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  1. Treehugger

    Competitive Bottoms

    Jeez, that is terrible. Not the kind of 'dick' you want to meet at the baths. I never noticed anyone erasing my room number but I did have the opposite happen. I was in the sling getting fucked by this really hairy guy (we have played a couple other times) who drives me crazy. Love the furry ones! He left for quite a while and I got quite a bit of action in the sling. Lots of raw cock in my hole. He came back much later to fuck me again. As he was boning me he told me had had gone to all the boards and wrote "hot top taking loads in sling". Wasn't that nice of him. There are a few nice guys at the baths.
  2. Treehugger

    How do you deal with a hook-up gone wrong?

    Who does that kind of stuff!!! OMG. Did he think it was funny? What kind of sick bastard thinks that is funny? Not a fun experience but a really good party shocker. It beats the diaper guy I went home with once from a bar. When he got in my truck he informed me he was wearing a diaper. I was so horny I thought, "I can do this." I am willing to try new things. We get to his room and his bathroom is filthy. I am a total sex pig, love ass to mouth, snowballing, felching, anonymous gloryhole barebacking, etc... but I can't stand a skanky bathroom. That is gross. I soldier on but things are not looking good. I try blowing him but as I get close to his crotch I can see the scabs from a serious crab infestation around his cock. Deal breaker. I sit up and as I am trying to think of a gracious way of departing he jumps up in a desperate attempt to save the encounter and pulls bra out of the closet. As he puts it on I tell him I am really tired and need to go home. "Yeah, okay," he says, "me too. There's a game I wanted to watch anyway." He was a bra wearing diaper clad sports fan. Go figure. Unfortunately for him none of those things held any interest for me.
  3. Treehugger

    How do you deal with a hook-up gone wrong?

    Wow! That is some crazy shit. I have not ever had it quite that bad. Once in a while I will play with some guy and then realize I am not into them at all and make my excuses and then of course they show up where ever I am. If I get in the sling there they are. I start playing the dark room and suddenly I realize I am being stroked by the guy I was trying to avoid, on and on. It ends up being a cat and mouse game when what I really need to do is grow a pair and tell the guy I am no longer interested. Hate to ruin a guys evening or kill the mood (as you know). Ah the perils of the bathhouse. Still love it though.
  4. Treehugger

    How do you deal with a hook-up gone wrong?

    I was tongue tied alright. I try to be a good bottom and give guys pleasure but I need a top in order to be a good bottom and whatever this guy was he was no top.
  5. Treehugger

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I am pretty submissive when it comes to fucking. I don't have it in me to tell a top raw or nothing. I hate to disappoint anyone who wants to fuck me. Do you insist on raw only?
  6. Treehugger

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    If you can make it to a bathhouse you will find it much easier to get raw loads. Depends on the bathhouse though. I have been to some where it seems like most of the guys insist on condoms and others almost no one does. On a good night I can go a whole evening taking cock after raw cock without ever seeing a condom.
  7. Treehugger

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I don't know how anybody keeps an accurate count. I find it impossible. I can barely keep track of cocks much less loads. Last year I was getting fucked by an anonymous top at the bathhouse. He had a fairly large cock and it stung a little so I assumed he was wearing a condom, wah, but I took it and the fucking. He got off and walked away. I took a piss break and the cum started pouring out of me. It was crazy. He shot a huge wad in my hole and the whole time I thought he was wearing a condom. If he had shot a smaller load I would never have known.
  8. Treehugger

    bathhouse question

    I walk around naked basically to show what I got, not to show off. I do not like keeping track of a towel or an undergarment. I have gained confidence over the years so I am comfortable going naked now but was not when I first started going to bathhouses. Its all about your comfort level. Now I think of myself as a cumdump bottom who wants to attract as many loads as I can get so going naked lets guys see what they would get if they fuck me. Besides I think its way more fun if everybody is naked.
  9. Treehugger

    Best things a Bottom can say during sex?

