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This is part 1 of a fictional story. It's fairly raunchy and filthy so read the tags before proceeding. Subsequent parts will be based on reader's desires so feel free to leave comments, feedbacks and your most twisted kinks that you want to read going forward in this story.


Today marks three years since my life changed for the better. When you read my story going forward, you might argue if I'm truly better off. It would be a valid argument except what you wouldn't understand is that, secretly, this is exactly what I had wanted all my life and more.

But I'm getting ahead of myself.

August 2017 (3 years ago)

My life was awesome. Back then, I was Ian Connelly, the successful CMO of one of the largest consulting firms in the world. At 35, I was rich, successful and the poster boy for American capitalism. I had played by the rules, worked my ass off and had achieved everything I had set out to do. People loved me, they wanted to be with me, they wanted to be me, they looked up to me and craved my company in their life.

The other advantage of success was the constant availability of sex. Women, men, trans, queer- whatever I was in the mood for, a few phone calls and I could have someone delivered to my door. I could do what I want with little accountability and by god, did I love it.

And yet, I wasn't truly happy. There was something I wanted but I was too afraid to seek it. Afraid of opening that door and stepping into a life I so desperately craved, and yet terrified of.

I wanted to be pozzed. I wanted to be a slave.

I wanted to be a poz slave.

It had been a fantasy since my undergrad days. A desire that had translated to hours on the internet seeking porn and discussions that scratched that itch. And over the years, that fantasy got darker and more fucked up.

I wanted to be pozzed by an ugly beast. A man far removed from society's notion of acceptable behavior who would take me in his arms and give me a place to kneel next to his feet. A man so disgusting, that the idea of him would make people shudder in disgust. His audacity for filth would be a natural barrier to any person and yet, he would do nothing to change the way he was.

Just picturing someone like him would make my dick throb. That fantasy got worse over the years and it delved deeper into some very fucked up desires.

I wanted to be blackmailed into getting pozzed. Blackmailed by such a man to be pozzed by him and be his slave or be outed as a closeted, repressed bug chaser sub.

It was just a fantasy. Until it wasn't anymore.


I had been browsing the internet for some pozzing videos in one of the popular HIV forums. My desires were clearly stated in my profile but despite countless messages from many guys over the years, I had never acted on them. I had fun chatting with guys, telling them what I wanted while I jerked off and blew my load.

When I saw a message from a new user called 'Pig-Farmer', I figured it would be a fun way to get off. We exchanged pleasantries and a few body pics. His user name was apt because the man looked like a pig. I didn't see his face but he was clearly big, burly and hairy. Piercings and tattoos adorned his hairy body but what really piqued my interest was the scorpion tattoo on his neck and the biohazard symbol above his groin. I sent him photos of my naked muscled fuzzy front and back, with a clear shot of my parted ass cheeks and visible hole.

He responded with a photo of his dick.

Actually, it wasn't a dick. It was a weapon of mass destruction. Not very long (about 7-7.5 inches but wider than a beer can. Dark veins covered the length of his manhood and it all ended at a dark pink head with a frenum, ampallang, lorum and a PA (I know all about cock piercings). The sight of his cock made my mouth water and my ass throb.

Then he sent me a pic of his ass and it made me lose my mind.

It wasn't just that he had a furry, big ass (which he most certainly did), but it looked dirty. The sight of it, while revolting to most, made me swoon. Picturing myself between them, my tongue lapping at that disgusting beautiful hole was all I wanted and I wanted it bad.

We exchanged a bunch of messages after that and I got the sense he didn't have this happen to him often when someone would seek his company despite seeing him in all his glory. He wasn't very chatty but he was unapologetically filthy. 

This was the start of a beautiful online friendship that lasted for two months. He would send me pics of his dirty cock, all slimy and cheesy, that would make my cock harden and ooze. In exchange, I would send him pics of my bubble butt. Sometimes, I'd be at work when he'd tell me to send him pics so I'd take off my trousers and send him ass pics, wearing business formals on top and showing off my hole.

Eventually, I sent him pics of my face. He never asked for them but during the time I had been talking to him, a connection had been established. I trusted him but most importantly, I wanted him to know who I was. He never showed me his face and I didn't ask for it. Somehow, it made it hotter knowing that he could put up my pics online and I'd have no way of stopping him.

After two months of regular conversations, he finally proposed a meeting. He sent me an address about an hour's drive away, far outside city limits and asked me to meet him there three days later.

At first, I was scared. As long as it was online, there was an element of control but was I ready to meet someone knowing where it would end? I knew this was my only chance, to have what I had always wanted but I was nevertheless scared shitless. The thought kept bothering me until the day of our proposed meet. Yet, as scared as I was, I decided to go.

The address was in a very isolated area. An abandoned factory was the only place around for miles and it seemed I was supposed to go inside. I walked up to the front door and tried to open it but it was locked. Confused, I was about to step out when the door opened and out stepped a big burly bouncer.

"The fuck do you want?", he grumbled with a snarl.

I was at a loss of words. What was this place and why was I told to come here? Where was my online friend? Did he prank me?

Thoughts like these raced through my mind as I scrambled for words. Defeated, I turned around to leave when suddenly

"Yo, come in. I know why you're here", the bouncer said.

I was confused by his attitude but I decided to go inside. Once in, the door closed behind me and I found myself in a corridor. The bouncer asked me to follow him and we walked through the corridor until we came upon a large door.

"Step in", he said pulling the huge door open.

