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I was having just one of those days, we all know those days where it just seems that nothing goes the way you planned but its not a total disaster.  I was having one of those days, but I was lucky it was Friday and figured I would take the weekend to clear my head and next week would be better.  I decided I would go to the gym for a bit to blow off some steam then head back home turn on a movie and call it a night.  I got to the gym, I am a little over 6’5 with an athletic to muscular build and a dusting of hair that got thicker the father down you go.  I wasn’t one that shaved my hair but once in a while I would trim it but right now, I was a year of all natural growth.  I had a good size cock little under 8 inches and 7 inches around so having thick pubes just made it kind of fun when bottoms figured out how bit it really was.

I was in the middle of my workout and spotted a few guys around the gym doing legs or chest most of them in workout gear that showed off their assets.  That’s when I felt that tingle in my crotch, that twitch when you aren’t getting hard, but your cock is demanding you spend some time with it up some nice raw hole.  As soon as that tingle hit, I know that a shower after the gym and a movie at home weren’t in the cards for the night.  I was finishing my workout and I usually shower before I head home, but my cock was having other ideas and after the week I had I figured I would just go with it.  I finished my workout, grabbed my kit from the locker room and just headed home.  It was a nice evening out so I had my windows down some good tunes on and I would get nice nose full of my musk, that’s when the tingle in my crotch turned into a rock-hard cock demanding to be fed.  Before I realized it, I was driving with one hand and massaging my bulge with the other.

I pulled into my garage and decided I would go in take a shower, as I probably had a bit too much “musk” except for the most dedicated of pit pigs.  I did want to keep some of my scent so I decided I would wear my jock from the gym to wherever my cock wanted me to go next.  I was finishing my showered and at the last minute decided to do a good clean of my guts just in case any other parts of me got any ideas.

I had stopped having condom sex some time ago and as an almost exclusive top I knew my chances of catching anything serious was very low.  I had gotten the occasion case of the usually suspects and a trip to the doctor or a clinic and some anti-biotics and I was on my way raw fuck another hungry bottom.  I had however a few years ago gone on PreP, figured it couldn’t hurt and then I could really fuck raw without a second thought.

I was all clean inside and out and took a deep sniff of my jock strap and my already hard cock spit up a nice drop of pre-cum which out of habit I place on my finger and tasted my nectar.  Just a side note about my jock strap, it was the one I had worn to the gym and was still damp from my workout.  It was my favorite jock, a classic with a thick waste band and cotton and spandex pouch.  This jock was a little worn probably getting due to buy a new one, one thing to note…I never wash my jocks and this one was going on 6 months.  I decided this would be the last trip for this jock so I should give it a proper send off and then find some pig who might want it.

I didn’t bother with a shirt, but on some very short shorts, that showed off my ass and my bulge which was made bigger by the big wide and heavy cock ring I had slipped on.  I got into my car and started to drive, there were a good number of bath houses, bars, sex clubs all within a few blocks of each other and I was dressed for any of them.  I decided first I would stop for a drink at the local bar then go from there, my raging hard cock was not happy as it pulsed but I needed a drink and I might find a hungry bottom to breed in the bathroom.  I knew it wasn’t going to be a single cum shot night, I figured I would get the first cum load out of the way then spend the rest of the night parking my cock in some very hungry and hopefully already cum loaded holes.  I am not one of those tops that wants to fuck a tight ass, I have a good size cock and I want to use it hard and deep.  Give me a cum sloppy used hole that I can slide into balls deep instantly and I am there.  Cum is the ideal lube, always slick, looks good when your dick is covered in it, fun to eat out of a cum dumps hole and a joy to see guys lick off my cock.

I pull into the bar and its some even, plenty of guys in leather or just jocks.  I didn’t keep track of what events were happing at the bars, I would just show up when I wanted a drink or two.  When I realized it was jock strap night, my cock twitched again…it seemed to forgive me for stopping for a drink because it knew it was going to get fed.  I went up to the bar and ordered a drink and before I realized it there was a muscular latino stud next to me and were shoulder to shoulder.  There was plenty of room for us not to be this close, but he was obviously interested in something besides just getting a drink.  I looked at this nice slab of fuck beef next to me to see he was only wearing a jock strap and it seemed like there might be some lube in his ass crack.  As I paid the bartender, I ran my hand down his back and over his ass and just slipped my finger into his crack, just to see if my suspicion was true…and it was.

I slipped just a bit of my finger into this hole then took it out and tasted…cum and lube it was, this boy had been loaded and lubed and asking for more.  We both locked eyes and I was torn between wanting my drink and wanting his hole…what I didn’t realize that while his ass was wet and ready my cock had been creating a good size wet spot in the front of my shorts.  I decided to split the difference between my drink this hungry muscle butt, so I whispered in his ear, “bathroom 10 minutes, and try to get another load up there in the meantime”.  Looking at this stud, pierced nipples, hairless muscle body and perky ass I was confident he would have a fresh load in his hole for my cock to push in deeper.  He gave me a quick but deep kiss, sliding his tongue into my mouth and then with a wink disappeared into crowed of people.  I looked around and found a high table where I could have the next 10 minutes to enjoy my drink before I claimed my first cum dump.

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Part 2

I finished my drink and it had been just a bit longer than 10 minutes and my cock was throbbing to the point it almost hurt…I might need a bigger cock ring or just give in.  I started making my way through the crowed to the bathroom and downed the rest of my drink and left it on a table.  As I stepped into the bathroom, I headed over to the trough to piss and then see if my bottom was in one of the stalls waiting for me.  As I let a good stream go, feeling my bladder empty and that hunger for hole grow and yes I can piss with a boner, not comfortable but I can.  As I was finishing the last few drops of piss from my cock I heard the tell tail sounds of a hole getting plowed, but not just the balls slapping ass while some bottom was getting railed, this had a more “wet” sound to it.  I was hoping it was the stud from the bar getting his hole worked and by the sounds of it a wet and sloppy hole.  I then heard the sounds of grunting and “take my load” and figured I would find out soon enough if it was the guy from the bar or some other cum dump taking loads.

The stall door opened and this good looking guy walked out tucking his cum slicked cock back into his pants.  I put my hand on his chest and being just over 6 foot and this probably 5’9 was a bit startled but going by his build he wasn’t intimated, which wasn’t the reason I stopped him; I just wanted to clean off his cock.  I did look when he left the stall that it was my latin hunk that had just taken this guys load, figured cleaning off his cock would give me a preview of what I was about to sink my cock into.  Based on the amount of cum froth on this guys cock, that bottom was well seeded and tasted even better.  The guys cock was very sensitive after just having cum and was not really interested in a blow job but I wasn’t interested in giving him one.  I said “I just want to taste what my cock is getting into” as I bent over to put that cum covered cock into my mouth.  I cleaned off his cock in some good suck and then I started heading over to this cum dump to make my own deposit.

I have a general rule, I won’t fuck what I can’t kiss and can’t eat while not an absolute requirement it kept me from feeling like a total whore…but I really wasn’t kidding myself, I was a total whore.

I walked into the stall and didn’t bother closing the door behind me, it was jock strap night after all.  I dropped to my knees and pulled that muscle butt open and saw a cum winking hole.  I immediately dove in, put my lips around his pucker, sucking his hole into my mouth and driving my tongue inside.  This usually results in bottoms giving up some of the most recent cum stuffed up their hole and this hole was not exception.  I got a nice amount of cream into my mouth, then stood up and spun my hunk around and gave him a deep kiss, letting his tongue swirl around in my cum loaded mouth.  However, I wasn’t about to give him the seed I had just taken from his hole, I was going to return it from where I got it.  I broke off our kiss and spun this stud back around where his perfect cum filled muscle butt was right in line with my drooling cock.  I took the cum from my mouth and spit it into my hand and covered my cock in it.  I leaned over and into his ear I asked “you ready, I am going to give you my entire cock at once,” the look on this face and push his ass out even father I took as a approval, so balls deep I went.  I didn’t plan on staying in him long and I don’t thing he did either, some good hard pounding and I was blowing my wad into his hole.  As I took my hand off his ass I saw a biohazard tat, I love poz cum dumps, they are always the best.

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Part 3

After I had seeded this poz cum dumps hole he stood up and turn around, dropped to his knees and cleaned off my cock.  He then stood up and proceeded to kiss me with the taste of cum on his lips, I started to play with his pierced nips, and my cock started to stiffen back up again.  He started to turn around to offer his hole up again and I politely told him that I was going to head over to the local bath house.  Tonight, it was going to be about variety and quantity of ass, he was good but there was a lot of good to be had and I was hungry.  I figured I would have one more drink then head out, my car was parked in a lot that was open all night and the bath house was just down the street so I could walk.  I had another drink, was no where near drunk but the fog of my week was starting to lift.  I worked my way through the crowd and out the front exit onto the sidewalk, where I proceeded to walk shirtless with an obvious rock-hard cock down to the nearest bath house.

I got to the entrance and there was a good-looking stud with some tats working the window asking for my ID and entrance fee which I happily paid.  He buzzed me in and I got my towel and room key, I had decided that I would get a room rather than just a locker because I was planning on being here a while and if I needed a break I would have a place to take a quick nap.  Walking through to my room I saw several guys that fit exactly was I was looking for, a perky ass and insatiable hunger in their eyes.

