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Surprise Son

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Chapter 6: a game of Tug-of-War


I was losing myself in Jason's kiss. His strong arms holding in place as his tongue danced along the roof of my mouth and I sucked it like I had sucked his cock earlier. My lust and chem scrambled mind pulling my attention back to my son's 9 inches still buried in my stretched and cum-slicked hole. I began to try to gyrate my ass around his beautiful pierced cock, causing him to break our kiss as let out a slow moan before moving back to begin licking and kissing my ear as he softly whispered to me,

“damn Dad, you really love that poison cock in your slut-hole, don't you?”


“Oh yeah baby, I want you to breed me and stay here forever” I replied as I began to change my movements to slowly increase the length of his dick I was fucking myself on, trying to start another round before Jason pulled me against him so tightly I couldn't move and softly whispered the order into my ear, “Hold still a second daddy”.


I thought he might still be to sensitive from just cumming again, but as his muscles began to flex around me and I felt the “fullness” of my hole begin to increase as he began to unload his slampiss into my hole.

I felt the fullness in my ass increase as he began to fill my hole with his slam piss. As his stream was letting up and his muscles began to relax around me, my chest grew tight as my pulse rapidly pulsed in my ears.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck...” I began to mumble in between a few light coughs as my vision blurred and I began to try to scratch the itch in my hole against the large cock barely keeping his secondhand chems in my stretched out ass.

I felt like my body was just there as a “support system” for my hole and my only purpose was to fuck myself on my son's cock.

“Mmmm, hold up dad, I want you to keep that in you longer” Jason said as he held me in place against his muscle god frame again. I held for a second, before my ass resumed control of my brain, forcing me to try to slide against his rippling muscles and try to suck him into me through my ass.


“Not yet” he barked, before flexing his muscles around me again and drupping his entire weight onto me, pinning me into the wet bed. The chems from his last slam still adding to my buzz through his chempiss as it radiated heat through my body from the point where we were “fused” into one.

The heat from is body radiating through me as his ripped arms held my body tight against his, and his muscular legs pinned mine under him. His thighs pressing my ass cheeks together, trying to hold more of his chem piss in my hole.

The mix of sensations from my muscle god son dominating my body with his strength as his toxic fluids burned their way through my soul was too much and I began to convulse against him as wave after orgasmic wave washed over me. My shriveled party dick momentarily stopped leaking precum to shoot round after round of Matt & Jason's little brothers into the mattress and I let out a crude symphony of grunts and lustful cries as the ability to make words escaped me.

“Its so hot that you are getting off from my piss dad” Jason said without easing his full body grip of me. I tried to reply but all that came out was whorish whimpers in between breaths as my limbs slowly began to stop twitching from my full body orgasm.


Between the T rush from Jason's “secondhand slam” and the post orgasm waves of bliss, I was panting and lost in the feelings as I tried babbling, “thank you, I love you” again and again, but all I managed was a jumbled mess of grunts and at best, half the words barely understandable as I tried to squirm to press myself harder against Jason's body above me.


“Fuck Dad, you are such a cockhungry slut, guess I know where I get it” Jason said before letting out a loud and low moan, the vibrations of which I could feel through his massive chest pressed tightly against my back.


“I wanna try something” Jason said, finally releasing his grip to reach over and grab one of my larger plugs. “Raise your ass!” he said as he began lifting my ass up from the fuck-swamp we had created and pulling me back to all fours.

“Face down and try to raise your ass more, I don't want any more to leak out than necessary when I pull out” Jason ordered, but I was still lost in the feeling, so he kindly but firmly began pushing and pulling my body around like a rag doll, until he eventually maneuvered us to the end of the bed. As he lowered my face against the refreshingly cool floor with my legs still on the bed and my hole pointed to the ceiling, he finally pulled out and shoved the fat butt-plug into my hole to keep his chempiss doing its thing in my hole.

“I am going to grab something, be right back” Jason said before walking back towards the living room where this had all began and while I partially heard him moving around and looking for something, I was lost in the new sensations of the cold air as it rushed across my sweat drenched skin.

