as he darted through the curtain and into the arena. Some of the cheers turned to catcalls as the fans caught sight of Cody’s minimal see-through gear. I watched some of the gay fans as their jaws dropped, and undoubtedly their cocks sprung to attention when they saw young Cody’s cock and balls nearly on full display and bulging against the tiny, tight, thin fabric.

If only they knew the rest of Cody’s adventure today. My poz cock got hard again at the thought of my virus soaking into his unprotected teenage rectum.

Cody wasn’t aware, but I’d told his opponent – a cute, straight, 30-year-old black jock with a wife and two kids -- to take their match to almost 30 minutes. The goal was to get the 19-year-old stud as sweaty as possible. Sure enough, within about 10 minutes, his flimsy white underwear was soaked with sweat and translucent to the point of being invisible. His chubby cut cock was on full display, and his bubble ass filled the back of his wet trunks to perfection. Even from 30 feet away, I could see that he was circumsized as his cock head jutted against the thin cotton. Cody hid his humiliation well, but I think he realized the power that I now held over him. If he wants my help, he’ll play by my rules from now on.

The women and the gays were glued to the match, and most of them by now had sent their kids to the concession stand to avoid seeing this nearly obscene display and having to explain why the boy in the ring was wrestling in see-through underwear. As Cody wrestled on, I could swear I saw dried blood stuck to the back of his tight briefs. I knew my dirty cum was buried deep up his neg hole and working into his bloodstream even as he wrestled his match.

In the end, Cody won by pin-fall as we’d discussed. That was his reward for enduring the humiliation I’d put him through. As the ref raised Cody’s hand in victory, the boy’s lean, sweaty body glistened under the lights. Everybody in the building got an eye full of the kid’s protruding, chunky cock. I counted at least 20 people in the crowd holding up their phone to capture either photos or video of the ripped kid in all his glory.

Back in the locker room, Cody didn’t stick around very long after his match. When he found me later to ask for his pay for the night, I handed him his envelope, which included an extra $100. He said nothing to me other than “Thank you, sir” when I gave him his pay. I also made him hand over his sweaty white underwear from his match tonight as a souvenir to hang beside my desk in my office at home. He did so without question.

That pair of hot wrestling briefs still hangs on my wall to this day, but it’s not the only one I’ve collected now.

[More to come soon]

