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Soccer Boy's Screen Test

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Damn, those damned Jehovah Witnesses always come knocking at the most inopportune time- and when you answer the door naked and hard, it is always  a couple old women standing there, and not 2 young hot guys ( unlike those Mormon boys )  LOL

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A friend of mine who at the time was kind of skinny Twink answer the door in his boxer shorts months and it was Jehovah’s Witnesses, and he was trying to get rid of them when he has sex for 220 pound Dominican boyfriend came up behind him completely naked and said “who is it honey?“

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Just read all the chapters.  Fuck it makes me wish I was Jamie and damn can't wait for him to be mounted and bred by Fabian.  I've been blessed with several Fabians and they've all been magnificent experiences!

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8. Recorded Confessions

There was a second knock. Not too hard. "Fuck," James muttered.

"Who is it?"

"My friend. Tim. He said he would be over." James had climbed off of Fabien and was trying to find his clothes.

"Wait," Fabien said, putting a hand on James's ass. "He's fucked you, right?"

"Yeah," he said. "But, I don't want him to see me. I mean, like this." 

"I think he'll figure out. Does he know you got raped?"

"No. Not the details."

There was another knock. "Just get it," Fabien said. "I don't mind." He grabbed the pipe and torch, and started a hit. James stared, but Fabien just smiled. "Get the door."

Stark naked, James went to the door, and checked the peephole. It was Tim. He had come from the office; he was wearing a jacket and tie. He seemed together and with-it; it was everything that James was not. James didn't want Tim to see him like this. He didn't want to be so broken. 

James forced himself to unlatch the lock. There was a slight draft from the door and it gave him goosebumps. He was naked, high, and terribly horny. He wanted to feel Tim's beard eating out his hole. It would feel good. It would remind him of how well Tim had taken care of him. He opened the door.

Tim checked the tweaked boy out, noticing James's empty, dilated eyes and tiny, soft dick. Behind James, there was the unmistakable clouds of crystal, and he could see the faint blue light of the torch. "Come in," James finally said. 

"Sure," James said. He stepped inside. Fabien was lying on the bed, his legs spread and cock stiff. He was had just exhaled the hit, and the cloud had covered his head. 

"This..This is Fabien," James said. "This is Tim," he said to Fabien.

"Nice to meet you," Fabien said. "Want to join us?" Fabien asked, offering the pipe and torch to Tim.

"Sure," he said. He carefully stepped out of his shoes by the front door, took off his tie and carefully hung up his jacket. When he sat down on the side of the bed, he undid his cuff links and put them in his shirt pocket. He took the pipe from Fabien. It was still smoking, and Tim didn't even need to re-heat the bowl to get a full hit.

"How you doing, boy?" Tim asked James, as he exhaled his first hit. It had barely been twenty-four hours since he had last smoked crystal, but it felt like it had been an eternity. "Tiago said it was a hard night."

"Yeah," James said. "It was..." He tried to find the right words, but it didn't know what he wanted to say. He didn't want to appear weak and helpless in front of the Tim. But he also needed the man, his man, to understand how he was barely keeping it together. "A lot," he finally decided. He felt awkward, still naked in front of Tim. "Intense."

"It's good," Tim said. "You're with friends. You can share yourself freely."

"Yeah, Fabien said. Tim took the lighter from the black man, and heated the bowl of the pipe. "Dr. T told you it was good to talk about it." Tim nodded in agreement, but he was too focused on the pipe in front of him to speak. "I bet Tim would enjoy some of the stories you told me." Tim nodded again, still sucking down a massive hit from the pipe.

Finally, he motioned James to come closer. James knew what was going to happen next. He got down on his knees in front of Tim. Tim pressed his lips against James's mouth, and exhaled. The young man managed to catch only about half the cloud; the rest spilled out over the two men. "I'd love for you to tell me," Tim finally said, as James exhaled the rest of the hit.

"It's hard," James said. Tim smiled, but also started to take another long drag on the pipe. "I get scared when I try to think about it."

"Facing your fears is good," Tim said. Only the smallest bit of the cloud escaped, and he returned to the pipe.

"He's told me a lot already," Fabien said. "Fucking hot stories about him getting raped."

"Raped?" Tim asked. He pulled the pipe from his mouth, and paused for a moment, savoring the feel of the drug in his lungs, and the slow release from his day to day inhibitions. Tiago had told him how James had cried "rape," and the how much sperm there had been in his rectum. Tim wanted to get back inside the boy, and breed him again.

But rather than saying anything, he just savored the view, a hot, furry, tweaked out otter boy, and the feeling of possibility of the crystal. He watched James carefully, and reveled in his growing anxiety. 

James hated how Tim was watching him. He remembered how good it had been to call him Daddy. How safe, and protected he felt when he had been with Tim. He wondered how Tim would react to the story. How helpless and scared and worthless he had felt. He wanted a daddy. Someone who could tell him everything would be all right.

"I asked him to stop," James said. "And he laughed." He was shaking. The memory was right there again. How it had hurt with each stroke. How terrifying the laugh was when he had said no. James looked down, and felt the tears well up in his eyes.

Tim put down the pipe and torch, and reached in to his pocket. He pulled out a cell phone, and handed it to Fabien. "Let's get this recorded for posterity," he said. Fabien took the phone, and taped on the screen, before holding it back up to Tim.

"Got it," Fabien said.

"What was happening," Tim asked Fabien. "When he laughed?"

"He was fucking me," James said. "It hurt. When he pushed it into me." Tim just smiled at him, and unbuttoned his shirt. James tried not to stare at the dark hair across Tim's chest. He looked down at his feet. "He had tied me up. And blindfolded me."

"Anything else?" Tim asked. He took off his shirt, folding it carefully and putting it out of the way. He took the pipe and torch, and heated the bowl.

"Well," James stammered. "I was...well..."

"Go head," Tim said, and stuck the pipe in his mouth. Fabien was capturing the entire scene, James struggling to recount his rape, and Tim calmly smoking from the glass pipe. 

"We had smoked a bit. Crystal, you know." Tim nodded, but stayed focused on his hit. "I didn't expect it would go that far. It hurt. But he said no."

Tim motioned for James to get back down on his knees, between his now-open legs. James hesitated, then slowly knelt down. Tim kissed him, exhaling the thick cloud into James's lungs. "I want you to hold it as long as you can," Tim said. 