Inside, I found myself in a pub of some kind. Men of all kinds and ages were in there, drinking, conversing and enjoying themselves. I saw two guys drinking and chatting while rubbing each other's cock through the fabric of their pants. A rather large man was being aggressively kissed by a muscular dude who was squeezing the big man's hefty chub. A skinny dude was getting his nipples twisted by a silver fox, while getting his dick rubbed by another gentleman.

I made my way towards the bar and ordered a beer. My friend was nowhere to be seen and I had zero clue as to why I was here. I downed my beer pretty quickly and ordered another, waiting for him to show up. Eventually, I realized I had been stood up and decided to call it a night.

Suddenly, I felt my nipples being grabbed and twisted hard, making me moan. I felt a man's weight against my back with the smell of booze and man musk violating my nasal senses, while his hands worked my nipples.

"I am glad you came boy."

It was him!

I tried turning around but he put more weight against me, preventing me from turning. I'm a strong guy, with years of weight training under my belt but this man was stronger, much stronger.

"Just relax baby. Let me work those pig tits and you finish that beer."

His words were like an aphrodisiac that calmed me down. I had a slight buzz going too, which might have helped in making me more suggestible and docile but I adhered to his words and kept sipping my drink while he played with my nipples.

"You're hot, boy. Daddy's gonna like turning a hot guy into a real pig."

His words went straight to my cock which started chubbing up quickly. He noticed it as one of his hands slipped down my body and rubbed my cock through my jeans.

"Yeah, that's a nice cock. Looks like you're liking daddy's attention."

"Fuck yeah daddy, feels so good."

"Finish your drink and pay up. We are leaving boy," he said while withdrawing his hands from my nipples and cock.

I downed my beer in one go and pulled up some cash when daddy stopped me.

"No cash boy. Pay him with a card, Apple Pay or any other traceable shit like that."

As weird as that instruction was, I did what he told me to. I pulled up my credit card and paid my tab.

"Good boy. We are leaving now," he barked. He didn't wait for my answer as he walked towards the entrance door.

I was frozen in place. The situation, as hot it was, was making me apprehensive. If I went with him, I was opening myself to something there was no coming back from. It was hot and part of me wanted it really bad but my conscious mind reigned supreme. I decided to slip out quietly without him noticing, saving myself from the situation I had put myself in.

I waited for a few mins before slipping out. He was nowhere to be seen and I made a dash for my car. I had parked a little way off the road, away from anyone's sight, which gave me an advantage.

Or, so I thought.

"Going somewhere?" his voice boomed in the silent night, just as I was about to open the door to my car.

"Mmm yeah, look, I gotta run. Something's come up at work," I stammered and opened the door of my car.

"You sure boy?" his voice dropped a few octaves, turning into a slight whisper, as he started walking towards me. I was still facing my car when I felt him behind me. I was about to turn when I felt the sharp prick of something against my spine.

It was a knife. The man had a knife to my back!

My legs were shaking, I was sweating and breathing deep slow breaths, trying to stay calm. He stayed frozen too, his knife resting against my back, as the strong musky smell wafting off of him turned me on ever so slightly.

Here I was, in a perpetual life and death situation, sporting a partial. At that moment, I felt truly fucked up as waves of both horniness and fear raced through my body.

"Here's what's gonna happen boy. You are gonna leave your car here and you are going to come with me. Understood?"


I felt the knife pressing against my back harder as he leaned in closer to my ear.

"Yes what boy?"

"Yes...Yes sir."

"Try again boy"


"That's right boy. You're gonna love what Daddy has planned for you. All the fucked up shit you're too pussy to do by yourself, Daddy's gonna make you do it boy."

He pulled the knife off my back and my body relaxed. I let out a deep breath to release my anxiety when I felt him push me against my car and push his weight against my back.

"You don't have a choice anymore boy. If you think about leaving, you should know that this place is a known private club for poz men to meet. You used your card here, think what would happen if people found out."

He pushed his crotch against my ass, letting it rest against my cheeks before continuing.

"Besides, you wouldn't want Daddy to send all the naughty pics and texts to your contact now would you? What would they think of Ian, the closeted neg bug chasing pig trolling for poz dad dick on the internet."

Hearing him blackmail me and use my fear against me made my cock throb and my body experienced a wave of pleasure that made me buckle. He put his arms around my front and held me steady, kissing my neck as he let me steady myself.

"Relax boy, Daddy knows what you need piglet. You don't have to be scared of Daddy anymore because Daddy knows who you really are. What you really are."

That's when I felt the sudden spurt of wetness expanding in the crotch area of my jeans. I had cum hands free, hard.

Most importantly, I needed to do this. I was going to do this. I had no choice.



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Part 2

When I finally turned around and saw him, it took my breath away.

He was one of the ugliest men I had ever seen. His round pudgy face was filled with scars, his nose looked like it had been badly broken at some point and hadn't healed, his nostrils were shaped upwards with a gigantic septum piercing hanging, giving the illusion of an actual snout. A full, dirty beard decorated his face, his lips were thick, ashy and a little charred, with a piercing in his chin. Multiple ear piercings adorned his ears, which alongside the tattoos on his bald scalp, made him look like an absolute freak. To top it off, his natural scent was vile. A mix of sweat and something animalistic, the pungent scent attacked my nostrils making my nose burn a little.

Any repulsion I faced was completely dissipated when he planted his lips on mine. His mouth tasted bad, smelled worse and yet, it was so erotic at the same time. I was shell shocked to kiss him back until I felt his palm grab my ass and squeeze my cheeks. It made me moan just enough for him to slip his tongue in, and I used it as an opportunity to kiss him back.