The cold felt amazing and I lost track of time before Jason eventually returned to find me in the same spot and basic position he had left me in ,only now I was also pinching my nipples and moaning again as my swollen ass lips puckered in and out around the massive plug stretching my still chempiss filled hole.

“Damn dad, you must have NO tolerance to be this much of a spun out meth slut already” Jason said before I heard him drop a heavy bag onto the bed before I felt his strong hands on my ass cheeks. He played with the plug in my hole for a few seconds before he stopped to pick me up and throw me back onto the mattress in front of him.

He rolled me onto my back and lifted my legs to give him access to my hole again. My slut brain instinctively grabbing my legs to pull them towards my chest as Jason plucked the plug from my ass and dove his face into my ass to begin hungrily sucking and chugging the poz cum, blood, and chempiss from my battered hole while he eagerly moaned in satisfaction. “Fuck yeah son, eat my ass” I managed to say as he continued to suck and slurp away between my ample ass cheeks. His stubble scratching against the tender flesh around my hole as he ground his face in to try to get more.


When he was satisfied he had gotten as much as he could, he pulled his head away, gave my ass a loud hard slap, and then let out an even louder belch before giggling and flopping down next to me. I turned to look at him and he was staring at me with eyes so dilated that I could only see black, and a big dopey smile. “I love you dad” he said before leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek, and leaving a wet spot from the coat of my ass slime that was still coating his face.

He rolled over and grabbed some things from his bag... A loaded pipe, a torch, some rope, a disposable catheter, and a double dildo somehow even bigger than the one I had been sharing with his brother earlier. As Jason noticed me staring at the giant rubber dong, he said “We vac-pumped Matt's cock to get it even fatter, then used it to make a mold of his dick we used to make this” he said before handing it to me. As I held the wighty massive dong(s) in my hand, and looked over the bumps and veins in the rubber reproduction of my youngest son's massive cock, Jason fired up the torch and began to suck thick white smoke from his pipe.

Every few hits, he would lean forward and kiss me to exhale his thick white clouds into me, further giving me the most intense second hand high of my life. During this, he had moved the massive cock towards my hole.. With all of the attention he had been paying to my ass, there was surprisingly little resistance as the rubber head slowly worked into the first few inches of my hole, stretching me even further as before as I writhed in enjoyment like the filthy slut I had become.


Instead of fucking me with the dildo again, he moved my leg to pin the toy down, preventing it from moving in or out as he said “told that there” before he reached over to pick up the catheter. I tried to watch as best as I could as he began to snake inch after into past his piercing and down the inner length of his shaft. When he was satisfied with the amount he had inserted into himself, he took the other end of the tube and began to insert it into MY DICK!

I laid there panting, as Jason slowly worked the second end of the catheter into my dick, until he was again satisfied before he pushed my leg aside and resumed pushing the monstrously thick toy into my hole. Before he had worked half of it into me, the pressure on my bladder forced me to start to piss. As the flow left my dick, it ran through the catheter and strait into Jason, who let out a “FUCK YEAH DAD”, only slightly slowing the rate he was pushing into my hole.

I continued to lay there, helplessly dominated by wave after wave of sensation keeping me in a constant near orgasmic state, I could barely focus on Jason's movements as he positioned himself to take the other and of the double header just as his “little” brother had done with me earlier.


This time though, when we had both reached the point where our fully stretched ass lips began to kiss, with the catheter still connecting us, dick to (Much larger) dick; he grabbed my balls and his and used the piece of rope to tie both of our sacks together, so that we couldn't pull away from each other more than a few inches at most.


“OK Dad, Push and pull tug of war!” Jason Playfully said as he pulled his body away, giving our nuts an equally sharp tug before I he flexed his muscles and used his ass to push out the dildo into mine as I felt heat radiate from the catheter tube in my dick and pressure increase in my bladder as he that back into me as well.


He relaxed and pushed back against me as the pressure inside me was slightly let up, but still raging, “Now your turn” Jason ordered as I pushed out and felt that incredible relief from easing the pressure as I pushed the majority of chempiss and double header back into my oldest son.

We continued this process for at least the next hour. Swinging back and forth between pressure and release as we pushed back and forth into each other. Sometimes we were bouncing back and forth against each other, giving our nuts a sharp painful tug before rushing back in to impale ourselves on the massive toy, with the wet sloppy sounds of our bodies only drowned out by our random moans and whimpers.

