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  1. Being properly raped turns me on so hard! I remember as a Teenager, that scene in pulp fiction for me so fucking hard! I’d never even sucked a cock, but the thought of being tied up and raped was so hot. Would be so hot to be walking home late, drunk, and be dragged into an alley or the bushes... I’d struggle hard but be worn down. The resignation as my face gets pushed into the dirt, my jeans ripped down and some dirty filthy rapist fucks my arse...
  2. Fuck yes! Totally this. i sit in the end stall and I can see men pissing. It’s so hot. im addicted to licking the toilets and floor around them. I lick the seats, under the seat, around the rim, the floor. Love at the end of the day when it’s late and quiet, I will be brave enough to lick the floor in front of the metal trough where all the piss is collected. Cleaners must wonder why it’s so clean! I love licking the metal urinal too and the collection of piss - but have to be quick in case someone comes in. when there is fresh piss the metal is warm! a while back I was in a remote office, and everyone had gone home... it was an old building and I had the key. I don’t know what came over me... it wa the start of my pure filth degrading stage. I was having a piss and the just got horny looking at this old metal urinal.... I looked the doors... went to the men’s room. Took off all my cloths and crawled on the cold tiles to the urinal. I liked clean all the tiles and spilled piss around it. The the urinal itself. The cold bitter metal taste, but warm and wet where I’d just pissed. Then despite it seeming gross I started licking the piss up in the bottom. All of it. The I laid in it as best I could and used what piss I had left to cover myself. fuck it was so horny. I’ve trained myself to ruin my own orgasm so I can cum and am still horny. licking up cum and piss from a cold metal urinal was amazing. im addicted. It’s better than any sex.
  3. We have shared MF bathrooms at the Gym. i realises I can open them and go through the used tampons and sanitary pads. love the smell of hot dirty cunts on them. Especially if fresh. I check the bins, then watch to see who goes on then if I get lucky I get a fresh on. started sticking used tampons up my arse now which is so hot. Feels so dirty and naughty. Love the big thick panty liners soaked in period blood. Super kinky walking around the gym with tight shorts on a tampon up my pussy and a thick pantry liner in my Lycra shirts. Gives you a nice smooth front and hides my package. Looks super girly! Girls don’t know how lucky they are to have cunts!
  4. Headed to my local beat after work, hoping to suck off some other like minded married guys on their way home. very quiet. Not much action. Then this homeless looking guy followed me. I wasn’t into it. But he pulled down his sweat pants and started stroking a massive thick uncut white cock. I was transfixed. He was dirty and I wanted to leave. he came over and knelt down. Undid my pants and started sucking my cock. I couldn’t stop him. he was really going for it. Licking and sucking my freshly shaved clean balls into his mouth. I could see his dirty hands and nails on my cock. It was disgusting but I was so turned on. he yanked my pants down to my ankles so I was totally exposed. He stood up and started licking my neck and face. He held my arms down and forced his tongue in my mouth. It was gross but I couldn’t stop him. then he unbuttoned my work shirt and started licking and sucking my tits, moving around my whole body, licking my armpits. I was covered in his spit. a few people walked by, usually they watch or join in but I think this guy was a turn off for them. all I could do was beg him to use me. He was grabbing and squeezing my little pink cock with his dirty hands, then he went down behind me and found my weakness. he started tongue fucking my shaved pink arsehole and with his hand he reached around and grabbed my cock hard so I couldn’t pull away. he finger fucked me in between the rimming. then of course tried to position his cock at my tight pink hole. I said no, I don’t fuck without condoms. So he parked it between my thighs and began fucking there. Of course it drifted up and nodded my hole. At this point i was so horny. Rape me, use me like a whore was all I could say. he held me hard and kept trying to fuck his cock into me. I was loving the teasing and arse felt so good. Then suddenly he was in me. The biggest dirtiest uncork I’ve ever seen somehow slid into my arse. No pain straight in. i tried to pull away, but in a couple of strokes he was cumming in me. For the first time ever I felt the hot cum shoot in me. he didn’t say a word. Just pulled out, pulled up how pants and stood there and smoked a cigarette. I looked at him and said thank you. Then stood there and wanked my cock whilst looking at him and feeling the air against my arse and the cum running out.
  5. Always loved ducking my own fingers after they’ve been up my arse. never used to be into the more messy side of things... but now it’s a turn on as it’s a more depraved and sub thing to do. my dream is to clean a cock that’s just cum in me, also to clean cum from a freshly fucked arse. Hottest day experience lately was when I was being a total slut in my hotel room. Invited what turned out to be a very dominant top to play. He was aggressively finger fucking my cunt using nothing but spit and my own cum as lube. He pulled them out, turned me round and offered them to my mouth. His fingers were not clean... I kinda refused but he just said “it’s your mess, you clean it up” I reluctantly went to put his two dirty fingers in my mouth and he grabbed the back my head and forced them in. once I started it was intoxicating. I felt so dirty, like a total pig whore and I loved it. He asked if I wanted some more, he knew I did, and just said “yes please daddy, thank you daddy”.
  6. So fucking hot. and so true when he discovers tight arse is far better than a cunt. Once a straight boy realises how good a fags arse is he can’t go back. It’s better than female arse. You soon realise how gross vaginas are. and so many more straight men are only tops because they have a cock and they think it goes into a vagina. They’d be much happier as bottoms like this fag. First time I’ve took it in my arse it was a revelation. Also id love to have my balls wrecked.