I wanted this, I wanted this man to violate me. To fuck me, make me cry and squeal and spurt his toxic seed in my ass.

We frenched hard for a few more minutes before he withdrew himself. He was smiling, like a predator that knows he's made the kill, and he led me away from my car. I walked with him, leaving my car behind, to his truck and off we went.

An hour later, we pulled up to a farm. I was riding shotgun in Daddy's truck thinking about everything that had transpired. When we pulled up to the farm, I realized just how abandoned it truly was. Not a soul or a house around for miles, nobody who would know what went down at the farm. It was his own quiet corner, a place where he could be the true freak he was without judgement.

He parked in the driveway and invited me inside. I was half expecting to find a dirty, filthy housing situation so it surprised me when I saw a nicely decorated farmhouse, befitting someone who lived alone. He offered me a beer , grabbed one for himself and we sat down on the couch.

"Why did you try to run boy?" he broke the awkwardness in the air.

"I,um....it..." I mumbled, unable to find the words.

"You know what you want, your body knows what you want, part of your mind knows what it wants. So, why keep denying who and what you are?"

"I..don't know what you mean," I blurted out.

"Yeah you do. You want to be pozzed by daddy. But that's not the whole reason why you are here, is it boy?" he replied, the corner of his mind breaking into a slight grin.

I kept my silence, knowing he would continue if I didn't respond. I knew why I was here and even though I didn't have the strength to say it out loud or even admit it, I knew he could smell it on me.

"You're here to let go boy. Getting pozzed isn't the end goal, it's the beginning to what you've really wanted isn't it," his voice went down to a whisper, almost subliminal, as if he was speaking to my subconscious mind. He got up and sat next to me, placing his hand on my thigh and slowly rubbing it.

"You want more than to be what you are. You want to be dirty, filthy, wretched even. You want to be corrupted by a beast and to become a beast. Isn't that right boy?" his hand was rubbing my thigh more aggressively now.

"Why else would you find someone like me to poz ya? Most guys don't want to come close to me, let alone give up their holes. But you, you worked for it. You showed me you wanted it, despite knowing what I was. What kind of person does that, eh?" his hand moved up my thigh, resting next to my crotch, his fingers an inch away from my very throbbing cock.

"You're a piglet boy. I see it inside, the desire to be a piglet for daddy. To be molded by daddy and turned into the pig you were born to be." As he finished his sentence, I saw him pulling a fat cigar from his pocket and put it in his mouth. I wasn't into smoking or smokers but watching him prepare the cigar and lighting it, there was something extremely sensual and sexual about it. His eyes were on me, tracking me, even when he was lighting his cigar up. I saw his hands run through the length of the cigar, like a cock being gently handled, before he lit it. He was still watching, as he let the smoke rest inside his lungs for a second, before exhaling all that smoke at me.

It smelled weird and good. The smell was strong, and instantly gave me a weird taste on my tongue, but it smelled masculine. The strong aroma grabbed my attention towards itself, numbing my other senses as I breathed in the second hand smoke. Daddy kept puffing and huffing, pushing more smoke towards me, and the more I smelled the less inhibited I felt. My body was tingling, my mind felt empty and I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulder.

A while later, daddy took a deep smoke breath and pulled me in for a kiss. He parted my lips with his, and pushed the smoke inside me, sealing my mouth and letting it stay in. The smoke filled up my lungs and its contents shot up through my blood into my brain. The sudden rush of endorphins made my cock chub harder in my pants, and I moaned around daddy's lips. He gave me an evil smirk and gave me mouthfuls of more smoke. Each puff made me deliriously high, chipping away my resistance & anxiety, and replacing it with a burning desire to please this sexy beast.

"Tell me what you want boy. I wanna hear you say it," he said between mouthfuls of passing smoke.

"Use me daddy, please fuck me," I said in breathless anticipation.

"Try again boy."

"Fuck me with your poz seed daddy, poz me please."

"Good, a little more boy."

"Oh fuck, ruin me daddy. Turn me into a filthy pig like you. Destroy me daddy. Destroy my life."

"Yeah baby, that's it. Daddy's gonna turn you into his filth loving poz piglet. Daddy's going to wreck you, burn down everything you have and give you real purpose piglet. Is that what you want?"

Yes, that is what I wanted. But it didn't feel right to tell him that as much as it would to show him. So, I stood up, placed myself in front of him and kneeled down.

He watched in silence, deep in thought, yet his eyes glared down towards me. A few minutes later, he stood up so that his groin was in front of my face. Impulsively, I moved my head towards it to lick it through his trousers.


The stinging in my cheek was sudden, unexpected and painful. He had slapped me hard enough to knock the wind out of me & humiliated me.

My penis and asshole, however, were turned on by his aggression and I felt them both come back to life. Dazed, I looked up at him, humiliation and arousal plastered on my face.

"Thank you sir."

He pushed my face towards his crotch, until my nose and mouth were on top of his hefty endowment. The smell was absolutely foul and rancid, and such an absolute turn-on.

"Breathe it boy. Smell the cock that'll baptize you," he said softly, coaxing me almost like a child.

The smell was overwhelming. The kind of smell that burns your nose, runs through your air canal and wrecks your respiration. It made my eyes water, my heart palpitate, my body sweat, and most importantly, my cock throb.

He sat back down on the couch with my face still pressed against his covered crotch. I felt him move his upper body until a strong smell hit my nose, making me look up.