Other times, we were both pulling away from each other as hard as we could, each trying to get the other to admit defeat in the twisted little game we had found ourselves playing.

As we continued to fuck ourselves against each other in our wet bed like the pigs selves we were, The amount of piss slowly becoming too much for us to pass back and forth, Jason used his muscular legs to push his body again and give me another sharp tug, as he used a free hand to grab the catheter tube and gave it a quick tug to pull it out of both of us. Since it didn't have anything to keep it in other than us holding it in place, it freely came out of both of us, somewhat propelled by the chaotic fountain of piss that began to shower over both of us as we both uncontrollably pissed over us.

I felt his stream moving towards my face as I leaned forward to see him trying to aim his piss arc towards my mouth. I open up and manage to catch the end of his flow, which I eagerly gulped down before we both collapsed back onto our backs, and stared at the ceiling, still connected via our sacks and asses.

Jason continued playing with his hard dick and using the latest round of hot piss to add to the slickness coating his uncut meat, as he began working it back to it's fully rock hard state.

“Guess that was kind of a draw” he said, “We are gonna have to come up with something else for a tie-breaker”

The playfulness in his voice showing his competitive streak I knew to well (and was at least partially responsible for).

I wasn't sure what he had in mind, but I knew that when he used that tone, he had something “naughty” planned.

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Chapter 7: More Fun and Games

(Sorry for the delay between chapters, this one is short, but it is setting up for what have been planning for chapter 8)


Jason reluctantly untied the rope he used to bind our balls together, playfully tugging at them as he undid the knot. All the while, he and I were still pushing the double header back and forth. The chems from earlier still drowning my brain in a lust filled craze.

“oh fuck son” I mumbled as I writhed in the pool of our sweat and piss. Jason had more planned though as he began to pull away, the dildo coming out of his stretched hole with a wet plop sound before he began to climb over me, straddling his gaping hole over my face before pulling the rest of the double header from my hole.

“Time for some of what Matt and I call Arm Wrestling” Jason said as he began to work his hand into the cavernous gape the giant toy had left.

Taking the hint, I reached my arm forward and slid my hand into his gaped mancunt with little resistance, the thick coat of piggy fuck-slime coating us both had each of our bodies fully lubed, and after all we had put each others asses through, we were both quickly punch fucking each other.

I would pull one fist out of his slick wet hole before punching the other one in, switching back and forth before trying to work more and more of my other hand in at the same time.

Jason was making similar efforts with my hole, although as I heard him say, “oh fuck dad, you are taking both hands forearm deep” that it was clear he was going faster than me.

I wasn't entirely sure what the goal of his version of arm wrestling was, but as far as I was concerned, since I had my bodybuilder son's sweaty piss covered body grinding against me as we we in a fisting 69, I was winning.


We rolled and re-positioned each other on our sides to gain better access and I lost track of time as we worked to further stretch each others holes to their obscene limits. The pig stink funk fully filling the room as we rutted in each others gapes.

The Tina still keeping me with limp party dick, but it was leaking a mix of piss and precum like a faucet; with Jason's rock hard rod leaking similarly between us.

“Oh fuck yeah dad, Take it” Jason would say in between outbursts of “oh yeah, right there daddy” as I slid my fingers along the insides of my boys ass. I did the best I could to try to keep pace with what he was doing to me, but the waves of pleasure that kept exploding from my hole and repeatedly making my body convulse in frequent partial orgasms made it hard to focus on anything other then the feeling of what my son was doing to my ass.

“Fuck I'm close, suck my dick dad!” Jason ordered, as he pulled his hips back to give me access to his cock, and I withdrew one of my hands from his slut hole to grab is rock hard cock and pull it into my mouth as he shot volley after volley of his delicious poz cum into my hungry mouth. I instinctively swallowed most, but tried to save some to savor the flavor and texture of my son's toxic seed.

Even after Jason's cock had stopped spewing cum into my hungry mouth, I could still feel his ass clenching and unclenching around the hand I still had forearm deep in his hole.

