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Random Grindr Jock

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I was feeling horny so jumped on Grindr to see who was nearby. Chatted with a athletic guy and agreed to meet at a local park with a path through the woods. I got there first so I went down the trail and found a nice spot behind a fallen down tree and waited. He came along a few minutes later, obviously nervous, wearing a mask(straight guy?) He pulled his cock out and I gave him some head. He started warming up to me not being so shy😏still wasn't getting super hard, he started gently pulling my head into his dick. I reached back and kind of roughly guided his hand on the back of my head,to hint at its ok to be rough, deeptroating him. He wasn't shy at that point and roughly started face fucking me, getting rock hard. I pulled away and leaned over the fallen tree, pulling my shorts down. Remembering my poppers I grabbed and opened them, before I could get a sniff of them he was balls deep in me. Took a good whiff and was off on cloud 9. He fucked me rough for a minute or two, and as I was coming back down from the poppers realized I didn't even ask him name... Or his status... Or if he was going to use a rubber... Reached back sure enough, no condom. That kind of really made my heart start racing, was starting to second guess my choice. Too late he starts deliberetly thrusting and how tight he's holding my hims I know its too late, just took a huge rip of poppers and submitted relaxed. He slammed in deep, and felt him throbbing as he blew his spunk as far as he could. He pulled out a few moments later, pulled his pants up, slapped my ass so fucking hard!! And just walked away. Leaving me bent over the fallen down tree, my shorts down, with his baby batter deep inside my hole. 


Still not good at writing, but had to share.  Please don't edit, I will overtime if I want it changed.  

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