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June 30th cumdump needed

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    • By egypt1327
      I am hosting as a cum dump from 10/06 to 10/10 in New York City. Trying to surpass my 35 load count in 4.5 hours. I will be staying at a hotel that does not have security. Hmu if you’re interested! Please send stats and cock pics. I don’t party. Only weed and poppers

    • By Hungtop4barehole
      My name is Justin.  I am 5’10 155 have a six pack and bubble butt and a nice 8” dick, I am straight and have a girlfriend, but I have always been fascinated with giving oral and have watch lots of videos of gay guys giving oral to a straight guy.  My girl got me started since she brought a bi film that started two college guy and one chick.  I started watching my straight guys getting head from gay guys online and it would make me blow a huge load.  One of the scenes was shot in a bathroom though a glory hole. 
      I had never though much when I used a public rest room but after watching the video, I would check out the room and see if they had glory holes in the walls but the bathrooms I visited did not. That was until I cut through the park and checked out that bathroom, Bingo there was a glory hole between the stalls.  I got in the stall and sat on the toilet waited and about three minutes later I heard footsteps and then the stall next me the door opened. My heart was racing as I heard the door lock and then the guy sat down and tapped his foot.
      I did not know what I was supposed to do at this point, so I tapped mine and he moved his foot closer and tapped again and I did the same.  Then the guy stood up and slide his big dick through the glory hole, it had to be 9 inches and uncut.  I had not come to suck dick, but this big dick was beautiful, so I grabbed it and jacked it a little and watched the foreskin got over his big fat head and the cum starting on his piss slit.  The guy gruffly said suck my dick fag.  I was no fag, but I followed his instruction and put my mouth on tongue on his beautiful dick and sucked as much as I could but after a few minutes he pulled out and then slipped a brown bottom through and told me to inhale. I uncapped it and took several inhales and then capped it and slide it back trough and his dick slide back through.
      Now I suddenly was a great or a better cock sucked and took his dick down my throat and gagged on it and sucked and jacked him and after ten minutes he hit the wall and I did not know what that meant but I soon found out it meant he was going to cum and he shot rope after rope in my throat and then slowly pulled out and when his head was almost all the way through he told me to clean up his foreskin and I slide my tongue inside and cleaned his dick head clean of the cum and he pulled out and zipped up and said fag, be here tomorrow at the same time. 
      I sat there wondering how that fucking happened, I had come to get my dick sucked by a fag but here I was impersonating one myself.  My dick was still rock hard, and I really needed to get off and I started to jack off and I heard the door to the stall.  The same tap of the foot but this time the guy put his fingers to the hole, and I instinctively knew that he wanted me to slip my 8” though the glory hole.  I did and he swallowed me and sucked my rock-hard dick and five minutes later I shot my load in his mouth and he swallowed it and sucked my dick trying to get more.  I pulled out and zipped up and left without saying a word. It was hot and I knew I wanted to do it again.
      I had no intention on going back there tomorrow when I headed home to my girl, and I had convinced myself that I would never suck a dude off again but, in my dreams, I was giving two big, dicked guy’s head and I woke up in the morning with dick on my mind.  I tried to fight it, but I wound up back at the park ten minutes before the time I was yesterday sitting in the stall waiting for that hot guy to come in. I hard footsteps and then the door latch and the guy pulled down his shorts and dangled his dick at the hole.  It was not the same guy and I really wanted him to leave but felt like I had to suck his dick and blow him so the stall would be free for the hot guy. 
      I tapped the hole like the other guy’s dick, and he slide his now hard dick through the hole.  It was not huge 7 inches, but fat and I licked and sucked on his dick for five minutes and then the guy shot his load in my mouth, and he quickly pulled out of the hole and pulled up his shorts and left.  The door opened and another guy came in.  This seemed like my guy, he said fag it looks like you have already swallowed at least one load today.  You better suck my dick better then last time you dirty little fag.  I cleared my throat and said I will do better, and I am ready.  He unzipped and his dick half hard was slipped through the hole, and I began to suck him, and I could tell he liked it, he was moaning.  He pulled out just like last time and slipped the poppers through and I hit them and handed them back and he slide his big dick back through and I sucked and licked and made love to his dick until he shot his load in my throat again.  He made me clean him again and then he said, good fag.  I sent the first guy in here that you sucked and there are two more guys needing head.  You will service them and be a good cock sucking fag and be here on Thursday at the same time. 