There was daddy, completely shirtless, in all his masculine glory. He wasn't just hairy, he was furry. Staring from his beard to his lower abdomen, barely any skin was visible. Whatever little was visible, was covered in dark tattoos in shapes I didn't understand. His hefty pecs, while muscular once, had sagged slightly into beginner man-boobs. His nipples were over an inch long, with multiple piercings in them. But all of that was overshadowed by the creme-de-la-creme on his right shoulder where the hair was thinner.

A blood red biohazard tattoo, beautifully carved and perfectly capturing the ghastly beast that he was.

I was delirious with my own pleasure and started to lick his crotch, trying to melt the fabric with my spit. I wanted his dick so bad and I was going to have it, come hell or high water!

"Strip boy."

I quickly withdrew from his crotch and shed my clothes. Naked as the day I was born, I got back on my knees and got back to smelling his manhood.

"Unlock and give me your phone boy."

Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't even consider it but this was no ordinary circumstance and I was on a scent-high. I did as he asked, never questioning why he wanted my phone and got back to the task at hand.

Suddenly, he grabbed my hair and pulled my face back. With his grip on, he stood up until he was towering over me.

"Take off my pants pig," he said pointing my phone at me. The open flashlight made me realize that he was recording me serving him.

I took his pants off, not realizing he was going commando. If the scent was strong before, it was extra powerful now. But who gave a fuck when I was seeing the most beautiful (& the most important) cock of my life. Pictures didn't do justice to his cock, which upfront, was sure to wreck whatever hole came across its path.

As he let go of my hair, he grabbed his semi-hard dick and started to slap me in the face with it. The feeling of his meat and the metal pierced into it on my face was heavenly. It hurt so good and I found myself positioning my cheeks to receive his cock slaps, like a good slut.

When he stopped, my cheeks were stinging and extremely sensitive. I looked up at him, begging him with my eyes to let me have a go at his cock. Thankfully, he obliged.

He grabbed his cock and started to slowly pull back the foreskin. Doing so revealed an angry red cock head, his piercings and a whole lot of dried dick cheese. It was disgusting and smelled horrible.

I wanted it and I could no longer wait.

I attacked it like a mad man, pushing his cock head into my mouth in one go. The metal piercings scrapped against the inside of my mouth, the smegma made me sick for a second but I was in no shape to stop. Part of me was scared because I had started sucking without prompting but when his hand landed on the back of my head and pushed it deeper into his crotch, I knew I was okay. It was all the motivation I needed to continue sucking on his beautiful dick, and I braved my way to take as much as I could.

"You love sucking on poz dick don't you pig?"

"Umm...hmm," I muffled a response while sucking him.

"You want it up your pussy don't you? My toxic cum up your hole, spreading through you, corrupting your body and mind, destroying you. Is that what you want pig?"


"Who's Sarah?" Daddy asked while looking at my phone. I didn't stop sucking so I couldn't respond which pissed him off. He pushed my face off his cock and kicked me in the nuts. I yelped out at the sudden pain and grabbed my balls.

"DON'T TOUCH THEM YOU FUCKING PIG & ANSWER ME," his palpable rage scared me and I quickly composed myself.

"She's my Yoga instructor sir."

"Well, not anymore. I don't think she's gonna be keeping you as a client after she sees the pics and videos I sent of you slurping on my cock and begging for my toxic cum."

My mind went numb. Suddenly, this wasn't a fantasy anymore. It was all too real and it all came crashing on me.

"Don't act like you didn't want it, pervert. You wanted this deep down, it's why you're still hard. It's why you haven't asked for your phone back yet and it's why you're going to get my toxic load."

He was right, despite the overwhelming fear of being outed, part of me got off on this. Not knowing what I was supposed to say, I got back to doing what I was before and started sucking him.

"Think of it as punishment for trying to run out earlier pig. This should remind you who's in-charge."

The man was going to be my end because everything he said, despite how sick, depraved and fucked up it was, was turning me on more and more.

"Tonight my pig boy, we start to destroy your life and build a new one."


To be continued.....


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Missed a few lines towards the end
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2 hours ago, Akoor said:

He grabbed his cock and started to slowly pull back the foreskin. Doing so revealed an angry red cock head, his piercings and a whole lot of dried dick cheese. It was disgusting and smelled horrible.

Loving this, smegma rarely gets a mention but some find the smell pure concentrated man - he needs to clean it off, using subs upper lip/nose 😛

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Part 3

The first time I met someone from my old life after my conversion, the first thing they asked me if I was doing okay. For some reason, this person had assumed I had been an unwilling participant in my pozzing and had been forced to undergo it.

If only they knew.


Liberated- the last thing I had expected to feel that day.

And yet, being on my knees, sucking this glorious beast’s cock and hearing him talk about sending evidence of my nasty, perverted self, triggered something I couldn’t comprehend. The initial shock had paved way for a relaxing pulse to spread through me, calming my nerves and easing the adrenaline coursing through my veins. Suddenly, I wasn’t as scared of someone finding out about the real me and instead, the thought of everyone knowing was turning me on. So far, it had just been a fantasy except now that it could very well be a possibility, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

“I love this part pig,” Daddy said between grunts, his hand still resting on my scalp, nudging me to suck him off. “Watching your inner pig take over, planting the seeds in your mind to corrupt you, slowly destroying any resistance. It’s beautiful to see.”

I felt his arms reach out towards me before being pulled up into his arms. Before I could react, I felt his lips on mine & his tongue inside my mouth lapping the insides. It felt warm and comfortable, almost romantic, to have this big gnarly man kiss me so passionately, so intensely and yet, so tenderly at the same time. My left hand moved up his body, landing on the nape of his neck to pull him closer and kiss him harder. With my free hand, I slowly stroked his big cock, feeling the warmth escape from it and entering me through my palms.