  7. I hadn’t thought about it before... but am now! thats fucking hot and filthy. So nasty. My dick is super hard thinking about it. I’ve licked toilet seats, bowls and floors and the public urinals at work. But the thought of drinking the hot dirty piss is a great idea. I’ve got a piss buddy that wants me to piss on him naked in a urinal. He wants to lie on a long metal one in a public toilet. I want to lick him clean afterwards.
  8. I love eating cum. But once I’d ejaculate I’d lose the desire. The trick is to learn to stop right before you orgasm... then practice pumping the cum out slowly. You’ll still be horny and have a nice load of fresh cum to lap up. works great if you don’t cum for a few days first.
  9. Agreed. I remember my first proper throat fucking. I’d always been a cock sucker before that.. but this guy just fucked my mouth deep and I loved it. I could feel he underside of his cock pulsing as he shot his cup down my throat. It was amazing. I had no choice to swallow or not. He was cuming in me and it felt perfect. I remember I just looked up at him and said “thank you daddy”. He then kissed me on the lips. I’d never felt so loved and wanted.
  10. I love when a man spits in my face. It’s a form of kindness to a fag like me. When a top grabs your face and looks you in the eye... and you open your mouth and stick your tongue out to receive their spit. I always thank them. Being bi I used to think I’d go to a park or glory hole to get my cock sucked. But somehow real tops know what I am and I always end up on my knees with my face buried in their pubes. I’d like to think I’m selective, but the truth is once I’m on my knees I’ll suck anyone’s cock and let my body be used by anyone. I’ve had my tongue up men’s arses that I wouldn’t give a second look to in the street.
  11. Super hot story. I’d love to be properly raped. My first time was basically rape. Drunk with my straight mates at 18, slid off to suck some cock at the local beat. Large older man took me home and said “you are going to get fucked tonight, you know that don’t you?” He knew I was a virgin. he was much bigger than me - I was a pale skinny little ginger bitch. He got me naked on the bed on all fours. I can only imagine my tight pink virgin hole must have been amazing to look at. He got a real prize, but I didn’t know it at the time. i asked for a Condom and he obliged. Hurt so bad at first! When your arse to a new and doesn’t know how to fuck - I was so tense. That sharp pain as a cock jabs into you the first time. But pretty soon I took to it and was pushing back like a pro. Then later he was on top of me and pinning me down. I realised he didn’t have a Condom and I said not without one. He said I’d already had him in me bare... and he held me down and fucked me senseless. He’d cum on me, then I’d lie there not sure what to do or where I was. I’d drift off to sleep then wake up to him pinning me down and fucking men again. He was relentless. This went on until morning and he sent me home in a taxi. my dream is to be totally sober and properly force raped hard and violently.
  12. Part 2: Becoming pregnant fuck meat I walked out into the hall and back up to the hotel bar. I look around. My friends had gone. The bar almost empty, just the barman cleaning up. He looked at me and smirked "I think your friends let honey" he said in a very camp voice and looked me up and down like he was undressing me. Behind me my skinhead appeared. He put his arms around me "c'mon up to my room and I'll call you a cab, you look wasted". I didnt resist, eveything was spinning. Before I knew it I was in his room, sitting on the edge of his hotel bed. He stood in front of me. "Well, whilst we wait for a cab you may as well finish sucking my cock". He pulled down his jeans and his hardening cock sprang out. I was immediately transfixed and began sucking on it like it was the most natural thing to do in the world. I was deep throating it like a pro, like I'd seen in the porn movies. I licked his balls and sucked them into my mouth. I was in heaven. He pulled my T-Shirt off, and pushed me back onto the bed. Then he pulled off my boots and jeans. Within seconds I was naked on my back. I have to go I said, I'm wasted... "Relax" he told me "I have you a little something to help you get into it, being your first time I thought you needed some help" "What do you mean, you gave me something..." I slurred "Just a little something I pushed up your cunt with my tongue" I started sucking my cock. I started moaning. I was in heaven. He replaced his mouth with his hand and moved to licking my arse. I was in heaven, moaning like a total slut. He began fingering me and working my cock at the same time, I'd never felt anything like it. Then he stopped and moved up my body, my legs pinned over his shoulders. He kissed me deeply, his tongue forcing it's way into my mouth. "are you ready, you are going to get fucked tonight, you know that dont you?" "Yes, sir, but please not without a condom..." "It's OK' he said "Dont worry, you are going to get barebacked at some point, it may as well be tonight, You want to lose your virginity properly dont you?" God yes, I moaned and uttered the words every bottom knows so well "Please fuck me, fuck me hard, cum in me, I want you to cum inside me" He pushed his cock into me. I dont even remember it hurting. All I remember is the fucking - him fucking me hard and me taking it like I was born to be bitch. On my back with a man inside me. I was groaning and taking on the role of a slut in ways I didnt think I was possible of - begging him to fuck me harder, to use my cunt. Hurt me, rape me, everything I could think of. My entire world was now about his amazing dick in my arse and for the first time I felt complete, loved and wanted. "I'm getting close" he said "Maybe if you are lucky we'll get you pregnant first time" That sounded kinky, being a girl I thought, pretending I could pregnant. My femboy side had awakened and I loved the idea of being the girl with a cunt. "Yes, please, cum in me, make me pregnant. Give me your babies, I want you to be my daddy, cum in me daddy please cum in me" And then he did it - he pushed down hard and pumped his load into me. Thats all I remember from that night, I must have passed out. I woke up the next morning, still in his bed, naked...
  13. Fucking hot. needs to be more porn with queeny little girly faggot boys. Gets me so hard. i could go back in time I’d be such a slutty little bitch in my teens. I used to be too straight acting. I’d love to have been all shaved and cut off demin shorts and crop tops and lip gloss.

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