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It all started on my 22nd birthday, I had just broken up with my boyfriend after finding out he was seeing someone else on the side and put up a post on Adam and I started getting hits. My boy friend and I had fucked a few times bare when we were drunk but generally always used condoms; I put up a safe only post and showed my hot ass and body.  I am lean and have a bubble butt that my bf loved!  Standing all of 5’9 weighing 150 with a 28” waist I carried my weight in my ass  

I started to get lots of hits, and a few were tempting but in looking at their profiles most were either poz, undetectable or no answer.  I did not respond to them but did run across a hot profile from a guy who post he was bi, just loved ass and had a gf.  His file said he was neg and hung 9.5 with the most beautiful dick.  I could not help myself, I had to hit him up.  There was no response for about an hour and then he hit me back.

He told me what a beautiful ass I had and thanked me for hitting him up.  He never asked to fuck me or anything.  I sent him another email and asked if he was looking and he responded with we are not looking for the same thing, I do not think you are into what I am.  I hesitated and thought maybe he wanted to get fucked again and asked him straight out if he was looking to get fucked also?  His response was fuck no, I am bi and have a gf and just love some hot boy pussy on the side.  I just want a hole to fuck and unload in. 

I closed the email after reading it and thought, no you can not do that. I had to look at his pics a few more time and then emailed him back and said I normally only fuck with condoms, I have only ever barebacked with my ex-boyfriend, but I would take your big dick bare.  I am waiting for what seemed like forever and then he finally emailed me and said that is good to know. Probably still more than you want to get into and all.  I have some other straight and bi buds and we are looking for a regular bottom. We had a hot little bottom who serviced us, but he moved last month, and I have been looking for a new boy to take his place.  Do not get me wrong you would be perfect, but it may be more then you are looking for.  We just want a hot hole to use on the side.

I read the email a few times and, in my head, I said no, this Is way too much and finally writing him back and said I would try it with him and if all went well, we could talk about his buddies.  No response for thirty minutes and I knew he opened it.  I followed up and said okay, I want to do it.  How does it work?

Five minutes later he emailed me and said the guy are only into anonymous, we do not want to marry you just want that hot pussy on our big dicks.  We want to find you ass up and blindfolded and ready and we will lube you up and slide in and fuck you till we nut and leave.  No talking unless spoken to and you will be nothing more than a hot ass for some big dick. 

Okay, lets do condoms okay, I emailed back.  Right away he emailed me and said never mind boy, I told you, it was not for you.  I emailed him back and told him I would be ready in 20 min and sent my address and that I will take it bare and be ass up on sofa in the living room, blindfolded.  He emailed back and told me I was a good boy, that I liked hearing, and that when his buddy arrived, he would knock and wait five sec and head in, and I should be ready.

I asked if he were coming and he told me no, he only liked wet cummy hole and that a few buddies would use me first.  I almost pulled the plug on the entire thing but really wanted his cock inside me and I emailed back okay. I was nervous as fuck and twenty minutes later he emailed and said get ready and I slipped the blindfold on and got into place on the sofa in my jock and then the knock at the door.  Five seconds later the door opened, and I heard footsteps and then a hand on my ass.  I almost jumped and the hand worked its way to my hole and felt my tight little hole as he unfastened his belt with the other hand, and I heard his pants drop.  His hand withdrew and without a word I felt a tongue on my hole, and I was moaning as he ate my hole and tongue fucked it.  I was loving it but still wondered if I should stop and cancel the entire thing, but it felt so fucking good I just let him French my hole as I moaned and then suddenly, he stopped and stood up and slapped his big dick on my hole.  He grabbed some lube I had out and rubbed it on my hole and his dick and them slide slowly inside me as I lost my breath, fuck his dick was big. 

This guy who I had never seen was sliding his bare cock inside me and I had not even asked what his tats where.  He said nothing as he pressed deeper inside me and soon, he was balls deep and he let me catch my breath before he pulled almost all the way out and then slide back in and after the second bottoming out, he handed me a bottle, I knew they were poppers and I grabbed them and took several hits and then he started to slow fuck me as my hole relaxed.  OMG is all I could think of as his big dick slide in and out of me, still saying nothing and then his pace picked up and I could not help but moan and beg him to fuck me.  I could fee his tight body against mine when he leaned in and whispered in my ear. “You have a great fuck hole boy”.  His first words and I then knew he was manly and had a bit of an accent.  He fucked me for ten more minutes and shot his load in me while he said take my nut boy.  He then pulled out and came around and made me clean off his dick before he pulled away and started to zip up while he said, stay blindfolded till I leave boy.  I said okay and I heard him walk toward the door and then it open and close. 

I slid off the blindfold and felt me hole. It was open and cummy and I could not help it but to slide my finger inside and then taste more of his load.  I got up and went back to the computer and as I was getting ready to email my new friend, he sent me one. His email read.

Congrats boy, one of the pickiest tops in our group has just passed you as our new bottom.  There are a few more that need to agree but my bud who just left said he would need you tomorrow at the same time.  We can talk about that later but for now you have another top on the way and he will be there in five minutes.  Make sure you are ready, and you can leave the cum in you boy.

Fuck I thought, another, my hole was a little sore from his thick dick.  He wanted me again, Hot!  I might be good with just him.  I started to type that I could not do another but before I could send it there was a knock on the door. I rushed to get in place and put my blindfold on.  I made it just in time, I heard the door open and close and then a hand on my ass and hole just like before, he slides his long finger inside me and then another. He broke the silence and told me what a hot cummy hole I had.  Love that you have a lot inside you.  He then handed me poppers and told me to hit it, I did, and he finger fucked me and slide another finger inside me and my hole opened for him.  He twisted his fingers around inside me and I had never thought about how hot it would be to take a fist but suddenly, I was hot for it.

I just moaned as he played with my hole and he spoke. “I see you like ass play, fuck you are going to a lot of fun.”  He made me moan with his fingers for another two to three minutes and then he pulled out and told me to hit the poppers again and then I felt it.  I huge dick at my hole and he pressed forward and the hand that had been in my ass came around and covered my mouth as he pressed that thick fat cock inside me and I whimpered and asked him to pull out and he said he could not hear me as he pressed deeper and It hurt like fuck, I tried to pull forward but he held me with his other hand and finally my ass gave away to his thick dick and he was all way inside me.  I was not sure I could breathe it

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Part 2


I woke up the next morning my ass was so sore, but I was still horny.  I had to shit, it hurt like a mother, but my dick got rock hard.  What the fuck was that I thought, all this cum came out of me and I thought dude you cannot do this again.  This is fucking crazy but there I sat with a huge hard one and I hit the shower and it finally came down.  I went off to work and found myself looking at guys hands, I had never paid attention to them before and wondering what they would feel like.  There were several that I knew I would never be able to take but Jonny the security guard station had beautiful long fingers and lean hands and tatted sleeve on his right arm that make me get a chub in the lobby.  I tried to ignore him, but he was so tall and beautiful I was rock hard in no time but made it to my desk to calm down.   

Seriously, I am not into getting fisted it was a one-time thing.  I am also not a bareback cum dump I had to keep reminding myself all day.  I had made my mind up I was going to hit up my buddy and tell him it was great but it as not for me. No more.  I worked the rest of my day and missed Jonny on the way out.  I did not want him to get my mind racing again and I headed home to cancel tonight.

