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The Sexual Misadventures of Everett Palmer

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Chapter Seven

My dreams were insane.

I kept having these images, these moments...

Like I was being fucked by Blackthorn, me on the edge of his bed screaming for more. A flash of Jack hammering me in the shower, I had a memory of looking down at my hard cock as I came against the shower wall. So many flashes, it was just weird.

I came to and I was in bed, it was dark, and I was so fucking warm.

I was bundled in a huge comforter and someone was spooning me from behind. I just laid there in bliss for a moment, those few moments before you come to and there is nothing wrong in the world. As I woke up more I could tell I was dying of thirst and it was a guy behind me from the way his hard cock was jutting between my ass cheeks.

I could feel myself still a little loopy, still fuzzy but more happy than horny. I needed water badly and I could feel the start of a headache, but it felt so safe where I was I didn't move. I snuggled in deeper, just wanting to stay here forever and whoever it was stirred slightly. His cock slid up my crack and I felt my whole body shudder for a moment.

What the fuck? Why was I reacting so gay?

I tried to move away from it but the guy's grip around me tightened and pulled me close, his dick was nestled between the muscle of my asscheeks perfectly.

One more move of my part and I heard Jack's voice, “Shhh, it's ok bud.”

Knowing it was Jack behind me changed things and I relaxed, “Where are we?”

“You passed out, we're in Blackthorn's spare bedroom.”

I passed out? A flash of memories went through my brain but none of them made sense.

“Yeah I was tired...” I said, trying to cover.

He moved in tighter, his breath at my ear, “How ya feeling big guy?”

His voice made my body tingle.

One arm slipped down and gripped my waist, the other was around my chest pulling me close, “You feeling good?”

His tongue slipped around the edge of my ear and my ass instinctively backed up towards him.

“Hmmm....”I moaned, for the moment not caring he was licking my ear. I wasn't as fuzzy as I normally was but I was feeling no pain that was for sure.

“You were having fun earlier,” he whispered, sliding his cock the entire length of my ass.

Another flash of images and my ass spasmed all by itself.

“You wanna go again?”

“What?” I asked, now starting to feel weird about him being so close.

“You my jock pussy?”

The words sparked something in my mind and all of a sudden I remembered him fucking me, and me...asking for it. My ass relaxed again and I felt myself push back just barely.

“Yeah, you remember, you wanna give me your pussy Ev?”

The impulse to scream for him to get off of me was beaten down by the tingle in my body as I pushed back on him for real.

“Come on bud, you want it?” he was sliding his cock up and down my asscrack now, my hips were moving on their own, very part of my relishing the contact.

“You remember begging?” he whispered, pulling his dick back and then sliding it forward, “You remember crying for my cock?”

My mind was in shambles as I remembered and felt the shame and horror of what I had done countered by the echoes of pleasure I had felt and my body wanting more...so much more.

“Yeah grind that ass,” he whispered again, his arm moving down, his hand gripping my now hard cock, “Come on Ev, grind on me.”

Every movement I made either pushed my ass against his dick or forced my cock through his fist. He had stopped moving and I was just rocking back and forth, sliding his dick the whole length while his hand jacked me off. Normally I would have been screaming that this was to gay and that I wanted him to stop.

But he wasn't doing a thing, this was all me.

We were both sweating hard now and he started to pump forwards as I pushed back. His fist loosened and I was desperate to get myself off. The fog began to descend on my mind and I knew I was about to stop caring about what was gay or not.

“Yeah you want this,” Jack whispered, his hand letting go of my dick altogether.

“Noo....”I whined as I pushed back, “Please Jack...get me off.”

“Come on Ev, push back, show me how bad you want it.”

I wanted it bad, so fucking bad.

My ass kept sliding up and down and Jack was moving his own dick in the opposite way. I stopped paying attention and just slid my ass back as hard and as fast as I could. Both of his hands gripped my hips now and he was guiding my me back into him. It was stifling hot under the covers now and we were both sweaty and worked up.

“You ready stud? You ready to give up your pussy?”

“Come on Jack...come on...” I moaned, not sure what I was asking for.

He moved my hips slightly and the next time he moved forward the head of his cock pushed into my hole.

We both froze as his dick slid a quarter way into my ass.

“Jack!” I gasped, my ass automatically relaxing at the intruder.