      Do you understand Fag?  I said, yes, I understand.  He then zipped up and a 20 second later the door opened and in walked a guy and he unzipped and unbuckled and slide his dick through.  The guy had a fat 7 or 7 ½ in dick that he slides through.  I sucked his dick and he shot quick.  It only took four minutes for him to shoot a huge load on my tongue. The guy had said nothing up to this point, but he pulled his dick out and said swallow my fucking load.  I did and he left and 30 seconds later another guy came in and as I peeked through the hole, he was tall and skinny and once he hung his skateboard on the stall wall, I knew he was a young guy.  He fished out his big dick and slide it through the hole and the kid had a to have 10” as I sucked him hard it was a hot cut dick average thickness. 
      I sucked him for awhile and then he told me it was his turn. I stood up and stuck my dick through the hole and he just jacked it and then told me to turn around.  I was confused and then he said fucking turn around and show me your ass.  I pulled out and turned around and showed him my ass and he reached through and said spread your checks and I did, and he spit on his finger and rubbed my hole with his index finger and then pulled me to the hole grabbing my right check. Once there he started licking my ass hole and I could not believe how amazing his tongue felt and then after a few minutes he slide his finger inside me, and bolts of excitement went through my body as he fingered me and then he slides in another.  My dick was rock hard and moments later he slides his dick slowly into me as he said don’t fucking move.  
      I knew I should not be letting him do this to me, but I was paralyzed in the pleasure and pain.  He fucked me for ten minutes and then I heard hem moan and grunt and knew he was Cumming inside me.  He left his dick in me and slowly pulled out and told me to turn around and clean him up.  I sucked on his dick and cleaned the cum and ass off his dick and he told me what a good fag I was, and he would breed me soon. What the fuck I though, this should never happen again as I sat waiting for a cock sucker to swallow my load and it was not long before a young dude wondered in, and I was soon shoot my load down his throat.
      I shook my head as I looked in the mirror and wondered what I had become.  I had swallowed three loads, sucked four dick and taken a load in my ass.  I am not this guy.  I knew I had to days to get right, and I promised myself I would.
    • By CSxxx
      I finally had time to visit Amsterdam's Meat Market party at Club Church again. Although i have been fucking bare for a long time now, I never had a chance to visit Meat Market (MM) again since i always have to work when that party is on. Meat Market is a party comparable to Fickstutenmarkt where tops can fuck all the bottoms they want, and the blindfolded bottoms are never allowed to refuse a top. If you wear a red hood, you are allowed to be fucked bareback, if you wear a white hood you can only be fucked safe. And this was my first time going bare.
      For some reason I am always super nervous at the start of a party. Mainly, I think, is that I am afraid that i am not clean. I live an hour away from Amsterdam and although I was clean when i left, the nerves pushed some 'enemies' in my fuck hole. But fortunately i came fully prepared with a douche and a big 23cm dildo to clean out the last enemies. Right before the party started my dildo and I gave myself the 'all clear' and I was good to go! I was placed at the corner of a fuck bench with my ass up and then the wait began. I could hear footsteps approaching me and the first guy next to me got fucked mercilessly. Soon a guy approached me and pushed me over and he immediately started aiming for my hole. His dick was a nice size but not gigantic, so a nice one to open my hole with. He fucked me for a couple of minutes before slapping my ass and left. A second cock filled me up almost immediately afterwards.
      His cock pushed against my blatter quite hard and because of the nerves, even though they were fading away, i needed to take a piss. I went to the restrooms and when i was done some hot guy helped me getting back to the benches. My spot was taken so he literally put me in the corner where in the darkness i could find a bench too. Within seconds a new guy showed up and fucked me quickly but very hard. He left and his spot was taken by two undeniably American guys. Because my nerves were finally gone, my thick dick had finally awoken and i was stroking it. "Oh my God! Look at this whore's fat cock, babe! You wanna fuck him first?" one of the two exclaimed. Before I could say something, i was bent forward and had the guys dick in my mouth and immediately felt a terrible pain in my ass... His boyfriend started fucking me with a condom... Damn it! I am not only mentally allergic to condoms, but also psychically. My hole starts to burn like hell when a guy starts fucking me with a condom. Like you rub salt in it. I can only compare the feeling as being similar to getting cum in your eye. That hurts like hell too. I said to him: I am so sorry, but I am not wearing red for nothing I am allergic to rubber and it hurts so much! He kept fucking but the feeling was too painful so i got back up and said: sorry: bare or nothing. I knew i had broken the rules but fortunately they were kind enough to accept my apology and said that they normally fucked bare too, but...'It's Amsterdam you know.." I smiled at the irony of that coming from two guys from San Francisco. They pushed me on my knees and without being able to take a deep breath i had the other guys dick down my throat. They started to take turns filling my dumb face and one of them blew a nice load down my throat. Yes! Load number 1, in the pocket. More guys arrived and before i knew it i had dicks 4, 5, 6 and 7 in my ass. Dick number 8 also dumped a load in my face.