Our lips parted but I was still on his lap, our eyes on each other. There was a warmth on his face, a tender smile that melted my heart. It felt so jarring to suddenly experience such a tender moment and I found myself jittery. His eyes bore down on me, making me blush a little.

“Your eyes, they are beautiful boy,” he said, running his hands through my spine. His hands crept further down until they reached my ass. A moan slipped my mouth as his palms squeezed my ample butt and I pushed it further into his hands. The sensation of his fingers circling my hole, made me moan in pleasure. Involuntarily, I dropped a big gob of pre that splattered on his ample stomach, getting mixed into the fur coating it.

“Fuck pig, you’re something else,” he said, slowly circling my hole with his finger. He was using his nails to circle around, causing me waves of pain and pleasure. His sharp nails were scraping the surface, teasing them with small stings every time they pressed in a little.

Just as I was getting into it, I felt his fingers withdraw. I opened my mouth to protest when he slipped in two of his fingers into it. Instinctively, I started to suck on them, our eyes still on each other.

“Lube them up pig, gotta get you prepared.”

Once he was satisfied with the amount of my spit coating his fingers, he withdrew them from my mouth. Before I could prepare, I felt a sharp piercing pain in my asshole making me yelp in pain.

“Don’t fight it boy. Just making sure my seed has a clear shot at corrupting you when I breed you boy.”

His words were my bible and I composed myself. Despite the pain of experiencing fingernails tearing the inside of my ass, I braved through it and relaxed my hole, giving him better access.

“That’s my boy,” he said, gleaming with pride and possession.

His fingers continued their assault, while I stroked his hefty dick. In a few minutes, the pain had been replaced with pleasure and I started to move my ass up and down, finger fucking myself. So lost was I in the pleasure of being penetrated, that the sudden flash in front of my eyes startled me.

Daddy was holding my phone up, recording us together on the couch. Based on the angle, I’m sure it was clearly visible to everyone what was going on. I felt so slutty and exposed at the same time, making me moan in pleasure.

“Why are you here boy?”

“To serve you daddy and be your pig.”

“Mm, what else boy?”

“Show daddy what a slut I am for a real man’s cock.”


“To be knocked up by your big poz cock daddy.”

“Louder boy.”

“Poz me daddy, put your viral seed in me. Make me sick with your toxic cum daddy,” I yelled, meaning every word I said.

He kissed me again, ferociously taking control over my lips and letting me know just how much he was enjoying this.

“There’s only one thing you need to do boy, to get what you want.”

“What’s that daddy?”

“Send this video to five people from your contacts list.”

It wasn’t an easy choice and a part of me was still unsure, but I was too horny and too deep to care at this point. Taking my phone from his hand, I marked five people on my contact list to send it to. But I did not hit send.

“What’s the matter boy? Cold feet again,” he said with a smirk, knowing just how much I was enjoying the night’s proceedings.

I gave him a slight smile before telling him what I wanted to do.

“Daddy, can I send it to everyone on my contacts, email and social media?”