“Shhh....you want this Ev, you need your pussy fucked.”

“What?” I asked, more confused than ever, “Dude get your dick out of me!”

“You sure?” he asked, sliding into me another inch. My ass clenched down on him as I tried to push him out.

“Jack, don't...” but I didn't dare move or I would slide down more on it.

“Don't want? Don't stop?” another half inch as I clenched my teeth and tried to held my ass shut.

“Jack, this isn't funny man!”

“I know, it's not funny Everett, it;s what you want. What you need?”

“No I don't....”

“Give me your pussy Ev.”

His words hit something deep in my mind and my ass relaxed for a moment, another quarter inch of his dick pushed in.

“NO!” I protested, clamping down again, “Jaack, I'm not gay...please....”

“You need this bitch, you pussy aches for it...”

He moved in and nibbled on my neck and I felt my ass slip for a moment as I closed my eyes in pleasure.

“Open up for me stud, come on and give me your jock pussy...”

He kept nibbling on my neck as I tried to push off of him. He stopped holding my hips and his hands moved up to my chest, and grabbed my nipples.

“You like your titties played with?”

The shock of his fingers made me gasp and I felt my ass open and another inch slid in.

“Yeah Everett, stop fighting. Come on, let me fuck your pussy. Your pussy is so hungry...”

I was trying to stop him but he had more than half his dick in my, there was no pushing it out now.

“It doesn't hurt does it?” He whispered, as he licked the edge of my ear, “You want this man...you need it.”

The shock of the truth did hit me, he was halfway in my ass and it didn't hurt at all. If anything my ass was...liking it?

“Relax...” he said softly, “Let it happen...”

He pushed in again and I felt the last shreds of my will fading.

“If you're good...I'll let daddy come in and fuck you.”

Another flash of Blackthorn's cock in me and my ass relaxed. Jack bottomed out in my and I whimpered as I felt his pubes press up against my ass.

“Yeah, see...that's where it belongs, you like that cock in your pussy don't you?”

“Why..are...you...doing this?” I asked, as he began to jack my still hard cock.

“Because I want to give you what you need bud,” he pulled out slightly and I heard myself moan, “What your pussy aches for.”

“Not...a...pussy...” I said as he thrust quickly into me.

“Oh but it is,” Jack said letting go of my dick and reaching over me to the small table next to the bed. He grabbed his phone and unlocked it, with a few button pushes he pulled up his photos and then videos.

“Fuck me...fuck my pussy please...” I heard myself say.

I watched as I rode Jack's cock, my hands on his shoulders forced myself down on him. “Fuck my pussy...fill my jock pussy.”

“Fuck him harder,” Blackthorn's voice said from off camera and Jack complied.

His hips thrust up and the me on the camera threw his head back and cried out, I could feel my own ass react from the memory and Jack began to slowly fuck me as I watched myself be fucked.

“This is what you want Everett,” he said, slowing pulling back and then sliding into me with deliberate slowness, “This is what you always needed.”

I watched myself get fucked and I felt myself push back onto Jack.

“That's it, that's it big guy. Watch and show me what you want.”

The video went to the next one and it was me being fucked on my back by Blackthorn.

“Fuck me harder daddy, harder!!”

“You gonna be a good boy from now on!” he asked.

“I'll be a good boy, I'll be a good boy...fuck me, fuck me...”I panted.

I pushed back on Jack again.

“Yeah watch it Ev, watch what you did last night.”

The images with my memories were slowing driving me crazy and I felt my ass relaxing as I rocked back and forth on Jack's cock.

“Yeah, that's it. You aren't fucked up now Ev, this is you. This is just you...what do you want?”

I heard myself moan and beg to be fucked as I automatically fucked myself on Jack's dick.

“What do you want Everett?”

My cries echoed in my ears as I remembered screaming them and I pushed harder.

“Gay or not Everett, tell me, tell me now what do you want?”

I say myself cum all over myself, my mouth greedy to eat my own cum.

Jack started to slip dis dick out of me, “Ok I'll stop...”

“Fuck me Jack...”I said, ignoring the phone and pushing back onto Jack, “Please...I need to be fucked.”

I could practically see Jack's grin in the darkness.

He pulled out of me and rolled me over on my back, “Present your pussy to me.”

I was confused for a moment but my body responded as my legs spread for him.