I found my room and proceeded to get undressed, which consisted of me taking my shorts off.  I debated for a second if I wanted to take off my jock and just wear a towel or walk around in my jock.  I decided to just walk around in my jock and sneakers, I didn’t spend all the time in the gym not to show it off.  Wearing a jock strap a lot of guys would think I was a bottom and I was prepared if I found a cock my hole had to have.  I did love being able to just pull the jock to the side and having my meat fall out and bury it in some insatiable cum dump pig.  This was a lot of thought of what to wear, I decided jock strap it is, then I headed out to find some bottoms to eat, fuck and breed.  I did take a second to shove a finger up my ass, I noticed that I had some ass sweat but not too strong and I do love my own musk.  My hole was clean and ready and sticking a finger in it might not have been a good idea, I may have “poked the sleeping giant” as they say.  I left my room closed my door and headed off, the guy in the room next to me was standing by his door, as I was coming out…he looked me up and down and ask “can I have a turn at that ass?”  I said “thanks but I am more topping tonight,” he replied “can I take it at least,” I turned around stuck my ass out and he dived in tongue first.  This was probably my second mistake after putting a finger in it.

This stud knew how to eat ass and I was loving every minute of it, then I saw this tall dark skinned, black curly hair middle eastern looking stud walk by.  I know I was moaning from the incredible ass eating, but I locked eyes with this stud walking by and his towel just happened to come off as he passed, revealing a big round furry bubble butt with the tell tail signs of having been fucked and then looking up saw a scorpion tattoo on his back.  My cock had found a target and as great as this guy was at eating my hole, I needed into that furry ass and I needed it now.

I turned around and thanked the guy for his hard work he replied with “any time” and I was off to follow my new prey.  This middle eastern fuck god saw looked over his shoulder and saw me following him and stopped at what I assumed was his room and he opened the door and nodded his head for me to come in.  I entered his room and he was already face down and ass up, I could tell he had been fucked there was lube and cum around what was a well-used hole.  I started to close the door, he said “leave it open,” and I don’t mind putting on a show so I did.  I then dove into that perfect furry ass and ate him out like it was my last meal.  I sucked and licked and worked that hole, I was going to tongue fuck him till he was begging me to dick him down, which didn’t take long.  He turned his head around, I didn’t see it because I was face deep in his ass and he said, “fuck me, breed me.”  I didn’t need to be asked twice, I stood up and covered my cock in spit, after eating his hole I was sure he was cum loaded enough he didn’t need lube and I was right.  I lined up my cock and his hole was loose, hungry and filled with cum and sank into him balls deep.  I then proceeded to pound mercilessly as he yelled obscenities as a bottom pig does when getting railed, I consider it a compliment when a bottom looses his mind while I am deep dicking him.  I was starting to get close, I wasn’t sure I was ready to bust my second load, I knew I had more in me than just two but I had only been here 15 minutes and I wanted to whore around for a while.  I pulled out of his hole and shoved my face back in he turned around and asked if I was going to breed him and I told him I had just gotten here and wanted to do a few laps.  Some bottoms get upset when their don’t get their load, he didn’t seem that way he just responded with “any time you want to breed my hole is here”.  I thanked him for his hospitality, he turned around and cleaned off the cum from his hole that covered my cock, I leaned down and we shared a cum covered kiss and I was off to find my next pig bottom.

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Part 4

I made my round for the next couple of hours, spending time working some holes, eating out some muscle butts or stroking my cock to some of the porn playing around in public rooms.  It was getting later which was fine, I knew it would get busy once all the bars let out so I wasn’t in any hurry.  I decided I would go back to my room and take a nap for a bit to kill some time.  I decided to rinse off before I took a shower so I went back to my room and took off my jock and shoes and grabbed my towel and went to the showers.  To no surprise there was guys kissing and fucking but there was plenty of room so I found a shower head turned on the hot water and just enjoyed it for a bit, little soap and rinsing off and I was ready to take a break.  I turned off the water grabbed my towel and started to dry off, as I did I made sure to dry my ass and that familiar tingle I had at the gym with my cock I now noticed it was coming from my hole.

Getting fucked for me was not something I did often and tried to hold it back to only do with guys I had a “connection” with, which usually meant I knew their name.  Still, I was 30 and only been fucked a handful of times and I enjoyed it but I had a hole that was tight and needed warming up and guys often want to sink their entire meat in all at once, just like I do.  However, my hole was not that accommodating, and I was not a “cum dump”.

I got back to my room and closed the door behind me, hang up my towel and laid down.  I usually sleep on my stomach so that’s what I did here, I was essentially face down and ass up.  I was there for a nap so I wasn’t trying to advertise and my door was closed so I didn’t give it a second thought.  What I failed to realize was that my door hadn’t closed all the way and as I drifted off into a light dream state my door was slowing opening.

If I walked by a guys room and his door was open and he was face down and ass up I would assume he would be looking for a good dick down.  Un-knowingly I had put myself in the same situation, face down and ass up by I was sound asleep.

The other thing you should know about me is I don’t party, never have no judgement on those that do just never my thing.  I think I knew if I did I might not be able to stop, however, my “drug” was poppers.  I don’t know why just a small sniff and I turn into a drooling sex pig.  I usually stay away from poppers when I am out like this because I love poppers but they give me a limp dick and I was here for some ass.

I have no idea how long I had been asleep, there was no nearby clock and my phone and other valuables where stoked in a little locker in my room.  What I did know was that someone was eating my hole, that’s when I realized I must not have closed my door all the way and someone had come in and decided to help themselves to my ass.  I am no prude and hell, whoever this was really knew what they were doing so I wasn’t going to stop I would just moan and enjoy, but eating my hole was all I was ready to have anyone do to my ass.  I hadn’t even bothered to open my eyes I was just moaning and enjoying being half asleep and my ass being fully awake, I thought I could tell there was more than just this guy in my room but I didn’t care.  I started feeling hands on my back, feeling my muscles and going down to my ass, spreading my ass wide so the guy eating it could go even deeper.  I really started moaning, because he was that good and whoever was helping, I didn’t mind.

I finally opened my eyes and turned by head around and saw that it was the guy next door with his face in my ass, from what I could see of the top of his head.  They guy holding my ass open was the middle eastern stud from earlier in the night, holding my ass open and every so often letting a wad of spit roll of his tongue and onto my ass crack.  Every time he did this I could feel his spit slide down my ass do where my bath house neighbor face was, and would give him new incentive to continue his slobbering all over my hole.  Finally my neighbor came up for air from between my ass and I could feel the cold air over my spit coated hole, he came in for a kiss and I met his lips and during that deep passionate kiss he slipped that tongue that was just in my ass into my mouth.  I was in heaven, I was sure where my middle eastern Adonis had gone too but I was pretty sure he was still in the room.  My neighbor and I finished our kiss and he left, I assume to return to his room then I felt a new tongue and hands spread my ass and eating it good…was everyone at this place an expert ass eater?  I looked back to see my middle eastern Adonis eating my ass like it was his last meal.  Then I felt the cold sense of lube being spread over my hole, realizing that he probably wanted to fuck me, I wasn’t sure I wanted to be fucked yet but that needy itch in my ass had gotten louder.  I figured what the hell, then I caught a glimpsvof the un-cut meat between his legs and I thought “oh hell” that is going to split me in two.  He saw me look at it and he grabbed the based as waved it at me, in a way asking if I wanted it.  I said you can fuck me if you do 3 things, one lots of lube, two poppers, and three no rubbers.  He smiled and said “I will be right back,” as he walked out I saw that scorpion tattoo on his back again and wondered if it meant he was poz or just a tattoo that he liked.

I have to confess I love poz guys, they make the best cum dumps, are always horny and when they do top its an event not just a quick fuck.

After just a few short minutes my Adonis came back, with poppers and a full bottle of lube.  When he entered he started to close the door, I smiled and said “you didn’t me to close yours what makes you think you should close mine?”  He smile back and left the door open, I asked him what his name was he said “David”, I asked “David” what does the tat on your back mean?  He said “I am poz, that ok?”  I said “better than ok, but you better breed me”, he responded “you didn’t breed me,” he was right so, fair is fair I responded “you breed me and I will give you the load I owe you”.  Without thinking it through that I would be on poppers when he fucked me and I would have limp dick he handed me the bottle, I opened the cap and took for deep hits and let the world melt away.  I turned around and said “fuck me with that big poz uncut cock.”  David could tell I was not the quality cum dump he was so was nice about take it a little slow getting me opened but once he did there was no holding him back.  All I knew was that I was hitting that popper bottle hard and deep and he was doing the same to my hole, hitting it hard and deep.  I don’t know how long this went all I knew was that I never wanted it to end, then I heard the tell tail grunting of a man about to shoot a load and I took another big hit of poppers as he unloaded his poz seed into my neg hole.  I was in heaven, and now my hole was hungry for more.