    I am not very good at the dirty talk but I love to hear a top who is. I let a top know how good he feels even if it is only moans and groans. Make sure to compliment them on anything you especially like. I love really hairy tops so I always mention how great that feels. Or if a man smells good. Whatever he is doing to turn you on let him know. Begging for his load is always a good choice too.
  10. This happened to me last weekend and I would like some feedback cuz I was totally stupid. How would you have handled it? So I went to the bathhouse, Saturday afternoon, planning to stay through the evening. It was fairly busy and early on I got fucked three times, one each in the dark room, on the sling (wearing a blindfold) and on the fuck bench. Only one load but the first fuck was from a really hairy stocky guy and I LOVE that. I go back to the bench and someone starts playing with my cummy hole. He's rubbing his flacid cock in my crack and he does that for quite a while. We bottoms know how to be patient and I was. Then he asks me to go to his room. I don't go to rooms, mostly because I like public sex. I want to suck while I am getting fucked and I generally like to be available to whatever top wants me. And its way easier to get away from an encounter you are not enjoying if you are not alone in a room with them. Eventually he persuades me to go to his room. I still have not seen him but I think he might be this young Asian guy who has fucked me several times and is really into me. He always gives me a load and he enjoys watching other tops fuck me. He will bone me for a bit step back to let someone else have a go then slip back in when I am free. Fun guy. Wasn't him. I finally get a good look at him when we are alone in his room. And he is a very attractive young black man. He is a bit short by beautifully proportioned with great pecs and a six pack. Yummy from top to bottom. His short cropped hair was orange. He was sexy as hell. I was excited. We get comfortable and he proceeds to ask me things: do I do any drugs, do I like kink, do I like BDSM, etc.. No drugs except poppers, not much into kink, have never done BDSM. He asks me if I would like to try a little role play. Sure. He wants to do master/slave with me being slave. This just got interesting. I agree to a half hour of slavery, I will do whatever he wants. First thing he does is position me kinda on my side knees up a little so he can bury his face in my ass He spends most of the next 45 minutes with his face in my hole!!! At first it feels good. Who doesn't love a rim job and it is obvious he loves my hole. Ten minutes into my slavery I have done nothing except lay there. I am thinking at some point he is going to tie me up, gag me with his underwear, maybe walk me around on a leash ordering me to suck toes. I don't know, anything but just lie there. There is already porn playing on the television but he wants to put some kinky porn on his phone. He asks me not leave when he does it. I am the slave how can I leave? A sexy young guy comes on the screen in his underwear and starts rubbing himself. I will just say things got very messy from there. Its the subject that dares not speak its name, at least on this website. I am not freaked out or anything, just not my thing. My eyes wander, master notices and orders me to watch the screen. I start channeling my inner Martha Stewart. All I can think about is whether that stain is going to come out. I come to the conclusion that he is going to have to throw them in the trash. I've got Lysol on my brain after finishing The Days of Anna Madrigal where the whores use it to prevent pregnancy and I don't think Lysol is going to cut it for that bathroom disaster. I move on to bleach or maybe Scrubbing Bubbles. Master starts murmuring about me giving him some chocolate. The only chocolate in the room is him. He really does have the loveliest brown skin. I am douched up to my earlobes, not going to happen even if I wanted. Time drags on and I am still doing nothing but pulsing my hole for him from time to time. I almost fell asleep twice. BUT...I am committed. I am the slave, I do what I am told, I am going to give him his half hour. I thought he set his alarm on his phone. I was mistaken. Several videos later (only one was of any interest to me) I am sure my 1/2 hour is up. He is still nose deep up my ass and his cock had not hardened in the least. After I am positive a half hour has passed I start making noises that I am going to need a break. He ignores me. Master is having a fine time, he loves my hole. I like that okay, I want his load. He did eventually pull me on top so I could suck his dick. Still did not get hard. After about 45 minutes I wanted to be done but I invested so much time in trying to get him off I did not want to leave without victory. He continually promised he was almost there. He squirted some water in me so I could push it back out in his face. Yawn. Would have been fun if it was cum instead. I start getting pissy. He tells me to pulse my hole, I say, "No, I am bored". The half hour is over as far as I am concerned I have been emancipated, glory be. He continues to rim me. I say, "I want to leave." He begs me to stay just a little longer. I really want to make this cute guy cum but its a dumb situation that's become ridiculous. He ends up parked in front of the door with me bent over the bed, his face still in my ass. He does try to play with my cock, sucks it for a bit. I inform him the only way for him to get me hard is to fuck me. Stupidly he says, "Is that what you want?" What does he think I was draped over a fuck bench for? Is anybody else confused by that scenario? It has been almost an hour! What am I doing??? I don't want to be rude but I think he is being a jerk and I am being stupid for not putting an end to it. As soon as he moves away from the door I am out of there and I don't see him again. There must be a moral to this story. Oh and I think he gave me crabs, or I should say crab since I only found one but still...might not have been him since I got fucked by about 9 guys that night. I prefer to blame him since I enjoyed all my other encounters. Okay guys, lets hear it. I can't be the only idiot at the bathhouse.
  11. Treehugger