He gave me a wolf's grin as he moved between them and slid his cock into me, “That's my jock bitch.”

I groaned as he entered me and the last of my ego died as I realized, this was what I wanted, what I needed.

“Fuck my pussy Jack, fuck my jock pussy hard...”

“Since you asked so nicely...”

He began slamming into me, and I felt myself just give into it and take it.

This was what I wanted, what I needed.

More, more and more cock.




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2 hours ago, joethomas said:

This is amazing story so far. I love seeing "straight" jock boys like Everett being shown what they're really good at -- being a proper cumdump who never refuses a load.

Love that too. But it is a bit of a shame of Everett's monster cock. But maybe we come to that later 😉 

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Chapter Eight


Jack fucked me until I passed out again.

When I woke up it was day and I was in the bed alone. First thing I did was race to the bathroom and try to force my dick down to piss. It felt like a gallon came out before it even slowed. When I was done I was still hard, not a new thing for me at all. There was a shower and I was obviously ripe so I climbed in to hose myself off.

I was sore all over, it felt like I had hit it way too hard at the gym and every muscle I had was paying for it now. My dick would not go down so it decided for me to toss one off before the day started. I lathered it up and began to stroke, my mind wandering to the way Cheryl looked riding my cock in her bedroom. I stroked and stroked, imaging every position I could with her but nothing.

If anything I was getting soft.

Shit, now I was horny and my dick was on strike.

“Fuck it,” I said looking around for some shampoo or something. There was a caddy in the back and along with various bottles, a clear rubber dick was just sitting there like that was normal. It was huge, I mean not me huge but fucking big. I pulled it out to laugh at it and saw there was a suction cup on the end of it. Not sure why it needed one but I stroked my dick, trying to compare the lengths.

For some reason holding the fake dick was turning me on, which was weird. My ass kept relaxing, like opening and closing and my dick was really responding.

“Oh come on,” I muttered as I realized what the suction cup was for.

No, no way. I was not doing this. Whatever happened last night was last fucking night and I refuse to keep doing it. Jack and Mr. Blackthorn got me drunk and that was that. No way I am doing that gay shit again...

My dick was sticking straight up as flashes of last night played out in my mind.

“NO.” I said gritting my teeth, but my dick was not budging.

I put the dick down and started to stroke again, every single naked woman I could image flashing through my mind, but not one reaction from my cock. I started stroking faster but nothing, god I was so fucking horny, I needed to cum.

But my dick was playing games.

I moved one hand behind me and slipped a soapy finger inside of me, just to see if it did anything.

My dick pulsed in my hand, and I slid two fingers in.

“Shit, shit...” I panted as I fingerfucked myself. My cock was loving this and I felt my own ass back into my fingers.

It was turning me on, but not enough. I couldn't get my fingers deep enough to get me off, though I was trying my hardest.

I stopped to catch my breath, and looked down at the dick.

My mouth actually watered as I looked at it.

“God fucking damnit!” I swore, grabbing the plastic dick and slamming the end to the far wall.

It hung there, bobbing on the wall, waiting for me.

“Just one time,” I said to myself, “Just get myself off and then it's over.”

I lathered up my ass and then covered the plastic dick as well, and backed myself up against it.

I had to spread my own cheeks to get it access, it took a couple of stabs before I was able to get the thick head to my hole. Once wedged in I pushed back, my ring expanding around the girth, a loud gasp escaping my mouth as it popped inside of me.

“Oh god...”I moaned as I pushed it farther and farther into me.

Once my ass was against the wall I pulled off of it, the whole length of it sliding out of my tight ass, causing my eyes to roll back into my head. Before the head could pop out I pushed back hard, and the whole length penetrated me, flashes of light danced in front of my eyes.

The shower wasn't that big and I was pretty tall so I was able to plant my hands on one side of the shower while my ass backed up onto the other. I started to rock onto the plastic cock, relishing the way my ass felt as it plunged in and out of me as I moved. God this felt fucking incredible, as the familiar fog of my libido descended on me I realized I wished it was bigger.

Not caring anymore I began to slam myself back onto the cock as hard as I could. I wanted it deeper...no I needed it deeper. My ass was hungry and I needed more in me.

“Not an ass...” a voice trailed through my mind.

No one was here, no would could hear me...