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Part 5

Once he had unloaded into my hole he gave me a deep kiss and laid down next to me with his ass up, and rightfully ready for me to fulfill my part of the agreement to breed his hole.  I was starting to cum down from the poppers so I got some lube and started working my cock to get hard to fill his perfect muscle ass.  The poppers were winning, my cock was limp and now all I wanted was more poppers and cock in my hole.  He waited for a minute and looked at me and I said “I am sorry I think the poppers got to my cock,” his face hardened he didn’t seem as understanding as he was before.  He snapped at me “you just want poppers and cock is that?!”  I said “well kind of” maybe later I can fuck you once the poppers wear off, he was still kind of irritated and I was still a little high from the poppers.

I had paid extra for one of the deluxe rooms with the bigger bed, I guess the guy at the front like me and gave me one that had a sling in it as well.  It was a nice quality leather sling with cuffs for hands and leather loops to put your feet into, there were also leather cuffs to put your ankles into if you really wanted to secure whoever was in it.

David’s face softened a minute and I could swear I could see an evil sparkle in his eye, but he was to fucking sexy for me to care.  He said “that’s no problem but I want more of your ass, get in the sling,” I more than happily agreed and got into the sling, while I was getting into the sling David had picked up my jock off the floor and poured some poppers into them and then wound them up so the chemical wouldn’t come into contact with my skin.  I didn’t see him do any of this I was to busy getting myself into the sling, as soon as I was in position he moved fast and quiet and he was standing between my legs.  He pinched my nose closed so out of reflex I opened my mouth and shoved the popper soaked jock into my mouth.  I was instantly lost in a poppers haze, and he used that time to move like a cat to secure my arms and legs into the slings cuffs.  He was gently rubbing my hole with his thumb and I was lost in my poppers haze, as I started to come down he took the jock strap out of my mouth and gave me a moment to come back to reality.  Then the reality of the situation occurred to me, I was locked in a sling for a moment I was afraid, then the fear turned to excitement of being restrained and my hole available to anyone and everyone.

I looked at him and said “thought you were just a cum dump pig, not a kink pig as well,” he looked back “I not really into kink but you owe me a load and I am not leaving here without it, even if I have to get it fucked out of you!”  He had a bit of an evil grin, but he was sexy and now kinky and I wasn’t going to complain.  He started going through the locker in my room that had my wallet, keys, etc. he pulled out my wallet then my credit card, he said “I am going to renew your room for another 8 hours and you have only been here two of your first 8, you will be in that sling till I am satisfied!”  He put the poppers soaked jock back into my mouth, I watch him take the room keys and my credit card and leave and close the door behind them.  With the poppers working their way to my head my world started to spin and I was lost in a fog of both lust and a little fear which I think only made my hole twitch more.

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My favourite (and now long missed) position- locked in a sling at the sauna.  That was going to be me almost a year ago - but the next week lockdown hit.  Staying optimistic that i can get in that sling this year sometime.  Until then im going to love reading your great story - thanks for writing. 

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Part 6

They say you “can’t rape the willing” and very deep down I was willing.  This was a fantasy come to life, one that I would have the courage to do on my own.  When I came too, the big white guy and his piercing were gone and my hole felt like you could park a truck in it.  As the fog was lifting again and I was coming back to reality I saw another guy standing in the door way, a black guy with a bodybuilder physique, he was about 5’9” and had a long cock, was average in width but made up for in length.  I was kind of happy to see something a bit more reasonable than the last one, I knew my ass was going to get used but I would have like to walk again.  I also noticed that my Adonis was gone and it was just me, locked to this sling and this black guy now mounting my hole.  He looked at me and said “you won’t be neg for long” and proceeded to work his cock deep inside me, he was very different than the telephone poll that was there some time before beating my guts into submission.  This guys had skill, the way he moved his body and his cock inside me, he was hitting every right spot and I was in heaven.  He saw the bottle of poppers on the bed and asked if I wanted a hit, I said “yes please”.  He reached over and got the bottle, opened it up and put it under my nose without missing a stroke of his cock in my hole.  He was incredible to watch and feel, the control he had over his body and seeing those muscles move as he worked my mass.  After not too long he started the tell tail signs of a top about to nut, he was shaking a bit and tell me “I am going to breed you poz, it’s what you asked for.”  Then I felt him loose what felt like an ocean of cum deep into my guts.  He kept fucking me, saying “I am pushing my load in so it stays to knock you up”.

When he was done and pulling out I asked him why he thought I was chasing, I love poz cock and cum so I wasn’t complaining but how did he know.  He told me there are electronic boards, where if you want to “advertise” you can tell the guy up front and for $10 he will put your room number and what you are looking onto the screens.  He said it shows my room number and says “neg looking for poz will take all cummers”, I figured I would be in for a long night if that was up, my Adonis was gone and I was locked in the sling.  Some people might panic but I do have some faith in humanity and if I had a real problem one of these guys would let me out of the sling if I ask seriously.  I figured that for now I would just get comfortable, relax my body and my hole and just enjoy being a “lazy bottom” just lay here and take dick.

I had closed my eyes, put my head back and just let guy after guy fuck me and fill me, it was getting to the point where I think my hole was just dripping cum.  I thought I saw at one point a guy put a cum under me, maybe someone wanted the spunk from my hole…hell why waste it.  After the black body builder I didn’t look at anyone else I just closed my eyes but made enough noise and moved so no one would think they were fucking someone that was unconscious, I was just a cum dump.  Just as I was starting to get uncomfortable where my feet were starting to tingle and I needed to get my hands loose another guy entered and asked if I was ok, he sounded sincere if not a little concerned so I opened my eyes and it was the shirtless muscle stud that runs the entrance to the club.  I told him I need to stand up for a bit and just move around, I was stiff and need to get some circulation back.  He said “I figured you have been taking dick for 4 hours straight,” my eyes got wide, he saw my shock and said “I came in a few times to check on you and you seemed ok, I even put this cup under here to catch the cum leaking out of what appears to be one really used hole.”  I then saw him bend down to what I thought was to pickup the cup…which he did but also started eating my cum hole, he was doing the same trick I do sucking the cum out of a bottom while getting your tongue in deep.  I was in heaven, then he stopped and stood up and then spit a huge wad of cum into the cup.  I almost came myself right then, but apparently my cock had given up and let my hole have all the pleasure.

He had closed the door behind him when he came in, he looked at me and said, “you mind if I get a chance at that ass before I let you out?”  I looked at him and said “are you poz” he said “toxic” and I said “fuck me pig, fuck me hard” and I got exactly what I asked for.  This guy gave me the railing of a life time, I am an aggressive top and love to fuck hard but this guy was putting me to shame.  His pumping just seemed to keep getting more intense, then all of the sudden he froze and I could feel his full sack unloading into may beating up guts..and I couldn’t be happier.  Once was done he put a couple of fingers in my hole and could feel him moving them around, then he brought them up to my face and I could see them dripping with cum from what I think was over 40 guys.  I licked his fingers clean and he started to loosen my restraints so I could stand up.  I started to stand and my legs gave out, they were still a little asleep and this muscle stud caught me and helped me sit down on the bed.  He said “name’s Jacob” I was going to shake his hand but figured I would just kiss him instead.  We broke our deep kiss and he asked me how this all happened and I told him the story about David my Adonis turned captor.  He said “I know David he is a regular, a good guy, total cum pig.  He told me all about what was going on here when he had me put your room up on the board.  He left a couple of hours ago and asked me to check in on you and make sure you were ok and having fun.”  I told him it’s not how I planned my night and I did feel bad that I owed David a load but it was one of the best nights of my life.  Jacob said that David had left his number written on a piece of paper in my locker.  Jacob showed me the cup of cum he retrieved from the floor and said “In your mouth or up your ass…those are the only two options.”  Jacob had a bit of stern face, he clearly wasn’t asking me a question, I asked…you guys sell butt plugs and Jacob said sure, handed me the cup and left the room.  He was only gone a few minutes when returned with what I would call a way to big butt plug, he saw the look in my eye and look and the plug and said “clearly you haven’t seen how stretched out you are.”  Jacob helped me get into a face down ass up position on the bed and be poured the cup of cum into my hole.  I could feel it absorbing into me but it would take a little time before it would all be taken into my guts.  I then felt a little pressure and he said “ok, all done”.  I asked if he was going to put in the plug, he responded that he just did…fuck I must be stretched out I barely felt that.  Jacob asked if I was going to stay a while longer or if I was done for the morning….”morning” I said, he said yea…it’s 9am on Sunday, you got here at 9pm on Saturday.  Jacob said “we normally can’t let people stay that long but I can’t say no to David”.  I told Jacob that I think I was done for the weekend and needed some real sleep.  Jacob asked where I lived and if I needed a ride or if he should call an Uber.  I told him where my car was parked and he said he was parked there too; his shift was over and he was heading home as well.

Jacob and I left the bath house and started walking to the parking lot at the end of the block.  I was only wearing shorts, and now a plug in my hole, no idea where my jock went.  We got our cars and Jacob turned and gave me a piece of paper with what I assumed what his number on it.  I asked him why he had given it to me, when I was going to see him in the afternoon after my nap.  I know it was a cheesy pickup line to try to get this stud home with me and yes you would think I would have been fucked enough but something about his guy.  He smiled and said, “I will follow you, but give me your address in case we loose each other”, I give him my address and we both headed to my place.