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      I started to get lots of hits, and a few were tempting but in looking at their profiles most were either poz, undetectable or no answer.  I did not respond to them but did run across a hot profile from a guy who post he was bi, just loved ass and had a gf.  His file said he was neg and hung 9.5 with the most beautiful dick.  I could not help myself, I had to hit him up.  There was no response for about an hour and then he hit me back.
      He told me what a beautiful ass I had and thanked me for hitting him up.  He never asked to fuck me or anything.  I sent him another email and asked if he was looking and he responded with we are not looking for the same thing, I do not think you are into what I am.  I hesitated and thought maybe he wanted to get fucked again and asked him straight out if he was looking to get fucked also?  His response was fuck no, I am bi and have a gf and just love some hot boy pussy on the side.  I just want a hole to fuck and unload in. 
      I closed the email after reading it and thought, no you can not do that. I had to look at his pics a few more time and then emailed him back and said I normally only fuck with condoms, I have only ever barebacked with my ex-boyfriend, but I would take your big dick bare.  I am waiting for what seemed like forever and then he finally emailed me and said that is good to know. Probably still more than you want to get into and all.  I have some other straight and bi buds and we are looking for a regular bottom. We had a hot little bottom who serviced us, but he moved last month, and I have been looking for a new boy to take his place.  Do not get me wrong you would be perfect, but it may be more then you are looking for.  We just want a hot hole to use on the side.
      I read the email a few times and, in my head, I said no, this Is way too much and finally writing him back and said I would try it with him and if all went well, we could talk about his buddies.  No response for thirty minutes and I knew he opened it.  I followed up and said okay, I want to do it.  How does it work?
      Five minutes later he emailed me and said the guy are only into anonymous, we do not want to marry you just want that hot pussy on our big dicks.  We want to find you ass up and blindfolded and ready and we will lube you up and slide in and fuck you till we nut and leave.  No talking unless spoken to and you will be nothing more than a hot ass for some big dick. 
      Okay, lets do condoms okay, I emailed back.  Right away he emailed me and said never mind boy, I told you, it was not for you.  I emailed him back and told him I would be ready in 20 min and sent my address and that I will take it bare and be ass up on sofa in the living room, blindfolded.  He emailed back and told me I was a good boy, that I liked hearing, and that when his buddy arrived, he would knock and wait five sec and head in, and I should be ready.
      I asked if he were coming and he told me no, he only liked wet cummy hole and that a few buddies would use me first.  I almost pulled the plug on the entire thing but really wanted his cock inside me and I emailed back okay. I was nervous as fuck and twenty minutes later he emailed and said get ready and I slipped the blindfold on and got into place on the sofa in my jock and then the knock at the door.  Five seconds later the door opened, and I heard footsteps and then a hand on my ass.  I almost jumped and the hand worked its way to my hole and felt my tight little hole as he unfastened his belt with the other hand, and I heard his pants drop.  His hand withdrew and without a word I felt a tongue on my hole, and I was moaning as he ate my hole and tongue fucked it.  I was loving it but still wondered if I should stop and cancel the entire thing, but it felt so fucking good I just let him French my hole as I moaned and then suddenly, he stopped and stood up and slapped his big dick on my hole.  He grabbed some lube I had out and rubbed it on my hole and his dick and them slide slowly inside me as I lost my breath, fuck his dick was big. 
      This guy who I had never seen was sliding his bare cock inside me and I had not even asked what his tats where.  He said nothing as he pressed deeper inside me and soon, he was balls deep and he let me catch my breath before he pulled almost all the way out and then slide back in and after the second bottoming out, he handed me a bottle, I knew they were poppers and I grabbed them and took several hits and then he started to slow fuck me as my hole relaxed.  OMG is all I could think of as his big dick slide in and out of me, still saying nothing and then his pace picked up and I could not help but moan and beg him to fuck me.  I could fee his tight body against mine when he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You have a great fuck hole boy”.  His first words and I then knew he was manly and had a bit of an accent.  He fucked me for ten more minutes and shot his load in me while he said take my nut boy.  He then pulled out and came around and made me clean off his dick before he pulled away and started to zip up while he said, stay blindfolded till I leave boy.  I said okay and I heard him walk toward the door and then it open and close. 
      I slid off the blindfold and felt me hole. It was open and cummy and I could not help it but to slide my finger inside and then taste more of his load.  I got up and went back to the computer and as I was getting ready to email my new friend, he sent me one. His email read.
      Congrats boy, one of the pickiest tops in our group has just passed you as our new bottom.  There are a few more that need to agree but my bud who just left said he would need you tomorrow at the same time.  We can talk about that later but for now you have another top on the way and he will be there in five minutes.  Make sure you are ready, and you can leave the cum in you boy.
      Fuck I thought, another, my hole was a little sore from his thick dick.  He wanted me again, Hot!  I might be good with just him.  I started to type that I could not do another but before I could send it there was a knock on the door. I rushed to get in place and put my blindfold on.  I made it just in time, I heard the door open and close and then a hand on my ass and hole just like before, he slides his long finger inside me and then another. He broke the silence and told me what a hot cummy hole I had.  Love that you have a lot inside you.  He then handed me poppers and told me to hit it, I did, and he finger fucked me and slide another finger inside me and my hole opened for him.  He twisted his fingers around inside me and I had never thought about how hot it would be to take a fist but suddenly, I was hot for it.
      I just moaned as he played with my hole and he spoke. “I see you like ass play, fuck you are going to a lot of fun.”  He made me moan with his fingers for another two to three minutes and then he pulled out and told me to hit the poppers again and then I felt it.  I huge dick at my hole and he pressed forward and the hand that had been in my ass came around and covered my mouth as he pressed that thick fat cock inside me and I whimpered and asked him to pull out and he said he could not hear me as he pressed deeper and It hurt like fuck, I tried to pull forward but he held me with his other hand and finally my ass gave away to his thick dick and he was all way inside me.  I was not sure I could breathe it
    • By 317cumdump
      I'll be in Miami starting Thursday, Jan 07 until the following Thursday, Jan. 14. 
      I'm a complete cumdump and willing to take any load - NO LOAD REFUSED.
      Not yet sure where I'll be staying - I'm working out those details now. I'm flexible the entire time I am there, and will be able to host at my hotel, most likely near one of the beaches. I am also willing to travel within reason.
      TEXT: 3177358650
      EMAIL: 317cumdump@gmail.com.

