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To much to lose

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So, newbie, it sounds like you're still unsure of which way to structure your life.  It's really important to think it through, since "the raw life" is, in fact, so demanding ... compelling.

You entitled your post "To much to lose", which suggests a negative mind-set towards wanton Breeding.  Listen carefully to your heart, your mind, your soul.  If you're not willing to commit to living a life of Lust, and the ensuing behavior, then turn away from it.  It's ok.  This life isn't for every guy, and it's ok to think you maybe want to take a Cock up your gut.

Just be sure, since doing that may well be crossing your own Rubicon.

Good luck, and thanks for your post.

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6 minutes ago, hntnhole said:

It's ok.  This life isn't for every guy,

So right. Some things need to remain fantasy. That is what is great about this site. Guys who can’t bring themselves to take that step into barebacking can indulge and live vicariously.

     Finding what is right for you is the most important thing. I found out early I don’t want to live without raw cock and the taste of cum. I am lucky that way.  I really feel for guys who struggle with these issues. It’s one struggle I don’t have to wrestle with. 

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I think id be worried more if I did try and the guy didn't tell me he was poz and with me not on prep. To some it would be the ultimate stealth .

I've tried 2 toys and do enjoy trying with them. If and when o do decide to lose my cherry to a cock then that will be my decision .

For now it'll be toys. 

Way to many careless people out there. 

I do love reading the stories more than watching videos . 

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As someone who is frightened of hiv and think about all the time, you can't catch hiv or many stds with a rubber. 

If you are afraid of being stealthed then assume the top position when you have protected sex. When you are a bottom you are vulnerable to being tricked but as a top you can be sure that protection is being used.


And if you decide you want to go bare, the risk is much lower for a top which can be lowered much more with prep.

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Time for some tough love. Of course the decision is yours but are you a man or a mouse? There are selfish assholes out there who would take advantage of a rube. You don’t have to be a victim. 
     As for stealthers that’s fairly rare. Have you noticed how many chasers on here are looking for gifters and can’t find them? Full blown aids tops are not that easy to find and they are not all trying poz ignorant bottoms. 
     Statistically speaking you are unlikely to get HIV with a few precautions. Do your research.  If you are smart I’d say you can be 100% safe and still get boned. 
     This site can skew your perspective because many of us are cock hungry cumdumps who let the little head do all the thinking. I know the risks of barebacking and I accept that. You don’t have to go that route. 
     Get out there, meet some men, get to know the ones that turn your crank. Seems like trust is your issue so find a man you trust and be honest with him about your fears and your needs. 
     Once you find ‘the one’ get tested together, maybe go on Prep, buy some condoms and get what you need. 
     What I am saying is be in control of your sex life. Create a situation you are comfortable in and get some cock dude. Life is short and nights can be long so make hay while the sun shines. 

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8 hours ago, Newbieforfun said:

I'd be to scared to start messing around with guys and anal sex covered or bare . Family , home and possibly job could be at risk .

I like the idea of at least losing my cherry 

Where do you live the deep

south? Or an antigay country?   

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3 hours ago, Newbieforfun said:

Really want to try one and see what it feels like . But yeah need to be checked and preped before I go anywhere . One day but not yet . It could even be someone from this site , who knows . Bit not yet 

Hi, I see from your profile that you joined in April 2019, so have been lurking around for a couple of years.

I take it you have heterosexual encounters but have a desire to try sex with a man after using toys or is your sole sexual experience just with toys?

If you want sex with a man you could always get PrEP and if you are still scared of catching anything use condoms whilst on PrEP.  Whilst there are ways of minimising risk, bareback isn’t for everyone and whilst this site is predominantly frequented by barebackers, there’s nothing wrong with people lurking just to have a read of the stories or some of the useful informational posts.

I would suggest however that you don’t get overly hung up on barebacking, it’s easy for an interest to become an obsession, especially if it’s something you feel you feel you can’t do because you are worried about the risks - you could end up beating yourself up over it and that wouldn’t do you any good.

The context of your title is a little unclear though, as to whether it’s the sexually transmitted disease risk itself or whether you have family/religious/cultural or financial reasons where contracting an illness such as HIV would cause you issues, some clarification could be helpful when it comes to people offering advice.

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