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  1. I like women overall. and have always had crushes on girls. I get attracted to them, but less as I get older. I married a women and sex was great but has since dried up. I love the taste of pusy and a women’s arse, and sucking her tits But a good few times I’ve not been able to get hard when it comes to fucking a women! Im envious of sexy women and what they wear. I’m never sure if I’m attentive to straight women. But with men, I feel sexy and confident and know I’m hot! sex with men is easy and great. I know they want my body and appreciate it! once I’
  2. I used to get fucked regularly by the middle eastern guy that ran a carpet warehouse. id go in the back entrance. I’d get naked and he’d fuck me on a pile of rugs. He was married with kids, but had great thick cock and loved to fuck. He always came first, and me sometimes not at all. Anyway, I remember one time thinking I Wanted to cum quickly so I could be fucked whilst not feeling horny. i wanted to test if I was a real bottom. Often during fucking I don’t get or stay hard. I just like being fucked. So I was on my back, and made sure I came quickly all over myself.
  3. This is so hot! id love to properly raped. You get forceful dom tops, but they seem to stop when they see you struggling! whats it like to be forcefully raped when you don’t want it? ive been fucked unconscious, but I didn’t mind. I guess that’s rape.
  4. I want to fucked by Jeremy Clarkson for Top Gear. He is a big man, I imagine he has a huge cock. and he has a temper. Fantasy is I’m working on his show, I have to go to his hotel room late. He is drunken. Gets angry at me. Punches me. I fall down onto the bed and the he pins me down, and says he is going to teach my faggot arse a lesson. then holding me down and forces his huge cock into me. Feeling him pinning me down and his drunken Smokey breath on me. Dumping his spunk up my arse. He’s not hot. I just want him to degrade me like a bitch.
  5. I remember me time I was in the park being slutty. 3 old guys - in their sixties - used me. And I let them. they kept licking me all over and smelling me. Telling me how good I tasted. I’d never thought of it before! My cock is only four inches at best, but very perfect and looks great, and I have nice tight cute balls. my arse hole is so cute and pink. I never realised how much men would love it until I gave them access! they love my pale skin and fuckable arse. and I have big pink nipples that they love sucking on Too! being consumed by a group of men is an
  6. That sounds amazing! id love the chance to live like that. how does the drinking all his piss work? do you go straight from the tap, or glass or bottle? id love to be collared and naked all the time!
  7. That’s so hot. as small dicked ginger white boy id make a good white pussy boy.
  8. I’ve sucked loads of old cocks in the park. they seem surprised I’d be interested. but I’m not their to date hot guys. I’m there to get on my knees and suck cocks. men that would normally disgust me have had my mouth. Dirty homeless guys and men I’d normally feel superior to... once im on my knees they are superior and in charge. I’m there to suck cock.
  9. Straight men that transition to full time gay life, did you manage to maintain a normal life? if I left my wife I feel like the first thing I’d do is shave my body, stick on a pair of tight white denim cutoffs and some hot pink panties and hit up a gay club. i want to be femboy slut - camp and girly. im so jealous of the hot girls in straight bars that get stared at. I want men to look at me like I’m fuck meat. Grope my arse on the dance floor. tel me I’m sexy and get my number. I’m sure I’d get so into it my old like would collapse! I’d never keep a normal office job!
  10. Not normally. But this very aggressive dom Indian guy guy came to hotel room one time and forced me. he was a big bear for an Indian man. Worked in an office and had been sweating all day. he made me lick him clean all over. It was disgusting at first, but he was so aggressive and strong, and much bigger than me. ive never been abused so hard for so long. i liked his feet clean, his balls and cock, I cleaned his arse - I had no choice he pinned me down and parked his big arse in my face. Then made me lick his armpits clean. i was a broken well trained puppy that night.
  11. I was 21 or 22 when I took my first cock up my arse. I’d been sucking a lot of cock on Brighton beach. I had a girlfriend and everything. An older guy, not hot, but not skanky, let me suck his cock and then said he lived around the corner and did I want to go back to his flat. He was nice, clean. He said - you know you are going to get fucked tonight don’t you? i tried to act cool. I didn’t know what to say. I just wanted it. He had a nice flat. He got me a beer. We made out. He was fat and in his 50s. I didn’t care. I didn’t even know what a bottom was o
  12. Being properly raped turns me on so hard! I remember as a Teenager, that scene in pulp fiction for me so fucking hard! I’d never even sucked a cock, but the thought of being tied up and raped was so hot. Would be so hot to be walking home late, drunk, and be dragged into an alley or the bushes... I’d struggle hard but be worn down. The resignation as my face gets pushed into the dirt, my jeans ripped down and some dirty filthy rapist fucks my arse...
  13. Fuck yes! Totally this. i sit in the end stall and I can see men pissing. It’s so hot. im addicted to licking the toilets and floor around them. I lick the seats, under the seat, around the rim, the floor. Love at the end of the day when it’s late and quiet, I will be brave enough to lick the floor in front of the metal trough where all the piss is collected. Cleaners must wonder why it’s so clean! I love licking the metal urinal too and the collection of piss - but have to be quick in case someone comes in. when there is fresh piss the metal is warm!
  14. We have shared MF bathrooms at the Gym. i realises I can open them and go through the used tampons and sanitary pads. love the smell of hot dirty cunts on them. Especially if fresh. I check the bins, then watch to see who goes on then if I get lucky I get a fresh on. started sticking used tampons up my arse now which is so hot. Feels so dirty and naughty. Love the big thick panty liners soaked in period blood. Super kinky walking around the gym with tight shorts on a tampon up my pussy and a thick pantry liner in my Lycra shirts. Gives you a nice smooth front and
  15. Headed to my local beat after work, hoping to suck off some other like minded married guys on their way home. very quiet. Not much action. Then this homeless looking guy followed me. I wasn’t into it. But he pulled down his sweat pants and started stroking a massive thick uncut white cock. I was transfixed. He was dirty and I wanted to leave. he came over and knelt down. Undid my pants and started sucking my cock. I couldn’t stop him. he was really going for it. Licking and sucking my freshly shaved clean balls into his mouth. I could see his dirty hands and nails on my cock. It
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