As we were pulling up to my house I saw that someone was parked in my driveway and leaning on their car and smiling at me, they looked familiar but it didn’t quite click.  Then I realized it was David!

Part 7

Jacob parked on the street and I pulled my car into the drive way opening my garage and drove by David and his stupid grin.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to hit him, kiss him, or fuck him, maybe all three I had a few minutes to decide before I got out of the car.  I parked the car and could see in my mirror that Jacob had walked up the driveway and was talking to David as they were heading into my garage toward me.  I took a deep breath and got out of the car, David still had that stupid grin on his face.  David and Jacob seemed a bit handsy with each other so there was more than just friends, so when I got out of the car I noticed wedding bands.  I asked if they were married or in…they stopped me and said “we are married” but we are both pigs so…we fuck as much as we want when we want.  They also proceeded to inform me that I had caught both their attention when I checked in and while it wasn’t any orchestrated plan for what unfolded that night there was some coordination.  I found out that Jacob actually owned the bath house and David worked as a personal trainer, often with clients at the bath houses weight room.  They told me they thought I was sexy as hell and the fact I was chasing was even hotter.  I said “why don’t we go inside, I don’t need the neighbors knowing you turned me into a poz cum dump”.  I still hadn’t told anyone that I was on PreP yet, these two fuckers were way to hot to discourage.

We went inside and I immediately started to make coffee and asked if they wanted to order something for breakfast I didn’t feel like cooking.  They said sure and we ordered from this nice place just down the street.  While they were eating I excused myself and headed to my room, I am sure they thought I was going to take the plug out and empty the cum out but in truth I kind of had forgotten about the plug.  I was going to take my PreP pill like I do every morning, and after last night I almost through I should take two.  I went to my drawer opened the bottle and was surprised when there were none left, I pulled out my phone or order a refill to pickup later that day but I heard David call my name so I decided I would do it later.

I turned around and there was David and Jacob standing in the door way to my bedroom, and they were both naked.  I didn’t see Jacob’s tattoo before, he had a dark biohazard symbol just a little above his cock.  I instantly got hard and David noticed instantly and came straight toward with a stern look.  He looked me straight in the eyes and said “I will take you last neg load now” and pushed me onto the bed.  David was sitting on my chest with his cock drooling over my face and I felt Jacob undoing and taking off my shorts.  With one quick motion David was riding my cock, he was riding me hard and I knew I wasn’t going to last long, I went to grab his hips to slow him down a bit but he looked a Jacob who instantly pinned my hands down.  I knew I was beat so I let David have his way, that furry muscle butt bounding on my cock, who could say “no” to that.  I finally started to get really close and since I hadn’t cum since the Latin muscle butt at the bar this one had some force behind it.  Jacob and David were well build and strong but I was an animal that was about to rut.  I instantly pulled myself free flipped David over and started pounding his hole, the plug up my ass hitting my prostate just made my cock harder and me more instable.  Jacob came up behind me to try to get in on the action I felt his hand on my shoulder, I whipped my head around and said “you want to participate, go sit over there and stroke your cock this prey is mine!”  Clearly that worked for Jacob as his cock belched up a glob of pre-cum.  David was swearing and going on about “fuck me, you owe me” but I didn’t care, with one final thrust I blew my load into him.  This was no ordinary orgasm it was like my entire body exploded when my cock did inside David’s furry hole.

The orgasm was so intense I started to tear up, Jacob noticed and immediately came over to see if I was ok.  I told him I was fine, was just intense in all the right ways.  I asked if I could have some time for a nap, David and Jacob replied that they would go and let me rest but only if we could do it again.  I turned and said “I didn’t say you had to leave” who is going to fuck me or get fucked by me when I wake up.  It was starting to get later on Sunday and I knew I would be to wiped to go to work on Monday so I sent a quick message that I wouldn’t be in on Monday, I have some lame excuse that wouldn’t be questioned.  I have a king size bed so we all cuddled up together, with the plug still up my hole and all that cum being absorbed into me.  I figured I could sneak away and call the pharmacy in the evening after my nap.

Part 8

At some point I woke up and Jacob and David were fast asleep, I decided I would call the pharmacy and get my refill while they slept.  I got on the pharmacy phone app to order me PreP refill and it said that I didn’t have any left.  I figured that I had probably taken my last one Saturday and didn’t look to notice to call my Dr.  I figured it wasn’t a problem I would just take care of it all Monday morning, since I was taking the day off.  I went back and laid down with Jacob and David.  I must have fallen deep asleep and turned over to my usual position of sleeping face down, I was awakened by a familiar feeling of someone holding my ass open and someone with their tongue deep in my hole.  Except this time, I didn’t have a hole, it was a cum dump cave based on the size of the butt plug that had been taken out.  I heard David ask Jacob “how does all that poz cum taste” and Jacob’s reply “his hole tastes good but most of the cum and been absorbed not much to each.”  Hearing that made me smile and I thought “fuck I should call the Dr. tomorrow and get my PreP refill.”  I laid there and let Jacob and David have their way with my hole, when I felt one of them trying to slide under me I naturally lifted myself up and now I was staring right into David’s face.  He gave me a deep kiss and said, “you know what to do pig”, I can’t say that I “knew” but I guess my inner fuck slut did and I lifted up to sit on David’s un-cut hog and fuck it felt good.  Once David was buried deep inside my well opened hole, I felt a hand on my back pushing me forward, it was Jacob.  I thought he wanted to see David’s cock in my hole see him fuck me, I was wrong all of the sudden I felt more pressure and realized that Jacob was going to park his cock next to David’s hog inside my hole.  48hrs ago that would not have been possible, now it was easy…I could get used to having a sloppy hole.

The three of us fucked, sucked and seeded the night away and later in the evening David and Jacob said their goodbyes and headed back to their place.  I still had a butt full of cum so I saw the “way too big plug” on the floor and just slipped it into my hole.  Not that I wanted to keep poz cum in me just didn’t want to leak on the floor…that’s what I told myself.  I cleaned up my place a little, changed the sheets on my bed, got comfortable and turned on an old movie.  I started to really fall asleep so I turned the TV off and with the plug still wedged in hole I fell fast asleep.

Part 9

I woke up to the sun coming through the windows and was concerned I had slept the day away considering I had some very important medical stuff to do today.  I looked at my clock and it was 8am, so I had time for coffee and food before anything else.  I started to move and realized, I still had that plug inside me.  I decided to go into the bathroom and take it out and see what my poor battered hole must look like.  I went to the large bathroom mirror and took the plug out, there a saw a loose and sloppy hole that was twitching in hunger…I though great I have created a monster, then I took a few minutes to admire my own muscle ass.

I picked up my phone and called my doctors office to get a refill on my PreP, I talked to the nurse and told her what I needed and she said that wouldn’t be a problem she would just need to pull up my chart.  I waited for a moment and she was back on the line and said if I needed a refill I would need an office visit I had been off it for too long they would need to do labs again.  I didn’t understand what she was saying, I asked her when the last time a prescription was given, after a moment pause she said 6 months ago.  I did easy math in my head, they give 3 month scrips and I had gotten it 3 months ago, that means I hadn’t missed a dose I had been off of it for 3 months and over 40 loads ago.  The nurse asked if I wanted to make an appointment to get back on it, I told her I would call back.  What the nurse couldn’t tell over the phone, was that all the color drained out of my face and my blood ran cold at the thought of taking 40 poz loads.  I also realized that the thought that ran through my head in my poppers haze was the one that I was off PreP.  I remembered that I had been busy with work and some family stuff and didn’t get a refill, I was topping anyway, etc. and must have just forgot.

I don’t know how long I had been sitting on my bed just looking at my phone until it chirped that I had a message which jerked me back to reality.  It was a message from David asking if I wanted to workout with him at the bath house, at first I was horrified to back to the place where I made the worse decision of my life.  Then a second though hit me, I could workout in just a jock strap and I don’t have to worry about having a hard cock…wait…my cock is hard!  I am almost guaranteed poz and my cock is rock hard when I think about going to the place where it happened.  I am either totally fucked in the head, way more of a pig than I wanted to admin or I was just having one of those days.

My phone chirped again because I hadn’t “read” the message from David, I also had not responded to it yet.  I didn’t know what to think or to do or anything, I figured a workout would be good either way so why not do it the most comfortable way possible.  I told David I would see him in an hour, I also asked if he knew where my jock was.  He responded that he saw some guy take it but figured I wouldn’t care. I didn’t care just now I have to go buy a new one and didn’t feel like running out to go buy one.  David sent another message with a picture of him in just a jock and said “you can wear this one, I have another one or I will just take Jacob’s”.