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      'Looks like he really likes what he found too.' Bobby now pulled me to my feet and pushed me over to a large tree on the side of the cabin clearing.
      He reached in front of me and lifted my t-shirt off my shaking body and then indicated to the other guys to each take an arm. I have never been a tree hugger but I now knew that I must have looked like one as they pulled my arms around the base of the tree and began tying my hands together on the opposite side with my shirt.
      Once I was secure I felt the big hot hands of Bobby probing my bare skin. His touch was like electricity and what I could see of him was heaven. His hairy arms were every bit the kind of manly arms I aspired to have. Those burly arms then reached down for my zipper and soon my bare ass was to the wind and my hard cock was up against the tree that I was now tied to. He lifted each leg in turn and pulled my jeans from me and then I was completely vulnerable and as naked as I have ever felt in my life. My head was not secured so I was able to look at all of them in turn and from what I could see they were all sold stocky well built men, two of them dark haired and one of them blonde. They all grinned at me and somehow I knew I would be alright despite what this seemed to be turning into.
      Now each of them began stripping. Hard cocks were soon bouncing up out of jeans and briefs, protruding out of the hairiest crotches I could have ever hoped to see. Just a few short hours ago I was seeing my first gay porn, now I was seeing it in person. Three sets of hands began fondling every inch of my body. I could feel full hairy chests rub against my shoulders or hairy legs brush against my bare ass and thighs. The warmth of their rough hands made me dizzy with pleasure and fear all at the same time.
      Soon they all backed up from me a couple of feet and I wasn't sure what would happen next. Then I felt the hot liquid sensation of hot water being jetted all over my ass and legs and back. They were pissing on my like dogs on a fire hydrant. The smell hit my nose like a pheromone and enraged me with lust.
      'You are marked territory now' said Bobby. 'The three of us have just marked you as ours and you are now our bitch.'
      I trembled but said nothing.
      'You found him' said one of the porch sitters, 'You should have first dibs.'
      I could then feel Bobby's probing hands split my dripping pissed-on ass and a single finger penetrate my hole. I was wet with both sweat and piss and when Bobby's furry body spooned up against me I could feel the end of his hard cock begin to slide into my trapped body. The pain was incredible at first but slowly I began to feel the heady sensation of pleasure as Bobby thrust in and out of my asshole. I could feel his sweat through his chest hair and its strong smell and he pounded away at my ass. After ten or so minutes of his working my ass he drove it deep into me and steadily increased his speed until he yelled out with pleasure and his balls shot ropes of seed into my worked over ass.
      Bobby pulled out and immediately a new scent hit my nose of the blonde guy as he took position and soon added his sperm load to Bobbys. The third guy must have been the biggest as I could feel the uncomfortable pain of stretching begin again. I was soon accustomed to this new cock and took his load as well without a word of complaint. Had I not been suspect of my own gay feelings this afternoon would have been nightmarish. As it was, I couldn't imagine somewhere that I would rather be.
      My virgin ass was now the property of three rugged men out in a cabin in the middle of nowhere. I carried their loads in my body and was dripping in their piss. It came then as a suprise to me that all three of them all of a sudden just picked up their clothes and headed for the cabin. I was left alone, tied to the tree with the sun at about two o'clock and me beginning to worry that I would never see home again.
      I tried to pass what seemed like eons remembering the events of the last hour. I had never seen such beautiful hairy men before. The blonde one was my favorite. His light hair against his tan skin was like a fuzzy peach, ripe and meaty. It made me want to pass out knowing I now carried that hot blondes spunk inside me like the bitch they told me I was. Bobby was probably the hairiest of the them and the sensation of his hairy body against me put me into orbit. The third guy was shorter but he more than made up for it with his large cock breeding me and stretching me further than the other two. I began to think maybe I needed to yell for them to let me go but somehow I didn't want to go. So I stood and waited for what would happen next.
      It didn't take long before I could hear trucks on the distant road. Unseen to me was a road through the woods that these trucks seemed to know. I could hear them coming closer and closer. I strained to turn and watch them approach. One had three men in the cab while the other had three in its cab and two in the truck bed. All of them were beefy solid country men from 30 to maybe 50 and it was obvious now to me why the other three had left. They had been busy collecting the rest of their party group to come try out their new bitch.
      Out on the porch the three came, whooping and laughing as the trucks unloaded. After rounds of chatter, hugging and back slapping the attention was now on me. I could feel the heat of eleven men staring holes through my body. I could hear them approach as leaves and twigs crunched under their shoes. I could hear the sounds of belts being undone, zippers coming down and clothes being stripped and dropped. My dick raged against the tree bark as I anticipated the oncoming scene.
      I felt the hot heat of piss. It was unending this time. I seemed to come from every direction. I felt my ass being pulled apart again and a new sensation hit me like a warm wave of bath water as a scruffy face buried itself in my ass and rimmed me into heady pleasure with a very talented tongue. It soon gave way to fresh air as he pulled away and then new pain as my ass was reopened for my fourth cock of the night.
      I could tell the afternoon was getting late as I stood there taking dick after dick. Each man came to a climax to the whoops of his buddies and the eventual breeding of my captive ass. It was as if the forest had turned to men and I was the only bitch within miles to mate with. My belly was full of seed. The sensation left me feeling like I had to piss and shit all at the same time. I had long given up and pissed on the tree while I was being fucked. Each time a cock was pulled out I could feel the cum slowly release from my well used hole and run down the inside of my legs.
      The last dick to approach my hole was Bobby. I knew it was him as soon as his arms went up on the tree again and his scent caught my recognition. Without even guiding his cock he slid into me like we were a matched set and he then gave me my 19th and final load of the day. When he was done, I felt his hairy torso collapse against my back and he kissed my neck with lingering affection. 'I know you won't tell anyone about this because I know you want more.' He whispered. I knew he was right. He then untied my hands and gave me my shirt. 'It's getting dark, you better start home' he suggested.
      I turned for the first time and looked straight on into the faces of the eleven men that had just given me a day in my life I never dreamed possible. They ranged from dark hair to blonde. A couple were bald and stood naked under the fading sun in all their glory. Some were shorter and one was a strapping 6' 5' or better. Everyone of them was beautiful and memorized in my mind.