      I decided to take a smoke break and went to the bottom rest area. I was finally able to take my hood off for a second and i stared at this gorgeous smooth guy also taking a break. I was still hard and he immediately, without saying anything bent over. I didn't want to break the rules again (cause bottoms are not allowed to fuck other bottoms) but then i remembered seeing two bottoms blowing each other on my way to the rest area. My horniness won from my common sense and i started breeding his hole. His hole was so fucking open that I had to double check that my cock was actually in him, and I was not fucking the air between his legs. I kept pumping his ass when a second bottom appeared and bent over too.  Damn, I couldn't control myself anymore:  the sex addicted slut that I actually am took over the good 'boy next door' i normally pretend to be (lol). 
      I did not want to cum so i stopped after a while and finished another sigaret. My ass was still sore from that stupid condom so I went to the restrooms again to  cool my ass down with some water and i spotted this sexy guy with his gigantic cock. Turned out it was a fat 23cm dick and i begged him to fuck me. He pushed me down and first opened my throat, exclaiming: Fuck, not many guys can go that deep without throwing up haha!". I said:"Real whores are trained to deepthroat any dick". He kept fucking my throat before pulling me back up and turned me around and slammed his cock in my ass. I moaned and he started pushing harder and harder before pulling out, slamming my back to the floor and dumped load number 3 in my cum bucket mouth. "Thanks slut" he said, while slapping me in the face. He walked away and i wanted to return to the main area but I noticed this even hotter guy next to the stairs staring at me. Staring at me while stroking his massive piece of meat, that is. His eyes were on fire, and before i knew it he dragged me with him and threw me in a cubicle. He started fucking my face first and then pumping my wide open hole too before returning to my face and dumped load number 4 in me. I was in heaven, and in desperate need for more. 
      I wanted another cigarette and went back to the bottom room where a hairy, piggy, clearly sex addicted versa bottom was awaiting me. He bent over and i started fucking him. Apparently i did not fuck him hard enough cause he smacked his own ass and waved his hand, signing me that he wanted more. I started slamming his ass as hard as i could and he started to moan like he was about to explode! Suddenly he pushed me away. I was confused: "Sorry, did i hurt you?". "No", he said. "But i want to dump my load in you now, you pig". I happily bent over and he slammed his rock hard dick in me like there was no tomorrow. Another guy started fucking my face and after a few minutes of brutal fucking he moaned like a bear attacking its prey and i felt his cocking pumping his cum in me. I was so happy! He thanked me and said i had a gorgeous ass. 
      I finished my sigaret and went back up, i found a nice spot and before i knew it new guys started filling my ass again. Before i knew it I had 18 stripes on my back, meaning 18 different guys had used my body for their pleasure. I was super turned on and i noticed, while secretly raising my hood a bit that quite a few bottoms had already left. I laid ass up on the bench and a guys approached me and started fucking my face and dumped his load in my face. Number 5! Suddenly i felt two hands pushing my down and someone whispered in my ear:"lay flay on your stomach". I did as i was told and I felt warm spit dripping on my hole. "Yes, another bare cock for me", I thought! I had not even finished the thought or an excruciating pain rushed through my body. I screamed. "What the fuck are you doing!", I yelled. But he kept going. It felt like a small, hard foreign object was being pushed inside my ass. "Aaaarghh!!", I screamed in pain. My whole body started to reject this pain and I tried to wrestle myself loose, but his arm was around my neck and his whole body was on top of me. I couldn't talk anymore because at the same time another guy fucked his big cock in my mouth. But the pain was too severe. Finally the stupid fucker realised I wasn't enjoying his attempt of fucking me, and let me go. "Jesus! What the hell was that". I screamed. A bottom slut next to me, grinned and said:"And that is why we hate condoms". That stupid fucker had fucked my sluthole with his small rock hard dick wrapped in a condom. I got up, but way too quickly and my head started to spin. I almost fainted because of the pain, the lack of food I'd had and the shock of what just happened. I hated myself for my angry response, but it was just too painful. I went downstairs to take a piss and drink some water and cool my ass down a bit. 