The bath house was about 15 minutes away which gave me enough time to take a shower find some workout clothes and head over.  I will still in a fog realizing that I had let myself get pozzed, didn’t have anyone to talk to and David and Jacob think that was I was trying to do anyway.  The thing that kept sticking in my mind was laying there in that sling, cuffed and held in place while faceless man after faceless man deposited their bug seed into my willing hole.  As I stood under the water in the shower I replaying over in my mind how free it was to be totally surrendered to my deepest and unspoken primal urges.  There is something unique about the way men mate with other men, it’s primal, connected and disconnected at the same time.  I kept thinking about all those men entering my body and each one depositing their precious gift laden nectar.  I startled when the though “gift laden nectar” ran through my head, I was calling poz cum “gift laden nectar”, what is wrong with me.  As I came back to my senses after all the wondering thoughts I quickly realized I am standing in the shower stroking my rock hard cock and had put the plug back into my hole.  I couldn’t admit to myself that I was a true cum whore, the kind of guy that would put his legs up and just take cock without reservation.  I had always love fucking those kinds of guys but never thought I wanted to be one, yet hear I was…I had been that guy with his legs up and hole sloppy drooling cum.  I got out of the shower and dried myself off, grabbed some shorts and a shirt that was intentionally a little too small, I love to show off my nips.  I headed down the hallway toward my garage and grabbed my keys and I stopped a realized I had forgotten something but couldn’t remember what…it was important…what was it.  My brain was all a fog and I was hoping that a good hard workout might help clear it away, so I got in the car and headed back to the place of my undoing or was it the place of my rebirth.

I got to the front door and there was Jacob, shirtless and I could see wearing some very small shorts that hugged his bubble ass and the large bulge in front.  I started to be my ID and card to pay and he just buzzed me in, he handed me a towel and said that David was in the weight room finishing up with a client.  I said thank you, but just couldn’t quite meet his gaze.  I thought him and David were really good guys and true sex pigs but I felt like I lied to them, lied to myself and now just didn’t know which way was up.  I didn’t want to tell him and David that the entire thing was an act that turned out to be reality, I didn’t want to ruin their fun or make them feel guilty.

I entered the weight room and David was training a good looking guys, tone with a nice ass but by the workout David was putting him through this kid wants some size on his frame.  David was finishing with this kids what I assumed to be his last set when he looked up and saw me standing there and said “I will be with you in just one second”.  The kid finished his last rep and was wiping off some of his sweat when David quickly move and immediately started cleaning out the kids pits.  Once they were thoroughly “cleaned” David gave him a slap on the ass and confirmed his next workout time.  As the kid was leaving he looked up and down and it was kind of an odd look almost like he know how ashamed I felt with myself.  I looked up and David had the same look, what the fuck was going on and before I could ask David started walking away.  He went to the back of the workout floor and opened a door that looked like a small office and grabbed something off the desk and tossed it at me, it was a jock strap and better still it was unwashed.  I held it for a second, that same brain fog coming back where I am lost in my own conflicted emotions, however my cock and hole seamed very clear on the matter.  I heard David clear his throat and I snapped out of it and looked at him, he had that same look as before but this time he spoke “aren’t you a little over dressed, people are going to look at you funny.”  Then it hit me I was in a bath house fully dressed.

David showed me I could store my stuff in what looked to be his office, I didn’t get a room or locker from Jacob as I came in.  I stripped down and put the jock strap on and my shoes and I was ready for a good workout.  I started by routine the same as usual and David was watching me and gave me adjustments to my form and some things I could add, he really knew what he was talking about.  Turns out David is running a true personal training with the only difference being you can do it in a jock strap.  I found David to be as knowledgeable and professional as any trainer I had worked with or scene, the only difference was that all we had on were our jocks and shoes.  I walked over to pickup a set of dumb bells off the floor and as I was starting to stand up I heard David loudly yell “WHAT THE FUCK!” and I almost dropped the weights on my foot.  I turned around to see what was wrong and there was David sitting on a workout bench laughing his ass off, I just stood there holding the weights and looking at him having no idea what was so funny.  He was laughing so hard he could barley speak which was making this awkward.  David finally caught his breath and said to me, “you really can’t get enough can you, you are one serious pig!”  Now this went from awkward to a little insulting, usually I don’t mind being called a pig but when pointing and laughing that is a bit much.  Just as I was about to be really annoyed and say something it occurred to me, what it was that I forgot at home but couldn’t member and left to come to the bath house…that plug was still in my ass.  Had become that much of a pig I didn’t even realize there was a monster plug in my hole, what the fuck is wrong with me.  I start to turn red and I feel my legs start to get weak so I sit down on the nearest workout bench, I put the weights down and just stare at the floor and back comes that brain fog and I am lost in my own thoughts of shame.

I didn’t notice but David had stopped laughing and realized that something was off and walked over and was sitting next to me.  He gently bumped his knee against mine and asked “what’s up?”  I could tell he was confused it was not much more than 24hrs ago that I was 40 loads deep and had him and Jacob double penetrate my cum soaked hole.  I didn’t know what to say so I figure “fuck it” it will just be one of those days and proceeded to tell David the entire story even through he was there for most of it but about me thinking I was on PreP and how it was just a lot of fantasy for me.  He was quiet for a few minutes and then finally spoke what he said was kind of surprising, he said “let me get you a bottle of water” and walked back to his office leaving me there to sit alone.  I was still looking at the floor but could see his feet as he walked to his office, then he came back and said “I don’t have any in there I will be right back.”  I was thinking what the fuck is going on, I laid my heart out for him and all he said was “let me get you a bottle of water” and now he is gone and he has been gone for a bit…how far did he have to go to get water.  I was just about to get up when I saw both David and Jacob come around the corner.

David nudged me over to sit more in the middle of the bench and him and Jacob sat on either side.  Jacob was the first to speak, he started with “had I known I would have never…” and he proceeded to apologize for letting all those guys have their way with me.  It wasn’t his fault and I am a grown man, I was the one that was wrong and they were apologizing?  Then David started to speak and started his apologies, I couldn’t listen any more and told both of them to stop and I started to explain how it was my fault.  I think I got through a few sentences then all the sudden I felt lips on mine and a kind hand on my back.  David was gently kissing me and Jacob had a reassuring hand on my back.  I stopped talked and started making out with David and I felt Jacob hand start going down my back and heading toward my ass.  I instinctively pushed my ass out over the edge of the bench to give him better access, I still wasn’t really thinking I was lost in these two men.  David’s kissing became more intense and I could feel Jacob playing with the plug in my ass, then David quickly pulled away and was on his feet and had his hand out and said “let’s go somewhere more private.”  I looked up at him and said “for a pickup line that bad you will have to take me out to dinner if you want to fuck me,” it wasn’t one of my better lines but in the odd situation it struck everyone as funny and we all had a good laugh.  David spoke up and said “no I think we should talk and the middle of the weight room is not the place.”

Part 10

They took me to a door that didn’t have a number and Jacob pulled out his keys and opened the door, it was like the other rooms but considerably bigger.  There was enough room for a king size bed, sling and fuck bench and a few other kink useful things for all manner of man on man sex.  David got on the bed and signaled for me to follow him on the bed, I said “I don’t feel like fucking,” then I heard Jacob say “you have that monster plug in your ass we couldn’t fuck you and we really want to, but wont force you”.  I got onto the bed and David quickly had me in his powerful arms and started kissing me again, I once again feel into his lips and lost myself in the bliss.  Then David moved away and I realized I was alone on the bed and each of them were sitting on some nice leather chairs facing the bed.  They started asking me questions, not rude or prying but I could tell they were trying to get me to open up and talk to not keep all this inside.  They shared their stores of how they chased together and David was pozzed first then David pozzed Jacob, and how they got each other through the fuck flu and how much they enjoyed being free pigs.  I started to talk not knowing where to start so I just started with finding out I had been off PreP for 6 mo and then all the events leading up to sitting on this bed right here and now.  Both of them sat quiet, Jacob spoke first he asked what is it you said in the shower of what those men did to you.  I said “give me their gift laden nectar”, Jacob said “I have heard poz cum called a lot of things but that’s new.”  David spoke next in a kind tone and said “I hear you talking about feeling bad and led us on etc., of which none is true but it’s how you feel but the one thing I would like to point out is that as you were telling that story your cock got hard and has created quiet the wet spot on that jock, and you have been grinding your plugged hole into that bed.”  I sat there silent for a moment and realized everything he said was true and it was just like in the shower, every time I went back over the previous night and day events I would turn into a total pig.

Jacob was the next to speak up he didn’t say anything he just handed me his cell phone, I looked at the screen and it just said “Dr. Nate” on it.  I said “hello” and this Dr. Nate introduced himself and he was an actual doctor and told me that Jacob had told him everything that happened and he was telling me options of PeP or if I wanted to just ride it out.  Jacob had given me what I needed most a way out, to turn my back on all of this, go to this Dr. and get on PeP and just take it as it all being a mistake, just one of those days.  I got off the phone and handed it back to Jacob, he saw that a weight had been lifted from my mind that when he stood up and took off his shorts to show he was going commando but had a big hefty ring through his cock.  I looked at it and licked my lips, I said “I don’t remember than from the night before,” Jacob replied “I figured your hole might be a little sensitive and didn’t need any hard metal shoved up it, but the way you are moving toward it tells me you like it” and I did.  I starting moving toward it like I was in heat, some cock hungry sex addict drawn to cock…nope POZ cock.  Jacob back away keeping that pierced cock just out of reach and David was still sitting in his chair.