I got home and went straight to my computer and when opened the website I was flooded with emails.  Holly fuck, I have never had more then two anytime I signed on and there was something like 15.  I opened the first one and it had a well-defined tatted guy with a sleeve on both arms and a huge dick with piercings at each nipple.  I could not believe how hot he was, I looked at his stats and he was 27 6’1 170 with 9 uncut inches and then I saw he was poz.  I could not believe this beautiful man was poz omg.

His email said he knew I liked big dick and he wanted to get with me and breed my ass.  No fucking way I thought, how the fuck could he know.  I emailed him back and thanked him and told him I only fucked with neg guys.  He replied, what if I do not cum inside you. I though what the fuck!  I emailed him and said thanks but that will not work.  I was looking at his pics and horny as fuck.  I finally closed the email and went to the next one. Another young guy, he was big and muscled, 29 6’ 200 pounds of solid muscle with his big thick 8” dick posted.  Omg I wanted to suck his big dick and lick the precum off, his post mentioned nothing about status but gave his stats. Hey pussy boy, if you are free this week I am in town and want to use your ass.  Let me eat that little cunt and then fuck you like the whore you are. 

I read it again, in so many ways it was a disgusting email, but it made my dick even harder. I knew I should not even email him back, but I could not help myself.  I told myself it was just to be nice but knew deep down I wanted him in the worst way. My email read, I need my boy pussy used sir, I am so horny for you sir. I had read a lot of hot stories where guys talked like that.  He responded with I just want your ass, no talking boy.  You are a whore to be used, understand?  I emailed him yes Sir.  I am free in 30 minutes where are you and have the fucking cunt up in the air, head down and blindfolded waiting for me. Panic flooded me, I wanted to say now but for some reason I could not.  I emailed him back my address and told him I understood.  I told him to knock, wait five seconds and head in the door would be open.  I rushed to the shower and cleaned up and out and then back to the computer to make sure he had not emailed.  While I was waiting, I went back to that hot poz guy, he had such a hot body.

I saw an email come in and it was that hot muscled guy and he said he just parked and that I need to be in place.  I emailed back and confirmed and got in place with my blindfold on.  The door opened and he came over to ass and felt it.  I hard a belt and the dropping of clothes.  I heard him say hot little whore, I felt his fingers on my ass and hole and then his tongue, I though it was his tongue.  I hard something in front of me and then he lifted my head and said open your mouth slut.  Fuck there were two guys in here, I did and as I started to ask who his dick slide into my mouth and I was suddenly gagging on his thick dick. The guy as my ass eat my hole and I moaned on his dick and soon I was over been upset he did not tell me.  This guy loved eating ass, he pushed my legs forward and tongue fucked my hole like no tomorrow. I am fucking loving this is all I thought as I gagged and slobbered all over that big dick in my throat. 

This went on for ten minutes and then he said, whore get on your back with your legs in the air.  The guy eating my hole let up and I turned over and put legs up for the guy to eat my hole at a different angle. The muscled guy told me to get ready to eat his ass.  It had been a long time since anyone had made me eat their ass, my ex did one night but it was not my normal thing.  For some reason, this guy it seemed hot as he sat on my face and I licked and tongued his hole and I heard him start to moan while the other guy fingered my hole with some lube he must have brought, I had forgot to put some out.  There we go, fuck I love this dude’s finger in my ass.  That is a good whore, tongue daddy’s ass, eat my shit hole boy.  I could not help but moan as the fingers worked my ass. 

Then the hot guy pulled his ass off my mouth and told me to open wide and he slide his dick in me making me gag and the other guy slide his dick inside me.  I tried to feel his dick to see if he had a condom on, but my muscled dad held my arms above my head where he had them pinned before as he fucked my throat as the guy fucked me for ten minutes till, he came and got up and dressed and left.  The muscled guy pulled out of my mouth and I started to ask him if they were clean and wore a condom but before I could finish, he told me to shut the fuck up and eat his ass again.  I started to eat his hole again and I was really getting into it.  The told me to spread his checks and what a good ass eater I was.

He was moaning and I thought I heard the door again, but I kept eating his hole and then I felt hands.  I wandered if his buddy was back and my legs were lifted, and I heard muscle man say keep eating my hole you little whore.  I felt a bigger dick at my hole, and he slide slowly in stretching me as I ate that man’s hole.  My muscle man pressed his ass down on my tongue and moaned and told me I was he new ass eater for the week. The big cock fucked me for what seemed like forever and then he grunted as he shot inside me and stayed inside me.  My muscle god said good boy, tongue my hole I am about to fuck you.  The guy inside me gently pulled out and my muscle god lifted and told me to open my mouth and I thought he was going to slide his dick inside again but the guy who had just fucked me slide his dick in as I stated my ass and cum as his dick went down my throat still rock hard.

It was all happening so fast and he was so forceful it was hot as fuck, but I knew I should not be doing this, but it was too late.  I could not say a word and I had a huge dick down my throat and muscle man pressed his thick dick at my ass lips and pressed all the way in fast and it hurt like fuck and I groaned but with the dick down my throat you could not hear much.  The guy down my throat liked it and told muscle man to do it again and he pulled all the way out and let my hole close and then shoved it back in harder than before.  Fuck that hurts and I grunted on the guys dick again and muscle guy did it four more times and then fucked like a piston and shot his load in me.   I knew after the guy with his dick in my throat that none of them used condoms and I had just taken three loads.  The guy in my throat fucked my face for a minute and shot another load down my throat and then pulled out and left me and muscle god with his dick still inside me. 

Here I was with a load down my throat and three in my ass and this hot guy inside me still, blindfolded not knowing what was next.  He spoke and said, you are a better whore than I expected you to be.  I will be back at midnight, be ready to eat my hole.  Door open be right here as I first found you and with your blindfold on, I am going pull out of your ass and you are going to clean off my dick. I will get ready and leave but you are to stay put and leave the fucking blindfold on until I leave.  Do you understand?

I could not say a word and then he hit with his fist on my chest and said you understand whore.  I said, yes Sir, I understand.  With that he pulled out and fed me his cock and spit on my chest and got dressed and left. I got up and looked at the clock, shit I never cancelled the guys.



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Part 3

I still had so much cum inside me I went to the bathroom and hopped in the shower and as I was cleaning some cum dropped to the shower floor, I got out and dried off and then found a new jock strap, it was one I got as a gift as the others were not clean. It was purple and read slut for dick.  Maybe they would not notice writing on the band or the front.  I had no idea what they were going to do with me, but I was horny again for some reason. I have never been this sexed before in my life, I think I like it I thought to myself as I got everything around and cleaned up a little.  I rushed back to the computer and looked for an email from my buddy.  I could not find one but opened another that said read “No dick tonight” at the header.  I opened it and it read, the wives are getting pissed and we can not come tonight.  Be ready the same time tomorrow.  I was disappointed, here I was sitting there upset they were not coming when I wanted to cancel them all day.  I thought now what.  I went back to the emails.  There was another from that hot Poz guy, he emailed and said he just wanted to jack off with me make out if I was comfortable and play with my hot hole.  He would bring some lube and a vibrator and a couple other toys. 

I loved his hot body and those tatted sleeves, and I emailed him back and said yea I would be up for that.  When are you thinking?  He emailed straight away and said tonight?  Sure, your place or mine?  He said he was already on the road and it would be better at my place. I sent him the address and I watched him to open the email and then he responded, be there in five minutes.  You are close.  I panicked a bit but there is noting to worry about.  I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and a few minutes later there was a knock at the door.  I opened it and Fuck; I had no idea how hot he really was.  He had the most beautiful face, with some scuff and deep blue eyes.  I stammered and tried to invite him in and finally got out nice to finally meet you and come in.  He did and he headed to the sofa and sat down after dropping his bag. 