James nodded, keeping his lips tightly sealed. As the boy marinated in the dense fog of crystal, Tim leaned back and pulled off his belt. "You were tied up?" James nodded in agreement, his eyes wide and blank under the influence of the drugs. Tim stood up, and undid his trousers. 

Only after he had stepped out of his dress pants did Tim finally nod at James. The boy exhaled, and stared at Tim. Under the buttoned-down exterior, he was wearing a white jockstrap. The straps framed his muscular ass, and his fat cock was straining against the pouch. 

"Come here boy," Tim said, as he sat back down, and pulled James close. The two men kissed. "It's going to be OK, boy." Fabien climbed off the bed to get a better shot of the two men kissing each other. "Now. Tell me about how he tied you up."

"He tied my arms to the bedposts," James said. He was shaking, but he couldn't take his eyes off of Tim's dark brown eyes, already showing the vacant depth of crystal. "And then he tied my legs to the headboard. I was so exposed," James continued. He was starting to sob again. "I couldn't stop him."

"It's going to be good, boy," Tim said. "Your ass was on display for him, huh?" James nodded. A tear fell off his cheek onto Tim's hairy leg. "Show it to me. Show Daddy you ass." 

James stood up and turned around. "Come on boy. You can do better for Daddy. Spread those legs." James spread his legs. "More, boy." James spread them wider, struggling to keep his balance. "More." James spread even further. His cock and balls hung down limply, and his ass was on display. "Now. Bend over."

James forced himself to bend over. "He made me do this too," he finally managed to say. "Everybody was watching me." He had been blindfolded. But he could hear the grunts and moans of the men, all waiting their turn to fuck him.

"Everybody, boy?" Tim asked. "How many men fucked you last night?"

"I...I...I don't know," James finally managed to stammer. He hated the reminder. Blindfolded and high, the night had been a painful, humiliating blur. "He invited his friends over."

"Do you even know how many there were?" 

James's body shook as he no longer even tried to hide his crying. "I don't know. I didn't know it would be like that." 

"Did they cum in you?" Tim asked. 

Before James could answer, Fabien chimed in. "Fuck yeah. They definitely came in him. You should have seen him earlier. Practically dripping out of him."

"But you held it in, didn't you, boy?" Tim asked. "You kept their loads like a good boy, right?"

"I didn't have any other option," James said. "I couldn't say no."

"Of course not, boy. You can't say no to cock, can you?" 

"It wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want all of them." Tim just nodded, and took the pipe. He heated the bowl, and inhaled deeply. He didn't say a word, and let the silence make James talk. "I just. I tried to say no. But they just laughed." He was crying again; Tim's dick was starting to drip pre-cum. 

"Did you ask them to use a condom, boy?" Tim asked. He leaned in and kissed Fabien, exhaling the hit into the black man's mouth. Fabien managed to both take the hit and capture it all on the phone. "Or did you let them fuck you raw?"

"I didn't have a choice," James said. "They just fucked me." 

"Of course they did, boy." Tim's tone made it clear he didn't believe the boy, only increasing the boy's distress. "How did you feel? When they were fucking you."

"Helpless. Scared." Tim lit the torch again. Fabien shifted to record him smoking the glass pipe and enjoying the thick clouds of methamphetamine. James was struggling to keep himself composed. "I felt violated. And utterly worthless." 

"Come here, boy," Tim said. Once more, he passed the cloud to Fabien. All three men were flying now and their minds were lost in the thick layer of pleasure that the crystal had wrapped around them. James stood up and turned around. He knelt down in front of Tim, his face level with the other man's. James's face was wet with his tears. 

"Damn," Fabien said, leaning in to get a better view of James's bloodshot eyes. "You're completely fucked up."

"He's a fucked-up boy, yes," Tim said. "But he's not a worthless boy. Not at all." He put the glass pipe in James's mouth. "Now, be a good boy and suck on the pipe for Daddy." James inhaled, slowly and deeply, letting his lungs fill up. 

Once he knew the bowl was hot and smoking, James looked up. Tim was staring at him, smiling. He didn't think he deserved the attention from Tim. He had let unknown strangers fuck him and even cum in him. Fabien was still sitting next to Tim, although his face was hidden behind the camera. 

"Fucked up guy," Fabien muttered. "Look at those eyes." James couldn't see them, but he already knew that he had done too much. He needed to get control again, and it was going to be hard with the two men there. "Fucking hot."

"He's a very hot boy. And a very good boy," Tim said. "Good boys love to suck on the pipe, don't they, boy?" James nodded. Conrad had given him several hits from the pipe. Finally, James slowed down. 

Tim took the hot pipe from James's mouth. "Hold that hit for Daddy. OK, boy?" James nodded, and Tim took a quick hit from the pipe. He held it for a moment, just prolonging James's agony. Then he exhaled. "Suck Daddy's dick," he said. 

He put his free hand on the back of James's head, and guided it down to his thick, stiff cock. "Swallow it," Tim grunted. "Swallow Daddy's dick." James resisted a bit, but eventually realized it was futile. He opened his mouth, and let Tim guide him down onto the thick shaft.

James remembered how it had been the same with Conrad. He wanted out. He didn't want to do it again. He struggled under Tim's hand, but Tim was easily able to overpower him. "Just relax, boy," Tim said. "Let Daddy feel your throat." He pushed James's head further down his cock. Just like the night before it was warm and wet. "Make Daddy feel good. You know how to do it, boy."

He let go of James's head. The boy made no effort to pull off this time. He took the torch, and started another hit. This time it was going to be a long, big hit. Tim was luxuriating in the pleasure of tweaked-out blow job, and didn't want it to stop.

James was struggling. Tim's cockhead was lodged at the back of his mouth. He knew what he needed to do, and he hated himself all the more. But the crystal still in his lungs was making him do bad things. He exhaled. The thick cloud was the tip-off for Tim. He pushed his hips up, forcing his dick right into James's throat. 

"Look at that," Fabien moaned. He was on the floor right next to James, the phone camera trained on the unfolding blow job. "Taking it all the way down." He stared as James nearly swallowed the entire length of Tim's cock. 

James whimpered, his glassy eyes locked onto Tim. The man didn't even acknowledged him. Instead Tim's attention was focused on the pipe. He finally put down the torch, but sucked the very last of the clouds out before putting down the pipe as well. James continued to suck on his cock, struggling not to gag as he choked on the thick tool. 