Jacob bent over and I saw that perfect hairless hole between those mountains of muscle he called an ass, and I almost started to drool.  He pulled out a key on ring different to the ones used for all the other rooms and even this room.  Jacob proceeded to explain that this was him and David’s private room, even had it’s own bathroom and small fridge.  Having a place that’s open 24/7 having a small place to crash just makes things easy.  He explained that the key he was giving me was for their VIP room, it is a space that people can rent for private events or even public ones and was well stocked with a sling, fuck bench even a cage to but a sub into and some other choice dungeon items, and a bed for just good old fashioned fucking.  Dr. Nick had sent him a date and time for my deadline to start PreP and that he was more than happy to come to the bath house and give me then meds and do my visit here.  Then David said “and while the good doctor is here it fucks the Jacob senseless” so there would be a dual purpose for his visit.

Jacob said the room is mine to use till this date and time, the whatever decision I make would be final and they would respect what ever decision I make.  Jacob did make it clear that him and David never use condoms and were both totally verse and they only wanted to have a third in their marriage that was the same.  That stopped me dead in my tracks, are they proposing, what is going on here.  Jacob said they had been looking for a total vers pig that would be a third in their marriage, however they knew that could only be with a guy that is as much of an uninhibited pig as them.  I started to speak and Jacob quickly shut me down, he said “go to the room and do whatever you want, with whoever you want, however you want” then come back and we can talk.  He knew I needed to figure this out on my own, said I could use this room to call out sick to work, it was sound proof so you couldn't hear the club music being played throughout the bath house.  I called work and said that I was getting a lot sicker than I though I would be out all week, my boss was a little grumpy but I was to valuable to fire or threaten.  I took the key from Jacob and walked down the VIP room with a towel and wearing only my jock strap and large plug up my ass.

I opened the door and the room was similar to the one that Jacob and David had just without some of the more delicate touches like the leather chairs, fridge or a few other things.  I did notice it had its own bathroom for everything from taking a shower or making sure you clean and ready for visitors.  I took a second to sit on the bed and just collect my thoughts, I had not decided yet what to do but I know I needed to take a shower if I was to do anything should make sure everything was clean and ready.  I went to the bathroom and turned on the water and got it to nice and warm, and proceeded to take a through shower, not because I was dirty but just felt good.  What I was there I took the plug out, which was fairly easy and I reached back I touched my hole as just hung open like a cave waiting for someone to explore.  The moment I touched my sensitive ass lips it suck back up into the little pucker it was before, I relaxed and the there was my fuck cave again open and hungry.  I then took the time to give myself a good and deep cleaning to get ready for all possibilities.  I dried myself off and looked around the room again and noticed a leather harness, some leather arm bands and some boots in a few of the more common sizes.

I put on the harness, arm bands that really made my biceps pop, my pecs look great in the harness but the white jock David gave me just didn’t fit the look.  I picked up the phone and called the Bath House and Jacob picked up and “a decision that fast, that impressive or you are looking for a black jock to match the harness” I said the harness he said “bottom drawer of the tool chest”.  I easily found it and took a second to look through some of the other things from cock rings, ball stretchers and even electro and sounds.  I saw some nipple suckers that looked like fun so I just grabbed a pair of those and gave them a quick lick and let them suck on my sensitive tits.  It was about that I as my nipples were getting a workout my hole was starting to twitch and my cock had started a steady stream of pre-cum.  I opened the door and got into the sling, there was a leather pouch in easy reaching distance where I could put my phone and poppers or anything else.  Just as I opened the door as was about to get into the sling I saw David leaning against the wall in facing my door.  He started heading toward my room with his hands in the air show he wasn’t there to tip the scales, he just had a bottle of fresh poppers and asked if I wanted to put anything on the board or just leave my door open and see what happens.  I thought for a minute and figured honesty is the best policy but “conflicted bottom in VIP, he needs some sense fucked into him, poz a plus but not required, don’t disclose status”.  As David was heading out the door he flipped two switches on that was a counter with a button that could be reached by guys obviously so I could track loads and the other was a countdown clock to when my decision must be made.

I decided to take a deep hit of poppers and just let my hole hang open, my cock drool and see where the next days take me.  I would do exactly what Jacob said, listen to my body.  It wasn’t long before someone showed up, it was that kid from the weight room, good athletic build but the cock on him was long with a nice curve.  I asked him to lube me up good because he was my first, he said only if I can eat that rose bud…my eyes popped open and I said “I don’t have a rose bud hole!”  he said look for yourself, there was a mirror on the floor that reflected off a mirror on the ceiling and sure enough there was a little rose bud just at the edge of hanging open hole.  I look back to the young kid with the big cock and said “how old are you” he said 23 and I said “have it” and dove face first into my hole.  I laid my head back on the pillow attached to the sling and just enjoyed the incredible ass eating his kid was giving me.  I remembered the fresh poppers Dave gave me and pulled them out and took a couple light hits and feel into the popper bliss and legendary ass eating this boy was giving me.  I was riding that popper rush when he stood up and said I am going to fuck you good, “I said you better or get out” with a cocky grin.  I felt the lube on my hole and heard him lube up his cock, was being generous which was nice.  I felt the tip of his cock and told him to hole right there, “when I exhale these poppers just sink it all in deep”.  He watched carefully as I took a deep hit and held it, then let it out very slow.  He was paying attention because just as that popper rush hit it buried his bone deep into my hole, skin on skin just the way two men should be.  He started with long even strokes hitting all the right buttons and then be bent over and kissed me, sliding his wet tongue into my mouth.  I was in heaven.  I looked back and noticed a leather blind fold hanging from the wall.  I ask the kid once you have had your fill of my muscle butt can you get that blind fold for me.  He said “sure” and kept a really nice rhythm going in my hole, then I felt the tell tale shake of an on-coming breeding and sure enough I felt him deposit the first load into my hole.  Once he was done he let me suck his cock clean then he walked over and picked up the blind fold.  He mentioned that they keep single use sealed ear plugs here if I wanted this…this kid knew a thing or two.  I said yea and he pulled them out opened the package and put the in my one hand and the leather blind fold in the other.  I plugged my ears pulled over the blind fold and just laid their and let my mind wander, even got a little sleepy till I felt a tongue enter my hole.  I did move just started to moan and wiggle my ass and this new ass muncher took that as a sign of approval and doubled his efforts, he was good not great but good.  I felt him stand up and the obvious feeling of a cock touching my hole.  I put one finger up indicated for him to wait just a second and I opened the popper bottle and took a deep hit and plunged deep into me.  Unlike the kid with the long strokes this cock was aver length but not average in girth so I was stretched full, and he was throwing me a fucking I would never forget.  This went on for some time, guy after guy, cock after cock I was in heaven.  After a while I was starting to get thirst from all the sweating and poppers then all of the sudden I head David’s voice in my ear, “you need to drink some water, if you piss it all does down a drain the floor so don’t worry about but you need to stay hydrated.”  He put the bottle up to my lips and I drank down almost the entire bottle, he then said he had something for me and proceeded to pour a cup of cum down my throat, he said “this is what has leaked from your hole.”  David continued to tell me that him and Jacob would be checking in one me to make sure I had water and was ok but they would not be fucking me or having any sensual contact with me.  I just nodded, after finishing my cup of cum, David put the bottle of water back to my lips and to wash it all down.  Now my belly and me guts were full of cum and I was no where near done.

Part 11

As the day continued on, there was a steady stream of guys with some larger breaks in between.  I finally decided that I was starting to get stiff from being in the sling so I thought I would try the bed or fuck bench.  As I extracted myself from the sling I decided I would not take off my blind fold, I was trying to listen to my body and didn’t want any external input like the time or the counter of the number of loads I had taken.  I didn’t want to break my toe stumbling around in the dark so I lifted the blind fold just enough to see the ground, and I remembered where everything was placed in the room.  After I got out of the sling I was standing doing some stretching giving my muscles some movement they desperately needed.  I had also decided that I wasn’t going to close the door till I had made my decision of PeP or embrace life as a poz pig.  What I did know was my hole was dripping cum down my leg and no matter how much I tried to holed it in it just kept leaking out.  I reached back to feel my new cum receptacle and could tell it was just hanging open I could flex it a little and it could close a bit but not anything like the tight ass I had not just a couple of days ago.  I was also a little tired and didn’t want to loose any more seed so I just laid down on the bed and started to drift off into a light sleep.

I don’t know how long I had been dozing when I realized someone was sitting on the bed next to me, they weren’t between my legs but sitting closer to my shoulder.  I felt a hand on my upper back and a little shake and heard Jacob’s voice softly asking me to wake up.  I lifted my head to acknowledge I was awake but didn’t want to remove the blind fold.  Jacob spoke in a soft voice and said “you have been at this a while, I want you to drink this and eat a bit,” as I heard him set down a plastic bottle and open a wrapper of what I assumed to be a protein bar.  I did have a momentary thought that I probably had enough protein up my hole but I was a bit hungry.  I moved my hands to find the bottle and the bar but ended up grabbing Jacob’s significant bulge inside his shorts.  He responded saying “not the time for that, you are hear to figure some things out and I am here to make sure you don’t pass out.”  He asked me to sit up and eat and drink, I told him that I didn’t want to because I didn’t want to lose any of the nectar that had been deposited into my one tight muscle ass…I still had the muscle butt but as for the tight part, I think that ship had sailed.  He said, “I will plug your hole so you don’t loose any nectar but I am not leaving till you eat and drink something.”  There were no other guys coming in so I assumed he had closed the door when he came in but did so quietly so not to startle me depending on how deep I was sleeping.