“You win that round, best two out of three” Jason eventually said after catching his breath (Apparently the goal of that game was to fully get the other person off first, good thing the partial orgasms he kept giving me didn't count) I started to think before he went back to working my prostate and making me convulse as the sensations overcame me again.


“ok, new game, best two out of three” Jason said before withdrawing his hands from my hole and beginning to climb off me, forcing me to pull my hand from his hole as well (and worse, pulling his softening cock from my mouth)

Jason bounced to “standing” up on his knees and looked down at me with a playful gaze and devilish smile as he puffed out his chest and said in his best Dr Evil voice“And now agent Bond, for a game you will surely lose” he joked as his glistening muscular frame towered above me, and he stroked his pierced cock back to life and it's 9x7 glory.

“King of the hill” he said in his normal voice before following with “Standard rules, winner is whoever is on top!”

With that, he pounced back onto me. I put up no resistance and he had me pinned face down into the soaking wet bed and he plunged his cock back into my hungry hole. (I love this kids stamina and enthusiasm).

His body seemed to wrap around me as he bucked his hips with a primal and animalistic vigor. The wet slapping and sloshing sounds working as a background for our mutual moans and grunts.

“fuck you feel so good dad” Jason moaned into my ear as I mumbled out a barely coherent stream of “fuck me son, oh god yes, breed me, you feel so good!”

He wrapped one arm over my shoulder to push me back to his thrusts while his other arm reached down below my knee to pull it up and against him more as he began to fully long-stroke jackhammer into me.

I could only let out a long series of whimpering cries as he fucked my stretched out hole with full force as fast as he could. My son was using me as a human fleshlight as he pounded ass with full abandon.


The sound of the front door opening and shutting sharply pulled us both our of our crazed state as we both tensed and paused before hearing Matt voice echoing through the house, “DAAAAAD, I'm Home!”

The knowledge that it was his brother let us relax and Jason slowly resumed sliding in and out of my hole. By the time Matt stepped back into my bedroom, he had stripped naked again and was stroking his freakishly huge cock to its full glory, while Jason's thrusting had returned back to its previous frenzied pace.

“Have you two been in bed all day” Matt said as he climbed into bed and presented us with his huge pole.

I latched onto the tip of it and began licking and sucking under the foreskin as Jason slowed down his pace and said, “Why, What time is it? How long has it been?”

“Sundown dude, I left like 10 hours ago, did dad eat or drink anything?” Matt asked, “that wasn't you” he followed up.

“Not... yet...” Jason said in short grunts as his breathing and pace picked up, refusing to be distracted by his brothers interference.

Before Matt could reply, Jason's body flexed and he hugged me against him tight as he let out a loud guttural yell and his dick pulsed in my hole. “FUUUUUCK” he yelled as he shoved his dick as far into me as he could and shot another load of his poz cum in my ass.

As his grip on my loosened, he said “One, One, We're tied now old man” Jason said.

“oooh, I love family game night” Matt said playfully as he figured out exactly what his brother was up to.

“and I have the perfect idea for a tie breaker” Matt said with a sinister grin

“While I was out I talked to a few of my dirtier clients, and I set up another fun little surprise for tonight... in about an hour we are gonna have a room full of dirty toxic slampig party tops, here to gangbang and fully charge some stretched out bugchasing meth slut manpussy... “ Matt said in a dominate tone as he re-asserted control over me and his brother before following with, “Now go rinse you and Dad off, and re-hydrate, because we are gonna have a good old fashioned whore off!”

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Just awesome man - Thanx for this story! pnp and incest combined are one of my favorite kinks - I've had pnp sex with 2 sets of real brothers and with a real father and son couple (written about in my blog on here) but have never gotten to pnp with one of my own relatives (yet!). This story hits all my bells and whistles, thanks!

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On 12/3/2020 at 11:53 AM, versmetropig said:

Just awesome man - Thanx for this story! pnp and incest combined are one of my favorite kinks - I've had pnp sex with 2 sets of real brothers and with a real father and son couple (written about in my blog on here) but have never gotten to pnp with one of my own relatives (yet!). This story hits all my bells and whistles, thanks!

Hopefully I get to meet them.

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