Tim replaced his hand on the back of James's head. He held the young man down, forcing him to swallow nearly all nine inches of his cock. Finally, he turned to Fabien. "You fucking getting this?" he grunted, careful not to lose any of the cloud. "Cocksucker has the entire thing in his throat."

"Hell yeah," Fabien grunted. He was holding the phone in one hand, and slowly stroking his dick with the other. 

"Uggggh," James grunted. He was choking on Tim's cock. It felt amazing to Tim, the muscles massaging his shaft. Suddenly, Tim pulled James of his cock, and pressed his lips against James's. He filled James's lungs with the thick cloud, and even had enough to blow right at Fabien and the camera.

"Fucking good boy," he said, before giving James a long, deep kiss, while making sure the boy didn't try to exhale the hit. Tim had plans for the boy, and were going to be much easier if he was at the very edge of his tolerances. 

James knew he was too far gone to make good decisions. He was scared of what he was going to do. But he also wanted Tim badly. The man had been good to him. Tim broke off the kiss; as James opened his eyes, he saw the bearded man smile at him. James exhaled. "Fuck me," he said. "Please, Daddy. Fuck me." 

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Usually, a story would need at least one incidence of slamming to get me hard. You're such a good author, however, @Gymguy8 - and this (along with its soccer boy companion piece) is such an excellent story - that I haven't even wondered if or when this was going to be introduced. 

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9. Penetration

"Please, Daddy. Fuck me," James moaned. He exhaled the rest of his hit; there was still enough to leave a dense cloud. "Fuck me."

"You're sure, boy," Tim said. He kissed the boy again, but also reached back and grabbed James's ass. The boy gasped, but it wasn't long before he pressed back against Tim's hands. 

"Yeah," James moaned. The crystal was now washing over his brain. "It doesn't matter. I need you, Daddy. I need you cock." 

"Of course, boy. You were always going to get Daddy's dick. That was never in doubt. But first, give it a bit more love." Tim let go of James's ass. He only had to put one hand on the back of James's head before the young slut got the hint. James leaned in, and quickly swallowed the full length of his dick.

"Fuck boy. You're a good cocksucker." He turned to Fabien and the camera. "All the way down. Just like that. That's a professional cocksucker for you." He let go of James's head, and grabbed the pipe again. He did a long hit, enjoying how this was about nothing other than pleasure: getting his dick sucked, as he sucked down from the glass pipe. As his lungs filled, he moaned in pleasure. He passed the smoking pipe to Fabien, who savored the thick clouds.

"Fuck," Fabien said. "I'm wasted now." 

"Right on," Tim said. "You had the pleasure?" he asked, motioning to James, who was right then choking on Tim's cock. Tim put his hands on the back of James's head, holding him in place. "Just relax," he said. "Just learn how to breathe from my cock. It has everything you need." He turned back to Fabien. "You?"

"Yeah. Just a bit. He can take a lot."

"Crazy, I know. He's barely been doing this, right? Thought you were a straight man, didn't you?" James nodded, his throat still filled with Tim's thick shaft. He remembered how intense it had been the night before, when Tim thrust deep into his throat. But it had been exciting. His cock had been hard the entire time.

But it hadn't been the same when Conrad had fucked his throat. Conrad had forced his way into James's throat, and did not care about collateral damage. James's throat was still sore from Conrad and his friends. Still, James knew it that Tim's pleasure was important.

"That's it boy. Just relax and enjoy it." Tim turned back to Fabien. "You said he had a lot of cum in him?"

"Yeah. Took like six swabs to wipe him up." Fabien said.

Tim suddenly got interested. "Swabs? You did a rape kit on him?" 

"Yeah. But Dr. T said to bin it." James went back down on Tim's cock. He knew they were talking about him, but with the drugs and struggling not to gag, it was hard to pay attention. Whatever they were discussing about him, it made Tim's dick drip pre-cum. James lapped it all up.

"He's definitely sexually active," Tim said. "Getting dick from everywhere."

"No kidding. I don't even think he knows how many guys have been inside him." 

"No sense in that. Never get the right match." He turned back to James, and rubbed his hand through the man's hair. "All the way down boy. You know how Daddy likes it." 

Tim gave James a push, helping him get the last bit into his throat. Tim was rewarded by the sudden gagging of the boy. "Fuck YEAH boy!" Tim grunted, loving the deep-throat massage he was getting.

But he also knew James's limits. It wasn't yet time to push them. That would come soon enough. "Breathe boy," Tim said, releasing his hold on James's head. "We're just getting started." Tim grabbed a pillow, and leaned back as James continued to worship his dick.

"He's loving that," Fabien said. The black man was still filming; Tim knew this was going to be a great scene. 

"Me too," Tim said. He continued to moan and grunt as James worked over his cock. On the screen, the timer slowly counted up: first a minute of cocksucking, then five minutes, and ten. It was nearly fifteen minutes of interrupted cocksucking before Tim finally gave the boy a break. "I think something to drink, boy," he said. He went to the door, and pulled a hip flask from the pocket of his jacket. From another he got a glass eyedropper. 

"Come here, boy," Tim said. James started to get up. "No," Tim said. "You can crawl on your knees." James barely protested, as he crawled over to Tim's side in the kitchenette. There were only four mis-matched glasses. "How much G you want," he asked Fabien.

"Fuck yeah," Fabien said. "Let's go 1.2"

"Right on. I'm giving the boy the same."

"And you?"

"1.5," Tim said. He quickly measured out all three doses. Luckily there was some juice in the fridge. "Join us," he said to Fabien. He stepped across the room, as Tim gave the glass to James. "Drink up," he told James. 

James downed the glass quickly, smiling at Fabien and the camera. "What was that?"

"He doesn't even know what he took?" Fabien asked. 

"It's ok," Tim said. "He's just high." Tim handed Fabien the glass of G, and took the phone from him. "Cheers," he said, as the two men clinked glasses and downed the GHB. 

Tim turned to James. "Suck on Fabien's cock," he told the young man. The boy turned to Fabien, opened his mouth, and swallowed the fat black head. "All the way down, boy," Tim said. "Make him feel like a man." 