I felt a butt plug enter my hole, felt like just the right size to keep everything in but by the state of my hole it was probably the size of a fist maybe two.  I sat up and Jacob handed me the protein bar and some of what tasted like an energy drink that would give me some sugar and fluid that I needed.  He also said he put a bottle of water on the bed if I needed it.  I finished eating and started to grope for Jacob and found those round pecs and instinctively started playing with his nipples, I heard him let out a deep groan then he gently moved my hand away.  I knew he nor David were going to participate, they wanted the decision of to live as a Poz slut or take the PeP pills and go on my merry way.  I felt Jacob get off the bed and he asked if I wanted the door open or take a break and close it, I told him to leave it open and then I heard him walk out.  I had taken my ear plugs out when I got out of the sling, now I was sitting on the bed with a plug up my hole and some food in my stomach.

I decided to stay on the bed to lay face down and take out the plug this way guys could choose to take either hole.  I could suck a cock but my deep throat skills could use some improvement and besides that deep throat slime spit makes for great lube.  I took the plug out, which was heavy so I knew it was good size and placed it on the bed next to me.  I started to drift back off to sleep till I felt someone on the bed with me but this time between my legs.  He didn’t say anything I just started to feel his cock sink deep into my overflowing cum dump ass.  This stranger started to give me a good solid fuck, not hammering away like some guys but was not “making love” to my ass either, it was a good pace.  I then felt the tell tail signs of him about to cum and that’s exactly what he did, it felt like a decent load but nothing to write home about.

I had no idea what time it was so the stream of guys had slowed considerably, but it was kind of nice to give my ass a break.  I laid there for a while and dozed off again, I then started to wake up because the techno music that was always playing got a little louder.  I figured it was probably evening and the place was picking up so I got off the bed and moved over to the fuck bench, once again lifting the blind fold just enough to make my way over but not seeing the time or load counter.  That’s when it seemed that it was one cock and load after another some just a few pumps and dumped their load, some taking their time and a few took a few licks at what was now the fuck cavern between my legs.  In this new position on the fuck bench my hole was dripping some cum and I could feel it running down my legs, one guy that came in licked it up and have me a deep kiss, that was the first time I had the taste of cum on my lips in quite a while.  I told him if he wanted to get some more from my hole and feed it to me I could use the “protein”.  He said “absolutely” and proceeded to suck on my hole and probably get what felt a decent load of seed.  He then kissed me and pushed the load he had gotten from my ass into my mouth, what I wasn’t ready for the amount of cum…he was rapidly filling my mouth but I wasn’t ready to swallow it just yet, I wanted to savor the cum on my tongue.  I probably looked like a chipmunk with my cheeks puffed out but it was my mouth filled with cum.  After I had savored enough I swallow the big wad of cum in my mouth.  I aske my new felching buddy if he would grab the bottle of water on the bed so I could have a cum chaser to wash the rest of it down with.  He handed me the bottle and I heard him leave, he was also kind enough to hand me my bottle of poppers, which I assumed were left by Jacob because it was a different shaped bottle than the ones I had before.

I could only guess but I figured my time was running out to make my decision of either taking PeP and putting all this behind me or giving my hole what it was now aching for…constant cock and cum no questions asked just breeding.  Shortly I started to feel another guy enter my gaping hole and start to really go to town, usually when I get fucked it’s the sounds of balls slapping my muscle butt, now it sounded like they were fucking a wet sponge with the amount of spunk that had filled my guts.  Once he was done I asked him if he knew David or Jacob, he said he didn’t know them but he knew who they were, I asked if he could get one and asked them to come over for a visit.  They guys said “sure” and I heard him leave and shortly I heard a guy enter and I assumed it was David or Jacob but they didn’t say anything I realize that I had a nice piece of meat under my nose, so I opened my mouth and he slid in.  He had a decent dick, a good mouthful but not unmanageable, big enough to work on improving my deep throat skills without making me gag too much.  I grabbed his hips to stop him, leaving about half of is cock parked in my mouth, I picked up my poppers and took a couple of deep hits and that’s when I became ravenous…I need his cock and I need it deep and wanted it’s nectar.  I grabbed his hips and pulled him toward me with his cock sinking deeper in my mouth, I was lost in poppers so his cock was going in well.  I was treated when my nose was now buried in his musky bush.  My new face fucker started to take control and working his cock in nice strokes in and out of my throat with me just hanging my mouth open and probably drooling all over the floor.

What I was busy working milking some seed from this guys cock, I could hear foot steps of someone else enter the room, so instinctively I wiggled my ass a bit showing how eager I was.  I heard a voice “you asked to see me” it was David, he said “I will wait till you are done, you are putting on a good show, wait till you see the video.”  My heart stopped…fuck, they had been recording all of this was this some black mail shit, why didn’t they tell me!  Just as these thoughts were going through my head, my unknown skull fucker unloaded down my throat.  He pulled his cock from my throat and said “thanks” and proceeded to leave.  David spoke up “what’s up, you ok?”, I assured him I was fine but wanted to know how much longer I had to make my decision but emphasized I didn’t want to know exactly how much time.  David replied “you are getting here, doc will be here in a bit, why do you ask?” I told him I wanted to popper up deep and go into full pig bottom before the doc gets here.  David said “your not getting my cock if that’s what your asking”, I replied “no, I was just hoping you could help me back into the sling and have something you can put some poppers into and put into my mouth,” David replied sure and helped me off the fuck bench.

David helped to secure me back into the sling, I asked if this one had the locking cuffs like the last one I was in when I was here the first time.  David said it did but they were put away but he would grab them.  I heard him go over to the tool box, open a drawer and then felt him buckling my ankles and wrists in.  Once I was good and secure he said he was going to do my popper rag then leave me to my own devices till time was up and he also made me drink down some more water.  I asked him if he would do one more favor, David responded “I haven’t done enough” but I could tell by his tone he was being playful.  I asked if he could change my room advertisement on the screens to read “neg bottom for you to poz”.  He responded with “sure, does that mean you have made a decision?”, I said I hadn’t but it seemed that I got fucked a lot more when that ad was up.  He said “no problem” and left the room.  I waiting a bit giving him time to change my room advertisement and then heard a guy enter my room, I could tell by the foot steps and the breathing this was a big guy.  I put the popper rag into my mouth and took a deep hit and felt reality start to fall away and it just me and my body that were having a conversation about what do we do when the doc gets here.  It was good that I had the poppers going because I realized I knew this telephone pole pierced cock from my first sling adventure here and I knew I was in for a hole destroying pounding and that’s exactly what I got.  I dropped back into my poppers haze, I had put my earplugs back in so I could only hear the sound of my own heart beat and my own thoughts.  I was lost in my own world while this guys was splitting me in two.  I just kept the rag in and went between sucking in popper air through the rag, which I think was a used jock strap and through my nose to get some plain air.  I wanted to stay in this fuck meat haze to figure out what my body wanted, I don’t know how many guys had cum and gone, but the change in the ad and probably the time of day had created the new stream of men to feed my growing insatiable desire.

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Part 12

I felt a guy start to give a gentle tug at the popper jockstrap rag in my mouth, so I opened my mouth and let him take it out.  As he took the rag from my mouth his cock sank deep into my hole, again I was in heaven.  This cock was incredible, not an ass splitter but a good size and width, the type of cock you could ride all day and I was more than willing.  I heard him say as he pulled the rag out, “I think you have had enough of that you need to get some air,” he have a soothing but low voice and let out a bit of a growl as he fucked me.  Then I felt him unload his nectar into me and as he did he leaned down and kissed me.  He pulled his cock out and I was expected him to leave like all the others except for David and Jacob but I heard him what sounded to be like opening of a bag and I realized how vulnerable I was.  I knew the room was pretty sound proof so yelling wasn’t going to help I could only hope that David or Jacob were watching what was the camera I found out about earlier and would help me.  I was worried that this guy might hurt me or do something else that would be more than I was hear for.  That when I felt a stab in the side of my ass, I knew this fucker had just stuck me with a needle and if I could get free I was going to kill him.  I don’t object to people partying, but it wasn’t my thing and sticking a needle in me without permission…he was going to die.  I started to buck wildly at my restrains hoping to break them so I could get to this asshole that had just injected who the fuck know what into my ass.

This stranger obviously noticed I was pissed and trying to get loose so he pulled off my blind fold and there was this hunk of a silver fox standing there.  Silver hair, incredible body with beefy pecs to a flat stomach leading to a perfect cum covered cock and a pair of low hanging balls.  What struck me as strange was he was not naked like the other guys but wearing a lab cote with some embroidered on it.  As my eyes adjust back to light, which he had turned up in our room I realized written on his coat it said Dr. Nick and I stopped struggling.  He showed me the needle and said it was just an antibiotics shot in case I had been given anything else than the gift that he was here to talk about.  I thanked him and he moved over to loose my restraints and help me out of the sling, I noticed he had a really nice scorpion tattooed on his hip.  Just before I was about to get down out of the sling he asked if I wanted the butt plug put in so as not to leak any cum, I said “sure”.  I knew that now was coming the time to make my choice embrace the Poz pig life or PeP and go back to the job that drove me here in the first place.  Dr. Nick started talking and pulled out information on the PeP protocol, I was half listening and half still deciding what path I was going to go down.  This was the moment, I had lived out my fantasy of being a poppered up cum whore but did I want that fantasy to end or accept it as part of my life.  I looked around the room and saw the camera, I noticed it had a red light that would have been on while it was filming which I never saw because I was blindfolded.  However, now the light was off, I assumed that Jacob and David were giving me some doctor, patient confidentiality time.