      "Did this guy really just ruin my amazing afternoon?", I thought. I sat down and took a deep breath. I forgot i was still wearing a hood, so within a minute a guy approached me and started fucking my throat again. Apparently he had noticed the whole ordeal and said: "Condoms can hurt like fuck, I know what you're going through". I thanked him for his words and kept sucking him. The pain started to fade away a bit and after resting for about 15 minutes i decided that I did not want this stupid guy to ruin my day. So i pulled myself together, went back up and went for the final round. Hungry tops happily took that opportunity and fortunately they all fucked me bare. 
      I decided that I was done after a couple of hours of sex and took my hood off and said to one of the party assistants that I was finished for the day. I ordered my first drink of that afternoon and started to let my eyes get used to the bright disco lights. It started to wind down but i Noticed in the corner of the other fucked bench a super hot bottom getting destroyed by a hot salt and pepper bearded daddy. I walked up to them and enjoyed the spectacle. The daddy moaned and dumped his load in him. The bottom turned around and i saw a gigantic fat cock on that bottom. I could not control myself, since i had not cum yet. I approached him while the daddy jumped off of him and said to me:" He is all yours now!" I grinned and started to suck the bottom's fat cock. Immediately going all the way down until my nose was buried in his stomach. He started to moan and i climbed on top of him and started to ride his cock. Clearly he did not expect that but he enjoyed it nonetheless. "Give me your cock!", he begged. I got up and he turned around and i started fucking him. I didn't care anymore, i needed more sex! I kept fucking him right until I felt I could not hold it any longer. I stopped, because I did not want to cum yet, the evening was still young, and started to rub his dick with lube and gave him a super intense handjob, his body moved up and down and from side to side while moaning out:"oh yes, oh fuck, oh fuck!". Suddenly I yelled at him:" Give me your cum you slut!". He started rubbing himself and within 10 seconds he blew a gigantic load all over his chest. I licked it up and he thanked me for the great experience. 
      A party assistent announced that the party was about to close and that it was time to get dressed again! I walked towards the coat check and i noticed one last red hooded cum whore still getting fucked. His caramel colored skin was filled with stripes. One stripe, for one cock. I started to count and that whore had 36 stripes on him. I congratulated him on that achievement and he started to laugh. "Well, you're not bad either!", he said. "Let me count yours". He started to count and he said:"Well done boy! You got 21 on you!"
      21 cocks, 5 loads, and despite the condoms I had a fantastic afternoon. I left happily and cannot wait to go to the next party. 
      xxx Charlie
    • By Hungtop4barehole
      Sam the short muscle bottom.
      I like to whore out bottoms, get guys to come over and fuck them bare and dump their load in a hot bottom and leave.  I had been courting Sam this hot white muscle bottom for months and he said he rarely ever fucked bare and although it sounded hot it was not for him.  The third time I asked I shared with him that I had regulars and they were all neg on PreP and that it was a safe experience.  The exchange below is what came from my third request and statement.
      Me: So, it is totally safe.
      Sam: Really, they are all on PreP?
      Me: Yes, all my buds are on PreP as am I.
      Sam: I am not on PreP right now.
      Me: Not a problem sense we all are.
      Sam: Yea, so how would this work.
      Me: You come over and get naked except for a jock and suck my dick and every time the doorbell rings you slip your blindfold in and a bud on PreP comes in and feels your light little body and either eats your hole or lubes you up and fucks you.  Breeds you and then leaves.
      Sam: You sure they are on PreP?
      Me: Yep, I have known these guys.
      Sam: Okay, I am up for it. When?
      Me: how is Thursday Night?
      Sam: Good, I have Friday and the entire weekend off.  What time?
      Me: How is 7 PM?
      Sam: That works, do I need to bring anything?
      Me: No, I have everything so no need to bring anything but clean out good.
      Sam: I will, you have buds with big dicks? 
      Me: Yes, buds and I have big dicks.
      Sam: Hot, send your address and I will be there at 7 PM. 
      Me: Great, oh yea, wear a jock. Then I sent same my address.