    • By anonrawbottom
      Muscled sub slut in SE11 needs a thick cocked top to fill me with his cum and then his piss. Have done it a few times but hard to find guys really into it 
    • By ButtB4iGo
      This erotic fiction is a continuation of my story, The Broken Jock, that started in the "General Bareback Sex Stories" section that now, at Part 3, seems to belong in this section instead—for reasons you will soon discover.  Check out Parts 1 and 2 to see how far this young, gay, safe-sex only, softball player has fallen. Enjoy.
      The Broken Jock by @ButtB4iGo, Part 3
      The next Friday afternoon, Hank texted me.
      Hank: Hey boy, I have plans for that hot little hole of yours tonight. Be at room 228 at the Folsom Motel at 11.
      It had been almost a week since Hank fucked me last and I was feeling really horny. I had made plans to meet friends at a Castro bar at 8, but I figured I could excuse myself around 10:30 and head to the motel to get another one of Hank's anonymous fucks. I still don't know what he looks like.
      Me: OK, sir.
      When I got to the motel room door, the hall lights were dimmed by so many fluorescent tubes being out with one or two flickering. I’m in a horror film, I thought to myself with a grin. But since the typical motel had its hallways outside under the lights of the surrounding city, it actually wasn’t as dark or menacing as all that. I knocked on door number 228. 
      “Who’s there?” I heard Hank say. 
      “It’s me. Adam.” I heard lamps being turned off and then the door opened. 
      “Get on the bed face down, boy. Push down your pants, too.” I felt my way to the bed and laid down on my chest while opening the fly to my jeans. Hank closed the door, came up behind me  and helped push my pants down. “Nice white jock, boy. You know what gets my dick hard.” He then pushed his soft leather cod piece against my bare ass. “Let’s get this blind fold on you.” 
      My cock was rock hard in anticipation for Hank to plow my hole again. Did he bring more anonymous used condoms like last time?
      Hank got on top of me and licked the left side of my face in one long upward lick. “Your going to get some more of ol’ Hank’s cock tonight. Plus, I’ve invited a few friends over from that hook up site, BareBackFuckers.”
      “Yes!” I didn’t use my inside voice. 
      Hank explained more, whispering in my ear. “I found your profile on that safe-sex only site you are still on, and I took a screen shot of it. Then I went to BareBackFuckers and shared that screen shot with some select tops that I want to see get inside you.” 
      Hank shoved his hand under me to feel my dick. He easily felt the precum I was leaking into my jock pouch. “Fuck, boy! Already leaking. I knew you needed some more raw cock in you.” He continued rubbing my cock head through the cloth as he went on. “I told these select men that safe-only ShortStop91 is now taking all loads. There are two men coming here tonight to fuck and load up your hole while you suck my cock. These guys will only have one mission: to breed that nice newbie hole of yours. Then you’ll get fucked by me. Understand?” 
      I nodded. “Yes, sir.” Hank seemed especially intense tonight, but I wanted it, and Hank knew just how to use me.
      Hank got up and unsnapped the leather cod piece. He walked around to the other side of the bed and I felt the mattress take on his weight in front of my blindfolded face. His cock was rock hard as he rubbed it on my face and in my hair. His P.A. was cool on my lips when he told me to open up. He pushed his cock in forcibly to the back of my throat and he held the back of my head as I squirmed and gagged on the P.A. 
      “Fuck yeah, jock boy. Take my cock in your throat. I know you can take Phil’s cock in there.” I relaxed my throat to help Hank invade, and I breathed through my nose the way Phil always commanded. Hank said he wanted to skull fuck me before the other men got there. I did pretty well, I think. I tried to forget about the scary P.A. in my throat and just focus on Hank’s cock head. 
      About every minute or so, Hank would push all the way in and keep it there while I gagged. As he pulled out I got some air again, recovered, and opened my mouth to let Hank to do it again. “Good boy, Adam. Let me have that mouth and throat!”
      A knock on the door. “Who’s there?” Hank yelled. 
      “Ahhhh… I think we’re both from the site,” came from a man’s voice from outside the door. “I’m Coach4Jox and this other fella is…”
      “Pops9in!” the other man’s voice finished. They must have arrived at the same time.
      "Come on in, guys." The door opened and I heard the men enter.
      "Turn on that one lamp, too. I’ve got him blindfolded.” 
      I heard the click of the lamp and shortly thereafter felt a hand feel up my naked ass and another hand in my hair.
      “Shit! It really is you!” said the man near my face. “I’ve been checking you out on the safe-sex hook up site for two years. Your ass looks so good in that softball uniform pic! I’ve messaged you, too. But I figured you didn't answer because I’m a lot older. I see you at the bars sometimes, too. I have fantasized many times about fucking your gorgeous butt, and I have schemed in my head about how I’d pull the damned condom off without you knowing. I can’t believe I get to finally put my cock in that butt of yours—although I have to admit, a good stealth breeding of your jock ass would have been truly amazing.”
      As the guy near my head was talking, the other guy was already trying to push his cock into my hole. He was about a quarter way in dry. 
      As Pops9In was taking my hole I realized that I recognize the other guy’s handle from the safe-sex site. Coach4Jox was a white-haired man, mid-60s, who was constantly trying to set-up a fuck date with me with messages like: “I have condoms. I would love to shove my daddy cock into that very nice jock butt of yours.” But, I have had lots of men trying to get in my pants who were hotter than Coach4Jox, so I just never really gave him much thought.
      Hank pushed his cock back into my mouth and announced to the other men that ShortStop91 is going bareback today and that they should "fuck me up.”
      “As my handle indicates, I’ve got 9 inches of raw cock I’m going to shove up his 'safe-only' butt.” He kept pushing into me. "Fuck, this hole is tight!” 
      "There’s lube next to you on the bed,” Hank offered. “I brought the oil-based stuff this safe-boy has always avoided.” Hank was playing like I was being offered up for barebacking for the first time to these men. Close enough for me. In my head, I was still in the process of being fully used and violated by my Hank. A man who started fucking me into bareback whoredom only two fuck sessions ago. 
      I thought to myself, Pops9in and Coach4Jox will be men #11 and #12 to shoot their loads inside my hole. 