He smiled at me and told me come sit with him and I walked over and sat next to this hot fucking man and he leaned in and kissed me.  He started off soft and then grabbed my head and tongued my mouth and broke off after a few minutes and I was dizzy and my hear was pounding.  This guy can kiss, he said now I want to see that sweet ass of yours, stand up and drop your shorts and show me that little butt of yours.  I hesitated and he leaned in and kissed me again, then he said I will keep my clothes on you do not need to worry.  I hot up and stood in front of him and slide down my pants and showed him my ass in that purple jock.  Fuck, I forgot I hat that on, he just said there is that beautiful ass. He reached out and grabbed my ass checks one in each hand as he spread my checks and exposed my fuck hole. 

I knew you had a beautiful fucking hole boy; he leaned in and licked my hole, and I made my entire body shake and then he stuck his tongue in my hole.  I moaned and shook some more and then he pulled off and said get on the sofa and show me your ass boy.  I did and he dove back in and tongue fucked my hole and make me moan like a bitch.  After ten minutes I was so fucking horny, and he told me to lay on the sofa on my back and I did. I watched as he undressed and exposed that beautiful huge thick dick of his. Still okay jacking my dick, I quickly said yes.  He came over and put is dick right above my head and I started to jack him as he pulled my legs up and went back to eating my hole.  I jacked his big dick and could not help but lick the base of his thick cock and eventually I licked his balls as he moves forward, he just kept eating my hole and he soon had his ass at my mouth, and I licked his hole, and he pressed his ass back so I could eat his hole.  I tongued him and at it, then he finally broke free and said eat my hole boy as he moaned and spread his checks for me.  He repositioned himself and he went back to eating my hole and it was harder to tongue him, but he moved his dick back further then when he stated.  I licked the shaft and he move it further and now the head was right above my mouth.  I could see he was leaking precum. 

I did not want to suck his poz cum, but I did really want to suck his dick.  I gave in and just licked the head of his thick cock.  It tasted amazing, weird as it was.  I had gone to far I thought and then another drops of cum beaded up on his slit and I licked it off again.  I licked and gave his head a tongue bath and he pressed his dick down and I opened my mouth and swallowed what I could of that beautiful dick.  He let me suck him for five minutes and then said time for a new position.   I got up and told me to sit up and then he sat next to me and leaned in and kissed me.  When he broke, he went to his bag and got out a little vibrator.  It was round and seemed to have a flange on the end and he lubed up it up and told me to lift my legs and he lend lubed my hole and the vibrator and worked it inside me and turned it on.  I immediately started to moan as he rubbed my chest and stomach.  Then he leaned in and kissed me, I melted as my hole spasmed and he make me want more of him.  I knew we could not fuck but I was really getting tempted.  This went on for five minutes he then turned off the vibrator and worked it out of my hole and told me to keep my legs lifted and he began to finger and play with my hole.  I moan as he kissed as he pulled his fingers out and jacked his dick and then put them back inside me and this went on for four or five minutes.  I did not realize that he was jacking his dick right over my hole and putting all the precum on my hole and sliding his fingers inside me. 

I could only focus on this man kissing me, he felt so amazing.  He pressed his dick head at my hole.  I could feel it, he nestled the head between my ass lips and let his cock leak inside me.  I tried not to move, if I did, he may slip inside me.  I should have realized he was pre-lubing my ass and he knew all along he was going to fuck me and dump his load inside me, but I still thought we were playing by the rules.  He broke off the kiss and moved to kissing and sucking on my neck and I took a deep break, and my hole opened a bit and his head snugged inside me.  The tip was slightly inside, and I knew I should tell him to stop and he pressed a bit, and his head slide halfway inside me, fuck I knew I should aske him to pull out, but I pulled him a little bit forward because it was supper uncomfortable and he pressed his dick an inch inside me.  His head was all the way inside me now.

He senses I was tightening up and before I could aske him to pull out, he kissed me on the lips and made out with me as he pressed his big dick further inside me.  I moaned in his mouth as he slow fucked me with tiny movements and pressed even deep inside me.  I put my hands on his chest and pressed to give him the message to pull out, but he pressed it all the way inside me and fuck I felt so full.  It was amazing and my hand relaxed on his chest and he started to slowly fuck me as he continued to kiss me.  He broke off after ten minutes and grunted in my ear, I knew he had just cum inside me. 

I felt totally defeated, I knew better but for some reason my dick was rock hard.  He grabbed me with his dick still inside me and lifted me up and repositioned me, so he was behind me on the sofa holding me with his dick still inside me. Fuck that is one hot pussy he said.  I knew I should pull off him and try to get his cum out of me, but he just held me and rubbed my chest and stomach with his hands.  I was laying there with a huge poz dick inside me and it was rock hard, he would flex it ever occasionally, so I knew he was still hard and telling myself this was totally fucked up, but I was paralyzed.  I loved that big dick so much and he felt so good.  I had not had anyone kiss me like that in forever and touch me like he loved me. 

He started to slowly pump his dick and after a few minutes he was fucking me, and I just moaned as he whispered that he loved my ass and ten minutes later he shot another load inside me.  He held me tight and told me he loved my hole so much; your cunt keeps sucking my dick like you never want me to leave boy.  I thought about that and I have always wanted a big dick guy like him to be my boy friend so maybe I am trying to keep his dick inside me, probably just an involuntary response to his hot dick.  He stroked me more and asked if he could spend the night, my head said no but out came Yes, I would love that.

He told me to gently pull off his dick until your hole closes around my head boy, I pulled off as he held my hips and my hole closed slowly as his head popped out of my hole and then we both got up and wen to my bedroom.  He told me to get up on the bed on all four with my face in a pillow and he would be right back.  He went and grabbed his bag and brought it in.  I heard a canister open and then it felt old and wet on my hole.  I tenses up but he started kissing my ass check as he fingered my hole and I moaned.  He slides one and then two inside me, my ass pushed back on his fingers and he whispered, I knew you loved ass play boy, I wondered how but did not care how he knew.  He grabbed some poppers and slide them to me, and I uncapped them and hit the poppers and soon he had three and then four fingers inside me.  I started panting and moaning and then I heard him spray something and he passed me a rage and told me to put it in my mouth and breath and I did and nearly blacked out. I later found out it was impact and while I was coming in and out, he twisted and pressed his fist inside me.

I moaned and squealed as he fisted my hole and after ten minutes, I shot a load in my jock and he pulled out and shoved his dick inside me and fucked me for a couple more minutes and shot his load in me.  He told me it was time to sleep as he cleaned up my ass with a towel and washed his hands. He came back to bed and held me and whispered in my ear he wanted me to be his boy.  I whispered back I would love that.  When I woke up around four in the morning, I knew this was a mistake, what the fuck had I done is I could think and knew I needed to get his cum out of me. He felt me move and grabbed me and held me then I felt his fingers at my hole, and he started fingering me again.  He grabbed lube and lubed up my hole and then slide his rock-hard dick inside me.  I moaned and pressed back on it.  He fucked me for fifteen minutes and shot yet another load inside me.  He kissed my neck and told me that he had to go but he would be back at midnight and he wanted to find me on the bed the say way.  I knew I had company coming the straight guys, but I told him I would as he got his back and left.  I got up after he left and got on the computer to find out if I could take something for exposure to HIV. PeP, that is what nurses and doctors take.  I sent off an email to an online doctor to see if I could get a prescription and then went to read my other emails. 



