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  1. Looking for someone to breed in my hotel room all week.
  2. Will do ma lady 🙂
  3. Looking for a lady or a couple to come over tonight to let me unleash my masculinity in them 😉 yes I’m cringy get over it .
  4. Looking for a neg pussy to pump full of my cum tonight . Prefer doing it outdoors but all means if you can host we can talk about that.
  5. Just a young guy looking to pump cum into a nice pussy. To reach me message me on kik at tpounderbb ! Thanks !
  6. Looking to pump a load into a fine lady tonight. HMU if that is you !
  7. Well of course imma ask you to help me get Pusey to breed 😜 even if it’s you spitting it into them.
  8. Heya , looking for someone to connect with to dump off some cargo 😉 during my many travels to montreal ! I’m 24 and neg, your age doesn’t matter Aslong as you are neg and need cum inside you.
  9. Just search to see if there is any neg females on this site looking for discreet hookups and dumps ! Comment here !
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