“Fuck my pussy,” I panted as I reared back, “Yeah, shove it in my jock pussy...fill me...breed me daddy...”

Just the word daddy made my cock jerk and I realized I was close to cumming already.

“Fuck your boy, please daddy fuck your jock bitch...”

My words were pushing me over the edge and the sound of my ass slapping against the wall as my tight pussy swallowed the whole length of the cock was loud as shit.

“Harder, fuck me harder daddy...please...fuck your jock...”

Images of Jack and Blackthorn raced through my head, my imagination pretending it was one of them behind me. I was really going at it now, my ass was aching for this dick, my pussy was hungry...so hungry.

The images moved from guys on the team fucking me and then just random guys I'd seen in the hall. My teachers...my friends...strangers...all their cocks...in me...filling me...

My cock exploded on it's own, I hadn't even touched it and it was firing off loads of cum like it was my first wet dream.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...” I chanted as my jock pussy clenched down on the dick again and again and again.

Finally I just stood there, plastic dick in my ass, cum dripping off my abs down into the drain. I slowly pulled myself off the dick and I swear, my ass felt an ache as it left. I stood up and rinsed myself off, my dick still half swollen even after all that.

What the fuck was wrong with me?

I felt guilty and ashamed but also, so, so fucking turned on. I got out and dried off, my clothes were on a chair waiting for me. I got dressed, grabbed my keys and raced downstairs. I didn't know if someone was there or not, I just ran to my car and took off.

I needed to get home, needed to clear my head.

Needed to get this shit out of my brain.


I got home and my dad was at work and my mom must have been shopping. I took another shower, this time without fucking myself, and changed my clothes. I felt a thousand times better, more like myself. What happened yesterday was like a dream, not real. Like it had happened to someone else. That wasn't me, that was just...insanity.

I checked the time and saw I could still make my afternoon classes and practice if I booked. I grabbed my stuff and headed back to school, sure that whatever all that was it was over.

I walked into the lunchroom and grabbed some food and sat down with the guys, “What's up? I asked.

“Hey man, how's it hanging?” one of them asked.

“Little to the left but I manage.”

We all laughed and I felt my last doubts fade, yeah that was all behind me now.

“Hey you,” Jack whispered in my ear, “How's my pussy?”

My ass opened automatically and I felt my cock twitch in my pants.

I pulled away, “Get off man!”

Jack laughed, “Jeez dude chill, what's up your ass?”

He sat down, like nothing had happened, like he hadn't talked me into all that.

“I ain't talking to you,” I said standing up, leaving my food on the table.

I began to walk away and he came up behind me, “What in the fuck is your problem?”

I turned to look at him and whispered. “You know what my fucking problem is!”

He pushed me out of the lunchroom and into the boy's bathroom, “What are you trying to do? Get caught?”

“Fuck off Jack!”

“Why are you so pissed?”

“You know what you did!”

He cocked his head and grinned, “You mean fuck you?”

I looked around and shushed him, “Yeah, that was not cool!”

“You liked it!” he said laughing, “You were begging for it!”

“I was drunk!” I hissed.

“Oh really? Off one glass of wine?”

“Whatever, you know I was fucked up.”

He came off the wall and walked towards me, “I know a lot of things Ev.”

I took a step back and felt the wall against my back.

“I know you rode my cock like a fucking whore all night,” his hand was over my growing dick, “I know you were backing up on Blackthorn's cock like it had the cure to cancer,” he was now tracing the outline of my head through my jeans, “And I know you busted a nut every time my cock was in you.”

His other hand popped the top button of his jeans and he opened them up.

“Every. Time.”

He pulled his cock out of his underwear and held it in his hand, “You aren't drunk now, are you?”

I couldn't stop staring at his dick, I just shook my head.

“You know you want to.”

“I-I don't...” I said, transfixed by it.

He brought his hand up to my mouth and he said, “You're drooling again.”

I looked up at him and our eyes locked. He smiled at me and put a hand on my shoulder, and pushed down. I was almost five inches taller than Jack and a fuck load stronger, but as he pushed down, my knees buckled and I went knelt down in front of his cock.

“Lick it,” he commanded.

I looked up, silently pleading with him not to make me do this.

“Lick it you pussy...”

The name made something inside me move and my tongue darted out and licked his head.