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Part 4.

I started reading my other emails while I was waiting, I opened a few emails from unattractive guys, two fat guys and one homely older guy.  Then I opened an email from a young lean guy with a sleave, it looked a lot like Jonny’s sleave and the email read, great ass, are you into ass play?  Love to see that hole wrapped around my sleeve.  Fuck, I emailed him back and told him I was new to it but loved my ass played with.  Read his profile and it had nothing in his status but if all he was doing was playing with my ass that was safe.  His stats were 6’ 170 9.5 uncut multiple tats are all he posted.  His pics were hot as fuck and I went on to the other emails.   

The next email was from a guy said he was straight and just needed to get off, he wanted to find me on my knees and blindfolded. He would walk in and feed me his cock and then have me turn around and give up my ass for him to breed.  His stats were 34 6’2 200 nice 8” dick thick uncut and hairy chest and abs all muscled and defined.  I emailed him back and told him I was into it.  He was online and responded, dude looking for a regular.  Wife is pregnant and I am not getting any, you must be clean and have a good mouth and ass.  I emailed I was clean, even though I had just taken a poz load or four and that I had a great mouth and ass.  He emailed that he was free on the way to work wanted to know what part of town I was in.  It turned out after emailing him back and forth he was about 20 min from me, and he would swing by at 8 Am to have me service him.  I decided to call off work as I wanted to be free to get the pharmacy once my script came in and this hot straight needed me right now. 

I kept reading and the next two emails were duds and then a hot Latino, Puerto Rican with 10” holy fuck this guy was hot, that dark skin and big balls on him and that amazing uncut dick.  I emailed him without looking at his status and we bounced emails back and forth and made plans for 10 AM.  I seriously had never been this popular and could not believe the hot guys I was getting.  I looked at the clock and thought I should shower and clean out before the straight guy got here and I showered up and had some oatmeal and a protein drink and got my blindfold and the cleanest jock which was one I had worn to the gym and set it out with some poppers so I would be ready.  The guy emailed that he was on the way and I told him to knock, wait five second and head in and I would be on my knees waiting for him blindfolded.  His email back just read - perfect.  

I read a few more emails and there was young bi guy who said he was coming to town and would have a hotel room and needed service.  He was blonde 26 6’3 180 8.5 thick cut, I emailed him back that I was interested and needed details and the second one I was able to read and answer before I heard a knock was from a ginger, 33 5’11 220 muscled with a beer can thick 7.5 and nearly that thick around so fucking hot!  He said he was looking for a no strings cum dump for multiple weekly breeding’s.  I emailed him that I was interested a thought occurred to me as I started to put my blindfold on, I answered the last emails without thinking about their status as I rested on my knees, I knew I needed to look at that when straight guy leaves. 

The knock and he did not wait five seconds, so I was glad I had my blindfold close and I was on my knees already.  In he walks and right up to me and pulled his shorts down, not that I could see but his dick flopped out and hit my face.  Open your mouth fag, there is something about a hot straight guy calling me a fag before using me to get off that turns me on in the worst way.  I opened my mouth and he slide his hardening cock in, and I sucked his dick as it grew in my mouth and he leaked prescum, it tasted so good.  I went to put my hands on his thighs, and he fag take your hands off me.  I pulled off and he grabbed my head and fucked my throat making me gag on his thick dick. 

He shoved his dick in the back of my throat and held me forcefully on his dick so I could not bread, and I gagged and tried to pull off and then he gently pulled his dick out and I gasped for air. He then turned around and shoved his ass in my face while he pulled apart his cheeks and told me to eat his ass.  I tongued his musky hole and liked it. I grabbed his ass checks and pulled his ass apart and he did not mark at me but instead moaned as I tongue fucked hi hole.  He had me lick and tongue him for five minutes or so and then told me to open my mouth and slide his rock-hard dick in me and fucked my mouth again for a couple minutes having me gag again and get his dick all slobbery before pulled out and coming to my back side and pushing me forward to expose my ass and slide in me and fucked me for ten minutes and showing his load in me with a huge grunt. 

He pulled out and made me suck his cock clean and then left without saying a word. I fucking loved it, I hoped he would want more of my mouth and ass soon.  I went back to the compute in hopes of checking out the guys and status of the one I emailed but there was an email from the first guy who wanted to play with my ass.  He told me he was free today before work or after work either at 10 Am or 10 PM.  I know I had company tonight, so I emailed him and gave him my address and told him I was free at 10 AM which was an hour from now.  He gave me awfully specific instructions; I was told to be on the bed ass up face in a pillow and blindfolded.  My hole was to be free of lube, have poppers for myself. I was not to talk unless spoken to and I could not ask any questions just answer them.   I agreed and he said he was on his way; fuck he must live some distance away a way.  What I did not know is he was not coming alone.  He picked up two of his buddies and sent a third the address to come over.  I cleaned up and picked up but could not bring myself to clean out the straight guy’s load.  I looked the clock, and it was almost 10 so I rushed to the bedroom and got in place.  Just as instructed ass up, lube in my jock with my face in a pillow and blindfold with popper ready. 

I heard the door, and it took a while to close and finally did, then after a long delay I felt the guys hands on my ass feeling my ass and hole and then his tongue on my hole and he ate my hole for a couple minutes. Then he pulled off and I felt a smack on my ass.  I yelped and wanted to tell him to stop but he did it again and I yelped even louder.  Then I felt someone get on the bed and lift my head and I opened my mouth and swallowed his big dick.  His dick was huge he guided my head down on his dick and it lodged in the back of my throat. 

I felt hands on my ass and knew we were not alone and tried to pull up, but my assaulter held me tight and slow fucked my throat.  I relaxed because I was not going anywhere and the guy at my ass pushed my legs forward and spread my ass as he tongue fucked me.  His tongue was so strong, it feels like a dick for sure.  Once I have in my assaulter let me up to breath and I tried to catch my breath and he feed me poppers as I moaned and let my ass relax.  Then he shoved my head back down and let the guy eat my hole.  I knew he was tasting that straight guys cum, but it felt so amazing and he did not seem to mind and did not say a word.  This wen ton for twenty minutes and then the guy pulled off and lubed his dick and slide into my wet slobbery hole and fucked me till he shot inside me and fuck that is one hot pussy and pulled out.  The guy sounded older, that is all I could tell other then he loved to eat ass and had a big dick.  I thought my assaulter would fuck me and he let me up and as he got off the bed, he said cunt do not fucking move and then he smacked my ass three more times and I yelp since there were much harder.  I loved and hated it; my dick was getting hard from his forcefulness, but I was not sure I wanted him to hit me more.  I felt fingers at my hole and then a thick dick, it was not as long as most must have been seven or seven and a half, but he began to fuck me, and it did not take him that long and he shot his load inside me.  He pulled out and I got three more smacks on my ass.  Then I heard the front door opened and the guys left. I later found out they took an uber home and they were guys he owed money to and he traded my ass for what he owed them. 

The guy who just came in laid beside me and they both helped me straddle him as my assaulter lubed up his dick and guided it to my hole.  Fuck this guy was fat dicked, I slowly guided down on it as he stretched me, and the guy started to fuck me. He would pound my ass for a minute or two and then give my hole time to adjust as poppers were applied and then back at piston fucking me.  He beat my hole with his thick dick as cum churned inside me and lathered up my hole and his dick and then my assaulter gave me popper again but made me inhale four on each side and then put them down as the fucking began and him get on the bed.  He slipped a ball gag in my mouth and then I felt the most painful pains at my ass and he slowly stretched my hole with his thick dick right beside the guy I was no laying on screaming into the ball gag. 