      I had emailed and texted buds about Sam, four were available but many of them were busy or had bottoms already coming over.  I resorted to looking for guy online despite telling Sam I knew them all. I located eight other guys all young and hung who were great prospects.  All said they were on PreP and loved fucking bare hole.  Three emailed me back by Wednesday and two more on Thursday morning and I lined up my regular buds first and got info to hit up the other guys one at a time for Sam, so he had a great experience and because I love watching a bottom get loaded more than anything.
      Thursday came and I got things around, lube, towels, G and T (had not discussed with Sam and his profile said no drugs) blindfold, restraints (had not discussed them either) and some toys to use on him.  I hid the restraints, T and G and when Sam arrived, he was so fucking cute.  Blonde hair, blue eyes and an adorable face with a hot ass body.  I poured Sam a drink and he looked nervous, and I spiked it with a little G and watched as he drank it and I offered him another and spiked that one too.  Told him my first bud would be there soon so he should get undressed and up on the bed in his jock. Sam jumped up and almost lost his balance and I had to hold him so he could undress that hot little smooth muscled body and then to when he slipped off his shorts the hottest ass farmed with that dark blue jock was a site to see.  He crawled up on the bed and I placed a couple pillows for his chest and once he was in place, I feed him my cock.
      Sam was a great cock sucked and I knew he would make a great cum dump for the night.  I told him to stay in place and I went around and spread his checks and ate that little hole.  Sam moaned and arched his back, he tasted amazing, and I tongue fucked him till I heard the doorbell and helped Sam slip on the blindfold and fed him my cock as my Friend Dean walked in and said, "Fuck yea.  You outdid yourself this time." He got on the bed and bent down and ate Sam and made him moan on my dick.  Dean loved ass and after five minutes of eating Sam’s hole Dean got off the bed and undressed and let his uncut 8’ dick spring from his underwear and he lubed it up and slowly slide it into Sam.  Fucking him for almost ten minutes before shooting his load deep inside Sam. 
      Sam caught his breath and then looked at me and said, fucking great cum dump, Thanks and he pulled out and cleaned up.  He then dressed and left and passed Mike who just walked in, and I whispered to Sam to leave the blindfold on.  Mike is a think good looking college kid with a fat 7.5-inch dick, and he loves to breed.  He does not eat ass; he just loves to fuck and nut in a hot hole.  Mike hopped up and pulled out his dick and slide in Sam as Sam yelped a little and I rubbed his chest and pinched his nipple and Mike started to fuck Sam hard and Sam moaned even loader then when Dean was and Mike slapped his ass and said fucking whore, you need my load don’t you.  Anonymous cum dump for my big dick, fuck that makes me cum even more.  He slammed Sam ten more times and then growled as he shot his load in Sam. 
      I got a text from David, and he was delayed, and Ryan could not come for over an hour, so I hit up a couple guys online I had talked earlier.  Dylan and Diego, Diego responded first and text he was ten minutes away.  I took that time to give Sam a shard of T and since that went so well, I slipped him another before Diego arrives with his big 9” dick.  Diego came in and nodded to me and undressed and got up on the bed and did not say a word.  He fingered Same and Same moaned and then Diego asked how may loads, I said two and then he pulled his fingers out and slide his big dick slowly into Sam and he helped a little as that big dick stretched his hole.  Diego loved to fuck, and he drilled Sam for fifteen minutes and shot his load inside Sam.  Dylan arrives and he seemed to know Diego and they greeted each other while Diego was getting dressed to leave and Dylan was undressing.   Diego watched while Dylan unleashed a nice thick 8” dick and slapped it on Sam’s cummy hole and then pulled back and spread Sam’s hole and began eating that cummy little slit.  Diego watched while Dylan tongue fucked Sam and Diego said, fuck yea eat me cum bro (in a heavy accent) and then he laughed and walked out.
      Dylan ate away and after he was satisfied and lined up his dick and piston fucked Sam until he shot his load deep in that cunt and then slow fucked him and five minutes later piston fucked him till, he shot in his hole.  Fuck that is some good pussy he says and then he pulls out and said the boy had to suck my dick clean.  I moved over and he fed Sam his dick and let him suck him clean.  I text everyone and no one was free, even though they said they would be.  I started looking for other guys and I could only find one that said neg on PreP.  He was 50 years old tall with a big dick and I hit him up.  He was not exactly what I wanted to watch but he would due until the rest of the guys were free. 
