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Corrupting the straight skater boy

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Part 9


I had to go into work the next day for a while. I left TJ sound asleep. I wasn't worried about him robbing me. I lived in a bad neighborhood and didn't really own anything of value. I had my tv and DVD player, but they weren't fancy and wouldn't bring that much at a pawn shop. The only thing of value I really had was my drugs, and those I kept locked up in a safe. 


I wasn't worried about him leaving either. First of all, he had nowhere to go. And second of all, he knew if he left, that would be it for getting high. And he liked drugs too much to just walk away, which he could do anytime he wanted. The only way I imprison a boy is by controlling them through the lure of free drugs. Well, not free, he knew the cost of them.


I also left a couple little somethings on the nightstand. I had set the alarm for 1PM, and I knew as soon as he woke up, he would see the loaded pipe I had left for him. Also on the nightstand was a decent sized dildo. Not as big as my cock, but close. Along with them was a note that said,


"Good morning whore, I left that pipe there for you, as well as a sandwich in the fridge. I would suggest you eat the sandwich first along with the orange juice that's in there. After you've eaten and smoked, you will do a few chores. Leave the plug in your ass. First, you will vacuum the living room. Second, you will do the dishes and mop the kitchen floor. Third, you will scrub the toilet, and it had better sparkle. I will be home at three o'clock. You will be waiting for me in this manner. You will take out your plug and replace it with the dildo. Then you will sit in front of the door with your legs crossed, your hands behind your back, your head bowed, and the dildo up your whore hole. You will not look at me when I enter the apartment. If you do all these things to my satisfaction, you will get a reward. If not, then no reward. The choice is up to you." 


I knew with almost 100% certainty that TJ would do exactly as instructed. 


I was actually done with work at 2, but needed to make a stop on the way home. When I opened the door, I smiled to find TJ exactly as I told him to be. The submissive little slut. His chores were done perfectly, so I prepared two fat lines for him, on the toilet seat. 


"Come in here, whore!" I yelled to him. "On your hands and knees. And don't let the dildo fall out!" He crawled into the bathroom, carefully squeezing his ass cheeks together. I gave him a rolled up bill and watched my straight little skaterboy snort the T off the toilet seat. It was almost a shame it wasn't a nasty, dirty toilet, but there was time for that later. I slowly fucked his ass with the dildo as the lines went up his nose. "Now, get me hard!" 


He turned toward me and reached up, unzipped my fly, and fished out my soft cock. He took me into his mouth and started sucking. I leaned over and fucked his ass with the dildo as his warm, wet mouth made my cock rock hard. I pulled it out and and turned him so his ass was facing me. I pushed his shoulders down until his head was on the floor and his ass stuck up.


I slid the dildo out, enjoying the site of his hole gaping open. I spit on it a couple of times and watched as my saliva ran into him. I spit on my dick a couple more times before I started pushing it into him. TJ groaned as he felt my huge pole stretch his pussy wide open again. I'm sure he was very sore after last night. Good. When I was buried in him as far as I could get, I held myself still.


Then I started pissing.


I hadn't pissed in hours, so I knew I had a lot to empty into my human toilet. My steam was strong, and he moaned as he felt it spraying against his intestines, flooding deep into his guts. After what I swear had to be at least a quarter of a gallon of my hot piss, I finally ran out. I pulled my cock out and stood up.


"Don't move and DON'T let any of that out, whore!" I ordered him. "I'll be right back."


I left and returned to see TJ hadn't moved a muscle. I put the plug back in him to hold in the piss and stood him up then sat him on the toilet. I gave him the pipe, and he looked as happy as an pig in shit as I went to work. I clippered his pubic hair off his crotch and balls before covering them with cream and shaving them smooth. Then with some manipulation, I had a chastity cage locked on him. It was a metal one, nice and heavy with a urethral sound on it. I stood up and looked down on him, raising his chin so he was looking up at me. 


"Now, reach between your legs and pull out the plug." I instructed him. He did so and my piss started shooting out of him. He tried to look away, ashamed. "Keep your eyes on me whore!" I ordered him. He looked at me with a uncomfortable look on his face. I swept his hair aside so I could stare into his blue eyes. It's amazing how people can do all sorts of crazy and humiliating sexual things, but the act of emptying ones bowels is still so intimate and embarrassing. I stared into his eyes, asserting my dominance over him as he emptied himself of my piss. 


When he finished I told him to wipe himself up and come into the living room. When he joined me, I attached his restraints behind his back, then guided him over to the window. The window that overlooked the skate park. 


It was busy, lots of kids practicing their tricks, or standing around talking. I recognized a few of them as friends of TJ. I pushed his face against the window as I kicked his feet apart. Then, with nothing more than some spit, I slid my cock into him. I looked at his friends outside as I buried myself into him, knowing they could see us if they looked up here. He just moaned with his face against the glass.


"Look at them whore." I said to him as I fucked him. "Look at your friends down there TJ. They could look up here and see you taking a cock up your ass. What would they say TJ, huh? What do you think they would say if they knew you were up here taking cock up your ass. That you had traded your ass, your mouth, your body for drugs. What would they say if they knew you were a dirty little meth whore, huh? What if they knew you were gangbanged last night? What would they say if they knew you took load after load into your whore ass from men you didn't even know? Huh? What would they say?" TJ half whined and half moaned as I fucked him harder against the window. "Well it doesn't matter. Do you know why? Because I own you now. You belong to me to do with what I want. Isn't that right? You're my dirty little cocksucking, ass fucking cumdump meth whore, aren't you? Huh? Come on tell me bitch. Tell me you belong to me. Tell me you're MY nasty, dirty, cumdump meth whore, you fucking slut!"


TJ moaned as I said those nasty things to him. 


"Yessssss." He groaned. "You own me. I'm your dirty little cumdump whore!"


As soon as he said those words, I grabbed his hips and slammed into him over and over as I filled him with cum. I rotated my hips and rubbed my load into the walls of his intestines. "Oh yea whore. I own you now. You're mine."


TJ just moaned as my cum filled him up.

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