      “Ahhhhh!” I gasped. With a lubed cock, Pops9in entered my hole. 
      “Nice! We have penetration!” Hank said.
      The man’s large cock filled my rectum as I gripped Hank’s leather-clad thighs. Hank pulled his cock out of my mouth and put an opened poppers bottle under my nose. “Take a good hit, boy.” I took about six hits as the cock inside me pushed in some more. I felt the inner tingle and static from the poppers.
      “Mmmmm,” I moaned as Hank pushed his P.A. and cock head back into my throat.
      “He’s lit,” Hank said. “Go ahead and try to fuck him now.” 
      “He’s really tight,” the man said. “Take my cock, son. And no fucking rubbers, safe boy. This is raw cock inside you. This is what taking a man’s cock is supposed to feel like. Damn, I’m all the way in.”
      The man, Pops9in, bucked so that his cock head nudged the deepest part of my hole. “Oh, yeah. Fuckin’ sweet hole here. Can’t fuckin’ believe my luck today when you messaged me.” He then started fucking in long strokes. Grunting and telling me to take it. Telling me that I loved raw dick now. “And my cock is not pulling out until every one of my fucking sperm is inside your young" —thrust— “jock” —thrust— 
      “Do it!” Hank’s cock got extremely hard in my mouth as he watched the man fucking my ass. “Let me see you shove that poz cock up that jock ass. Fuck that neg jock ass.”
      Was that just hot talk? Did I hear Hank say “poz”, “neg”? It began to sink in how Hank might be violating me tonight. All the years of getting fucked with condoms to avoid HIV infection, and was it true? Was I getting fucked bareback by an HIV positive top? Was it just fantasy talk? Hank held the poppers under my nose again, and I surrendered. 
      “Yeah boy, take another hit. Poz9Inch wants to load up your hole tonight. Take his poz cock and let him load you up.”
      I realized then I had originally misheard the handle on the man whose huge cock was now pistoning in and out of my hole, a poz cock without a condom. The poppers had taken over my head, so I gave in. Hank put his hard cock back in my mouth and told me to suck on the head. A wave of poppers-induced electricity went right to my groin and asshole. I found myself using my mouth and my ass muscles to milk the two cocks that were inside me. I was going to knowingly have a raw anonymous poz cock unload inside my ass for the first time. 
      Once Poz9In heard his HIV status revealed to me, he started fucking rougher, grunting as he landed his cock head deep in my hole.
      “Fuckin charge that hole, man,” I heard the Coack4Jox say. “Breed that safe-only ass!”
      “My pre-cum has been lubing him up for the last 15 minutes, so this neg jock is getting it already. Might as well load ‘em up.” I heard the men wickedly cheer as Poz9in was building up to unload inside me.
      “Do it, man,” said Hank. “Unload in his hole, he’ll take it. Won’t you, boy.” I nodded.
      “Fuck yeah, kid. Here is comes.” Poz9in made guttural grunts as his cock shot his warm toxic cum into my rectum. “Yes! There is it boy. All my sperm having a party inside your hole right now. Ah! Ah! Fuck! Yeah! Let me fuck that in.” Poz9In fucked me hard for about a minute. His cum was so battered in my hole that I could feel some of it leaking down my nut sack and into my jock.
      “Fuck!” I cried. “Fuck!!!”
      “That’s it, boy,” Hank coached into my left ear. “Take the man's poz load, Adam. I knew you’d be a good submissive boy for me tonight.” 
      Poz9in pulled out of my ass and I felt the cool air of the room on my exposed jock-strapped ass. My legs had been kicked wide apart by him as he bred me, maniacally trying to shove his cock as far in as he could. I felt completely open as the white-haired old man got in place between my legs. 
      Coach4Jox entered me quickly and began hammering his good sized meat into my cum-slicked hole. He fucked in and out of me as he talked. “Fuck yeah! For so long, I’ve fantasized about doing this to you, Adam. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but I’ve stalked you at your softball games and watched you get drunk at the bars, hoping you’d get wasted enough to need someone to walk you home. I’d imagine promising you that I’d wear a condom if you’d let me fuck you. Thinking about how I could use a condom and wait until you’re passed out drunk on your bed to rip the condom off and slide back in, stealth pozzing you when I unload shot after shot of my toxic cum inside that young jock butt of yours.” 
      Coach4Jox kept fucking my hole and promising me another poz load as Hank, listening to the man’s perverted confession, climaxed. “Damn! I’m cumming in your mouth, boy! Open up that throat.” I let Hank’s cock head into my throat again and immediately felt the warmth of his sperm in my throat as I swallowed. I took Hank’s load like he was a familiar lover. He kept his dick in my mouth as he watched and listened to the old man fuck me. Hank pushed my head to the bed hard. “Now’s your chance, Coach. You’ve got him passed out on the bed now. Fucking stealth that young jock ass. Fucking breed that neg hole with your poz cock."
      “Fuck! Here it comes, you fucking neg shortstop tease," Coach4Jox said. “Take my load up your sweet butt for good.”  Coach4Jox unloaded a hot torrent of poz cum into my hole. The men celebrated my violation with profanity and slaps on my ass. The old man pulled out of my ass and told the other men to look at my hole. “Fuck! This is what two poz loads up a hot young bubble butt looks like. 
      Poz9in added, "Fucking hot jock boy, getting knocked up by anonymous men like that.” He slapped my ass. 
      After the rustling sounds of men getting dressed, Hank said, “Thank you, gentlemen, for helping me out tonight. This was a safe-only boy who submitted fully to me only recently. As far as I know you two are his first poz loads. I am hoping to get him introduced and used at the bathhouse soon, and I think tonight should ease that transition.” 
      I could hear, “sure thing, man” and “anytime” from the outside corridor. 
      With the door open, I could feel the cold San Francisco air on my wet asshole. I heard Hank put keys on the night table by the bed. “Check out’s at noon. You can stay until then, if you want. You were great tonight, boy. Let’s consider meeting up again mid-week. I’ll text you.”
      My violation would continue. “Yes, sir.”
      “That’s what I like to hear. Keep that blindfold on for five minutes!” 
      I heard the door close and listened as Hank’s footsteps faded. I fell asleep in that position: facedown, bare assed, legs spread. My asshole felt wet, open, used and empty. I slept soundly, dreaming only of sex. I wanted more.
      Edited July 31 by drscorpio 
      Put a link to the first 2 parts in 37 

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