Dr. Nick sat there for a moment after giving me all the information and options regarding PeP or just continuing to be a cum pig.  I sat there for a second, my hole filled with seed and sealed tight with a good size plug.  I took a deep breath, looked him in the eye and with all the sincerity in my heart I asked one simple question, the only question I wanted an answer for….”where did you get the tattoo on your chest done?”  Nick put all the information on PeP away and smiled at me and move his face toward mine, then we started in a passionate deep kiss.  As we continue to kiss, with out tongues searching each others mouth, pulled me into him and I could feel his chest fur rubbing on my nipples and I was getting horny all over again.  Before I knew it he was on top of me, and spreading my legs with his own till he was between my legs with a rock hard cock pointing at the plug that was keeping all that gift laden nectar in my hole.  Nick reached back into his bag and pulled a nice size steal ring and ran it through his, what I now realized a pierced cock.  I thought he was going to take the plug out and fuck me, but Dr. Nick had other ideas.  He move out from between my legs and went into the private bathroom and came back with a glass tumbler type cup.  He asked me to stand up on the bed, the ceilings were high so I could stand up straight and use my arms to hold onto a beam for stability.  I asked what this was all for and he responded “who is the doctor here?” and so I just stood up.  He then got under my plugged hole and quickly pulled the plug from my hole and have the glass ready to catch the cum that dribble out.  What actually happened, it was more like a drain plug was pulled from a car’s oil pan and a steady stream of cum poured out of my hole.  I was standing in shock as the glass was filling rapidly…how many loads had I taken?  The cum eventually slowed and the good doctor was kind enough to suck out any remaining seed and while holding the glass he kissed me and pushed the seed in his mouth from hole into my mouth.  I was pretty sure I was starting to get addicted to cum.  Nick then to the glass half full of seed and put it up to my lips and said “drink” in a kind of a bit of stern tone, it definitely wasn’t a question.  I took the glass and put it to my lips, tilted the glass and my head back and opened my throat and let all that seed slide right down my throat and into my stomach.  Nick patted me on the back and gave me a deep kiss and said “I will see you later” and opened the door and left, closing the door behind him.

I was left just sitting there no knowing what to do with myself, for the first time in what was now a couple of days I was alone with my own thoughts.  I had made my decision to convert and embrace the pig I was but too afraid to be, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off my shoulders.  I noticed that my hole was no longer twitching but my cock was rock hard and leaking almost ridiculous amounts of pre-cum.  I noticed that the jock I was wearing we soaked in pre-cum, during all of this I never touched my cock the many hours that passed by were all about my hole, poppers and what I was going to do next.  Now I knew what I was going to do next, I was going to fuck and needed to do it with the intensity of a wild animal.  I knew just who my prey was going to be!

I left the room and closed the door behind me and started walking around the place, wearing a harness, arm bands and a black jock.  I was getting looks and guys were grabbing their rapidly hardening cocks or presenting their ass, there was some good ass to be had but there was only one I wanted.  I happen to walk by a mirrored wall and saw myself in the mirror and FUCK, I would fuck me.  I decided since I was here I would see what the damage is, so I bent over and started to play with my hole in the mirror, feeling it loose and sloppy and no longer the tight little pucker from just a couple of days ago.  I put a couple of fingers in there and felt around inside my warm cum slicked hole.  I then put a third finger in and it felt even better and every so often I would take them out and lick all that cum off my fingers then go back to exploring my new fuck cave.  What I did quite realize was I was kind of in the middle of the bath house and putting on a bit of a show, but I was too focused on my hole to notice.  I then slipped a fourth finger in my hole and that felt incredible.  I then though…”what the hell” and I tucked my thumb in and without hardly any effort slipped my fist into my cum lubed hole.  I pulled out and licked my hand clean of all the cum it was covered in, standing there licking my hand clean I then realized I had drawn quite the crowd.  Some guys were standing there jerking off to the show I was giving a few had paired up and were fucking what watching me work my blown out muscle ass.  Normally out of a group like this I would grab a few hungry bottoms and take them back to my room and destroy their holes but this time I had a specific hole in mind.  I let a guys standing nearby finish licking my fingers clean, and then I guided him to my pits and tits and said work them good…and he clean my pits and suck my nips till they were rock hard.  I thanked him by spitting in his mouth and started walking away to go and peg my pretty.  The closer I got to my prize the more my cock would drool in anticipation.

Part 13

I walked to the front of the club where David and Jacob were standing there talking between admitting patrons into the bath house, Jacob was standing there in a harness similar to mine and a black jock all very similar to what I was wearing.  David saw me approaching and was about to start to say something but the look on my face told him I wasn’t interested in hearing it.  I walked up behind Jacob and I grabbed him by his harness nearly pulling him off his feet, he started saying “what the fuuuu” as I spun him around and put him in a headlock.  David immediately took over manning the front while I dragged his hunky husband away, David didn’t bother to ask where I was taking him.  I basically dragged Jacob back to my room, where I opened the door and almost threw him onto the bed where he landed on his back, his cock rock hard and his big piercing showing through the fabric of his jock.  I just looked at him with a stern face and said “turn-over” and he complied immediately, he had a great sculpted body and we would be an easy match in a fight but this was a battle he was happy to loose.  He flipped over and was on all fours presenting his hairless hole to me.  Jacob was unlike David, Jacob waxed everything except what was on his head and David was just a walking muscle fur stud.

I looked at Jacob there on all fours with that smooth ass and hole sticking out, offering himself to me.  I thought fuck he is hot, but this could be better.  Without warning I reached up and grabbed his arms bringing them back toward his ankles causing is head to go down on the mattress….now this was better.  I immediately dove head first and ate his hole like it was the last rimming of my life, he started to groan then started talking “eat that hole, fucking eat my poz ass…”, I told him to shut the fuck up which he did immediately.  I then pulled my precum soaked jock to the side and my painfully hard cock sprang out.  I saw a bottle of lube on the bed, no idea where it came from but grabbed it and slathered up my cock and his hole and with a single thrust buried my thick hog all the way to my balls.  Jacob howled out in pleasure and some pain, and again I told him to “shut the fuck up” and I proceeded to pound his hole with ruthless abandon.  I heard the door open and saw David stick his head in, I look at him and said in stern voice “get the fuck out” at the same time never loosing my ass destroying rhythm that I was pumping into Jacob.  I knew I was getting close, so I slipped my arm around Jacob’s neck and pulled him back up so he was back up on this hands and knees.  I whispered in his ear “these are the last of neg loads so enjoy it pig” and I blew my load, feeling my cock explode in him.  It was so intense that I collapsed onto him and I was still blowing ropes of my still neg cum, he was a big guys he could handle it.  Once I had come back to reality I looked down to see that Jacob and blown a thick load all over the sheets, I pulled my cock out of his well sloppy hole and pushed Jacob over to the side.  I promptly started licking is poz nectar from the sheets like a the cum greedy muscle whore I had become.  Once I was doing licking his cum I sat up and looked Jacob who had just a grin on his face, he said “looks like you made your decision”  I then heard the door open again and it was David, he must have been watching us from the camera and saw that I was done ravaging Jacob so he assumed it was safe to enter.  David was wrong it was anything but safe, these two men represented me stepping into the life I always wanted.  I grabbed David’s arm and pulled him onto the bed, Jacob moved quickly out of the way to make room for whatever was going to happen next.  David must have like what he saw when he watch me ravage his husband because he was rock hard.  I pulled David’s jock pouch to the side and freed his cock, I looked at it and said “nice” and then squatting over him, I lined up his cock with my hole and just sat down, taking his thick uncut meat into my cum cavern hole.  I proceeded to ride him like a man possessed but I needed his seed in me, I needed him to breed me and I wanted Jacob to watch.

I could tell David was trying hold back but I had no intention of letting him have any sense of control, so I just moved my ass up, down and around his cock now lodged deep in my hole.  I then saw his body go ridged and felt him unload in my hole, he must have been holding onto that load for a while but I could tell he was giving my fuck cave a good painting with his seed.  Once David had come down from his orgasm I dismounted from his cock, he said the same thing as Jacob “looks like you made your decision.”  I said “I have but get out, I need a nap come back in an hour”.  They left and closed the door behind them, I really did need a nap but decided I would shower and get out of this gear and get some rest of a bit.  After a nice warm shower, I set the alarm on my phone for an hour and the minute my head hit the pillow I was out cold.

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Let me know if you guys are interested in me carrying on with this story or if you think it has run its course.  I have another chapter just about finished, I welcome any feedback.  I have seen a few typos and grammar errors but I am just writing as it flows as fast as I can type, so I am very sorry for some of the mistakes.  I do appreciate all the "tugs" you guys have been giving me on this.  This is my first time writing any type of story.


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