It took what seemed like forever for him to get all the way in and then they both fucked my hole together and the guy I was laying on shot what had to be ten minutes of them both deep fucking me and then my assaulter unloaded.  They pulled out and the guy beneath me rolled out and took the ball gag out and feed me his cock to clean off and my assaulter began to lube up my ass which was sore after being stretched to the max by those big dicks. He slides three fingers inside and I heard him say fuck that is one hot hole.  He slides four into his palm and twisted them around.  He worked me for three to four minutes and then retracted his thumb a big and pressed and twisted and his fist popped inside me.  Then he said, see I told you your hole would look great wrapped around my sleeve.  

He proceeded to fist my hole with his right hand and then his left which was slightly bigger or at least felt bigger back and four while I sucked the other top. My assaulter said something, I did not hear it and the guy I was sucking put poppers at  my nose and made me inhale as my assaulter slide his big dick in with his right hand and jacked off his dick inside me and show his load in me and then pulled his dick out and then his fist and went to the rest room to wash up and the guy using my mouth fucked it till he shot his load down my throat I an gagged on it but swallowed most of his cum.

My assaulter was back and slapped my ass hard and said, good fucking whore.  I will email you when I can use you again.  They both dressed and left, and I collapsed on the bed and feel asleep with the blindfold still on. 