James forced himself to swallow more of the shaft. He choked briefly when Fabien's dickhead pressed against the back of his throat. He was going to ask for a break, but then Tim spoke. He had knelt down to get a better angle, and he was unexpectedly close. "All the way down. Make Daddy proud of you, boy." 

James gulped, and with an intense pop of pain, Fabien's dickhead pressed into his throat. Each small movement was painful as the black man's fat cock stretched out his throat. "Arrrrrrrrr," he managed to grunt, as he struggled to take all of the dick. It had been like that when Conrad had throat-fucked him; his throat was rebelling against the thick dick.

"It's going to be ok, boy," Tim reassured the boy. "It's going to feel great any moment now."

"It already feels amazing," Fabien moaned, thrusting another inch of dick into James's throat.

"You see," Tim said. "It's feeling good already. You can feel how hard you've gotten Fabien." James's eyes were wide and panicked. He could only think of Conrad. Conrad had made him gag on his cock. James's discomfort had only made him harder. 

"I get off when you choke on my dick," Conrad had whispered to James. He lived around the corner. It would only be a matter of time before James saw him again. He didn't want to see Conrad ever again. He didn't want to be reminded of the night. "And you choke so well," Conrad had continued and someone's hand had wrapped around his throat, ensuring he couldn't breathe.

"Come back here, boy," Tim said, pushing James's head down on Fabien's cock. "Stay with me. It's all good." It was a good reminder that he wasn't with Conrad any more. He could say no, and it wouldn't be a problem. These men would stop and give him a chance to recover.

"Fuck, this is amazing," Fabien said. "Glad I came home with you. I'm gonna come over a lot."

"That's what this throat is here for," Tim said. "Here to help you get off." 

"I don't want to cum yet," Fabien said. "I want to enjoy this." 

"Do it," Tim said. He gave James one last push, and the last inch of Fabien's dick disappeared into the young man's mouth. James's eyes were red and wet, from the drugs, from the crying, and from the face-fucking. Tim kept on filming, recording every moment of the blow job. James was struggling to deal with the fat black cock, and it only made the movie that much hotter. 

Tim let the recording continue, as Fabien showed no sign of softening. Finally, after almost fifteen minutes of aggressive throat-fucking, Tim motioned for Fabien to pause. "Let's smoke a bit," he said. He turned his attention to James. "Doesn't that sound good? Smoke the glass pipe, instead of Fabien's skin pipe." 

"Sure," James said. He was just glad to be able to close his mouth and breathe again. He was feeling warm and comfortable. The two men were hot, and even Dr. Tiago had told him to have sex. This wasn't going to be like the night before. It was going to be sane and consensual, and the drugs just made it that much better. "It's going to be good, right?"

"Of course," Tim said. He had stood back up, and was filming James from above. "Give it a kiss for me," he said. James leaned in and licked the tip of first Fabien's cock, and then Tim's. Both of them had a small bead of pre-cum at the tip, which James eagerly licked up.

"He can't get enough dick, can he?" Fabien muttered, as James started to suck the black man's cock once more.

"Can any cocksucker?" Tim said. He filmed for another minute before interrupting James's worship. "There's plenty more for you," he said. He gave James his hand, and pulled him up. "Let's get in bed."

James winced a bit as he stood up. His knees were sore, and a bit raw from the rough carpet on which he had been kneeling. It took him a moment to find his balance, and he needed Tim's help. "Yeah, boy," Tim had said. "You're good and tweaked now. We're going to have fun."

Conrad had said almost that. But he had said that he was going to have fun. Tim had included him. It wasn't scary when it was both of them. Nor would Tim let Fabien go to far. It was going to be just fine, and another hit or two from the pipe would make it even better.

"Come on. Let's go," Tim said. "You're really high." James had thought Tim had just spoken. But maybe it had been a few minutes ago, although he couldn't remember what he had done. James followed Tim and Fabien back to the bed. The trip seemed to take hours, but yet, in the next moment, he was sitting on the bed. The pipe was already in his mouth, and Tim held the torch under the bowl. "Big hit for me, boy. Daddy wants you to tweaked out."

James inhaled from the pipe. He could barely remember his own name, much less how much crystal he had smoked. It didn't matter. Everything felt so good while he was inhaling. There were things that were bad and wrong, but they were distant. He was surrounded by hot, hung men who only wanted to fuck him. 

"Keep on going," Tim encouraged him. "It can't hurt, can it?" James tried his best, but finally his lungs were full. Tim nodded at Fabien, who took the still-smoking pipe from the young man. "Hold it," Tim said. Fabien took a long draw, then passed the pipe to Tim. Not until after Tim had savored his hit did he let James exhale.

As soon as James's lungs were empty, Tim pulled the boy to him, and forced James to take the blow-back. "Fuck, that's hot," Fabien muttered, taking another hit from the still-smoking pipe. He was also still filming the entire scene, capturing the two men making out, not to mention the thick crystal cloud leaking from their lungs. "So hot," he continued.

Finally, Tim broke off the kiss, and let James exhale the last of the cloud. "One more for you boy, I think," he said, 

"Umm, Maybe..." James started, but Tim just put the pipe back into his mouth. The boy might have tried to protest, but as soon as the torch released the cloud from the crystal, James started to puff. He took his time, and filled his lungs. The three men repeated the process, each of them getting a fresh hit from the pipe, and James getting a shotgun from Tim.

"Let's do one more," Fabien said, as Tim and James exhaled their hit. "I want to see how far we can go." 

Tim took the phone from Fabien, and trained the lens on the black man. "You first. Make it one to remember." Fabien sucked down on the pipe, filling his lungs. He paused, and held it. 

"Mmmmmm," he moaned, and played with his stiff cock. Tim watched the clock tick upwards on the phone, as Fabien held the hit for almost a minute. Fabien's cock was dripping pre-cum. Fabien started to exhale, but Tim stopped him.

"Give it to James," Tim said. Fabien leaned into the young man, feeling James's beard brush against his skin. He pressed his lips, and exhaled. James sucked the hit down, and held it while he made out with Fabien. "Hold it boy. Daddy wants to see you tweaked."

James knew he had done too much crystal. But he wanted to make Tim proud of him. He couldn't bear the thought of Tim being disappointed, and it was so much easier to hold Fabien's cloud. Finally, Tim nodded. "Fucking hot boy," he said, as James exhaled the cloud right at Tim and the phone's lens. "Let's get you hitting the pipe."

