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Own me and whore my cumdump ass out. I’m addicted to being a whore and can’t imagine a life any other way. Please help me become my truest self. Attractive 22 y/o white slim cumdump for a hot horny master who’s addicted to breeding my hole and whoring me out for more loads. Love feeling sloppy with cum! Message me if interested I have pics, serious inquiries only.

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    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Total cumdump here looking to get piggy in Tampa the weekend of April 23 to April 25. I will be posting the hotel and room when I am there. Looking to be a cummy mess by Sunday. Anon is hot! Ill be bent over and ready to go. Come in, unload and leave (or go for round 2 or 3 or 7). My record is 7 loads in 1 hour, lets beat that! Very open minded and dnd friendly! Come at me with what ya got! NO LOAD REFUSED. Ill be hooded so I dont see you. Feel free to record.

    • By LoadMyHoleOAK
      Newly vaccinated I was on a trip to Massachusetts to see my family after a year and a half. This time I decided to get a hotel room to explore while I was there. It’s always a challenge to find the time to be a cumdump while visiting family and friends.
      One night I was able to carve out the opportunity to set up times to meet with 2 tops from BBRT. Both tops were eager to eat ass and unload. When I had asked the second top if he would be OK with used hole, he told me he’d eat anything out.
      Top number one arrived to find me in a darkened room with my ass up. He immediately started using his tongue to probe and rim... nibbling the soft pink flesh of my hole. After about 15 minutes, he lined up his rod and started to push into me. I hadn’t realized I had gotten so tight over the past year due to lack of use. I relaxed as best I could and he was able to stretch me open to shove in. Thank God for lube. I remained tight the entire time and he didn’t last too long. With a groan,  he ejaculated into me and then collapsed on me; his sweat dripping onto my back.
      Top number two spent a good hour slurping  the load out of me and using his tongue, fingers and thumb to titillate my hole. I was moaning like a bitch in heat the whole time. His 7 inches was rockhard the entire time.  When he was ready, he flipped me over on my back and thrust in with my legs over his shoulders. Despite the previous fuck my hole still needed to stretch to accommodate his girth. The top that has been so sweet and tender while  tonguing me turned aggressive and shoved in hard. He began fucking like a jackhammer and then pushed me on my  side directing me to stretch my ass cheeks so he could go in deeper. He grabbed a handful of my hair yanking my head back thrusting harder and faster till his load spurted deep into me.
      He left me that night with come dripping out of my ass and when I returned home I ordered a set of anal plugs so I can stretch my hole back into shape!
    • By Loadluver310
      Gonna be visiting Vegas for a couple of days. Will be there on Tuesday. Looking to try being a cumdump on Wednesday night. Can't host at my room, however I can travel. 
      Kik: BD3288
    • By Ftm
      Hi all--Im a 26 year old extremely masc, bearded FTM in the sf bay area. work out very regularly, have had top surgery but no bottom surgery. I am a total bottom and very submissive. I have a maaaajor pregnancy risk kink and I'm looking for any and all loads I can get. I'm fertile and so the risk is real, but it would be no risk for you since you can stay anonymous if you want. I'm not in SF proper but I can travel (or host in my part of the bay). Only looking for tops at the moment but I'm open otherwise to any age/ethnicity/physical appearance. Also love being tag teamed/group fun. Have hosted several "pussy parties" before too--some guys who are curious about trying pussy, me naked on a bed or table with a blindfold on and earplugs in, and anyone can use my pussy as much or as little as they want to find out if they like it.
      I can get into some very rough shit but I'm also down for just regular hooking up too! Only strict requirement is no condoms ever. I've never had one inside me and I never want to.
    • By pervedone
      Where are the best places to throw on a NastyPig or RawPigs hat/shirt, show off your biohazard/baphomet tattoos and walk around looking for takers? Have thought of cons, truckstops, maybe beaches. Wbat about you?
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