Like I was controlled I started to suck Jack's cock, each lick turning me on more and more. I licked around his shaft and he guided my head with his hands.

“Yeah, come on big guy, show me how bad you want this.”

I moaned around his cock, because I did want this. I hated it and wanted to scream, but I wanted his cock so bad. I worked his cock the best I could, miking every drop of precum out of him.

He pulled back and his dick slapped up against his shirt, leaving a wet spot from my spit.

“Get in a stall.”

I shook my head no but he guided me in like I was fucking cattle.

“Lower your jeans.”

I unbuttoned my pants and lowered them to my knees.

“I see you found a jock,” he said with a smile.

I nodded, not sure what I was supposed to do.

He turned me around and kicked my legs out wider. I balanced myself against the stall door as he pulled my cheeks apart and started eating out my hole. The tip of his tongue trace the outside of my hole and it fluttered open by itself. I bit my bottom lip as he entered me, his warm tongue sending shock waves of sex throughout my body.

I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry out, but I forced myself not to. Instead I took one hand and pushed his face deeper into my ass as I pushed back. God it was just his tongue but I was already losing it. What the fuck was wrong with me? Here I was in a public bathroom getting eaten out by my best friend and I loved it.

He worked over my hole for nearly a minute, my cock sticking out the side of my jock, a single drop of precum falling from it's tip. When he pulled off my ass I gasped and looked behind me in panic, I wanted more.

He smiled and said, “Sit.”

My common sense said not to, to just jerk off and forget it. But his cock was just hovering there, so thick...so fucking warm...

I slowly moved over to his lap and lowered myself down onto his cock. He guided the tip into my hole and I let out an audible moan, which caused his other hand to cover my mouth.

“Shut up bitch, you wanna get caught?”

I didn't care, the moment his tip touched my hole I pushed down, my ass begging for his cock like a baby wanting candy.

Within seconds I was bottomed out on him, the burn in my ass was a small price to pay for what his cock was doing to me.

He let go of my mouth and grabbed my hips, raising me slightly and then lowering me. Just an inch at a time his cock began to fuck me, and before too long I was doing it myself. I was riding his cock without his help at all.

“Yeah, come on bitch,” he said quietly, “Ride my cock...show me what your pussy wants.”

My bottom lip was numb I was biting it so hard. The only sound in the bathroom was my ass hitting his thighs as I bounced up and down on his hard cock.

“What are you doing Ev?” he asked.

“Fucking my pussy...” I chanted as I went up and down, “Fucking my jock pussy...”

“Yeah you are...you like that don't you?” he said thrusting up as I came down.

“Jack...fuck me...fuck me...”

“Good...” he said and then pushed me off his dick, “Straddle me this way.”

I jumped back on his cock, now I was staring him in the face.

He just smiled at me as I slammed my ass down on his cock for all my might.

He brought his hands up to my head and pulled me in for a kiss. At first I hesitated but he thrust up again and in the moan he was able to slip his tongue into my mouth and I started responding. We were making out hard as he fucked me, I was starting to sweat again and my cock was weeping precum like crazy.

He stopped kissing me and looked me in the eyes, “So you like this?”

I nodded.

“You want more of this?”

I nodded again.

His hands went around my throat and squeezed, “Then never fucking talk back to me again bitch,” I gasped as he cut off my air, “You will do as I say without question, you hear me?”

I tried to pull his hands off but they were latched on there.

“Do you hear me?”

I nodded, feeling my lungs start to burn.

“You're my jock pussy now, you can call yourself straight or bi or whatever you want, but when I tell you to do something you do it.”

Spots began to form in my eyes as he thrust into my harder and harder.

“You get that? You belong to me now Everett, you get that?”

I nodded weakly, realizing I was about to cum and pass out,

“Whose pussy is this?” he asked with one final thrust into my tight ass.

He let go of my throat and my cock exploded between us.

“Your pussy, your pussy Jack...” I gasped as my own cum hit my face again, “I'm sorry, I'm sorry...” I whined as I leaned in and started kissing him.

“It's your pussy Jack, always yours...”

I kissed and licked his face as my dick emptied itself one spurt at a time.

His dick expanded and I could feel his hot cum paint the inside of my ass.

“You're mine Ev...” he said pulling me into a kiss, “You're mine.”

I kissed him back, knowing he was absolutely right.



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