Fabien handed the smoking pipe to James. Fabien held the torch as James inhaled and Tim provided encouragement. "More, boy, more" he said. "Make Daddy proud of you."

It was hard for James to ignore Tim's command. He did his best, sucking down a huge cloud. By the end, his lungs were practically bursting, and he was relieved when Tim finally nodded. "That's good boy. Now hold it." Tim nodded to Fabien, who took the pipe, and promptly started another hit. 

Tim watched James through the camera screen. The sun was starting to go down, and the young man was bathed in golden light. If it were not for the meth-crazed expression on his face, the boy would have been almost angelic. Tim got a close up of the boy's dilated eyes. "Now, boy," he said. The boy exhaled a thick cloud. "That's what I wanted to see."

"Your turn," Fabien said, and immediately leaned in to shot gun James. He took the black man's hit without thinking. Fabien swapped the pipe for the camera. "Get high," Fabien said as Tim inhaled from the bowl.

Tim did his biggest hit yet, then put the pipe down by the bed. He leaned against a pillow, and spread his legs. He pointed at his erect dick, and within a few seconds, James's mouth was wrapped around Tim's shaft. "Mmmmmmmm," he moaned, careful not to loose too much of the cloud. 

Tim reached down and grabbed James. He pulled him up, and they pressed lips together. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Fabien. He had ended up next to Tim, and had the phone trained on the two men. "Keep it up," Tim murmured, before forcing his hit into James's exhausted lungs. The cloud overflowed the young man's body, but it didn't matter. James had done far too much already.

"Mmmmmm," James moaned, as Tim grabbed his body and pulled him in close. Tim's erect cock immediately found James's crack, and nestled right against his hole. He tried to speak, but his mouth was still full of Tim's tongue. It felt good to be making out. 

James loved being wrapped in Tim's thick arms. He felt safe and happy. He could open up around him. He didn't even mind Fabien recording them. It was all so fun and enjoyable. James tried to breathe, but one of Tim's hands was already on the back of his head, holding it in place. 

"Nuh-uh," Tim said, still keeping his control over the boy's breaths. James started to get scared. He could feel his lungs burning, needing fresh air and not the thick tina. He tried to force his way to a breath, but once more, Tim anticipated his moves, and blocked them.

"Hold it," Fabien muttered. James closed his eyes. It was easier to think without seeing anything, but even then, it was hard to concentrate. He knew he was supposed to be scared, but then he thought about the warm dickhead pressed against his ass. He was simultaneously struggling to get away from Tim's choking hold, and press himself up against Tim's thobbing dick. "Fuck, that's hot," Fabien continued. He was filming one-handed; the other hand was busy stroking his cock.

"That's a good boy," Tim said, finally letting the boy breathe. "Fucking hot tweaker slut boy," Tim said, rubbing his dick against James's asshole. He rolled the boy over onto his back, and knelt down between the boy's legs. Like magic, he produced a small tub of lube, and rubbed a bit on James's ass. 

The thick cream melted into James's tender hole. James hadn't realized how dry and empty he had felt. Tiago had cleaned out every drop of semen from his hole, and the lubricant was a welcome replacement. Tim worked a finger into his ass, pushing the lubricant deeper into the boy.

"Mmmmmm," James moaned in pleasure. He hadn't realized how empty he had been until Tim pushed his finger in. The thick lubricant soothed his sore hole. As Tim worked more lube into his hole, James held his hole grow wet, hot, and hungry. He needed a cock inside him, and it was hard to control his desire. "Please. Fuck me Daddy," he moaned.

"I know, boy. I know how hungry you are. How much you need." He pushed another wad of lubricant into James's hole. "You're going to get more than you ever wanted." The white cream felt hot, almost burning James's hole. But far from hurting, it only exacerbated James's hunger. He needed dick.

"Give it to him," Fabien muttered. His dick was hard, and he wanted to see Tim open up the boy. He wanted to see his own dick disappear into otter-boy, but knew that it would be better for Tim to prepare James. "I want to see you fuck him," he continued, getting a close-up of two of Tim's fingers disappearing into the boy's hairy hole. 

"That's good," Tim said. "You're wet now. Just right." He pulled his fingers out, and rubbed a bit of the lube onto his dick, working a dab into his piss slit. "Mmmmm," he said, enjoying the gentle burn of the crystal. "We're fucked up now."

"Time to fuck him over," Fabien said.

"Best thing to do with a tweaker boy," Tim said. He lined his cock up with James's hole. "You ready?" he asked James.

"Please, Daddy," James replied. Tim responded by grabbed Jame's legs, spreading them further apart and exposing even more of James's hole. "Please fuck me."

"As you wish, boy," Tim said, and pushed his dick into James's hole.

James had thought he was ready for Tim's dick. But the pain was immediate and intense. Tim's cock was sharp steel, hard diamond, and burning fire. "Fuuuck," James yelped, and tried to push Tim away. It had been Conrad. He had forced himself into James. It had hurt and he had just fucked him all the same. "Please, Daddy."

"Of course boy," Tim said. He held still, and James had a brief moment of clarity. "But," he continued. He pushed another inch into the boy, and James's head exploded in sharp, fierce pain. "My boy's hole feels so good."

James could barely breathe. All he could think of was Conrad. Conrad had put raped him. He had fucked him when he had begged him to stop. All James could imagine was that it would always be like that. It was always going to hurt. Nor was it up to him. He was only here to please men, no matter that it was driving him insane. 

"Please Daddy," James whimpered. He was starting to cry again, even has his heart was racing in a full-blown panic attack. "I can't do this right now. It hurts. And I don't want to remember. Please. Just a break." 

"Last night. When you were raped," Tim said. He smiled when he said the word, and James heart beat even faster. "When you were taking all those stranger dicks." James nodded. He didn't even know how many men had penetrated him. "You didn't tell them no, did you?" James shook his head no. He had been tied down and gagged, and had been helpless to stop the attack. "And now you're being a prissy bitch about taking Daddy's dick," Tim said.

"I...I...I was tied up. I didn't have a choice."

"Just because you're not tied up doesn't mean you have a choice," Tim said. He spat a thick glob of saliva all over James's face. 

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Fuuuuuck, this story is pounding every one one of my faggoty nerve endings. I’m salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs, cock straining in cage leaking precum, and my kunt is twitching and wet and huuuungry.  Fuck, more please.  