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    • By BBttmpozchaser
      Hello fellow pigs. I am going to be traveling to Orlando for business this ups coming week! I am hoping to find a good gay sex toy store to purchase a small cock cage to lock myself in for the week. Any good recommendations??? Once locked I will be taking loads. I will go to club Orlando and would Lo like to find more groups. Please reach out thank you! 
    • By budapest
      I met Jack, we shook hands and he gives me a light hug and welcomes. We chatted for several minutes and I quickly became at ease. Jack was very good at getting me to loosen up and relax, Eventually he began to explain how things worked.
      "Just like the massage you might get at day spa, you take off your clothes, lay face down on the table, and you can put a towel over you if you wish to hide your modesty. It's completely optional here. I'm usually undressed as well unless that makes you uncomfortable, and I'll start with a nice soothing massage of your legs and feet. I'll then move up to your back. After we are done with your back side, you will roll over and we will do your front. It's very similar, but hopefully a little more erotic and sensual.”
      By the way, it's completely OK if you get aroused. I know most men fear this the most and end up being tense the whole time. For an erotic massage, it's natural that you may get aroused. Just don't worry about it at all. You are supposed to feel that way.
      I am now starting to get excited but still apprehensive. I take my clothes off and lay face down naked. I look up and see he has stripped down to his underwear.
      He starts with a pretty deep massage on my back and neck using just a little bit of sweet smelling oil. He finds some knots quickly and I start to moan, as it is great and I really start to relax. He then moves to my head and he leans in a bit and blows in my ear, which sends a shiver down my body.
      He then moves on to my legs and feet, which relaxes me and gets my dick to relax from its semi-hard state. Eventually he starts to work up my thighs to my inner thighs
      "Is it all right if I remove your towel," Jack said. I thought for second, and then said, "Sure." Jack must have already seen my cock and balls with my legs spread, so what difference did it make?" I thought and as his hand starts to gently brush my balls, as if by accident, which starts the engorgement of my penis all over again. He then starts working my buttocks and occasionally starts lightly stroking my ass hole which gets me fully hard. He takes his time on my ass, and I notice he is starting to lean into me on the table and his penis is clearly semi hard as well, 
      He stops for a moment and I hear the sound of him lowering and tossing his underwear to the side.
      When he begins to work again I discover he is now working almost exclusively on my ass hole. Suddenly he leans over the table more and I feel this amazing feeling in my ass opening and realise he is rolling his tongue around my ass hole like he was eating an ice cream cone on a hot day. I didn't think it was possible but I getting even harder and more sexually excited and I start to moan and groan all at once. I lose my grip in my concentration, my whole world, seems to be centred on the amazing sensations pulsing from his tongue in my ass throughout the rest of my body!
      After what seemed like an eternity, but was really probably only a few minutes, he pulls his mouth away and I feel a cool gel being applied to and also a little bit inside my hole. I then feel him start to push a finger in, slowly at first, and then a little faster and deeper.
      As I am a complete novice at this being a straight guy, I start to panic a bit, but then my pure lust takes over and I again start to moan like a cheap whore trying to excite a client. "I find myself begging him and he complies, but slowly and methodically. Oh my god, please do more. I really love that! Please do more" I practically yell at him, and he just giggles to himself and says, "don't worry lover, we will get there". OMG, I sound like a chick, and well I guess it's kind of like that.
      He slows his actions down a bit and returns to rubbing my arse cheeks, lower back and upper thighs, and I relax a bit, but remain really confused and still so excited.
      My thoughts were interrupted by the feeling of a warm gel going on and into my hole again. I was so excited that I had no hesitation although having someone's tongue and finger up there was as far as I had ever now gone. Then I felt something being inserted and I gasped as I realized he was putting.....
      "Just relax your muscles, Dan.... ungh," Jack advised as he adjusted his position on top of me.
       "Let my cock stretch your ass. It'll get used to my dick in a minute or two."
      "And...ohgawd... and then you'll pull it out?" I asked hopefully and in a hesitant state. 
      "Well... mmm... then we'll really get to business." Replied Jack
      "What does that mean?" I reply
      "That means we're going to have some real fun!"
      "Are you... going to fuck me?"
      "Just relax."
      "I... I told you I'm not..."
      "Dan, take it easy and enjoy my Cock. I told you I'm not gay either. This is just healthy sexual fun okay?"
      "Okay I... ungh... I guess." I tried to remain calm under the circumstances.
      "UMPH!" Jack slammed his pelvis into my ass hard. His dick rammed all the way into my warm wet hole with a loud thud.
      "UNGH!" I felt the cock invade my insides again. The full length had just been pulled out and now it was back with a vengeance. "Jack, I think you might be too... UNGH!" Again the cock plundered my ass.
      "Oh SHUHweeeeeeet Gggod!" Jack exclaimed as he pulled his hips back, readying for another plunge into my straight ass.
      "Jack... huff... please just... UNGH!" Again the dick ploughed into me. Jack was actually long-dicking me.
      "Please, Jack!"
      "Oh, Jack!"
      "I... huff... UNGH!"My eyes bulged almost out of their sockets with each powerful thrust. I found my body instinctively humping my pelvis back into Jack. Was I actually fucking back? There's no way my mind screamed inside!
      "Oh... yeah, Dan, that's it. Fuck back at me baby!" Jack was astonished at the speed he was turning me out. All he could think was this guy must be a real horny to turn out so quickly.
      "Oh Fuck!" I thought out loud. It wasn't my imagination, I was actually humping back. But it was okay. All I had to do was relax like Jack said.
      I tried to remain calm and tell myself everything was cool. I then felt him picking up the pace, Jacks balls smacking into my ass with loud WHACKS! Thrust after thrust. He continued to grunt and hump,
      "OOF!" huffed Jack.
      "UNGH!" I grunted.
      "OOF... this is fun isn't it, Dan." said Jack
      "UNGH... yeah... I..."
      "UNGH... I didn't think I'd like..."
      "UNGH... sex with a man, but this feels strangely nice!"
      I had no idea what I was exposing myself to, By allowing Jack to have his way with me, I was opening doors to a sexual bliss only known by gay and bisexual men. For a horny, straight male, this may certainly become an addiction. I may not be able to control the urge or the want to be filled by cock. But I would be in denial for a long time to come, as I undoubtedly would try to suppress my desires. At that moment though, I was letting myself go. 
      "UNGH... Jack, I'm not..."
      "UNGH... I'm not GAYooooooh!" my mouth formed a perfect "O" shape as Jack's dick hit my sweet spot in my ass. It was my prostate finally reacting to the ass pounding. My eyes crossed and my eye lids fluttered as the intense pleasure rippled through my body. Jack paused for a moment, leaving his thick dick on the special spot inside me.
      He reached behind me to support my back. He lifted me off the massage table and laid himself onto his own back, this time with me positioned on top. In doing so he exposed what I feared most.
      All the while, Jack kept his massive cock lodged in my ass. This guy could fuck!
      I felt like a meat skewer as Jack spun me around on his cock. When I was finally in place, I came into eye contact with with my own 7" cock which was raging hard. It stood proudly in the air, all stiff and precum oozing out of the tip.
      I had never felt my cock this hard. It was so hard it was almost painful. Then I felt Jack begin to buck his hips. Up and down, slowly at first but soon picking up his pace. I almost lost balance but reached down to steady myself by placing my hands on Jack’s chest. I found myself gyrating my hips, grinding my ass onto Jack's dick. I was stroking the length of his cock with my ass. Up and down. Up and down. We picked up our rhythm, again causing the massage table to rock and creak.
      My mind was still racing and the sensible part was screaming out... “He is turning you out!” That means turning me... turning me gay? That's what was happening here. Jack was going to fuck me gay. But was that possible? It sure looked like it. But if I turned gay, what about my girlfriend or even future girl relationships.... The part of my mind screaming slowly was being lost turned into gibberish in the sexual haze. As I fucked up and down on the thick meaty cock. I fucked so hard that my own cock slapped violently against Jack’s belly. Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap! Precum spattered all over Jack from my leaking cock.
      Jack was in sexual heaven. He was lying on his back, turning me out as I was riding his massive cock. How could Jack ask for anything more?
      I slammed my ass down hard with loud whumps. WHUMP! WHUMP! WHUMP! I rocked up and down, pleasuring Jack's dick with my ass. WHUMP! And then I could feel it. WHUMP! my own cock was about to explode. But how? WHUMP! I hadn't even touched it. It was then that I realized the moment Jack's tongue had entered my ass, I had lost control of my body. WHUMP! Faster and faster. My dick continued flopping around wildly, slapping his belly. SLAP! WHUMP! SLAP! WHUMP! SLAP! WHUMP!
      As I rode, I felt my balls filling. And then it happened. My cock began spewing cum all over the place as it flopped around. It spattered onto Jack, the floor, and a direct hit sprayed onto my chest..... I screamed out loud as my cock lost all control spewing my seed.
      "Oh, Dan," Jack called out uncontrollably. "I'm going to blow my seed!"
      "Oh, Jack!" as I looked back over my shoulder as I saw he was ramming hard into my ass one last time.
      WHAM! He gave this last thrust every last of his energy he had. His massive dick reaching its hilt as it spewed into my ass and knocking me forward. My body rolled forward and with that Jack’s cock sprung out of my ass with a loud popping sound as cum continued jetting out. The heavy smell of man sex filled the room.
      Jack’s 8 inch cock was still hard and spasmed as cum continued to dribble out of the tip, as he gazed upon my body and my leaking hole. What a hot fucking mess, as Jack gazed at my ass spread out before him. Jack climbed off of the massage table and put on his shorts, his cock tenting the crotch as he tried to tuck it in.
