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Wired bi bottom.. wanting to be fucked n need b4 headin back to the country

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    • By Redheadsub
      Heading into philly Saturday night looking for the best hotel for a cumdump. Where guys can easily walk up and into, use me and go ! 😜 please any advice would be great. 
    • By RawFucker38
      Any tops / vers top for some BB action in Edinburgh or near ?
    • By bihairy
      Hey guys:
      Has anyone else encountered this issue?
      I am a barebacker. I say I fuck bb on my profiles for bbrts, squirt, grdr, and other sites.  If you want to hook up with me I want you to know I intend to breed and seed your hole. Otherwise, don't bother me.  Other than BBRTS (of course) I sometimes get nasty messages from guys that are angry at me because I want bb.  Today I got a response from something I had put online that I was an "idiot" "moron" etc. Why do these assholes find it necessary to make nasty comments regarding my preference for bare sex?  I wanted to tell this asshole to fuck off, but the message was sent anonymously.  To afraid to send it with his email.
      I happen to be on PrEP and old enough to know what I want.  I wish I could block these idiots to be honest.  BH
    • By CharlieNZ
      Hi all, 
      Looking to be used as a cumdump. I want guys to gangbang me and share me with their friends. No loads refused, I’ll take every drop of cum regardless of status. Looking for interested guys in Wellington who can host. 
    • By RobertPaulis
      hosting from 9sh pm tonight till 2:30am at the Sonder Apartment Suites (200 Brookline Ave) --- looking for as my loads as possible, please help. check my twitter and my latest tweet for the cum dump posting

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