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10. Men's Rights

"You're gonna take our cocks." Tim motioned to Fabien, who was still recording the entire scene. The Black man leaned in for a close-up. Tim smeared the spit all over James's face. The young man was still in shock; he did nothing but stare at Tim. "You took all the other men's dicks. And now you're going to take ours."

James was now crying. The tears mixed with Tim's spit, leaving his face wet. James hated being like this, especially in front of Tim. He wanted to please the man. He wanted to impress him. "Please Daddy," he whimpered.

"This is just the start," Tim said. "We're going to have so much fun tonight." Tim spat again, this time on his dick. It was a brief respite from the pain for James, but it didn't last long. Tim continued to thrust his dick into James.

James was wincing with each stroke. It hurt. "Please," he begged. "Stop it, Daddy. Please." He whimpered a bit, and reached down to push Tim away. Tim had expected it, and grabbed James's arms, pinning them in place. "Please, Daddy. I can't take it."

Tim put his finger to James's lips, silencing the young man. "Focus boy," he said, slowly and deliberately. James found Tim's voice calming. He could almost forget how he had been abused, first by Conrad, and now by Tim. "Focus on how good you feel."

It was hard for James to make sense of Tim's words. It hurt. Even worse, Tim showed no sign of listening to him. He had asked Tim to stop, and Tim had done nothing. He wanted to trust Tim. It had felt so good last night, when Tim had bred him. But today was so different.

"Focus on how good you feel," Tim repeated. "Focus on how you're making Daddy's dick feel so good. Making it so hard." It was hard to think about anything else. Tim's dick was deep inside him, opening him up, and marking him as Tim's boy.

Fabien leaned in, and recorded Tim's cock sliding in and out of James's hole. "Damn hot. Just disappeared into him."

"Please, Daddy," James whimpered. Tim's dick throbbed. Breeding James was no longer the goal. Breaking James was now the only thing on his mind. 

"You're making Daddy feel so good. Your tight hot hole wrapped around my thick hard cock again. That's what Daddy wants. Daddy wants you massage my dick with your ass. Milk it dry."

"You gonna cum in him?" Fabien asked. 

"Of course," Tim said. "I know that's what James wants." He turned to James, staring at him, daring him to contradict him. "Right? You want Daddy's cum? Daddy's gift?"

James was struggling against Tim. But he was too high and too hungry to do it effectively. Despite the pain, it was hard for him to say no to Tim's offer. "Please, Daddy," he begged. "Please. Just your cum, Daddy. That's all I can deal with."

"But Daddy wants to give you so much more. And don't you want to let Fabien find out just how good you feel?" James turned; Fabien's cock was right in front of his face. He craned his neck, opened his mouth, and took the head into his mouth. There was some pre-cum at the tip, and he licked it all up. 

"Mmmmmm," James grunted. Fabien's pre-cum tasted good, and James found it easy to savor it. The cock and drip helped distract him from how Tim was ravaging his hole. "Just," he tried to say to Tim, but Fabien just stuck his dick deeper into his mouth.

"Take it, boy," Tim said. Tim had James's legs spread wide, and his arms pinned down. Both cocks were now firmly lodged in James's body, and there was no way the young man could resist. It was the way that Tim wanted James, and one more thing would make it perfect. "Inhale," Tim said.

There was a small brown bottle under James's nose. He didn't remember Tim having it early, but it was hard for James to remember anything. He was tweaking hard, and the poppers were only going to make it worse. He hated that he had no choice, and started to inhale the sharp chemical vapors coming from the bottle. 

The poppers made him feel warm at first. Then, as the three drugs started to mix, he felt amazing. The poppers held to blend the GHB and crystal meth, and he felt amazing. The brittle edge was gone; instead he was able to fully enjoy the pure sexual energy. He was impaled between two thick cocks, and he couldn't imagine anything better.

"Here you go," Tim said to Fabien, and held the brown bottle under the black man's nose. Just like James, Fabien inhaled deeply. "That's it," Tim continued, before Fabien nodded. Tim took the bottle and did his own hit. 

Fabien moaned as he exhaled the hit. He grabbed onto James's head with both hands. As the poppers rushed across his body, he levered James into position, and thrust his cock all the way to the back of the boy's throat. "Fuuuuck," he grunted. "Take it all the way. I know you can."

James choked, but let Fabien's dick into his throat. At the same moment, Tim pressed his cock all the way into the boy's hole. James was completely impaled in the two men's dicks. He felt utterly helpless. The two men were bigger, stronger, and so much more male than James was. But that was what was important. They were male, and James was just a hole for them.

"That's it," Tim said. He was smiling at James. James had relaxed his hole, finally allowing Tim dominion over the young man. "You needed to give it up. Now, you can enjoy it." James didn't care that it hurt any longer. He needed Tim to fuck him. He wanted to choke on Fabien's dick.

"I want to be your hole," he managed to gasp before Fabien stuffed his cock back into his throat. "Mmmmmmph," was the next thing he said, as he struggled to swallow the full length of Fabien's cock.

"Such a good sound," Fabien laughed. He was still recording the scene, loving how his hard black cock looked on the phone's screen. "This is going to be intense."

"I'll send you a copy," Tim said. His eyes were closed, and he was lost in how good this felt. James had surrendered. He would be Tim's plaything for the rest of the night. Tim didn't mind taking what he deserved, but it was far sweeter when the boy volunteered himself. 

Tim allowed himself another hit from the poppers. The warm rush filled his body, and pushed his dick deeper into James's hole. James squirmed, trying to avoid Tim's cock as the poppers started to wear off. Tim just ignored it and pushed even deeper into the boy.

James didn't know what to do. He hated himself. He hated how he had turned into just a set of holes for these men. But he hated himself more for enjoying it. He needed Tim to abuse his hole. He needed Fabien to exploit his throat. As he tried to process these thoughts, Tim pressed the brown bottle back under his nose. 

This time, James gave into the temptation. He inhaled deeply. He didn't even mind that Tim just held the bottle there, forcing him to take several full breaths of the poppers. He wanted to be high. It was the best way to please these men, and to forget that anything mattered. 

James gasped, as Fabien briefly pulled his dick out of James's mouth. "That's a cocksucker," Fabien said, slapping his wet cock against James's cheek. "That's a true cocksucker." 

