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  1. Amazing series, I hope this goes on a while longer.
  2. Hey there, still looking to poz out cum dumps. Im in Atlanta


  3. CHAPTER 14: CODY AND RYAN MEET THEIR FATE It took a couple of seconds to snap myself out of what seemed like a dream state. Watching Joe -- a big, burly, muscle-bear of a wrestler -- completely emasculate and abuse two 19-year-old stud opponents was more than erotic. It was fucking mesmerizing. And now, with tag-team partners Cody and Ryan sweaty, handcuffed, and on the verge of unconsciousness, it was time for the victor to enjoy his spoils. Joe's hefty, poz cock was clearly swelling in his black trunks as he motioned me to join him in the ring. The middle-aged ref I chose for this
  4. "It's hot when he cries." "We're going to rape him, right?" Those two lines alone made this chapter the best one yet. Damn, this keeps getting better. Would be a shame if the slut's PrEp pills got flushed down the toilet, wouldn't it?
  5. This is amazing story so far. I love seeing "straight" jock boys like Everett being shown what they're really good at -- being a proper cumdump who never refuses a load.
  6. I can't believe I just now discovered this story. Damn this is amazing. Hope there are more chapters soon!
  7. Poor James. I almost feel sorry for the kid, but I'd probably do the same thing if I was Conrad or any of the others who enjoyed his ass.
  8. There's still much more to come ... PART 13: HELLO TO JOE'S DARK SIDE Joe told me earlier that he intended to bring a few special items to hide under the ring when he first arrived at the building. I didn’t know the exact contents, but I knew they would make the final match of the night fun – at least for poz punishers like Joe and me, less so for 19-year-old straight jocks and tag-team partners Cody and Ryan. As energetic Cody stood in the corner yelling his protests to the ref and urging poor Ryan to make the tag, Joe put the small cardboard box under his arm and walke
  9. This is such a hot series. I can't help but think there are more stories about young Andy and Chris sharing their gift.
  10. Absolutely amazing. I hope there are many more chapters to come.
  11. I promise there's more to come. Cody and Ryan don't stand a chance against Joe, especially after he gets out the handcuffs.
  12. To your story: Poz adventures in pro wrestling and my suggestion to let the guys fight in front of chicks so the chicks can do something with them an interesting message :

    In Romania last month, 24-year-old Lothario Daniel D. was buried in the small town of Segarcea in the southeast. At the funeral, dozens of young women attended to mourn their late lover. Then when it came out that he had died of HIV-induced complications, all the coughs and mordio suddenly screamed. Since then, eight women have tested positive for HIV. 40 more are said to want to be tested. Daniel had lived in Italy for a year before returning home to die. The Romanian authorities are now trying to find other former love affairs outside the country. Just to write down again: Daniel D. was only 24 when he died.


  13. Jake is the perfect kind of toy. Hopefully several more tops get to enjoy him before his time runs out.
  14. PART 12: DIRTY MINDS THINK ALIKE After my initial meeting with Joe, I barely slept that night. So many thoughts flooded my brain. Is he serious about all this? If he already knows I’m gay and poz, what else does he know about me? Is he really packing poz seed inside that big body? How hot would it be to see his pierced dick invade young Cody’s muscular jock ass that I’ve flooded with dirty cum twice already? Why am I even waiting to make this happen? Over the next couple of weeks, Joe and I talked more, and my mind was put at ease as I began to see all the upsides of seeing Joe
  15. Sounds like the virus has definitely taken over the twink. That's a proud moment for a poz top. I'm envious.
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