      The blonde guy from the porch then walked up to me and knelt before me. My dick was soon enveloped into the velvety smoothness of his hot mouth. Each of the guys surrounded us and some played with my body while others kissed me. One of the bald men spread my ass and began rimming me again. Never once did they let me cum and now I was being rewarded in grand fashion as they heaped their collective sexual thanks unto my body. I began to tense up and breathe fast. The blonde pulled his mouth from my cock as ropes of cum shot three feet into the air in front of me, some hitting those that stood too close. The sensation of my pent up desire issued out of me like rushes of waves on an ocean beach.
      When the last blast left my body, Bobby handed me a pile of snap shots from an instant camera.
      'Here's a little something to keep under your pillow.' he said. 'We are having a party next Friday at 7 and I hope you'll come back.' A picture of every man fucking my hole and candids of the guys standing around watching filled my grateful hands. 'The road is right there. Just follow it out and you'll find your bike waiting right where you left it.' said Bobby.
      With that he kissed me and handed me the remainder of my clothes. I didn't even bother to dress. I just carried them numbly in my hands and headed towards the road. Just before I got to the road I dressed and painfully climbed unto my bike. It was a no brainer to hit the swimming hole one more time when I arrived. The fresh cold water brought me to my senses and I let my first sexual experience wash to the back of my mind to be hidden and stored for many a night of recollection. I felt like a fish that had been caught and shown off like a trophy and then returned to its watery home. I was a 'catch and release!' Supper never tasted so good and next Friday could not come soon enough.
    • By nastystephen
      looking for any tops that need to cum in a hot hole no rubbers ever no pull out north phoenix curious, gay, horny, girlfriend wont put out, i will.... hmu sixohtwo4threefive3twofive8
    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Ill be visiting Atlanta for the weekend of the 11-13 and we all gonna get slutty! Im probably the biggest of them all! Lookin for hot tops to use and abuse me! Very poz and disease friendly so dont stray away if ur cummin with some extra friends! 😜 hit me up for more details. 
    • By PupLucky
      Hi guys quick note before i start i'm new at writing fiction (first story >.< ) but thought since i have enjoyed so many of your amazing orgasm inducing tales i should try contribute to the community, so any feed back is more than welcome as its the only way we get better. a quick sorry in advance for the punctuation i have dyslexia and its a bitch.
       this story is based on all those films where the monster is loose and hunts its pray transforming them into creatures like itself, which always really turned me on ... and seems a natural fit for a genetically modified poz monster who wants to convert as many as possible with its toxic dick. nobody dies in this story they just become infected with super HIV developed by a shady pharma corp and transform still living into there new form.
      i hope you all enjoy and on with the story......
      The group walked up to the glass and steel building of Gentech, its massive sign still lit proclaiming “Gentech a better world for all”. But with the lights in the building out and all personnel gone it looked eerie and dead they knew the building was fully evacuated except for basement levels where the labs are and from reports those lab floors were like a small labyrinth. The basement levels had been sealed due to a biological containment alarm with the twelve scientists who working at the time were still down there needing extraction. 
        That was the job of S.R.A.R.G, a search and rescue group used by government to get assets out of compromising situations, the group sent was delta squad a five-man strong retrieval team each hand picked for their skills.  
       The Figures moved up to the doors and slipped inside with military precision, five figures in all wearing black bio-containment suits the front figure held a tablet with a metal wand hooked up to it they waved it though the air of the large glass atrium the tablet lit up green, the figure nodded and they moved quickly across the marble floor their footsteps and rustling suites echoing off the glass and steel in the still darkness they reached an elevator and the front figure typed a code the beeping seeming too loud by far, the metal doors slid open with a shush of air and the group stepped inside without a word, the elevator descended. 
      The figures remained silent the elevators doors opened again and they stepped into a small concrete room only just big enough to hold them all, a red light pulsed on the wall a message flashing on a small black screen underneath “containment breach full lock-down in effect” the figure with the tablet moved up to the large blast door that took up one wall like the entrance to a tomb. he plugged the tablet into it with a small cable, swiftly moved his hands across the glass pad within a few seconds the red flashing light stopped and the large metal door rumbled up. the figures braced themselves but they were only met with a set of glass doors leading to a long corridor lit with dull yellow emergency lights no panicked scientists. 
       The lead figure pushed the glass door open carefully and waved the metal rod it took a few seconds but the tablet once again showed a green icon on the screen, the figure pulled the mask free from his face with a sigh of relief “all clear guys”  he was greeted with a rush of hot moist air that smelled like a locker room, “Air isn't too fresh though makes sense with the air con off down here, but the system says there are dangerous no toxins or gasses ”  
      He quickly striped off the rest of the bio hazard suite showing the black military boots, fatigues,  jacket a bullet proof vest over the top seemed filled with tech gear,  the man was in his twenties 5 foot 9 with sparkling green eyes his blond hair shaved up the sides and back and let to grow long on the top it made him look like a surfer dude who had dressed like a swat officer for Halloween.  
      The other four followed his lead pulling off the black suits to show similar cloths, “if nothing is showing up why the lock down Gray?” Nate was a large man and team leader he looked in his early 30’s with a body that had been carefully sculpted at the gym, his chestnut hair and beard were both buzzed close to the skin  
      Grey looked back up from the tablet and shrugged “no idea, I would need to get into their computer systems to have a look at what they were working on, mission brief just has they were outsourced by the military intelligence on a number of sensitive projects” 
      Nate nodded and looked over the group “right where are going to split up and find the people trapped down here while Gray pulls the files from the main computers … mission control want to know what the hell they were playing with down here” he pointed at two men one could have been a blond frat boy not over 25 and the other with olive skin black hair “Jackson and Alverez you two search the labs and office area me and cooper will escort Graves to the main server room and then join you, be careful we still don’t know what triggered the biohazard alert ”  
      Both men saluted and Jackson and Alverez moved into the Lab complex guns drawn Nate watched them disappear around the corner and had a bad feeling but looked as Gray and Nick cooper a 5;12 Black man with a swimmer's body and Scowled “let's get this done fast”. 
    • By Texasbislut82
      Looking at taking a trip to Washington DC end of October. Would stay at Washington plaza and hit up Meriden Park for anon loads, bathhouse and p street beach. Looking for anon pnp tops to fill me up with seed. Like to be blindfolded and stealthed drugged and whored out. Finally getting out from Covid lockdown and need to get broken back in.
      Whose intrested? 

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