"Here," Tim said, offering Fabien the bottle of poppers. The black man took it, and inhaled deeply. "Fuck that throat some more, why don't you?" Tim said. Fabien handed back the poppers, and once more twisted James's head into position. 

"Uuuuggghhh," James grunted as Fabien's dick slid all the way into his throat. Fabien felt the muscles around James's throat, but they were already worked out, and could barely resist Fabien's thrusts.

"Ohhhh fuuuuck," Fabien moaned, as his balls slapped against James's nose. He loved how he felt when his cock was buried in a wet throat. It was pure power and complete domination. All that mattered was Fabien's cock; James was only there to make Fabien feel good.

"Yeah," Tim said. "Feel him give up?" Tim inhaled from the brown bottle. His cock dripped pre-cum into James's hole. He did a second hit, and pulled out half-way. Fabien's eyes lit up, as James tried to gasp, but only massaged Fabien's dick with his throat. "He's ours now," Tim said.

Tim leaned in and kissed Fabien. Fabien was momentarily surprised, but Tim was a hot man and a good kisser. Not to mention he had come with drugs, and had been generous with them. He glanced off, positioning the phone carefully to get the two men making out, before he returned Tim's kiss.

The G was really kicking in for Tim. He was starting to sweat and he could feel the heat radiated from his body. His mind was just aroused; he loved the delicious juxtaposition of dark rape fantasies and warm cuddling desires. It didn't matter. The two were not exclusive, and the intensity of one made the depth of the other so much sweeter.

"He is so hot when he's crying," Fabien whispered into Tim's ear. Tim slammed his dick back into James. Time was delighted that Fabien was as eager as he was to push James's boundaries and destroy his limits. Tim was already fantasizing about the rest of the night, and the debauches they could force upon James. 

"I'm gonna cum soon," Tim said. He needed to get that first load out soon. He was still good for at least two more loads, but they were the beautiful ordeals that left both Tim and the slut hole drained. 

"Lube him up for me," Fabien said. "Get him just as sloppy."

"That's what he deserves," Tim said. "Sloppy gang-raped raw hole."

"Breed him," Fabien grunted. His own dick was thrusting in and out of James's throat, He kept the camera on Tim's dick fucking James. There was pre-cum dribbling from James's hole; Tim would occasionally pull out just long to push some of the fluids back into James's hole. "Load him UP," Fabien continued.

"Fucking close," Tim said. He held the poppers under his nose, and inhaled. It didn't take long for the amyl to reach his blood. His heart started to pound, and dick started dripping. He pushed his cock in, feeling the warm, wet embrace of James's hole. The boy whimpered slightly, but that only pushed Tim closer to orgasm. "Fucking CUMMING," Tim bellowed.

Fabien flipped the phone towards Tim's face, capturing the facial contortions of orgasm. "FUCK boy," Tim continued. "Fucking breeding my slut boy," he grunted again. On the phone's screen, Fabien watched Tim's body thrust in and out, each stroke marking another spurt of cum into the young man's raw hole. 

It wasn't until the very end of Tim's orgasm that he pulled out. His dick was coated in sperm, and it dribbled even more directly into Jame's gaping asshole. "That's where Daddy's sperm belongs," Tim said. "Deep in my boys hole." 

Fabien was trying not to cum just watching. He pulled his dick out of James's mouth. "Give me a second," James gasped.

"Give him your asshole," Tim said to James. "Let him pound your slutty hole." 

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11. Opened for Business

"Let him pound your slutty hole," Tim said to James. He took the phone from Fabien, and trained it on the young man's face. James's face was taut and anxious, but he revealed his innocence when James smiled in response to Tim smiling. "We're going to have such a good time tonight," he continued. He stood up on the bed, getting an aerial shot as Fabien took position between James's legs.

"I'm looking forward to this," Fabien said, as he spat a bit on his dick a bit. "Good thing Tim gave you some lube."

"It's great lube. Loosens you up. Mind and body." Tim grinned again, watching Fabien run his fingers over the tub, and slide two of them into James. He wondered how close to an overdose James was. The lube had only a bit of crystal in him, and a boy like James metabolized it quickly. 

Tim was debating feeding James the pipe again. A message popped up on the screen, over the video of Fabien's fingers sliding in and out of James's tired, hungry hole. It was from Tiago. "You with our boy James?" it started. "Come by with some IV vitamins?" 

Tim sent a quick thumbs up to Tiago. He decided against giving James more from the pipe. He was going to get slammed soon enough. Instead, he knelt back down by James's head and fed him several big huffs from the poppers. The boy knew what he needed, and snorted them up readily. "Give it to him," Tim told Fabien.

Fabien pulled his fingers out from James's hole, and grabbed more of the crystal-laced lube. He rubbed over the length of his thick cock, and lined his cockhead up with James's hole. It was red, swollen, and puffy. It was clearly well-used and Fabien had seen all the sperm that had already been swabbed away. "Pound this slut hole," Fabien muttered.

Tim held the poppers under Fabien's nose. He inhaled and held it. As he exhaled, he pressed his cock into James's hole. The boy gasped, but Fabien couldn't hear anything over his own moans of pleasure. "Fucking hot, wet hole," he muttered, as another inch of his black cock slid into James's body. "Swallow it up, cunt," he grunted. "I know you're hungry for it."

"He's a good boy," Tim said. "Of course he's gonna take it all." Tim trained the phone on James's face. The boy's eyes were squeezed tight. James struggled to get used to the big black cock forcing its way into his guts, but he couldn't imagine anything else. It was devastating to be fucked like this. But it would be even worse to be empty. He needed another man's cock to make him feel hole. "Look at him," Tim said. "He fucking loves it. Don't you boy?"

"Please," James moaned. "Fuck me. Just fuck me." He was slurring his words and drooling a bit. The drugs were working their destructive magic. "Ass is burning up."

"You heard him," Tim said. "He needs something to scratch that itch."

"Wreck this hole. Fuck!" Fabien grunted. "What's in that lube?"

"Some crystal," Tim smiled. "Just enough to make it feel good."

"Feels fucking amazing," Fabien said. Tim shifted his position, to watch the last bit of Fabien's cock disappear into James's ass. The boy's hole was already stretched wide around Fabien's cock. It was the perfect intersection of porn and real life. "And he can take it all."

The last inch of Fabien's dick disappeared into James's body. Fabien moaned in pleasure and James grunted in discomfort. "Doesn't it feel amazing," Tim asked. 