    Competitive Bottoms

    Wow, that was a really shitty thing to do. I hope you did not give him your load. He did not deserve it, unless of course that turned you on more then maybe he did.
  12. Treehugger

    Ugly Hung Top into slutty bottoms

    Your post made me hard. I'd bottom for you without hesitation. There are plenty of hot slutty bottoms who would be very happy to take your load. Ever go to the bathhouses? I am continually amazed at the studly cum dumps who prostrate themselves for anonymous cock. No worries about rejection there. If you haven't tried it you should.
  13. Treehugger

    Barebacking across the USA

    Okay Next stop: ACI, San Antonio. Gotta say I loved this place. Weird name, not sure what it stands for. I like a bathhouse that is not too new, you know what I mean? I like 'em a little run down and seedy. It seems to invite a piggier crowd with less condom use. This place was still clean with a great staff. Another thing I really liked about ACI was all the public beds. They had a tons of beds in the public areas for general use. Most bathhouses do not have enough horizontal space for basic fucking. When I arrived the big beds looked like they had been used a lot. I like that. I get turned on by lying down on a sheet soaked with cum and sweat from all the guys that have been fucking on it. I also like a staff that are on things. At some point they came through and changed the sheets. I like the feel of fresh sheets too. Another fun thing about ACI were the clientele. It was like the United Nations in there, every type of body and skin color. I had a rainbow of cocks to choose from. Only one guy fucked me with a condom. There always seems to be one doesn't there! Ugh. I lost track of the cock I enjoyed. The black guys really seemed to be into me there. At one point I was laying on the big bed with my head near the edge. This guy with a fantastic cock fed it to me. It was the perfect angle for a long cock worshipping session. Eventually he took a break and another man took his spot. He wanted to fuck so I hopped off the bed and bent over. His meat was really fat and I love that. Didn't get his load though, Wah! He felt self conscious fucking in public like that and left. I had been playing with this older guy earlier. I am so turned on by a good kisser and he was great but he was also a bottom. We both lay there side by side waiting for some top to make us happy. Not sure how he faired but I got fucked several times and loaded by a few. Towards the end of my stay I worked myself up to mount him and had a damn nice fuck, happily unloading deep in his hole. But...when I pulled out yuck! I don't think this guy had cleaned out at all. Had to do the walk of shame to the restroom for a quick clean-up. Oh well, when you play with fire sometimes you get burned. Over-all I highly recommend this place. The gloryhole booths were crap but you can't have everything. Next stop: Palm Springs, woo-hoo, Gay Mecca.
  14. Treehugger

    Would you suck a really smelly cock?

    Last night I fucked a guy at the bathhouse. I don't normally top but this guy was really getting to me. He has a fantastic cock and a was a great kisser. It was pretty clear that he wanted to get fucked. I think I saw him earlier getting boned and thought it was hot. So...he got me hard enough and I fucked him. It was fun but I can never last very long. When I pulled out I thought I could smell something but he went right for my cock and cleaned it off. Hmmm. I guess he was one of the few. I would have liked to make out with him some more but was not sure what I was going to encounter. Didn't matter anyway cuz someone came up behind me and pushed their cock up my ass.
  15. Treehugger

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    I wish I knew my lifetime count. I can't even begin to guess. I've been a bareback cumdump for 20 years and have been to 14 bathhouses across the country not to mention all the bookstores and adult theaters. When I go to a bathhouse its usually for 12 to 24 hours and I take a lot of cock. I think about 30 for one evening is my personal best. My load count has to be in the thousands by now.

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