      I watched as Jack was walking away to the kitchen to get some water, as I tried pulling myself up and begun pulling up my shorts. Cum dripped down my thigh as I tried to make sense of what had just happened. My ass now felt so empty... and I felt horny. But I had just been fucked by a man and I just needed to just get away.
      I was straight right? The sexual haze begun to lift and I just wanted to hide under a rock. I quickly got the rest of my clothes on and headed out the door.... Jack called out that it was only sex and “I shall be seeing you very soon again”
      I would never, ever, be the same again.....
    • By LooseHoleLoverr
      I responded to a m4m CL ad about pnp and wanted to try it. The guy was a hand some guy about 6ft 180lbs. He was masculine looking but slightly feminine acting. I arrived at motel 6 and pitched in for the stuff and he crushed it up. 
      We snorted it and the instant it hit me I felt the insatiable urge to do ridiculously raunchy gay things. I told him I wanted to eat his ass and I had my tongue so deep in his ass that clearly had been penetrated by cocks recently. The taste of cum in his asshole while spun was so intense, and I told him that we need to find as many guys as possible to cum in our asses. I couldn’t get hard at all, but after doing ass to mouth with a guy from Grindr and eating his cum out of this sloppy asshole, I got hard. I then penetrated him and he expressed how much he loves being a cumdump faggot.   More and more random guys showed up and I instantly pulled their cocks out. 
      I loved when the door opened bc people in the parking lot could get a glimpse into the room full of guys fucking two spun faggots before switching turns. I love love love how I feel when I bend over and let men that I don’t know penetrate me. I always knew that I’m destined to have multiple dicks inside my asshole, but this feeling while spun was so intense. Guys were turned on by how desperate I was to drink cum from his ass, and I git so caught up that doing ass to mouth with an asshole full of 15 plus loads that I didn’t even see or greet two guys that came in my ass. That was an amazing feeling and I hope that soon in 2021 I find myself in a cheap motel with hung hung uncut cocks so I can show people what it’s like for me when I have a cock inside my ass that’s covered in other peoples cum. 
      if you’re in Dallas, tx and interested in getting together in a low budget motel to pnp and have gay bareback group sex, give me a shout. I’d also love to start making schedules so people know at those designated times so they can swing by and cum in my ass. I’d also like to start filming my sessions and focusing heavily on how good it feels when a cock first pushes inside and ass snd feels multiple different peoples cum. Ass to mouth is so much better when multiple loads have been dumped!
    • By suitslave
      Shawn Mendes was a world-renowned singer and jock heart throb. He got requests from men and women to sleep with them everyday, but he typically turned them down. It was not smart for celebs to go around getting sexed up with everyone who offered.
      One thing that everyone threw into question was Shawn's sexuality, everyone thought he was gay. This rumor was dispelled by Shawn and his managers on multiple occasions, but Shawn knew that at night, once everyone had gone fo bed, he would pull out his phone and jerk to gay porn. He always thought that one day he would finally fuck a guy, but everyone his age was such a douche and all the old men were creepy and gross. That all changed one night after a concert.
      Shawn was approached by an older man, atleast 60, after one of his concerts. He had bought a VIP ticket, which was a bit strange but Shawn had seen a lot of strange things on tour.
      "Hey, that was a great concert," the man said. "I'm John.'
      "Hey thanks, John!" Shawn said.
      "I'd really like to get to speak with you more about your music. I work for a major record label and am out scouting some of the world's best talent.
      That was strange, Shawn thought. He's already famous. "Hey thanks man! I think I'm stuck in my contract right now but maybe a few years in the future," Shawn replied. 
      "Ah I understand. You're a very handsome boy, hope to see you again sometime," John said as he shook Shawn's hand. 
      Shawn was unexpectedly pulled in for a quick peck on the cheek. "See you...later," Shawn said kind of embarassed. Glad that's over, he thought.
      After Shawn's show a week later, he was approached by John later. Fuck not this creeper again, Shawn thought.
      "Hey," John said.
      "Hey John," Shawn said.
      "You know that mention of your contract, that wasn't a request. I talked to your manager this evening. I'll be taking over your tour starting tonight."
      Shawn went slack jawed while he shook John's hand and all of a sudden was pulled in again, but this time on the lips. 
      "I'm sure you'll find that I will make you a very special boy," John said while giving Shawn a very sheepish smile and walking off. That was weird, Shawn thought.
      The next morning Shawn had to begin answering to John, his new manager. His schedule changed a lot. There were many more early mornings and random tasks being assigned. Why on earth was Shawn doing John's laundry?! He thought.
      John entered the room, "Hey Shawn, I've been thinking."
      "Well, I need you to refer to me as sir, but that's besides the point. I want you to have a choice in who is your manager since you seemed somewhat taken aback by it when I gave you the news."
      "What do you mean?" Shawn asked.
      "I mean I will present what your contract implies and you will decide at the end of the week whether or not our partnership is good."
      "I guess I don't have much of a choice, do I?" Shawn asked.
      "Well, no," John said. "But I do value input." At that point, John put his hands in his pockets just wide enough to stretch his lapel and open shirt revealing a small tattoo on his chest that Shawn couldn't make out to see what it was. "Now, I can tell you are quite uncomfortable. Is that because I kissed you?" John asked as he zeroed in on Shawn, getting closer.
      Shawn was speechless.
      "I'm guessing that is a yes," John said. "You see, part of the contract that your old manager signed you off to me in included being my lover, taking care of me, and becoming part of my family. I know it may be shock, but experiments in the music industry have really been working out in the long run for a lot of young singers."
      Shawn was speechless.
      "You don't have to say anything," John said as he took Shawns hand, cupped his chin (John stood a good 2" over Shawn), and began kissing him. "Your assistants have already begun moving your stuff into my house and my trailer. Should be ready to move in tomorrow night."
      Shawn was still speechless, he has gone a bit slack jawed. 
      "If you don't have any questions about your contract, you may leave. You have some packing to do and the Music Awards tonight," John said.
      With that Shawn turned and left. Fuck, why was he not able to say anything? And with as fast as he wanted to get out of there, why was he walking so slow? He'll just sleep this off, he thought as he went to take a nap. But instead of napping, Shawn found himself looking at porn on his phone, not just any porn, daddy porn. And as soon as he came all over his abs, he heard himself moan: "John."
      Shawn awoke from a nightmare just in time to get ready. He had been leaving the Music Awards and couldn't find his way home. Instead he found himself staring at a bunch of old men, all staring at him wearing a very tight plaid suit as if he would walk through the space they parted for him. He shook his head thinking, this knew manager is just a bit weird. Changes like this happen to young stars all the time in Hollywood. He'll have a new manager soon enough, right?
      Shawn got up and got ready for the Music Awards tonight. He was surprisingly excited to spend some time with the rest of the team all dressed up. Shawn's stylist had picked a new suit for him to wear on the red carpet. When she took it out of the bag he saw that it was plaid....wait, fuck, plaid just like in my dream, he thought. He shook his head, it's nothing, I probably remember seeing her show me pics of it at one point.
      At the show, something was off. Shawn was not saying much, was very passive on the red carpet, and found himself being nervous for tonight. He didn't crack many smiles for the camera unless the cameramen told him too. John had also prepared a couple things for him to say about his music if anyone asked. He was doing very well, very... obedient.
      After the red carpet was over, Shawn's manager pulled him aside and told him that there was a plan for after. He had a special after party to be at that Shawn would join him for, the limo driver will take him right there, and "Don't worry, the will be a camera man following you around with a small teleprompter. We're working on getting a new tour video up so just follow along." Shawn was speechless after John walked off.
      After the awards show, Shawn went down to the street and got into the limo. Fuck, he thought, why am I do nervous over an after party? he thought. The limo soon stopped, Shawn got out of the car, buttoned the jacket of his tight suit, and heard the driver say John told him to tell Shawn to go upstairs. 
      Shawn expected a mass of fans outside snapping pictures. This wasn't the case. He was standing in front of a large building that looked otherwise abandoned. Not wanting to be the superstar known for breaking a contract, he timidly went upstairs. It was dark and the floorboards creeked. What the fuck is this, Shawn thought. Then he could hear something the higher he went. Lots of men talking. Ok that sounds like a party, Shawn thought and walked slightly faster. Then at the top of the stairs Shawn saw it and his heart sank.
      Shawn was speechless and went slackjaw as he found himself looking at the same crowd of men he saw in his dream. All the voices stopped and faces turned towards him, parting the sea and revealing a sling (he had only seen in porn) and John standing in the middle. He sported his slightly overweight and wrinkly naked body and Shawn finally saw the tattoo on his chest. He recognized as a biohazard tattoo. 
      The cameraman appeared in front of him as the lights turned off behind him and dimmed in the room. He slowly began to walk forward, step by step, closer to his fate. All you could hear was the deep click of Shawn's boots on the floor and the slight rattle off chains. When Shawn got to the front he slowly turned around. His heart was racing, face flush, and stomach full of butterflies. He noticed words come up on the teleprompter and began to read them off.