"Oh yeah. His hole is fucking fine," Fabien said. At the same time, James nodded his head, but he had his teeth clenched, and his eyes tightly closed. He was managing. "So hot."

"So thick," James grunted.

"That's what you need," Tim said. "Thick, hard cock in deep." He leaned in closer, and whispered into James's ear. "Dominating you and dripping his seed into your hole."

"Please," James moaned in response. It could have been a plea for Fabien to stop, but it just as easily could have been an entreaty for the black man to keep it up. "Please," he repeated.

"He wants it," Fabien said. Tim watched through the screen as he pulled his thick dark meat almost all the way out of James's hole, and then pushed it right back in.

"He needs it," Tim said. "No matter what he says."

"Only thing that matters is what my dick needs." Fabien was exploring the boy's hole, pushing in to find new depths not yet plundered and destroyed by the men before him. "And it's going to take what it wants."

"Please," James whispered. He was squirming, trying to steer Fabien's dick to where it would do the least damage. "Please," he repeated.

But Fabien was a talented cocksman, and knew exactly how to counter each of James's parries with thrusts of his own. "Let me in," he murmured. "Let me mark you. Make you a sluthole."

"Please," James whispered again. He gasped as Fabien went deep once more. He closed his eyes, blocking out the image of the two men lording over him. He tried his best to concentrate, ignoring each of Fabien's powerful strokes, the image of Tim holding the unyielding eye of the camera, and finally managed to put together a complete sentence. "This isn't what I wanted."

James opened his eyes again. Both Tim and Fabien were still looking down on him. Fabien's cock was still pounding his hole. Tim's camera was still recording each moment of his agony. Tim finally spoke. "What do you want, Fabien?"

"Breed this fucking hole."

Tim turned back to James. "You can do that, can't you boy? Let you friend Fabien have some pleasure in his day?" Tim was nodding his head again; it was the easiest way to get the boy to agree to anything. "You want Fabien to feel good, don't you."

"Yeah," James started. "But..."

Tim didn't let James finish. "That's right, boy. Make sure Fabien gets the full pleasure of your hole." He smiled again, and kept gently nodding his head. James mimicked him, as Tim continued to speak. "So many men up there. Practically open to the public, huh?"

"So much sperm was up there," Fabien said. "Amazing slutty hole."

"You think he needs more?" Tim asked Fabien.

"Slutty holes always need more," Tim said. "A lot more, I think." Another message flashed on the screen. 

The message was from Tiago. "On my way. 30 min," it read.

"I don't know," James said.

"Of course you can take more," Tim said. "You took loads from so many strangers last night. Tonight, you can make your friends happy, can't you?" 

"But," James mumbled. James mumbled. Fabien was still pounding his ass, and he was struggling to deal with it. "It's big. So big."

"He's a big boy," Tim said. He leaned in to get a better view of the thick black rod forcing its way into James's hole. Tim was glad this was getting recorded. By the morning, what little was left of James's self-worth and identity would have been destroyed. 

Tim loved how malleable and compliant boys were once they had been raped. Tim had seen the raw edges of James's psyche, and knew how fragile the boy was after the ordeal of the night before. Today, James was going to be one very lucky boy. Tim, Fabien, Tiago, and any number of strangers were going to make sure he could experience a second rape. 

"And he's taking every inch of it," Fabien said. Tim turned his attention to Fabien. Fabien's eyes were rolled back in pleasure as he continued to pound the boy's ass. "Fucking hole. I saw how much cum he had in it. And he's still taking more."

"He's definitely a cockslut," Tim said. "Aren't you, boy?" 

"Mmmmm," James grunted. It was hard to tell if it was a moan of pleasure and agreement or a whimper of pain and agony. It didn't matter to Tim.

"That's a very good boy," Tim smiled. He leaned in and kissed Fabien, holding the camera just far enough away to capture the two of them. Fabien continued to pound James's hole, and Tim felt his own dick starting to twitch again. It wouldn't be long before he would be back inside of James. "You're going to get more than enough dick tonight, boy."

"Please," James said. "Just a break."

"Of course boy. We can do whatever we want to tonight. Anything that feels good." He turned to Fabien. "Break? Puff-puff?"

"Just another minute," Fabien said. "It feels so good."

"Right on," Tim said. "As I said. We can do whatever feels good." 

"I just want to destroy this hole," Fabien said. 

"Do it," Tim said. James opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Tim pushed his dickhead into the boy's mouth. "Whatever feels good," Tim continued, and pushed his dick against the back of James's throat.

The boy started to gag. Tim had expected it and used it to push his dick into James's throat. James's body struggled to accept the new cock. But for all that the young man fought against the invading dicks, it only served to drive them deeper into him. "That's it boy. Fuck yourself on Daddy's dick."

Tim leaned the phone against one of the pillow, hoping it was capturing the scene properly. It would be just a brief pause, long enough for his dick to get wet. He leaned in and kissed Fabien again.

"We're going to rape him, right?" Fabien whispered in his ear.

"Of course," Tim whispered back. James was moaning softly, but it was loud enough that he couldn't hear the two men talk.

"It's hot when he cries."

"It's hot when you make him cry." The two men kissed some more. James's gagging noises were the soundtrack to their make-out session. "So fucking hot," Tim continued.

They kissed again and lost themselves in the swirl of the drug-enhanced sexual pleasure. The two men kept on fucking James. The boy continued to moan but in the twisted minds of the two tops, the more he hurt, the more they enjoyed the experience. 

The three men lost track of time. James's holes were stretched and teased and abused and tormented as the two tops took what was theirs. It was only a knock at the door that ultimately distracted them. "I'll get it," Tim said. He slowly pulled his cock out of James's throat, grabbed the camera, and jumped off the bed.

He opened the door. He didn't care that he was naked, nor that there was a strand of spit dripping from his erect dick. There were two men at the door. Standing outside were two men. Tim recognized Tiago immediately, but didn't know the other one.

"Looks like the party is well started," Tiago said. He turned to the man next to him. "Tim," he said. "Meet my new friend Conrad."

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"It's hot when he cries." "We're going to rape him, right?"

Those two lines alone made this chapter the best one yet. Damn, this keeps getting better. Would be a shame if the slut's PrEp pills got flushed down the toilet, wouldn't it?

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