      I gave my address and asked the guy when he could be there.  The guy said 5 minutes, fuck he must have been close, and I told him to come over and the door would be open, and Sam would be blindfolded.  Seven minutes later the guy walks in and he really did not look like his pic, he looked better.  He was tall and more built, and he felt up same and looked at me and said the kid is neg right?  I told he was, and I said your file says neg on PreP and he said yes is all and he began to slip his pants off but left his shirt one and he had the thickest 9” dick with a PA.  He got on the bed and fingered Sam with one, two and then three fingers inside him making same moan and then he led his PA a lined it up at Sam’s slit and pressed t and then pushed his fat head in and Same yelped and he pressed slowly and soon he was lodged deep in Sam’s hole.
      The guy knew how to fuck, and he slowly pumped Sam’s hole making the boy moan and whimper and after thirty minutes of slowly but forceful fucking the man shoves hid dick in and grunted and said fuck, I needed that.  He worked his dick out slowly and then guided the PA out and it had pink cum on it.  He went to the bathroom and asked for soap, and I walked over, and he had slipped off his shirt and the guy was muscled and had well-defined chest and abs and a scorpion tat on his left pec.  I swallowed hard and asked him if he was a Scorpio and he said an, I am an Aquarius. I swallowed even harder, and I said you know Sam the kid you fucked is neg and not on PreP. The guy’s dick had gone soft but as I said that I could see it coming to life and it was soon rock hard again and I looked down at my dick and I was rock hard too. 
      He leaned in and said, no reason to put my shirt back on.  I nodded and he smiled at me and said, think I should fuck the kid again.  All I could do is nod again.  He walked right back over to Sam and felt him up again and then worked his dick in him again and fucked him harder this time but still nice and steady and twenty minutes later he shot another load inside him.  He cleaned up again and then got dress and I walked him to the door.  He leaned in and said, your bottom and I have a lot in common.  I said yea? He smiled and said neither of us are on Meds and he winked and said he would be back in a few hours if the boy needed more cum.  
      I closed the door and thought I should rush the kid to the ER and get him some pills but a text cam in from a buddy and he said he was ready for that fine ass, and I went back to Sam and let him suck my rock-hard dick. Could I possibly think this is hot? What the fuck. My dick seems to be telling me something is all I thought while Sam sucked my cock and I waited for Brian.
    • By DailyBare
      Hi guys!
      I promised you to share more of my adventures well here it is.
      Still close friends with my buddy whom I told you about. He took me on a trip to Berlin. Due to COVID everything there was closed and no party or venue is open. The reason we flew all the way from Amsterdam to Berlin is Tiergarten. And especially the part where the ‘Tischtennisplate’ are located. The place is a slut magnet at night for sure. At night dozens and on it’s hight hundreds of sluty horny gays cruise there. There are two options Bottom or Top. Switching is allowed. 
      When we arrived at 10.30pm we dropped our pants, took of our shirts and walked in jockstrap and harness to the tables. We both bend over and immediately we had pounding dicks in our ass. And the tops where greedy. Under influence of some ‘candy’ we had our asses fucked over and over again by numerous hot wet dicks. The best where the ones who came in my ass. It didn’t take long before their seed dripped of my balls onto the floor. For hours on end countless hot dicks wrecked our asses. And we refused no dick as long as it was hard and eagerly willing our whore ass. When my friends ass was creamed with several loads he allowed me to eat his ass. By the twitching and turning of his ass I could see he really enjoyed me eating and licking the cum of his dazzling ass. Don’t no how many guy’s seed I ate that weekend but dozens for sure. 
      We went for three nights in a row. And every night there seemed to be a different atmosphere but in the end it came all down to that one thing which really matters in life having: our asses bred. 
      The third and last night we went back to our hotel and after being a cumslut for three nights I fell asleep. That night, half groggy I felt my friend touching my ass.  He assplayed me and all of a sudden his thong started to lick my ass.  Still half a sleep, it felt so fucking hot! Suddenly I felt his dick sliding in my ass.  When I finally opened my eyes, I was in for a pleasant surprise! It wasn’t my friend, it was a complete stranger who was fucking me in the hotel bed. My friend hooked him up on Grindr and the guy came over and well he woke me up so to speak.  I love my friend even more for surprising me in such a hot way.  I wish all of you such a friend. One who can take good care of himself but also makes sure his buddy is breeded as well.  
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