      "My name in Shawn Mendes, I'm an internationally renowned singer/songwriter, 22 years old, and recently was sold to my new manager, John. Tonight I will officially bind to my contract. I will be fucked by over 50 men over the age of 50, all...HIV positive..." Shawn swallowed and couldn't believe what he was reading. "All of these men are in different stages, several of whom have...late stage AIDS..." Fuck, why couldn't he move. "The video will be released and my new career as a...porn star will begin." FUCK! This is what sleazy John was up to. Shawn was speechless once more and went slackjaw as more lights turned off.
      He slowly unbuttoned his suit jacket and gave his hands up to two men he could no longer see and felt what he thought were small boxing gloves being put on them. Then he felt a gas mask get lowered onto his head and he could no longer see. He was gently picked up and lowered into the sling, a whole was cut in his trousers, the men smirked when they found he wasn't wearing underwear, his feet and hands strapped to the chains, and a long tube attached to the gas mask.
      One man began to feed Shawn a steady stream of poppers through the mask as he felt himself lose control of his body. John stepped up, shoved his massive cock in and came inside him after just a few minutes. Other men all began to step up, Shawn was unable to hear all the words they were yelling, see the men who was fucking, and very soon he couldn't even feel the cocks inside him. All he could do was breathe in more more poppers. Shawn went from being an anal virgin to taking lots of toxic cocks.
      "Yeah charge this slut up!"
      "Give him AIDS!"
      "Oh yeah, let's get him a couple strains and superconvert him!" 
      Man after man ravaged Shawn's hole for the next six hours. Just before Shawn passed out, he felt himself get free of the sling and the gas mask removed. He stumbled when he stood up but regained his balance quickly. He buttoned his tight suit jacket while the men all cheered for him. He couldn't believe this was happening, but it was. And he strangely found it...arousing. 
      "Come with me," John said.
      Shawn followed to a well lit room across the hall where he was shown to a chair. A tattoo artist was placed on a stool. "Unbutton your jacket and open up that shirt a bit more." Shawn did as he was told and before he realised it, he now had a biohazard tattoo right in the middle of his chest. Fuck, my career is over, he thought. He buttoned his shirt back up, stood up and... Wait ... Was there something inside him? Fuck! They stuffed him with a buttplug to keep all the cum inside me. Shawn's heart sank, but he felt relatively excited. What is wrong with me, he thought.
      "Turn around," John instructed.
      Shawn buttoned his tight jacket and did as he was told. He looked at himself in the mirror and could see the new tattoo through the open shirt he was wearing.
      "All your fans will soon know the truth," John said. With that, he cuffed Shawn's hands behind his back, escorted him out into the daylight wear lots of fans and media were watching, and he was forced into the limo. The media will have tons of questions later.
      The next week, Shawn's concerts were pretty much empty. It didn't matter though, he got a bad case of the flu and had to cancel the rest of his tour. Then his new career began.
      The end.
    • By razman3000
      Hi guys.  This is part 1 of a slowly evolving dirty fantasy that's rolling around my head.  Let me know if you like it and there may be more to follow.
      The Club - Part 1: The First Entry
      Six years.  Six fucking years with that… that ass hole.  I did everything for him.  I was the perfect little show husband, (although he never actually got round to putting the ring on my finger).  I put up with his boring personality and the dwindling sex life.  It wasn't great to begin with but it pretty much completely stopped about nine months ago, the same time he met that fucking seventeen year old twink with whom he’s shacked up.  Bastard.
      As I finished off the vodka sat alone in my crappy studio apartment I decided I had had enough.  Enough of sitting there feeling sorry for myself drinking my way to oblivion for the fifth night that week.  I was twenty eight, had a pretty good body and was so fucking horny.  I was tired of living like a fucking monk, so I put on my jeans that made my ass look great and my sluttiest t-shirt before heading out to the nearest gay club.
      It was a busy Saturday night and I think the bouncer could tell I had already had a fair bit to drink, but I just slipped him a couple of notes and he let me straight in.  The club was hot and sweaty with a million bodies moving in time to the thump thump of the beat.  I squeezed into the middle of the dance floor and let the beat take over me.  I was getting a fair few looks from different hot guys, but I was in the zone until I saw him.  Just for a second, between two other guys, across the room.  He was tall, short black hair, deep green eyes.  Our eyes met.  Just for a fraction of a second, but I was hooked.
      I worked my way through the crowd desperately trying to get to him. He stood there staring at me, staring into me.  I walked up to him.  He was wearing tight black straight leg jeans and a light blue shirt, barely covering his rippling body.
      “Hey can I buy you a drink” I yelled over the pounding beat, gesturing to his nearly empty beer bottle.
      “Do you want to fuck?” he replied.
      “Uh, sorry?”
      “Do. You. Want. To. Fuck?"
      I paused for a second, he was pretty forward, but there was something about him, something I just couldn't resist.  I smiled a nodded to him.  He downed what was left in the bottle before setting it down on the table.  Then he grabbed my arm and dragged me towards the downstairs bathroom.
      The bathroom was filthy. Graffiti all over the walls and the strong smell of stale piss, although the floor was covered in fresh piss. There were three stall, all in use with a queue of about four guys waiting to use them. Just as we walked in the stall at the far end came free.  As the next guy tried to step into it, my guy pushed past him, dragging me in and locking the door.  Before I could say a word he threw me against the wall and rammed his tongue down my throat.  As I put my hands on his muscular body and tried to get a feel.  He grabbed both my arms and pinned them to the wall behind me.  With one hand he held both my arms by my wrists above my head.  With the other hand he reached into my pants and grabbed me dick. He could feel I was already rock hard.  He lifted up my t-shirt and pulled it over my head exposing my smooth chest.  He kissed me all over my chest, and when he had my left nipple in his mouth he bit down hard.
      “Don't make a fucking sound,” he barked.
      He pulled my trousers and underpants down to my ankles and forced me on to my knees. He unbuttoned the top of his jeans and unzipped the fly.  Out fell a fat, thick, juicy, perfect, uncut eight and a half inch dick.  “Well? Get to it,” he commanded.
      I knew exactly what he wanted me to do. I opened my mouth and took his fat cock head into my mouth. Before I could react he grabbed the back of my head and thrust his entire dick in my mouth.  I began choking and tried to pull away.  “Fucking take it, take it all” he grunted.
      I managed to relax my throat and control my breathing. I started sucking on it as he started fucking my throat. As I was kneeling there in a large puddle of piss with his dick being forced down me I felt more alive than I had throughout the last six years combined. I didn't know anything about this guy, not even his name. But already I had his dick deep in my mouth and I was loving it.
      After couple more minutes of fucking my skull he pulled all the way out and I gasped for breath. He pushed his jeans down a little, unbuttoned his shirt and sat on the toilet seat.  “You want it?” he said whilst looking to his rock hard cock covered in my spit.
      I moved over and positioned my ass over his fat dick. Then I noticed a strange tattoo on his chest, just above the nipple on his left peck.  It was the number thirty two inside a circle, which was at the center of a bio hazard symbol. He caught me looking at it.  “Yeah, I’m poz.  You still want this?”
      I hadn't thought about this at all. All I knew was this was the best experience of my life and I didn't want it to stop,so I lowered myself down onto the tip of his cock.  The tip parted my ass and poked inside. It hurt like fuck as my hole had not had any use in a long time so it was super tight.  A sadistic smile crept across his face.  Oh fuck I knew what was coming next but could do anything to stop it.  He grabbed my shoulders and and yanked me all the way down on his cock.  As his dick forced its way inside me I could feel my ass tearing.  As I opened my mouth to let out a yelp of pain, he put his hand over my mouth, muttering “Don't say a fuckin' word.”
      I gritted my teeth and kept my mouth as tightly shut as I could, as he bounced me up and down on his fat dick. Each time it felt like it was going deeper and tearing my ass wider. It fucking hurt like hell but I was loved it.  I was in pure ecstasy.  I started bouncing faster and fasted. I could feel every ridge of his dick in my ass and it felt amazing.  I wanted it harder, faster, deeper.  He started pulling all the way out and forcing himself all the way back in again.  I bit down on my bottom lip to stop me from crying out.  I reached to grab my own dick, which was still rock hard.  He slapped my hand away, snarling “Oh no, bitch. You're just a fucking slut.  You don't get to wank.”
      He forced himself in faster and faster.  Oh fuck, it felt amazing.  His dick started ramming straight into my prostate. It felt like electricity was shooting through my body with every thrust. Just as I was about to explode he pushed me off of his cock, onto my knees where I ended-up kneeling in a puddle of piss.  He grabbed his dick and gave himself a few swift tugs, and then ordered “Fucking open wide.”
      I opened my mouth and after a few quick strokes he fired all over the place.  I managed to catch most of his sweet dirty seed in my mouth, but he came so much it splattered over my face, chest and in my hair.  I swallowed all of his spunk instantly.  “Clean it” he barked as I stared at his dick, covered in split, spunk and blood from my torn ass hole.
      I dutifully sucked it clean, taking every last inch into my mouth. Once I had cleaned his dick he quickly fastened up his shirt before pulling his jeans back up.  “Unlock your phone and give it to me” he ordered.
      I complied. Snap, the  flash went off and I worked out he had taken a picture of me.  Covered in cum and kneeling on a piss soaked floor.  “I sent it to myself, so you have my number” he said tossing my phone back to me “Give me a text sometime.  I think my mates would really like you.”
      And as quick as that he was gone.  I wasn’t poz yet, but I had taken my first step on my journey to joining the club.
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