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  1. I'd love to know what happens next with Von after that first experience.
  2. I thought the Lyle Cranston stories might have been your hottest, but this one is off to an incredible start. Can't wait to see where this one leads.
  3. Damn! I felt like I was standing next to Elliot while he was giving the 21-year-old all of his bugs. Plus I've always had a weakness for young hot guys in those lycra cycling shorts.
  4. The brother issue can be tricky. When I was about 15 and my brother was about 9, we were laying next to each other in bed playing video games, and one thing led to another. He gave me oral, then backed up and rode my dick for a while until we got scared and stopped. I grew up thinking he was gay for a variety of reasons, then he matured and went the opposite direction -- he married a Southern Baptist girl and had two kids at a young age. We've never discussed that incident from our childhood, and I have no idea if he still has those feelings or has just gotten better about hiding them.
  5. I'm really eager to see how the sons get inducted into the group.
  6. Damn, I can't believe I never saw this thread until now. These are gold.
  7. I love the direction this has taken with Jock Boy sharing his seed with a few unsuspecting recipients -- I can attest that some of those scenarios do happen in the real world, and they're just as hot as they sound. He's surely going to enjoy many more scenes like that, especially with his new college friends and teammates.
  8. I need to come to ATL for a long weekend this summer -- your profile piqued my interest.

  9. I'm curious to find out if Marcus really is on meds or maybe has taken a convenient "break" while he's fucking his new best friend.
  10. Scotty, his dad, and his brother will make an amazing trio. Please keep the updates coming!
  11. I hope this isn't the final chapter. So much potential for Lyle still ahead.
  12. I'm eager to see Blake and some of his friends get their turn
  13. Great series! It's refreshing to see the newest and youngest member of the group turn into the dominant alpha male the way Tony has -- that's a very hot and unexpected twist. Personally, I'm a huge fan of stealthing stories (maybe because I've been on the giving and receiving end of those experiences), so hopefully Tony has a lot more experiences ahead with his young, innocent classmates and friends around town. A guy who looks like that will rarely be told "no."
  14. Wow, the followup is just as good as Part I. Lyle's a lucky boy to be naive and enjoy the breeding without even realizing the consequences.

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